Thursday, November 30, 2023

The saga continues

Some new information on the assistant saga. I guess my boss had asked our in-house IT guy to see if he could find out if the company that runs our order system software has any way to look into it and see if he did any work in the system for the 5.25 hours he said he did that Sunday. Apparently they have a way to look in from the back end and the logs and he did not do any work in the system on that Sunday (as I already knew). As this information was coming into my boss, she and I were messaging about something else related to him.

At the end of the work day yesterday our IT migrated all our company shared files to a new system. Long story short my boss had thought the folder that I share with the assistant was not going to be moved to the new system, so I didn't do any of the steps we had been emailed about company wide, to prepare for this change. Well, this morning I try to access the shared file folder (this is where I drop all the work files assistant is supposed to work on for me) and couldn't access it. Come to find out this folder was part of the change, but my work "desktop" was not set up to see these folders. An hour so with our IT working on it and they got it added.  

Yesterday asst. has messaged us that he was going to work in the evening, yesterday, for his 2 hours, instead of during the day. Well, it's very likely, since that change to file sharing folders got made, when he logged in he also couldn't access our shared folder last night....boss say "so, was he able to work?" I said "good question!" I looked in our order entry system for yesterday and he did not enter anything, yet he shows being clocked in for 2 hours on his timecard. On Tues morning I had looked to see what work he got done Monday for his 2 hours and he had done a fair amount. Yesterday I didn't look to see what work he got done Tuesday, but just looked now. He did what would take about 15-20 minutes (at most) to enter into the system.  

I think boss felt better now that she has some actual proof that he didn't work that Sunday. She said she wanted to make SURE before she accused him of lying/not working. I'm hoping that was now what she needed to finally get rid of him.  I assumed when he logs in to do his 2 hours later this morning he wasn't going to be able to find the files. After he had been logged in for 35 minutes I was just starting to type a msg to my boss that he's been logged in 35 min. and no work done, when he msg's me that he can't access the I explain about the change. I so wanted to say "um..didn't you find this same issue when you tried to work last night? What did you work on?" But, I didn't say anything. That is for my boss to deal with. I just gave him the info to contact our IT and then let her know he had contacted me about it, 35 min after he supposedly started working.

I'm still not holding my breath that she will fire him. She'll probably give him yet another warning.

I haven't heard any bad news on my mom. No news is good news. I've tried calling her room 2x this morning, in between my dealing with IT and other work issues, but no answer. Now I have a meeting to do that will probably last an hour.


  1. He swears he entered a bunch of stuff that Sunday, that magically disappeared (but it was all entered by him the week before, per the dates of entry) and I guess she was still feeling like she couldn't prove it. Now she has the proof.

  2. Your boss may be nice but she doesn't sound like much of a manager - that young man needs to go! When I worked in D.C. we had a colleague who used to walk out the door every day at 11.30 with a file that said "photocopying" on it in large letters. Then she'd stroll back around 2.30 after her supposed lunch break. It was so obvious it was actually funny, but as I recall they never did anything about it!

  3. Do you think that maybe she thinks there will be a backlash if she fires a minority?

    1. This is possible she feels that way but as a person of colour - she has actual proof that the assistant is not working as he is supposed to.

  4. In my first real 'big girl' job, my boss was a wonderful man, but a terrible manager. He did way too much of the work himself, came in EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR that the store was open (except the anniversary of his wife's death.) He would NOT have difficult conversations with people, even when it was glaringly obvious to everyone that it was warranted.

    Those types of conversations are hard, but necessary! She needs to suck it up and get it over with. "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it." I have that sign at my desk. ;)