Monday, September 30, 2019

The mind is interesting

DH and our neighbor had a chat outside Friday morning. He promises (again) the dogs will not be let loose. He always just kind of plays stupid, like "I didn't think they'd run off" type of thing. They kept them out of it this weekend.

oh good Lord. Remember back when I sat with my mom and wrote down in a notebook all her information? One of the things I wrote down and she had shown me was she had a breathe right strip box in her medicine cabinet. Inside were 3 rings and some cash (I don't recall how much, couple hundred). She had put them there after she had gotten broken into, for "safe keeping".

DD is there and I told her make sure she doesn't throw that box away! So, DD calls me. Where was the box? I said in the medicine cabinet. It's all cleaned out, she says. My mom has zero memory of it now. DD started digging through some packed stuff and found the breath right box. But inside was only one ring, but it was the most important ring. Her wedding ring from my dad. A wide gold band with a pretty good sized diamond on it! I don't remember what the other rings might have been, but nothing as important or valuable as that. Who knows what she did with them and the cash, but at least the ring was found. I asked DD, do you think we should take it and keep it, so she doesn't misplace it again? DD offered that to her and she said yes, she told her mom will take it and keep in her safe.

The other thing I had written down of a "hiding spot" was she has a small safe box inside her filing cabinet. The key to the safe box is in her kitchen, in a drawer, under a tray. Nope. not there and the safe is locked. DD and her found some keys and found the safe one and one that locks filing cabinet. DD had her put both of those on her key car key ring for now.

DD called me yesterday on her way home. There was one really strange thing my mom kept doing that DD could not figure out why! LOL. She was helping her go through her kitchen and pantry. She had some old stuff in there that needed to be thrown out. Like partial bags of sugar, flour and rock hard brown sugar. DH watches her and instead of just dropping it in the garbage can, she would empty out each bag or container first into the garbage can and then throw away the bag or container. WHY?! So strange! There was a little canister of baking powder and she said she'll throw it out, since she won't be doing any baking at her apartment. DH said, you can just throw the whole thing away, you don't have to empty it out. My mom says something like "oh, I guess so. I guess no one will be looking through my garbage".  She had a bunch of old spices sitting on the counter. DD said do you want me to throw these out? She says "oh, I'll empty them out later". LOL.

Or, like DD found a box of receipts. Just stuff like grocery store, drug store receipts. Nothing to keep for any reason and nothing with personal info on them. DD was going to dump them in the garbage, but she said she wanted to shred them.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

It's getting chilly

What a busy day half work day Friday turned out to be. A couple weeks ago, somehow my mom got my work telephone number as the number she calls me on (with her cell phone). Well, if she calls after hours and I'm logged out of work, I don't see the call until I log back into work. She has no clue how to fix it, so finally, when DD is at her house today, she will fix it for me. I also told DD to empty out her voicemail, which has been full for at least a couple of months. I find out yesterday morning she called me after work Thursday evening.

I called to check in with her yesterday morning. She said she is still closing on Monday, but decided she would just change her movers to Tuesday. I'm like "um....what does your contract say about when you have to be out? Usually you have to be out by closing day and hand over the keys to the house, unless it's in your contract". She wasn't sure. I said well, stepbrother should know and for sure her agent should know when she has to be out. I told her to call one of them to make sure. I can see from her call log she called her agent.  Then she called the moving company, so I'm guessing she had to change her moving date back to Monday! I also sent Stepbrother a text letting him know, just in case he wasn't aware of it. He's lived in the same house for 30 years, so it's possible he wouldn't be aware of when she has to be out of the house. Or it's possible that he didn't even know yet that she changed it to Tuesday. Then later stepbro texted me back that they got the moving scheduled back to Monday.

I also just got back into her emails to look over the buy/sell contract. Yep, it's checked "possession at closing".  Geez Louise!

DH and I watched Jeff Dunham's new Netflix special last night. He's so funny. We saw his act several years ago. The traffic app Waze now has Achmed and Bubba J as voices you can use for directions. If I still used Waze, I'd totally use them, LOL.

They are still predicting an "historic" snow storm over the next few days. We had some crazy thunder and lightning last night for a bit. It's supposed to start snowing here this evening.

Got another electric bill - $102. Nice

We had ordered a flag pole to put out front. It arrived but they forgot to send the collar, so that won't be here until Monday. DH was hoping to get it up but then was bummed to realize the collar wasn't with it. He did get the hole around the tube filled with concrete. He just mixed it himself in a wheelbarrow.

I made $108 in MTurk income last week and am really happy about that. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Dog days

So, once I'm done working for the day I really don't check my personal emails too often (don't really get that many anyway). For some reason at 9pm I did. There was an email at 6pm from our neighbor.......oh guess what?! He let one of his dogs out again and they ran off and wouldn't listen to him (duh) and he's not sure if he ran through our seeded area or not...

Well, of course he did. Tore the crap out of it. It rained most of yesterday. The topsoil is now basically mud, if you stepped in it, of course you'd sink down several inches. There is literally no way for dh to fix it now. If he walked out on it it would just turn into his boot prints sunk down all over.

PISSED OFF, to say the least. The fenced in area their dogs have to play and run around in is as big as most people's back yards! It's certainly bigger than the fenced in back yard we had at our house in town. We couldn't just let our dogs out of  our fenced yard to run around wherever they wanted to.

DH was furious. He managed to be somewhat "nice" in his reply:
Yes it looks like he tore it up pretty good. I'm sorry but we can't have your dogs running through here. I can't even get out on the dirt to fix it until it dries out and I'm out of energy and money to be redoing anything around here.
I wish others had understood the urgency I had to get this done before it came to this but here we are. Kinda wishing I had just graveled the whole thing right now. Hoping you can keep them in their run or leashed for the time being. Thanks

Neighbors reply back:
On behalf of every living creature at my house I am terribly sorry! We have kept them 100% inside the house or their kennel since your topsoil was laid down with the exception of 2 times. And both times they ignored coming when called and ran through your property. B had come when called in the driveway of his former owner so I thought we now had 1 dog who obeyed, until yesterday.  This is hard on us, too, but dogs on leash from this point on.

Well, I'm so sorry that your dogs are no longer able to just go wherever they please! The neighbors down on the last lot have a toddler who is very afraid of dogs.  She has mentioned to DH that the dogs sometimes come down to their place and run around. So, their little boy shouldn't play outside (now that he's getting older) and have to deal with being scared of the dogs in his yard?

Like I said to DH - yard or no yard, they don't have a right to just let their dogs on our property.

Here's what I replied back. Probably snotty, but I don't care anymore. And it wasn't twice, it was 3 times and it wasn't just this time. It was also when we were having patios and parking pads concrete poured and when we were seal coating it all. He did the same thing, even though we gave them plenty of notice when we were pouring and seal coating.

Yes, it sucks for all of us, unfortunately. It only takes once to tear it all up and we aren't trying to seed it like field grass, we are trying to have it smooth for a nice lawn. Neither of us has the option of having someone else take our dogs for several months, while we put in a yard, as you were able to do for your son's dogs. It's hard on us and our dogs, too, but we don't have much choice but to get through this inconvenient period. We  love all the dogs and are trying our hardest to get it all done so it's not an issue to deal with.

I haven't hit SEND on the above yet, but so far I think that's what I'm going to reply.

It's just selfishness on his part. Who cares what they do, apparently they have a right to just go wherever they want, so that they aren't inconvenienced. His dogs will actually go a mile down the road to others houses. The people down there are always calling him up and saying "your dogs are down here".

And the irony of it? Their son dropped his dogs off at their house for months, so he could put a yard in without it getting torn up............

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday this and that

I think a couple grass seeds are sprouting....Dh thinks it's the old grassy stuff (natural grass) coming up through the topsoil, LOL.

Our out of state friend who bought some property and a fixer up place (a couple hours from us) was supposed to come over this weekend to work on his place some more. I'm guessing he's going to change his mind with the weather conditions.

In other news, DH went and visited our old neighbor, to take him a little bit of our leftover topsoil for his yard. We didn't know their old dog passed away earlier, and now I guess their other dog has been so sad. So, I just texted his wife, to say I just heard about their old dog and sorry and about their other dog being sad. She said no! her dh just wants another dog, so keeps saying she is sad, LOL. We also made some plans to all go out to dinner one day next week.

And that awful renter we lived next door to for 2 years? He has also finally moved out. DH says our old place now is starting to look like the crappy house on the street. the guy has cars parked all over, even on the vacant lot next to him (that he doesn't own). The new house that got built, on the other side of rental house, is done now.

The nice young guy that helped the topsoil screening crew lives about 5 miles from us. He texted DH Tuesday night that they can hear the elk bugling out in the fields where they live. So, at 9pm we took a drive out there and stopped the car and listened to them. DH thought it was so cool, haha. He's getting texts/pics from his friends getting their elk kills (it's bow season). Our neighbor we lived across the street from in town is an avid hunter and he's been out trying every day. He's also very secretive about where he hunts and won't even tell DH (who doesn't hunt). He'll joke "I got it in no name gulch". Then he kept texting DH asking "where'd you go to hear those elk bugling". DH was like I'm not sure...I think it was called no name gulch. LOL

We ran into the city after I was done with work yesterday and picked up groceries at Walmart. Still loving the online order and pick up.  Such a time saver. Though somehow I accidentally clicked on 2 loaves of white bread, which I don't need. We barely finish one (we mostly eat wheat bread). Usually I put half of one in the freezer, now I have 1 and a half in the freezer and I'm full up. We need to get a small chest freezer for the garage.

They are predicting a few inches of snow at our level, so I can imagine how much will be in the pass. They are calling it a historic snow storm on it's way. I'm glad I'm not driving in it, but such bad timing, darn it. I don't know how many times I've had to tell my mom DD will be there at 9am Saturday. Does she have enough room to take it all?  yes, they have a truck with a canopy. Yes they have a big house and garage (it's not that much stuff, LOL).

Oh, and I had sent my stepbrother an email asking if he thought her sale would still close on Monday. He said yes and that he had "an attorney" look over the contract. OMG. Why couldn't he have just said, "I had K (his brother's wife) look it over"?  So, dumb.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mother Nature intervenes

Oh good grief. Now there's a big snow storm weather advisory for this weekend and Monday for 2-4 Feet of snow in the mountain pass (one of the 3) I have to go over to travel to see mom. That's right when I'd be trying to get back home in my car. Not good. I'm checking into flights, but they are super expensive on such short notice. $600-700. And if I stayed on through Monday I'd have to rent a car, because while DD could pick me up Thurs night or Friday morning at the airport, she couldn't return me Monday (since she has to work) so then I'd have to rent a car for the whole time. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a bummer all around. Now, the snow is predicted even where we are (2700 ft altitude) Fri, Sat, Sun. I had already planned to go into the city after work today and get stocked up on groceries, since I wasn't going to be home for my normal trip this weekend and I wouldn't have time to do it next week once I get home. But, with the snow predicted, we're still just going to go in and pick up the groceries at Walmart tonight anyway.

It sounds like her sale is still going to close Monday and the buyers have found financing. Well, sorta - apparently they expect to have financing in 30-60 days and want her to accept that and still go through with sale and a promissory note for the balance in 30-60 days. I'm not so sure about that....but my step brother and lawyer step sis in law are managing that aspect for her. I trust them to figure it out and advise her. I'm just trying to kind of stay out of that aspect of it, so she doesn't have yet another person giving her advice and confusing her more. Either way, it sounds like she is just planning to have the movers pack and move her Monday. She doesn't have a ton of stuff to take. Two recliners, a very small dining table, a twin bed, dresser, desk and tv. The rest is her personal belongings, clothes, bedding, bath stuff, etc.  My son is picking up her dining table and king sized bed today. He's already picked up the sofa.

DD will be there Saturday morning for a few hours to take the items we had already made a list to take (even before she decided to move, she had wanted us to make a  list of the things we both wanted). Then DD has all day Sunday she can spend with her to help with whatever is needed. Since she doesn't have to pack anything up herself I doubt there is a bunch DD will  need to do. I told her maybe help her figure out what she isn't needing to take, box it up for her and DD can drop off at Goodwill for her.

I'm just going to try and get over there as soon as the weather/pass clears up enough (hopefully mid/later next week) and that there are a few days where they aren't predicting anymore snow. Hopefully, still some good days still left this early in Fall. Or, if it's not looking good then I'll fly over, but reserve enough in advance where it's only costing the normal $350-ish, instead of $600. There was only one available for $600, the others were $700. Just to fly 450 miles (it's an hour and 20 min flight).

I feel terrible, but mom doesn't want me to spend that kind of money either just to come for 3-4 days. She also keeps saying, while of course she would love to see me, since she doesn't have to do the packing or moving herself, there isn't really a lot I can do to help, other than take the things I'm going to take off her hands....and DD is going to do that and put them in her house/garage until I can get them or they can bring over to me. I feel better knowing that DD has Sat and Sun to help her with anything she might need. She still sounds like she's happy she's made the decision to move. I told her I looked at the place online and that it sure looked like a wonderful place.

A small online order I did with Target just arrived. I forgot I had ordered a bag of Dove Chocolates. Good timing. I need some stress chocolate to eat!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Taking a trip

I've decided to go spend a few days helping my mom. It's hard to know exactly when to go over there (and be the most help) as the timeline seems to change as to exactly what is going on. I'm also trying to dodge the snow they are already predicting, but I think it will be fine on the mountain passes. The forecast seems to be changing to rain.

Yesterday she was to close on next Monday, which isn't much time at all to get rid of stuff, get packed what she is taking and get moved. When I talked to her today, I guess yesterday the buyer wanted to know of she would hold a note on the amount she needs to finance (the rest is cash and I don't know how much the couple wanted her to finance). So, of course my mom said no. She isn't interested in holding a note, not to mention one for 15 years. Like she said, she probably won't even be alive 15 years! So, I'm guessing she won't be closing on Monday, unless the buyer already had a second financing option in place. I'm not quite understanding the accepting of the offer, if the buyer didn't have their funds in place, or approved for a loan for the part they need to borrow, which I think is about $45,000. If the couple needs a mortgage type loan well there's no way it can close in probably less than 30 days. They are putting down $90k, so maybe they wouldn't need an appraisal and inspection.

She can move anytime. It's not like she has to sell her place/close in order to get moved. And if by chance this sale falls through, then it will sell shortly, again, I'm sure. Plus, she's already given away her sofa yesterday, LOL.

DD was going to go to her house Saturday morning and help her for awhile and also pick up the things she and I are taking (she can store my stuff in her house/garage). We can tell she's getting overwhelmed with it all because the past few days she has repeatedly asked DD if/when she is coming. One time she'll remember DD is coming, but not what time, the next time she doesn't remember if DD is coming or now.

My original plan was to drive over to Mom's this Thursday morning, getting there mid day-ish. See DD when she comes down on Saturday morning(though she is busy with other plans Sat afternoon/eve). But when DD found out I would come over, she decided to take Friday off work, so she could be at my mom's, too, on Friday and spend time with me more. She and her DH were going to spend the weekend down there (at his parents) anyway. But, in order for them not to have to drive 2 cars down (she Friday morning and her DH Friday afternoon, when he gets off work) she asked if I could just come to their house on Thursday afternoon and spend  the night there and then we can drive down to my mom's Friday morning. That works for me and gives me some more time to spend with her, too. I'd like to be able to head home Sunday, but we'll see. I might stay until Monday.

And with 2 of us helping with whatever needs doing, we can get a lot done. I should be able to fit in  my car the things I am taking. If there's something I can't fit DD can hold it for me (she'll have their truck)

My mom was recommended a moving company by the place she is moving to. They will also do all her packing if she wants, so she is going to do that. That is a great plan and will help out a lot. I figured DD and I would mostly be packing Fri and Sat. But, since we really won't need to be doing that now, we can work on other stuff. Like maybe taking things to goodwill she doesn't want to move.
Depending on when she actually closes, I'm going to see what calls I can make for her to stop her services. At a minimum make a list out for her who to call with ph#'s and her acct #'s. I'm wondering if I can make the calls (even from home) but most likely she will have to do it (or I could just say I'm her, haha).

I asked her what she is required to have set up at her new place - like does she need to transfer her Comcast for tv/internet there or how does it work. She wasn't sure, so that is something we can find out while I'm there and figure out all what she needs to set up. I did get the name of the retirement place she is moving to and looked them up online. VERY fancy nice place! She will love it. Plus she already knows her BF and a lot of the other people that live there, from visiting him all the time. She said the ladies she knows there are so excited she's moving in. The place even has a hairdresser "shop". A dining room and a "pub" for snack and drinks. She will still have her own car and a parking space in a carport. All the shops and stores are close by and she's already fairly familiar with the area. I also looked to see what hotels are nearby, so when I visit I'll have to stay somewhere. There's a Best Western and a Days Inn quite close by. Staying at DD's 2 hours away, in awful traffic isn't something I'd prefer to do.

Wish me luck ~

Tell me the secret

I can't for the life of me hard boil eggs that peel off easily. What is the darn secret??!! Someone please tell me, LOL. Somewhere I have an electric egg cooker. Somehow in our first move, I lost the little measuring cup that came with it to know how much water to add for what type of cooking desired. Now I can't even find the egg cooker. So, I cooked them the old fashioned way. Of course the shells won't peel off.

When went to the feedstore yesterday afternoon I got behind the school bus as I left my house. It stopped a few miles down the road where there is a horse farm and several houses. About 7 or 8 little kids were getting off the bus. Excitedly waiting for them was about 4 or 5 dogs and 2 horses came to the fence. It was the cutest thing.

The feed store lady called me back yesterday only to tell me she couldn't get anymore of the seed we had just bought. OMG. Isn't that just our luck?! Her supplier was done with grass seed for the season and none available until next spring. I asked her if she knew of anywhere else to buy it. She said it was like a proprietary blend that the supplier makes for them, so no. Ugh. But, she said their other blend was very similar and she had bags of that left.

So, DH said for me to make the call on it. I decided to get the 15 pounds (in their bin where they sell by the pound) of the first seed she had left and a 25 lb bag of the other blend. The other blend was exactly the same seed ratios as the other in 80% of it. The 2 bluegrass seed ratios were same and the one fescue was same. The only difference was instead of a ryegrass, there was another fescue type seed. And like she said, once it's all established the bluegrass takes over the lawn anyway.

The topsoil screening and spreading work crew finished up yesterday. The last 2 days they also brought a young guy who helped DH rake it all out. He sure was a nice guy and DH said he did a great job raking. Now everywhere has been seeded and we just wait and pray and keep our fingers crossed we see some grass blades soon. There is about 50 or so yards of topsoil left. I guess DH decided not to have it hauled over to friends 20 acres. He just piled it on the side of our property. We did give some of it to our neighbors (with the dogs). Even without grass growing there yet, the nice topsoil and all smoothed out looks nice.

We've been trying to eat better and a bit lighter. Now that we can eat regular meals again we are both putting back on the weight lost. So, we've been eating salads and baked potatoes as meals. It's not helping that we now have ice cream in the freezer again, LOL.

Monday, September 23, 2019

An I can't think of a title post

DH and the topsoil screening/spreading crew continue to work today. They should be done with almost all of it. At least it will all be spread out. We ended up with quite a bit more than they thought. DH is just going to have the screen it and then haul it over to woodworker friends 20 acres. They will see if they can sell it and split the income (not much, haha), since he'll store the big pile at his place, rather than it being left on our landscaped 2 acre lot.

The plan right now is to just seed it all, rather than do part of it sod. Will save a bundle. The sprinkler system/sod guy wouldn't be able to do it for a few weeks anyway. If it's just not coming in, in the areas we wanted sod, then we will consider sodding it. But, of course, the feed store is out of the seed. We took their last 2 bags. I called this morning and she said they can get more in this week, just not sure which day this week, so she will call me when she finds out. He had enough out of the 2 bags we got to spread it over the sod areas and didn't do the very front (that was going to be seed) because that is the area they are still working on today. That area would be ok, if the seeds don't sprout before it gets too cold. It would then for sure come up in spring, when the snow melts.

The younger couple, that built a house same time we did, down on the last lot in our little 7 lot subdivision are getting ready to build a garage/shop. DH went down there yesterday to ask if they had any need of topsoil, before we haul the excess away. Apparently not, LOL. She said the excavating guy asked them what they planned to do for landscaping. She said "well, nothing against Lot 2 (our neighbors with the dogs)...their front yard is beautiful, but I DON'T want that! She doesn't want anything they have to take care of or even mow. I'm kind of wondering why a person would buy property in a subdivision then, if they don't want landscaping. Why not just buy acreage that isn't in a nice neighborhood of nice homes and nice landscaping. I would think most people who want to live in a subdivision would want it to look nice and finished. Oh well, LOL.

I had a good Sunday for MTurks, which was a surprise, considering it was weekend, when not much seems available to work on. I earned over $13. I'm about half way into today and have earned about $12. Still better than I was doing before.

I'm still waiting for my refund on the prorated months of construction insurance. It was canceled a month ago now. I emailed my agent this morning asking for an update. I would think 4 weeks is enough time for the insurance company to get a refund processed. I'm expecting like $1300 and will need that money towards our topsoil screening bill.

Well, it sounds like my mom's house sale is closing next Monday. Yikes. I'm assuming the people are paying cash, but I'm surprised my mom and/or her agent didn't at least ask for a little bit more time than that. She needs to get rid of the things she's not taking and pack what she is taking. I called her this morning and she said my son was there taking the sofa (and probably other stuff) and also my step brother was there. I told her to call me back when she's not so busy. I know DD is planning to go there Saturday morning and pick up some side tables and some knick knack type stuff. I'm going to see if my mom wants me to come over at the end of the week. I have to work on Wednesday for payroll, but I could go over there Thursday morning. Knowing her she'll just say "oh, I've got it all taken care of". DD talked to her yesterday and she said she is hiring a moving company to move her stuff to her new apartment, so that is good. I was going to suggest that to her. She's not taking a lot. Just a twin bed, 2 recliners, her small dining table and some boxes of her other personal things she will need.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Huge headache

OMG (with a big cuss word thrown in there)!!!  DH spent 2 days raking and raking all the topsoil for the lawn areas (like 15,000 sq ft!) to be perfect. Then yesterday spread the seed.  Told the neighbors the other day we cannot have their 4 dogs running through it. Just can't. Earlier today DH talked to neighbor again and reiterated, the dogs can't run through it. It can't be disturbed or the seeds won't be spread evenly again. DH can't be walking out on it to rake again, now that the seeds are down.

So, we are just sitting out on our back patio enjoying our dinner and suddenly here come 3 of their 4 (all big dogs) running through all the seeded area. DH started yelling at them. I can hear neighbor guy calling them back. DH was SO PISSED. He has worked his butt off getting all this ready and then he's been watering it all, by hand, with hoses, for the past 2 days. That's a lot of work, too. Neighbor guy calls and says he's so sorry. The dogs saw something on our back patio....I'm like ya...we were sitting back there (like it's our fault you let your dogs out and they came over?). I didn't say anything like "oh, that's ok". I just said ya, it's not good. He says "I'm so sorry, I just don't know what to do".

Neighbor lady asked me yesterday how I was keeping our dogs off of it......well...I take them out to the 6 vacant acres on the other side of us. The first time I took them on a leash so they knew where we were going. After that they just listen to me. Our black dog has instant recall. Our older yellow lab is slower to come, but he listens and will come and won't go to a spot if you say "leave it" (that command works for a lot of things with my dogs).

They have 22 freaking acres on the other side of them! Take your dogs over there if you need to let them out of the HUGE fenced in area they already have to run around in.  DH has put in several lawns in the past. He's says just trying to "re-rake" where all the dogs ran through just won't work, because now the seeds are messed up and not spread evenly and the raking just makes it worse, at this point.

I just don't get people........


Day 2 of my new and improved method(s) for working on MTurks was even better than day 1. I made $ one day! That's about what I usually average in a week (if I really work hard at it). So, needless to say I'm thrilled to about quadrupling what I'm making per day. I'd say the $2.99 I spent on the little ebook was worth it and paid for itself quickly. While I didn't use the specific script the author recommended (I couldn't get it to work for me), I used a similar one and that made all the difference in the world for finding hits. I just do surveys and haven't tried batchwork (still). I also tend to avoid surveys that require a lot of writing. It reminds me of taking tests in school, LOL. My brain freezes and I don't know what to write. Weekends are very slow to earn. I only did .50 yesterday, but didn't have much time to be on my computer. This morning, I quickly managed to earn $5.30 without much time involved at all.

While yesterday was a pretty crappy day, stuff got accomplished. DH was a total ass all day. We went to Home Depot to get the grass seed that his friend used on his lawn. I had looked online the day before to make sure they had it in stock, before driving all the way into the city. I did not look up anything at all about what the seed mixture ratios of different seeds were. Didn't even occur to me. DH was convinced I did and told him. Finally I got online with Home Depot on my phone and showed him there isn't even anything on here that says what the ratio is, so how in the world would I have been able to tell you?

I have no idea why, but we ended up not even getting the seed at Home Depot. I think DH was just overwhelmed with decisions. Is it too late to plant now, what kind to plant. If we do part sod (which was the plan) and seed the rest, will the lawn areas look different colors...blah blah blah. He doesn't want it to look different but can't afford to sod it all.

On our way home we stopped at our neighboring towns little farm and feed supply store. The owner lady was so nice and helpful and knowledgeable! She explained that most all seed blends (for our area anyway) have Kentucky Blue Grass seed, ryegrass and fescue. The last 2 (or maybe it was just the fescue, help protect the Kentucky blue grass seed while it's growing. She said eventually, as the lawn matures, the Kentucky blue grass takes over the lawn. Apparently sod uses mainly KB grass. Basically what we learned was even if we did part seed and part sod, it will eventually all be KB grass. She also told us it was ok to plant still, but if it gets frosty before it sprouts, to lay hay over it. We already had gotten 4 bales of hay brought over for this purpose. I loved the little feed store. For a very small town, the store sure kept busy.

So, we bought two 25 pound bags from her. She even had a spreader to loan out, if we needed. DH has a couple of different spreaders, but decided to borrow woodworker friends neat spreader. It's like a big bag you the strap over your neck and walk around and spit it out. DH was able to seed what he wanted very fast, like less than an hour. Now he has to keep it damp. Today is supposed to be in the 70's and then the next 3 days in the mid 60's so we are hoping all will be good.

This morning he decided he's just going to seed it all! We will get another bag from her tomorrow (about $100 for the 25 pounds) and do the rest. That will save a ton over paying for sod. It will be a pain, keeping the dogs off it all before it comes in, but we can do it. Now we will just have to pray we got it down before it gets too cold. But, apparently even if it doesn't and goes dormant and gets covered in snow, she said it will all just come up next spring.

Woodworker guy got our 2 closet barn doors done. I love them! and it's so nice to finally not have to see that open closet from just about everywhere on the main floor (due to our open floor plan). He really made them look like old barn wood. He and DH had fun distressing the wood, I guess, haha.

We do have a problem with the clock there. DH had thought the door would be out just far enough to not hit the clock, if we opened it, but it does. We are trying to decide what to do there. I don't really have anywhere else to put the clock and I love the clock.

The bear guest bedroom is coming along and looks so much better with a closest door on now. I still need to get a duvet cover. I did finally find one online, in the color I want, that is big enough to fit this oversized queen comforter. I just haven't wanted to spend the money yet. I think I probably will now that I've earned some extra on MTurks. The room is almost "done". I would like some art for the walls, or at least one of the walls, and need some nightstands. They will have to be very narrow and small as there isn't much room between the bed and walls.

And dh has apologized a couple of times about being such a huge ass to me yesterday.

This morning I vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms, while DH is outside spreading the rest of the seed and watering (he will have to do lots of watering!). I think I might run into town for a few things from the grocery store. DH is wanting some baked potatoes. I might bake a cake, too.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Working for the weekend

My mom accepted an offer on her place already! A little under what she was asking, but she ended up putting it at $9,000 more than she had told me she listed it for, so she's happy. I'm not sure when yet closing is supposed to be.  The person is using mostly cash and getting a small loan for part of it, so she wasn't sure how long. She thought a couple weeks. I guess it depends on if they are getting a mortgage or some other kind of  loan.

I managed to do $17 in MTurks yesterday. My best day ever. I'm trying some new methods to find hits and I think it helped. I've had $10-14 days once in awhile before, but I know that at least $10 of the money I earned yesterday was a result of the new method. I found something where you "watch" the hits that supposedly were already taken. Sometimes others decide not to do them and they become available again and this "script" will put them in your queue if they get available again and do a sound notification. I'm still figuring it out, but I'd say it was a definite improvement. Of course earning $17 took a little more time than earning $5, but I expected that it will be a little more time involved to earn more. But, I also think this new way reduces the time I spend looking for hits, but quite a bit, too. So far this morning, I'm at $2.30, so we'll see how well I manage to do today.

Oh good grief. Our neighbors just finally, after months, got rid of their son's 2 dogs, and now they just adopted a rescue dog. Back up to 4 dogs. And this dog has never been around other dogs, was  neglected and isn't house broken. Just what they need, LOL. While the Mr. is home quite a bit, the wife is literally gone 12 hours a day/5 days a week.

As all our topsoil is getting placed and spread in the areas to be grass, I sent neighbor an email just letting him know the manure mixed with it is fresh and case doggos get into it.. He said he'd make sure they didn't, mostly not to disturb what's all been raked out. So, what happened? his dogs running through it. They have a huge fenced in area they can run around in. Or if you want to take them out for a bit, only take one or two out at a time.......and take them over to the other side of your property.......where there is 22 acres of nothing to disturb! People! Last night and this morning I took our dogs out to the vacant acreage on the other side of us to do their business. It's not that hard.

DH is super happy with how the topsoil mixture is turning out and the screener is doing great and taking out all the rocks. Picture of future back yard grassy area

I'm going to go buy grass seed at Home Depot tomorrow morning. Woodworker guy has this beautiful dark green grass and said he used the "Contractors Blend" from Home Depot. We're barely making the weather/season cut off to get grass planted, I think. But it's going to look so nice when it gets in.

Outside smells a bit like a dairy farm, LOL.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Topsoil, friends and MTurk

The topsoil screener guy finally showed up today. Not until 9am. I'm guessing DH was expecting him around 7am because he was up at 6:15. I have no idea how long this will all take. A couple days, I'd imagine.

Remember my friend, who's DH cheated on her and left her and lives with the other woman (like 23 years younger than him) now? Well, it's still going on............Absolutely nothing has changed. Now I go a month or two before I message her directly and ask how it's going. It's been well over a year now. He keeps treating her worse and worse and she just keeps hoping he's going to change his mind. The more she tries, the worse he treats her.

We are messaging this morning. Without coming right out and saying "I'd have divorced his ass months ago" I said well, you have way more patience with all this than I ever would have. Her reply was it's not patience. I love him. He has his own auto repair shop. Her car needs a part replaced, it's not running well. He won't do it for her. I told her I'd drive the damn car to his shop, tell him he is fixing it today! It's half his car and you need a reliable/dependable car. Take his truck and tell him you'll bring it back when he's done fixing the car!

He says he won't file for divorce, but wants one, because he can't afford it. Yet, he was able to go on vacation with his girlfriend last month. She just keeps making excuses as to why she won't go file for the divorce. After more than a year of going through this she just keeps saying, he's not the man I loved for 35 years, I just don't  understand it. I keep praying he will change.

Now, he's racking up credit card debt. I warned her about that, but I guess since they don't live in a community property state, the creditors can't come after her. He's supposed to help her with some of the house bills, but every month she has to bug him to get her the money to pay them. As a few of us bloggers have discussed before, you just can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. She's still in denial about it all, I really think.

In a completely unrelated topic, I'm trying to figure out how to earn a little bit more money with MTurks. I'm getting so frustrated. Obviously, there are people out there making more than I can seem to make (about $25/week). And it's not for lack of trying. I pretty much leave it up on one of my computer screens and check it off and on all day. I have a script I use called MTurk Suite, but the only aspect of it I understand is the ratings that now show up in my hit searches. I can't figure out how to use the hit finder and hit catcher.

I just read this informative ebook (I spent $2.99 on it) on how this guy started making lots better money on Mturk.  He said the game changer for him was installing the script "Turkmaster" because it continually searches the hits and notifies him and he was able to find lots more hits and increase his earnings by a lot. I was able to download the script and it's showing it's added to Firefox, but I do not see it showing on my MTurk dashboard, like it's supposed to, according to the ebook pictures and examples. GAH!. I'm not savvy enough to figure this all out, I guess. I just want to try to make $50 a week, instead of $25. I'm wondering if it's not working because I already have the other script (MTurk Suite) running and it can't run both at the same time. I'll have to try disabling it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

It feels like Tuesday

I still follow a Facebook page from the sheriff's dept from our old neighborhood/county. They just posted about a scam on the elderly in the area. It happened at the grocery store my mom usually goes to! Eeegads!  Apparently, 2 men (one in his 60's and one in his 30's, who say they are from South Africa) asked an 88 year old man for a ride in the grocery store parking lot. Once in the car they showed him a big envelope with lots of cash that they say they recently received and would like to share with the victim in appreciation of the ride. They tell him they need to know he can be trusted with the money, so want him to go to his bank and withdraw a large sum, as an act of good faith and add it to the money in their envelope. Then they asked to be dropped off at another store, apparently leaving a "fake" envelope with no cash, and took the victim's cash.......They got him to withdraw $15,000!! The comments are sad. Most people are calling the 88 year old gentleman ignorant, etc. There are a couple of people who have tried to explain that some elderly start losing cognitive function and get confused.

It is just sooo so sad that some elderly's minds are so confused they would give a stranger/s a ride and go withdraw that kind of cash and hand it over.  Just makes me wonder what their minds can be thinking. They must just lose their sense of reason and mistrusting someone they don't know, whether it be via emails, phone calls or in person scams.

While, I tell myself, my mom would never give someone she doesn't know a ride....I'm sure this gentleman's family thought the same thing about him. I'm glad my mom will be moving. First off, the area she is living in and where all the stores are is not a good area. It never really was when they moved there 20 years ago. It used to be don't go there at night, day time was ok. Now, there's so much going on there during the day. Where she will be moving to is much better. She will still be able to drive and go do stuff herself, but at least it's a better area and she'll have the people knowing right away, if she didn't come back for some reason.

She had a couple appointments for people to view her home, yesterday afternoon, so hopefully one of them likes it.

DH has been going over to woodworker friends place and helping him make the closet barn doors. The guy is funny and DH enjoys his company. His ex wife lives next door to him (they have 20 acres and are still good friends, apparently) and she came over and thanked dh for coming over. Said it was really good for woodworker guy to have some friend company and she could tell it was doing him good. DH told her it's doing him good, too!

I was just able to sell one of our extra microwaves that no one wanted when I listed for sale awhile back. It's to one of the girls who bought something prior.  She posted looking for a used microwave, her's just died/$40 (I'm assuming she was willing to spend up to $40). I messaged her that we have 2 microwaves, either one for $15, so she is going to come and get one when she gets off work.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Food stuff

Now that we have a kitchen again and I can cook/bake normally, I really need to get back into freezing half of some of my meals for another meal. I've just been being lazy about it. (Honestly, I think we are still trying to recover and recoup our energy from the long build). Especially casseroles, where we typically only eat about half of what the recipes make. We aren't leftover people (well, DH isn't) so there's no point in me putting the cooked leftovers in a container in the fridge. They won't get eaten. By freezing half, before cooking, I will save money and save having to make it a second time.

I did discover something new to me. Frozen Pillsbury Grands biscuits. These are a much better way to buy them, then in the refrigerated tubes! You can make as many as you want at one time. Plus they are nearly half the cost per biscuit as the refrigerated tubes (at least for Walmart pricing). Win win. For just 2 of us we can never eat all of them in the tube. Usually I buy crescent rolls, but we are really getting tired of them and those don't seem to reheat well. There's no way we can eat 8 rolls at one time. I have purchased the smaller 4 size tube, but they are pricey.  I baked 4 of the frozen grands biscuits yesterday. Had one leftover, on purpose, so I could see how it heats up. It was great. I had it for lunch, with some butter and jam on it. They do take about 10 minutes longer to bake, since baking from frozen, but that isn't an issue for me.

I usually buy the 32 oz Coffeemate creamer. DD said she had tried the Great Value brand and liked it, so I tried it. Tastes fine and cheaper. The 32 oz usually last me just at 2 weeks. This last trip I decided to buy the half gallon (64oz) carton if it. That was 25% cheaper (per oz) than the 32 oz size and almost half what the Coffeemate brand costs.

I have been splitting the loaf of french/garlic bread in half and freezing the other half for use later.

and all this speaking of food just reminded me a have a 5lb roll of ground beef I need to get cut up into 1 lb sections and get into the freezer!

Our goal is to sometime soon get a medium sized chest freezer to put out in the garage. And then gradually start stocking up on meats and frozen things. I'd also really really like to try freezing milk. We drink quite a bit of milk. I buy 2 gallons each shopping trip, but we typically run out before the end of the 2 weeks are up. Plus, our cooler we bring food home in isn't big enough for another gallon of milk, along with our other froze stuff and the ice in the cooler. Often I end up making a trip into town or just going without milk the last 2-3 days before my next shopping trip. But, even 10 miles into town isn't economical for a gallon of milk. We do have several of the "cooler bags" we put everything we can't fit inside the cooler and those seem to work well until we get the food home. I'll just have to put a couple gallons of milk in those. From everything I've read, freezing milk (as long as you let a bit out of the jug) works fine. Definitely something I want to try.

We'd like to get so that during the winter months, when the roads aren't that great to make trips every 2 weeks to the city, we maybe can go another week or two. For example, if it's our weekend to shop and suddenly we are in the middle of a snow storm for a day or two, we obviously aren't going to want to go out. But then the next days, during the week, I'm working, so we aren't going to be able to go into the city until the next weekend. It would be nice to have plenty of food to get us by.

Awhile back I saw something somewhere online about A&W root beer powdered singles packets you could put in a bottle of water, but the only way I could find to purchase was buying a case, and I didn't want to spend $15 for a case, when I didn't even know if I would like it! I came across them sold per box on Walmart grocery, so for .97 I bought one box. Glad I didn't buy more. While the flavor is's really like drinking a flat root beer, LOL. I also bought a box of fruit punch flavored individual packets and those are good. I'm trying to drink more liquids/water per day. I don't like drinking soda very often, but just plain water is a bit boring. I've tried the lemonade flavored packets, but they are a bit tart for me. DH always drinks the ice tea packets in his water. Those are ok and I drink those once in awhile. Mostly I'm just lazy and don't take the time to make myself drink more throughout the day.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Men are babies

well, I guess I shouldn't stereotype all men. My DH is a baby. He broke a tooth. An upper molar.

First off let me start by saying he hasn't been to a dentist in years. After they did that major deep gum surgery stuff he's never been back. I finally got to the point (after being married all these years) that he is an adult, just like me, and he can go or not go. I'm not his mom and got tired of trying to be.

I think part of the tooth broke off. Honestly, if he could have, I'm pretty sure he would have just pulled the whole tooth out, himself. But, again...that's probably to do with the big baby part....I told him do not even ask me to help him do that. Not happening! 

We were outside that afternoon chatting with our neighbor and dh told him about his tooth and they were joking about him pulling it out. Then he said our neighbor guy down the road about a mile actually set his own broken leg one time! Didn't want to go to a doctor. OMG. Men! I said well, call him, maybe he'll pull your tooth out, LOL.

So, Thursday he says I guess you'd better call a dentist and get me in to have it pulled. He actually thought he was going to get an appointment that same day or Friday! I called 3 dentists in the city and of course none could get him in that day (It was afternoon by then anyway) and they don't work Fridays. Then I found an emergency dental place that their website said was a walk in, first come first served. I had a 10am phone meeting I couldn't get out of, so I told him they open at 7:15. Be there waiting when they open and most likely you can be one of the first and get in and out. Nope. He can't go by himself, so he says he'll wait for my meeting to get done. I told him, well, then be prepared to wait, because I'm sure there will be others waiting in front of you. He was like "oh, how busy can they be?"

So, we get there at 11:30.  Sorry, we are booked for the rest of the day. Well....if you want to wait 90 minutes and the next one doesn't show back up for their "appt" (which is showing up and having them put your name on the list of available openings for the day), you get it, if you are here. Said they already had 3 no shows for the morning. Then another of the 4 receptionists pipes up, that hold on, they maybe can squeeze him in. So, they actually do. They evaluate and do an xray. Tell him they think the tooth is/can be saved and recommend getting a crown. But, they don't do crowns there.

When we were driving back home he made some comment about a crown, he wasn't really sure what they are. I said I have 3 of them! They aren't really that big of deal......other all mine turned into also needing freaking root canals! I told him half my teeth are fake! well, not really, but 3 molars are and 2 other teeth are mostly fake/veneer cap things

So, had to wait until this morning to call and get an appointment somewhere. I called the dentist office in the town nearest to us (a little closer than driving to the city, at least) and was surprised she said then can get him in at 3:30 today. I asked if it was possible to get the xray taken at the other place sent over, so maybe we didn't have to pay for another xray. It took a couple of calls, but they did email over the xray.

So, $1560 and almost 2 hours later, DH has a temporary crown on now. He has to go back in a couple of weeks to have the permanent one put on..


DD's feeling a bit of the intrusive MIL we all have probably experienced at one time or another, LOL.

They live about 60-90 minute drive from her DH's parents (and spend a lot of time with them anyway). Since DD and SIL have no desire to move back to that town (the one we moved away from) her in-laws are thinking of moving to where they live, when they retire in 2-3 years. They are also tired of the homeless and druggies that have literally taken over the once nice little town.

But her MIL just assumes she can make plans with them/for them. I guess they wanted to spend this past weekend staying at their house, to go looking at some properties to buy. She didn't even ask them if they had plans. Just says we're coming up to spend the weekend. LOL. Well, I guess SIL had to tell him mom, sorry we have plans to go camping this weekend, so we won't be home. So, I guess they just stayed at their house anyway, while they are gone all weekend.

DD said she also suggested they sync their phone calendars. DD said oh, hell no! LOL. DD said I can just see it....she knows my whole schedule and says "oh, you guys don't have anything going on that day/weekend, we'll do this together. haha!

Before we were married and my DH lived on his own, his mom called him ALL the time (this was before cell phones). When we got married we literally did not even have a telephone for a little while. I'm not sure how we managed that, since there weren't cell phones, LOL. As soon as we got one, MIL called ALL the time. Dinner time. And just about every Sunday morning at like 8am....we liked to sleep in back then! Finally, we just started turning our ringer off during dinner time and before we went to bed on the weekends. Eventually, she stopped calling so much. I'm pretty sure she's a big part of why both of DH's brothers moved their families states away, when they were younger, LOL.

The only good part of if her in-laws move nearby them, when they retire, is they plan to spend a lot of their time traveling in their rv.....

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Just the usual weekend

Yesterday was a typical Saturday. I drove into the city to pick up my Walmart grocery order (though that is every other week, I shop). I'm still loving this service. One time they also gave a free donut, for National Donut Day. Yesterday they gave a little vinyl "football" bag, in honor of football season. Inside were some trial sized samples. I'll enjoy the little bag of coffee to try out and I ate the tiny Oreos covered in chocolate, LOL. When I shop online, every single time, even though I don't always get the same things - my total comes to right around $200. I don't think that is too bad for 2 weeks, for 2 people and I get some of the dog treats there and usually one or two "misc" items. Like this time DH needed a new "shower mirror", so I added that to the cart for $12. He was also out of the blue shop towels he likes. I get the bag of dog food monthly from and that is about $36/mo for their food. A bag lasts about exactly a month, so it works out good to just be on "auto ship" with them.

I follow a dog boarding/rescue place on Facebook for several years. One time someone asked her what they feed their dogs. Well, they feed their own dogs a raw food diet, but for purchased food she recommended a brand that had 4 stars on DogFoodAdvisor and was a good price, too. So, that is what I have been feeding them for quite a few years now. It just has to be bought at a feed store or ordered online. Can't get it at regular stores.

First I stopped at Lowe's. When we were in there last week, I said to DH "do you think there will come a time we come into the city and don't need to stop at Lowes?" Apparently not. DH ran out of the big 55 gallon garbage can liners, so I needed to pick up a new box of those. I also stopped at our bank and got some cash out to have on hand. If we ever need to get cash at an ATM in our town, then we have to pay the fee, because it's not our banks ATM and I hate doing that. Such a waste of money.

I left my house at 8:10am and was back home 2 hours later. Pretty quick trip. Well, I was wrong, my first stop was Starbucks! I had earned a $5 giftcard from my Verizon rewards. When I was adding it to my Starbucks account/card, I realized I had another $5 giftcard on there, that I hadn't merged. Between those 2 $5 and the $3 I had left on my card, I was due for a white chocolate mocha!

DH did some more rearranging in the shop. We have two trailers. One is a car trailer and the other is a little dump trailer. The car trailer has been sitting outside with a bunch of leftover construction stuff (that of course he might use some day) cover with a tarp. The dump trailer he had parked in the shop. Well he decided with rainier weather, then snow, he'd swap them. The dump trailer has nothing in it and can sit outside (until he finally decides to sell it). I helped him "spotting" to make sure he didn't hit anything inside the shop while backing it in. The plan is to park his pickup in the house garage, but he currently has the big wood bench with his saw taking up one bay, as well as leftover lumber, so the pickup is still in the shop.

Our woodworker friend is working on my 2 closet barn doors. Yay! I think he's got all the boards cut and planed. DH went over to his place for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, so I took a nap.

I finished a book I was reading and started a new one. So many to choose from, as a bunch had released from being on hold - and I haven't even started on all the great suggestions! Last night I started the second book in the All Soul's Trilogy/A Discovery of Witches. I had to wait so long for this 2nd book to be available I almost forgot what the first was about.

Last night DH watched some racing on tv. I read awhile and also watched some various YouTube clips (with my headphones in) of The Ellen show and a funny one with Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Irwin's son and some animals he brought. Boy, is he the spitting image and personality of his dad.  We had some ice cream for dessert.

Friday afternoon my company emailed about a new marketing job position with our company, in case we know of anyone. I have a friend who is a marketing manager (where I used to live) and from a few comments she's made over the past few years I don't think she really likes working where she works. So, I sent her a facebook message, with the job description, in case she's interested.

Friday, September 13, 2019

My book list

Lots and lots of suggestions on series books to read! Thank you all! I should have plenty to read now for months and months :) I'm going to start with James Patterson Alex Cross series, as soon as the first couple of ebooks are available through my library. Looks to be a short wait and I have enough already in my "bookshelf" to get me by.

Since other's were so kind to take the time to comment and share some of their favorite book series, I thought I'd put together a list of mine. Maybe someone out there is like me, and looking for something new to read, and hasn't read one of these series/books.

The Outlander series - Diana Gabaldon - probably my all time favorite, so you can imagine how excited I was to see the Starz tv series, after all these years of loving these books. Very well done.

The Jack Reacher series - Lee Child. I hear Amazon or maybe it was Netflix, is making a series from it...with someone much more in line with the character's looks than Tom Cruise was (that was terrible casting!)

The Harry Bosch series - Michael Connelly. If you haven't seen the Amazon series, watch it!

The Alphabet series - Sue Grafton. I love the Kinsey Milhone character.

The Kay Scarpetta series - Patricia Cornwell

The Longmire series - Craig Johnson. And the Netflix show was very good. I especially liked how well Lou Diamond Phillips nailed Henry.

The Dark Tower series - Stephen King (a friend told me about this series, says it wasn't something she normally read, but enjoyed it, and so did I)

The Inheritance Cycle/Eragon series - by Christopher Paolini. He was just a teenager when he wrote the first book. My MIL had bought it for my son and it just sat on the shelf. I picked it up and started it one day when I was desperate for something to read and couldn't put it down.

The Robert Langdon series - Dan Brown

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series - Stieg Larsson

The Jason Bourne series - Robert Ludlum

The Clan of the Cave Bear series - Jane M. Auel

The Left Behind series - Jerry B. Jenkins

The Tarzan of the Apes series - Edgar Rice Burroughs (much better than movies, I thought)

there are a few author's I have read that have several series or trilogy's:
Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber are two that come to mind.

of course I don't even need to say Harry Potter....

I have tried a couple of times to read the Game of Thrones books. They are so long and I could never seem to finish before the 21 days borrowing time was up and I wasn't able to renew, as others had reserved it. So, I just watched the tv show, LOL.

If I purchased all the books I read #1) I'd be broke, #2) I'd have a cluttered house full of books. 99% of what I read is borrowed from the library. F-R-E-E!! Before e-books I went to the library and borrowed books (and had to return them on time, ugh, LOL). After e-books, life changed. I can browse books from my couch, borrow/reserve, have them for 3 weeks, and they automatically go back to the library. No having to return or late fees. I have purchased a few of my favorite books from thrift stores and sometimes receive books as gifts. One of my recent favorite gifts was a signed copy of one of Craig Johnson's books.

I also find e-books much easier on my eyes, because I can increase the font size to a more comfortable reading for me.My half sister loves to read, too, but she recently mentioned how she hasn't been reading much lately because it's hard on her eyes. I told her get an e-reader!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The wedding gift

Our woodworker friend finished the hope chest wedding present for DD and SIL. It turned out great. He does such nice work. I hope they will like it.

We were joking it looks so good there at the end of the guest bed, that we might have to just keep it :)

The good news out of it is while woodworker friend was here delivering it, he noticed DH had installed the tracking for the barn door over the entryway closet. Since DH has never built a barn door (not sure woodworker guy has, but it's a piece of cake to him) he's clueless and that's about the only reason they haven't been built yet....he's working up the nerve and ambition to tackle the project. Within a few minutes woodworker friend had a little sketch drawn out. They went out and looked at our lumber pile and they pretty much had it figured out, haha. It sounds like they will use our 2x6's (from cutting our trees) for the frame and use the leftover tongue and groove boards (from the soffits on shop and house) for the main part of the doors.

DH messaged DD and SIL...we have something for you, come and get it! LOL. Hopefully they can make a weekend trip over here in the next month or so. She said do we get a hint what it is? (I know she's dying to know, haha). DH said nope, only that if you don't come and get it soon, Mom is going to keep it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Reading list

I finished reading the new book, Quantum by Patricia Cornwell. was ok, but definitely not near as good as most of her Kay Scarpetta series books. Though I must say the last few books of her Scarpetta series haven't been all that good, either. I thought maybe it was just me getting tired of the character, but I think her writing just isn't as good lately. Quantum is about a whole new character and it's not that great. At least I'm glad I didn't pay for it. I keep reading the Scarpetta books, when they come out, but I'm getting really tired of Kay trying to figure out what the other characters are really saying, because in her books no one ever comes out and says what they really mean. She spends half her time trying to figure it out. I get to the point in reading and I'm like "just ask them!".

I love reading series books and the only other one that I got tired of, is the Stephanie Plum series, by Janet Evanovich. After 20 some books, they are now just getting boring. Nothing ever changes with the character or her life. The series I have not gotten tired of yet are Lee Child's Jack Reacher series and Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series (and I love the Amazon tv show). I also love the Longmire series by Craig Johnson. I see he has a new book coming out in a couple weeks. I'll have to get it reserved with my library's e-books. Some series are all read, as no more will be written.

I need to find some new series to read. Any suggestions? I pretty much like all genres.

and in a totally unrelated topic......I need some chocolate!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Still recovering

My digital recovery process has some successes and some failures. I'm still working on one of the failures.

The SD card for the drone: I was able to recover 453 deleted photos. While he's flying his drone he can take videos or pics. He does both at times. All those pics are back (or at least 453 of them, I have no idea if that is all the pics he had taken with it). The program found 160 mp4 video files and recovered them. BUT, when I try to view/play them, the files won't play. UGH! I googled it and apparently it's a common problem with recovered video files.....its sounding like I would need to purchase another program to try to restore the files. UGH again. I have an email into the tech dept who I purchased the recovery program from, to see if they can advise in any way before I try to do  more research on getting those back.

I found 849 photos from his phone on his icloud backup. But, I still cannot figure out how to get them downloaded back to my pc. I find simple instructions online, but I can't seem to figure it out. It looks like it tries to download in a zip file but then fails. Then there is something about logging into icloud and downloading through that, but then I get confused again.

Then I used a different program from this recovery website to try to recover pics and videos from his iphone. It found over 3000 photos! I thought hallelujah! That's what he took all the house build pics on. But, not any of the 3000+ pics are any of the hundreds (well, just a few) he took all during the house build. WTH? Why? Why would there be 3000 deleted pics, but none of those ones? The only thing I can come up with is because of the way he was taking them from his phone and copying them to his external hard drive (daily). He would plug his phone into his computer. Then he would CUT the pics from the phone folder and paste into the hard drive folder. I'm guessing doing that didn't leave a "deleted" file on his phone to recover.

So, while we did get lots of good pics back from his phone, we didn't get all of them, that's for sure.

Last night we also remembered he used both our iPad's to make time lapse videos. I'm trying to see what I can recover from those as I type. But, I'm guessing it's going to be the same as his phone...he CUT the videos out from the ipads, so they probably are not going to be recovered. My ipad just finished scanning. There are only like 3 very recent time lapse videos. Lots of pics I had deleted over the years....because they were duplicates or just not wanted. They weren't anything I had cared to save in the first place.

I still need to download his music purchases and youtube videos, but those aren't going anywhere, so I'm not in a big hurry and will work on those as I have time.

At this point I'd give it a 50% success rate. Basically retrieved a good amount of photos, just really nothing from the house build. Once I download back all his youtube videos, I'm going to see if opening them back up in his video editing software program will allow any of the photos to be saved again. Probably not, but I will look into it. There's a lot of photos he used in making all those videos of the house build.

We received back the dead external hard drive via FedEx today. Only they took off the metal cover (not the plastic case) that goes on it and didn't return that piece with it.

and while I'm complaining, I may as well add complaining about our new payroll processing. It's so much more work than our old payroll company! I thought maybe it's just me, being slow to learn it, but we're on our 3rd payroll now and it's such a slow process. I used to only take about an hour and be done with it. Now it takes hours (and we only have 55 employees). There's so much stuff to have to manually enter in the system. I hadn't brought it up with my boss yet, thinking it was just me being slow to learn, but she called me this morning (as she had sat in our our "training" webex to process this payroll) and asked if it seemed like this process was so much more time consuming than our old one? I said yes! Seems like so many manual things to input and then reports to run to compare and double check. Just seems like lots of room for error to be made. I don't like that.  Our hourly (6) folks have to punch in and out. Add in that they forget half the time, so I'm constantly  having to email them and add their punches. I can't imagine having a bunch of hourly employees to deal with. I have one guy who cannot remember to clock in and out for lunch. And even though he keep saying "I always take a lunch", I'm not going to make assumptions about someone's hours/pay. I finally told him today in an email that he really needs to start clocking in and out for lunch. I'm also trying to get into the habit of looking at their punches daily, so I can fix any of their missed punches.

Monday, September 9, 2019


I'm in recovery that is. So, the hard drive guy emailed back that when he looked at it he determined it was too damaged, so then he sent it to CA for them to look at and he says they say the same thing. The hard drive is on it's way back to us via FedEx.

So, bummer there wasn't anything that could be recovered on it. DH takes pics with his phone. Then he would transfer over to his external hard drive (like daily, since he was taking so many pics of the house build). When the external drive crashed I specifically remember looking at his icloud account/backup online. There was like 10 pics on it. I figured he must not have been set up to sync to that. But, I just looked again and there were 849 pictures! Starting back when he got an iphone (back in like 2014), to Sept 2018. I remember him getting notifications that his memory was full and not backing up, quite awhile ago. Now, I'm in the process of figuring out how to download all those photos to his new external hard drive.

When he did all his house build videos he put music to them. Songs purchased mostly via Amazon. Well, I found out I can re-download every single song ever purchased. Some go back to 2009, LOL. I'm working on that right now.

He also uploaded to YouTube like 60 videos he's created, using Windows Movie Maker. He creates the video in that program. then in the program he saves it to a mp4 file. Then uploads to YouTube. I found out you can download back all the videos as mp4 files. So, that is next to do. That will take awhile I'm sure. I wonder if he can then open/edit the videos again with his Movie Maker program? Maybe he can resave pictures put in that program. Something I will look into.

Years ago I remember my IT expert son was able to recover deleted photos from a digital camera sd card. Said nothing is ever truly deleted. I just downloaded a program that will supposedly recover  photos and videos from an sd card. I'm using it on his drone's sd card. Again, he would take his drone videos and pics with it, then copy to his external hard drive and delete. I ran the free version (that just recovers pics) and it recovered 453 pics from his drone sd card (every pic, I'm assuming). So, I went ahead and paid the $35 for the "pro version" and now it is scanning for all the deleted videos. It's already found 22 files and it's only 10% done.

This website I got the sd card picture/video recovery program from also has a free program to recover deleted pics/vids from phones. Gonna give that a try, too, and see what I can find on his phone. That would be a big all the house build pics were taken with his iphone. Like all the pics he wants that he took of where all the wiring and plumbing is, etc.  Wish me luck! If I get those, too, I'll have recovered probably a good majority of all his pictures and videos.

Starting the week

The Staples triple charge of my purchase resolved itself. The manager said they were having a nationwide software issue with their credit card machines and it should clear off my account in a day or two. I looked this morning and now only one charge is there.

It sounds like the guy (he was our mason) DH was supposed to go Elk watching/hunting with tomorrow has put a hold on the day. Apparently it's been too warm out and the elk are not bugling yet.. I figured he probably would when it came down to it. They made the "date" a couple of months ago. I was wondering at the time how they could plan a specific date that far in advance, LOL. Hopefully, they will get to go later this week or soon.

I'm off to a great start, for the week, with M-Turks this morning. $11.60 so far with about 40 min of work or so. I was able to do $2.75 over the weekend, which is hard to do. There is never much available on weekends. I'm hoping this is a good week!

A new keyboard and mouse came with DH's computer, but the one's he already has are fine. But, my keyboard is old and a bunch of the keys are worn. Then I remembered I have another brand new keyboard in a box. I don't know why I haven't used it, considering the condition of mine. I got it years ago. I think it was a rebate freebie or something. So, I decided to use that one and just save the one that came with DH's new computer. Much nicer, and when I do have to look at my keys, I can actually read them now, LOL. I wish I had a "quiet" keyboard. Maybe one of these days I'll splurge and get one. The space bar in this one is noisier than the rest of the keys.

I see a Facebook friend tagged her daughter in a company hiring in their area.....nothing at all related to her degree (culinary 4 year degree) that she got 2-3 years ago (and has been working in the field). College is just way too expensive in this day and age to not use your degree! I know another, of my kids age, who spent big bucks for a private university degree, with lots of student debt, and now is in a job/career where she doesn't even need a 4 year degree and completely unrelated to what she got her degree in.

My DD recently was checking into doing her masters degree with on online university. She was all gung-ho to get going on this and then found out her company won't pay for it until she's been there 3 years (I think it was 3 years, I can't remember now). She hasn't quite been there a year, so she's going to have to wait a bit. She thinks it would take her 2 years to do the master's program in her field.

DH got his drone video taken and made the little video that was asked as a favor of him. Didn't really take him too much time. Thankfully, I found that Windows Movie Maker program he had on his old computer online to purchase. He had me watch it and it was good, as usual. This is the first one he's done for someone else and of course he doesn't like doing that. He says "it's not very professional".. I said they aren't paying for professional! (they aren't paying anything, LOL).

He just put up the tracking hardware for the 2 barn doors that will be put on closets. He was having trouble reading the directions and figuring it out at first, but once he did, it was pretty easy to install. Now he has to get the doors built and stained. At least he has something to keep busy watching/listening too all week. Once a year is "drag week" - a week long drag race in the US where the participants travel to a different track each day and race. It's all broadcast on YouTube and they do a good job of presenting it. And even better, he has a computer to watch it on! LOL I told him he should be able to watch it on our tv, too, if he wants. Firestick has a YouTube app again, now.

I don't know what to plan for dinner tonight.....nothing sounds good.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A money spending day

No matter how hard I try to keep my mom's emails from those pesky spam emails, some slip through. Though every time I log in (especially in the morning, when I know she hasn't been on her computer since the day before) there is very few. I'm sure she gets a few during the day. But, I'm also pretty sure she actually opens her Spam folder! She has kind of said that a couple of times and I keep saying do not even open the folder! But, of course, she can't remember, so............

Apparently she got an email Friday that said we have confirmed your registration into Adult Dating site. Click here to deactivate. So, of course she did. Yesterday morning there were 30 "mailer-daemon deliverable emails". Just from that one email she replied to......Sigh.........

The favor DH was asked to do was to take some video with his drone and make into a little video. Nothing too hard....except now he doesn't have a computer to put the videos together on. This morning he decided to go over and do the video with the drone. I went with him and then he says do you want to go buy the computer now? ok. LOL.

We got one at Staples. An HP. Just a basic computer tower. He doesn't do gaming and advanced stuff. It was on sale for $369. It has 8mb RAM and the one I was looking at Best Buy was only 4mb RAM for the same price. Plus, Best Buy has always annoyed me, with all their extra sales pitches. Well, Staples is the same way. No, I do not want this protection or that. No, I do not want your extended warranty. Just sell me the dang computer.

Then we stopped at the Verizon store. Quite a long time ago DH dropped his phone and the screen cracked. Well, someone said it's probably just the screen protector that got cracked, not the screen itself. Sure enough, it was just the protector. And since neither of us can install one of those without messing it up, I just had the guy at the store put a new one on it. It's like he's got a new phone now, LOL.

Then we went to a farm/feed supply store and bought some weed killer. Two different kinds DH likes and we went for the bigger jugs, so that was $125 for both, but should last at least couple of years.

I spent at least a couple hours yesterday after we got home setting up his computer. Setting up his favorites in Firefox and entering all his logins and passwords. To do his drove videos he had used Windows Movie Maker that was on his old computer. Well, of course, now Windows doesn't offer that anymore. He doesn't want (nor do I need to deal with) to try to learn a whole new program. It was amazing that he figured that one out! I found where I could download it online. They had 2 versions offered, 2016 and a new 2019 version. I figured  the one he had before was 2016, but the download failed. So, I did the 2019 version, but it looked nothing like what he had used. I tried to download the older version on my pc and it worked and was the same as he had used. So, I deleted the downloaded version on his new pc and tried to download the older version again. It worked. WHEW! But then when he went and tried to use it, it said there would be a watermark on the videos, unless he paid for the program (this version was supposedly free per the website). So, I paid the $29 for the program. That's worth it to not have to deal with him having to learn something new, to me. He owns the program now, it's a one time purchase.

And he just got up this morning. Nice that he can sit down at a computer again, like he usually does with his breakfast. I'm on my computer, doing my normal daily checks. Look at my bank account and credit card. WTH?! The Staples purchase is showing 3 TIMES! I know they were having trouble with their card machines. We had to to a different one. So, now I have to call them and figure this out.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Long drive for the Hard drive news

DH just called me after his visit to the hard drive repair guy. Apparently he doesn't even do the repairs!! He sends it down to CA somewhere, he pays them and then gets it back and charges his customers............only he's broke, has no money and it's still in California.  Unbelievable.

So, I had his address from where he had me mail the hard drive to. It's his home (nice home, too). His wife answered the door so DH explained why he was there. She said he just left a few minutes ago. DH told her who he was and what he was there, to pick up our hard drive. She invited him in while she was going to go into his office to see what she could figure out and DH declined to go inside (smart) and said he would just wait outside. She came back and said she couldn't figure anything out in his office so she called her hubby from her phone, so I guess she was standing there while DH talked to him. Told him he wants it back, whether it's fixed or not. It's been 3 months, we were told 2-3 weeks. Something about he will try to get tracking on it today. DH told him there's still 6 hours left in the business day, so plenty of time to get it figured out. Then told him at this point, if he doesn't get back to DH by monday and it's not returned he is getting reported to the sheriff's office as stolen property. Guy said "I wish you wouldn't do that". DH said I wish you could have communicated even one time with all our phone calls, emails and texts (that we know he read,  had read receipt). DH said his wife seemed pretty upset, like she had no idea he had done this. All's he would have had to do was communicate what was going on. Said he's broke and probably losing his business. Well, no kidding, if that's how you treat your customers.

It sure figures that I end up picking the bad apple. Typical. So, I'm sure either we'll be told they couldn't retrieve any of the data or they did and it's going to be like $1000 to get it back or something ridiculous. Either way, I'm sure we're the ones who get screwed in the end.

Let's do Friday

For our DD's/SIL wedding gift we decided to have woodworker guy make them something one of a kind. He's almost done with it. A hope chest. We gave him a picture of the mountain view, where they got married, and he did his wood burning magic and put the mountain scene on the top of the chest. Yesterday we went over and looked at it and gave him the seal of approval to finish varnishing it and putting it together. I think they will like it. I'll take a picture of it, once we get it from him. Probably next week, sometime.

DH has been pretty crabby lately. Too much labor type work of late. Wears out his muscles, but he's stubborn and won't rest, so then he feels worse. I'm just getting tired of the snippyness and constant complaining. When we were driving over to woodworker guys place Wednesday afternoon he said he realizes he's doing it and that he really has nothing to complain about.......but of course a few hours later he's right back at it. We were going to stream a race to our tv. I had paid for a month service for it and one was on that night. The start time is kind of "off". They actually start the streaming before the posted start time, and you can watch the practice laps. So, I had checked but it hadn't started yet and figured it would be at least a half hour (based on all the other times we've watched) and was checking it from my phone, so I didn't have to go through the whole Firestick menu to check and find out it's not on yet, and then through the whole menu to put it back on what we were watching while waiting. I was going to check my phone every 10-15 minutes. Well, I had just checked on my phone and it still hadn't started. DH says "put it on the's started" I said "oh I just checked on my phone, it's not started yet". He snaps "twitter on my phone says it started". Ok then.......I got it all loaded and signed into the service to watch. Of course it hadn't started yet. I just let it sit there on their "the program will start soon" page, while I read my book. Half hour later it finally started. I didn't bother taking the time to change it back to what we were watching. Just let him sit there for the 30 minute wait. Served him right, haha.

The guy showed up yesterday with his little backhoe and got DH's ditches dug. His woodworker pal also showed up to help, which was very nice of him. But, he's just like DH....DH helped him with his firewood the other day, so of course, then he felt like he owed back to DH to help him. It will never end now, LOL.

The weather today has dropped 25 degrees from yesterday. Quite the change. And a little rain with it.

I think DH is planning to take the drive today to where that hard drive repair guy lives.....should be interesting. If he won't answer his door or provide a resolution, then DH said he plans to go to the county sheriff's office there and file a report of stolen property. He might be able to kill 2 birds while down there (it's like almost 2 hours from us) as our friend who just brought a piece of property, with a fixer upper house, is there working on his place. He's just outside of this town where DH would be going, so DH might as well go see his new place and visit with him, too, since he'd be all the way down there already.

Having 3 days off this week, sure made for a quick work week. It's Friday already. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

emails, duvets and ditches....oh and a good book, too

Back on the job this morning. I've been working on emails for 3 hours....still have 90 unread emails. The number won't go down, LOL. As soon as I get a few older ones cleared off, 3 new ones pop up.

So, I had bought that down alternative comforter from Target a week or two ago. It's a Full/Queen size. Seems big. I like that it hangs down over the edges of the mattress (my king size duvet on our bed is too small and shows edge of mattress, which I hate). I can't find a duvet cover that fits that size! The bag the comforter came in says it's 90x94. Well, most full/queen duvet covers are like 88x90 or even 88x88.  This is frustrating me. I'll have to check king size measurements. Maybe that will work, but of course usually costs more. Maybe I'll just get a bedspread or coverlet to just lay over the comforter.....

DH found a guy to dig a couple of ditches he needs dug and he just arrived to do the work. Cuz 10 am is when people start work around here, LOL. At least he finally found someone. He still can't get the guy who is supposed to deliver the manure and then mix/screen it with all the topsoil we have. That was July he delivered the it's almost mid September and he keeps pushing DH out and won't give him a specific date. Yet.....he has the nerve to call DH last night and ask for a favor! Of course DH says yes (because he can never tell anyone no) and then complains to me about it all evening. Just freaking say no, you can't do it! As far as we have been able to determine and ask around, there isn't really anyone else local who can do this topsoil screening for us, so we are stuck waiting for him. Obviously we are not going to get a lawn planted this year. The other crappy part is he dumped the topsoil where DH told him not to, so it's blocking where the fencing is supposed to go, so until it gets moved, the fence guy can't come and put up our fence!

I came across something where Amazon Prime accounts can get 2 free ebooks, from a selection they are offering this month. I don't typically read from the Kindle app on my ipad mini and I have it set up with my Amazon account that isn't prime (I share a prime with DD). I wanted to get the 2 free books, so I de-registered the Kindle account on my ipad and then re-registered with our Prime account email and was able to get the 2 free books. One was Quantum, by Patricia Cornwell, who has written the Kay Scarpetta series that I love. The other is a WWII historical fiction. I'm a bit burned out on WWII fiction, but of the other choices, this seemed like the best option. Now that I got the right account set up with my Kindle app I think I can also take advantage of the free borrowing from the Kindle library available to Prime members. I need to check into this more on how to do it/borrow the books. Does anyone else take advantage of this Prime membership benefit?

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wednesday this and that

Today is my last day off, before back to working. It's been a nice break. Weather has gotten back in the 90's, which is a bit hot for me to enjoy being outside. But, the mornings are starting to feel a bit like fall. Cool and crisp.

We ended up running into town twice yesterday. DH needed some more pvc pipe and elbows from the lumber store. While there I ran into the grocery and got the salad and some fried chicken. I had to run back around 4pm, when DH realized he didn't have enough pvc cement left to finish.

I'm waiting on about a $1300 insurance refund. Last March I had to renew our construction insurance (since builder didn't get us completed in a year) and had to pay up front for a whole year (again). It still took another 3 months to complete build and 2 more months to close the loan out, but I am due a 7 months refund. Hopefully, it won't take them that long to refund it.

Did I mention DH's dad's will won't get through probate now until next year? As usual, the story keeps changing (from SIL) as to what is going on with it. Originally, it was the will doesn't even have to go through probate, if the one sister who is not in the will signed an affidavit that she wouldn't protest the will. She signed it. Then it changed to, since the sale of his house didn't close until a week after he died, now it has to go through probate. Then it was we just had to wait the 4 months for the creditor's notice to clear. Now, it's they have to file his income tax return for this year and can't do that until 2020...and something else slipped in there about waiting to see if there is a bill from hospice.Geez, how long do they get to send a bill to a deceased person's estate? We did receive a small check for $368 recently. It was his last social security payment split between the sibs. Apparently, that gets mailed out direct by social security and not to the estate.

My mom met with the realtor and he got her house listed yesterday. $130k asking price, which I think is pretty darn good for just a mfg home, no land. and it's a small double wide, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. and I think it must be about 20 years old by now. I can't remember when they moved in there. Sometime when my dd was a toddler, I think.  There are a few things DD and I had already discussed with her last year, when she wanted to make a list of anything we would want, if/when she moved. She has 2 small antique side tables I want and a few knicknacks. I can't remember what DD picked. She has a beautiful pecan dining room set, but neither of us have a need for it (let alone trying to move it all the way here, haha). It's more of a traditional style, whereas with my home, I'm going for more of the rustic/farmhouse style. It sounds like she will be giving my son her sofa.

In the ride-about DH and his friend took the other day, they visited with some of his nearby "neighbors"...around here most people are spread out a mile or so apart, LOL. Met a guy with a small tractor or bobcat. He is supposed to come over tomorrow and get the 2 ditches DH needs dug done. DH is tired of waiting on the guy who is supposed to do it...2 weeks ago. Last night he finally said he's going to give the other guy, who is supposed screen the topsoil, a call again and demand a specific date to get this done. He should have done that a month ago, when the guy didn't show up when he originally said. But, DH makes himself sick to his stomach to have to "get mean".

Well, back to vacuuming. I just got the upstairs done. Now to the down. Not as much to do down, since it's just our bedroom that is carpeted.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tuesday and time off

Yesterday turned into a very nice day just all to myself. DH decided to go over to woodworker friends place. They ended up taking a drive and then DH helped him a bit cutting up some of his firewood for the winter. He had an enjoyable day and I got a day of rest and relaxation. I got back into watching the most recent season on Heartland, that I had started a couple/few weeks ago. Then I took a nap. Then I got up and binge watched some more.

DH didn't even come home until around 6pm. I was just making a homemade pizza for dinner, so it was quick and easy to make, while he took a shower.

My mom is meeting with the realtor today, so I'm sure her home will get put on the market quickly. There is really nothing she needs to do to ready it for sale, that's for sure.

I still have today and tomorrow off work. Sunday we worked in the yard for a couple hours. Well, whatever I was doing totally pulled the muscles in the back of both of my legs. Apparently, I need to do more stretching and exercises.

I rarely do coupon shopping anymore. It's just too hard since I only make a trip into the city every 2 weeks. We have Walgreens store there, but I pretty much had worn myself out of the "deal" shopping there and RiteAid several years ago. They kept changing the programs and I'd work up deals and they'd be out of half of it, etc. But, I need to get some PrepH (TMI, haha) for DH. He only likes one kind of what they offer. It's so stupid. It's their hydro-cortisone cream. It's the exact same thing as any other tube of the stuff...only with their brand on it it's 3x as much. And over the past several years harder to find in stores. Last I found was at Walgreens, so I bought 2 and they lasted a year or more. He's out. I'm not heading back to city for 2 weeks. Let's find it online. Sure...if I want to pay $9 or $10 a tube!. I finally found it for $6 at RiteAid online. Plus it had a $2 off online coupon I could attach. If I ordered $35 I got free shipping, so I started searching around their website. I didn't realize I could get a lot of their same store deals online and earn rewards. It was kind of like shopping in the old days, LOL. I got some Colgate toothpaste. Priced $4.89 each, buy 2, get $4 off. I got a toothbrush on sale for $4, plus a $1 off coupon was available. His deodorant was $2.30 each, which is a good price. I ordered $36 worth of stuff and also earned $3 rewards back.

DH finally, after years and years, has talked with his older (by 7 years) brother. I honestly could never stand the guy. He was a terrible terrible parent (and his wife) to their 3 kids. The twins were born with varying degrees of fetal alcohol syndrome. They handed one of them over to the state for raising when he was 14. He moved far away 20 some years ago and would never keep in touch, so DH gave up. But, a few years before we  moved here, he also moved back to this area they grew up in, so I guess it's inevitable they'd probably reconnect at some point. DH did try to call him a few times when their dad was dying and right after he died. He would never answer his phone. DH doesn't leave messages. Figures everyone has their phones in their pockets, they know they are getting a call, or they see the call missed notification. Of course he wouldn't know the number, but months ago he was also told by another sibling that DH had tried to call him a few times. His response "He wouldn't have the nerve".  We have absolutely no idea what that could mean, but more than likely he was drunk, so who knows. DH can have whatever relationship he wants with him, I just hope I don't have to waste my time socializing with him or his wife.

I had bought a bag of salad with my shopping trip last Friday. We'd gotten out of eating salad when living in the shop. We already finished it up. I think later this afternoon I'm going to run into town to the little grocery store and get some more lettuce or a couple of the bagged salads. Might as well pick up some fried chicken from their deli. We haven't had that in awhile and their fried chicken is really good. Will make dinner super easy, too.