Monday, August 31, 2020

Keeping an eye out

The guy who has supposed to deliver the 2 loads of rock (for landscaping) called Sunday and asked if it would be ok if he delivered it now. DH said sure! He's the son of the guy who delivered the original load last Fall. Sure was a nice young guy. DH enjoyed talking to him and after his second load they stood outside and talked quite awhile.

So, now the only thing we are waiting for is the fence gates. We had also ordered a roll up door for the shed, but that is supposed to be a few more weeks.

DH is going to have his work cut out for him loading up all that rock in wheelbarrow loads. He's taking today off as it's raining pretty good. He had a cute text conversation with Mr. Neighbor. He said he was thinking that a rock in each hand x 4 boys and that pile of rock should be moved by the end of the week. He pays in otter pops. Mr replied back they will work for room and board - they are packing their bags right now! LOL. He is so ready for them all to go home, but has another week. He is exhausted, we can tell.

Could it be the neighbor houseguests decided to leave back for home early? Mrs and Mrs are both at work today, but DH noticed the son's SUV backed up to a garage door and them loading stuff in and they left. We haven't seen their 2 dogs either. Though it could very well be that they just went out an outing for the day. Like I told dh, with 4 kids and 2 of them toddlers you need a lot of crap to go anywhere, LOL. We'll see.....

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The long quiet day

Yesterday was all about moving and placing that load of dirt, LOL. We were out by about 8am. There was a bird in the front lawn that had probably hit a window, so he while he seemed ok, he wasn't up to flying yet. Our dogs are the best. Our black dog barely showed interest, but he's also the one who instantly listens to commands, so I wasn't worried. The older dog loves little animals and birds (he used to kiss and lick our parakeet) and is always very concerned if they are hurt.

Then I was watering flowers and came around the end of the garage and Mrs. Neighbor was standing outside with one of her grand twins. I said hello and asked if she could use more eggs. She said sure and that they were standing there looking at a bird in their driveway that wasn't flying off. I said I had one of those, too. I went to get the carton of eggs and when I walked over to give them to her saw the bird. My older dog came up past me towards the bird and Mrs said "oh no!" I laughed and said he won't hurt it at all, which of course he didn't. She's like our dogs would have already eaten it.

She also said that little guy screamed and cried all night long, so they didn't get any sleep. He's nearly 2. DH and I worked outside, adding dirt into the ground at most of the fence posts, just to make sure they are snug in the ground. This took most all day and all day it was completely quiet from neighbors. No kids outside. Even the dogs barely came out into their run. By afternoon we were working on the fence posts on their side. Mrs had come out for some reason and DH said over to her "it's been awful quiet over there today" and she laughed and said "oh no, it has not! LOL". She proceeded to tell us of all the things the 2 youngest (twins) have broken and gotten into, etc. We are like oh boy, they are keeping you on your toes!

After she went inside a few minutes later Mr. drove in. He had been at work all day. He pulled up alongside dh in his truck and told him he's not going to make it another week with all of them there. He's about to lose it. Then he said his son in on a plane right then on his way over. So, now son is there. Not sure if that was preplanned, but I'm guessing it must have been. He'll spend this final week and then drive back with his wife and kids next weekend. Still haven't heard if they are taking their dogs back with them and we haven't asked.

DH also spread some of the dirt where there were some bare spots out near the fence line (where we had planted seed before, not the sod areas) and put down some more grass seed. I also walked the whole fence line pulling out staples from the posts, from when they were all just stored on our property and dh had covered with tarps and stapled down, so some of the posts still had a bunch of staples in them.

My mom had called earlier in the morning, something wrong with her computer, but said it was no rush so call later. I talked to her later afternoon, but couldn't figure it out. I'm wondering if her internet was down. I couldn't even get remotely into her computer. As usual it was super frustrating trying to do over the phone and even more frustrating that Team Viewer wouldn't work on her end to give me a log in and password so I could access her computer. I also could not explain to her how to see if her internet was connected.

I was tired and getting ready for bed around 8:30. Going to settle into bed and read a bit. Then my uncle calls, but I missed the call as I was in the bathroom. He left a voicemail that he just talked to mom and has a question for me and to call when I can. Oh great, what is she telling him now? I wasn't in the mood to deal with it that late, so I will call him later on this morning.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

More dirt

Still impossible to get anything done in this county. DH needs a load of  rock and a load of topsoil. He had gotten some rock from this nearby guy before, who has a small gravel pit on his property. The guy doesn't live there and is only there a couple times a month, but when DH called him almost 2 months ago he wasn't in immediate need of it. He just told the guy, ya, next time you are there bring me over load. The guy called a couple/few weeks later and said he hadn't forgotten him. He wasn't exactly sure when he'd be able to deliver, but soon.........

Then the topsoil guy. He called him and the guy told him, I can't deliver it today, but tomorrow I can..."tomorrow" was last  Tuesday........

Our neighbor down at the end of the street is getting infuriated with "Excavation guy" - remember him from when we were trying to get our site work done?! Ya, well he apparently hasn't changed any. Neighbor needed him to do some work on the piece of property nearby that his mom just bought, so she can get her mobile home moved on there. First he just needed him to meet him there to show him what needs to be done. Day after day passed, no reply to texts and calls. Finally he met him there last week and was supposed to come today and do the work..........only he didn't show up and no call. DH was out at the end of our drive doing yardwork as neighbor is driving out...said he's on his way to the city to rent an excavator so he can do the work himself this weekend. To say he was mad is an understatement.

DH called the topsoil guy again today and I guess he totally forgot about DH's topsoil and within an hour or so he brought the load over. Then excavation guy called. I guess dh had also contacted him recently about getting a load of gravel to fill in along the edge of the road where we added the paving, just to give it some support when stupid people drive off the edge of the asphalt. He called and said he could deliver it on his way home at the end of the day. After I gave him the check we stood and talked with him awhile. He's actually a pretty nice guy. I had never talked to him before because when I saw him he was always either in his dump truck or operating machinery.

So, at least 2 out of 4 things are here. Still waiting on fence gates and other rock load. (more landscaping type rock). The fence guy actually told dh "we're usually used to only working 9-1". kidding!

Friday, August 28, 2020

A little of this, A little of that

Uncle told mom about his skin cancer and surgery to remove it on Monday, but she hadn't mentioned to me that he told her. Finally she remembered when I talked to her yesterday, so that is good. I asked her if she played bingo, but she said she didn't. She said she had invited her neighbor lady across the hall over for a visit and she stayed about an hour and a half. Mom said her apartment is a studio and very small and she thought maybe she would like to get out of her apartment for a bit. I'm sure it was good for both of them.

UPS came to deliver yesterday and picked up the 12 boxes of stuff going to DS. We already knew we were on the end of his route, so he'd have plenty of room. He also gave dh his cell# and said if we ever have a package that needs picking up and he's not delivering to us that day, just call and he'll stop in and get it, so we don't have to pay that extra pick up fee. That was nice of him. Unless dh starts selling off some of the crap in his shop, though, I doubt we'll ever ship much. But, it is good to know it's an option to ship something and not have to drive into town to do it at the post office.

DH is mowing the lawn again today. He ran out of weed eater string line, but the replacement I ordered won't be here until Monday. Sunday and Monday the temps are supposed to be down to 71 and 66. Quite a change, but then back up to the 80's next week. It's definitely getting colder in the mornings.

DD likes to watch for things on Marketplace in her area (and she's sold or given away quite a few things, too). She got a nice 7 piece patio furniture set for $400 recently to put on their new concrete patio. They also built a neat stone firepit all by themselves and are working on a wood pergola. This morning she has a message in on 2 nice accent chairs for $60 and is going to pick up a neat marble chess/checker board and pieces for $5! When she sent me pic and that she was thinking of messaging to get it, I said well if you don't want it get it for me, haha! I told her I watch for things on Marketplace, but everything I'm interested in always ends up like a 2 hour drive away, so it's not worth it to me. Her more densely populated area allows her to find things close by where she lives.

I want to get a couple of jigsaw puzzles to do this winter. Why are they so expensive? LOL. They are like $15-20 each. Another thing I want to do is figure out how to get my sewing machine stitching right again. I think the tension or whatever is messed up on the bobbin thread and I never took the time to figure out how to fix it. I don't have anything particular in mind to sew, but figured if I actually get it working right again, it might inspire me to find a project to do. Learning to make a quilt has been on my to do list for years now.

Glad it's Friday, but sure do still miss having those half work day Fridays. The management decided to keep the work at home option through the end of this year, so at least no half Fridays back in place until next year, now. It was nice having those every other Friday. I could get most of my weekend chores done and not have to do it all Saturday morning.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thursday ramble

DH had a long phone chat with an old friend yesterday morning. Well, originally he was an employee of DH's years ago, but they have stayed friends and keep in touch every so often. He's got another old employee, who now lives in CA, who they get on the phone with each other about once a year and it ends up being a 4 hour long conversation, LOL.

I was on the phone with my boss yesterday morning. Something she said in passing, didn't register with me, until later in the afternoon. She commented that she took her Tylenol PM last night to help sleep. I messaged her after I remembered her saying that. I said not to butt in, but here's my 2 cents and I told her about my mom taking these for years (I really don't know how many years) on a regular basis and that it is really just benadryl and not good to take on a daily basis and has been linked to cause memory issues/dementia in older people. That her dr. said it's not good to be taking regularly and if she needs a sleep aid there are much safer options she can prescribe. My boss said she had no idea....and was glad I butted in. It sounds like she takes it every night! Said she can't sleep if she doesn't. Ugh. I said I will always wonder now if my mom taking that for so many years contributed to her memory problems.

The latest thing my mom can't remember is a flu shot coming up. Her apartment place is having CVS pharmacy come in on Sept 11 to give flu shots to those that want them. Nice and handy! They gave her a form to fill out, so I did that for her on Saturday, as well as they needed a copy of her insurance card. We took it downstairs on Saturday (after she had told me about this flu shot about every day we talked). Yesterday she brought it up again, can't remember how she's getting it. Then another conversation it sounded like she may have gotten another form. I told her to just make a note on that one that it's already taken care of and write on her calendar for that day "flu shot".

Then she calls me last night and asks if she told me where she hides her cash. Ummm.nooo. LOL. I said you told me where you put your purse (between her bed and nightstand) but I didn't know you hid cash. I didn't even think she had much cash on her right now! We hadn't gotten her any for awhile and actually her last $20 bill she ended up using to pay for her ID card and got a few dollars back in change. Then she says well, I thought I had a $20 bill, so I had to remind her about using it a couple weeks ago. I said, well, do you need cash for something right now? (I can't imagine what) Well, no...but I might. I said we'll get her some more next week when I pick her up on Friday 9/4 to come stay at my house. She said a couple times she needed some cash (she does have probably $10 in loose bills) and I again had to ask what exactly for? Are you going somewhere you need to use cash? (so far the apartment isn't doing group trips, still, due to Covid). If there was something truly important she needed it for, then I'll make a trip in to the city to get her some, otherwise she can just wait! She then said "well, I might need some to pay for the flu shot". I said it's being billed to your insurance and it's the week after you visit me, so you'll have some cash by then. I think she thought she must have hidden that $20 bill somewhere but couldn't remember now so thought maybe she had told me where she would hide it.

I can tell she's going to be one of those, as her memory gets worse, that thinks people are taking her things. She's already starting to show some of those signs. She'll tell me about not being able to find something and at first thinking someone must have come into her apartment and taken it, then realizes that didn't happen. Like she recently thought someone had taken some change from her dresser. I said, well, you probably used it to go play Bingo? oh right. She mentioned again last night about hiding her purse down in her hamper! I said no! please don't do that. If the housekeepers come to do your linens and towels from your hamper they might accidentally get it mixed in with that! When I am visiting she will often comment "I don't know, someone could come in and take stuff". I said no one is going around stealing stuff from these apartments and if they were it would be figured out real fast people were missing stuff. She is almost obsessive about making sure she hides her purse somewhere (while she's in the apartment! LOL) yet has no problem keeping her social security card in her wallet. Her purse is more apt to get lost or stolen when we are out and about, like when we were at the dr. office and she left it in the bathroom!

For almost a year now she's had it in her head "that girl took her jewelry". It was DD! When we visited her at her previous apartment she had quite a few things that needed to go to Goodwill, that got brought with her from her house she sold and she didn't need/no room. DD was going to take her to Goodwill (while I was working on all her logins and passwords, LOL) so my mom said she had other things to go through, like she had a bunch of jewelry she didn't want/need. She and DD went through it all. DD took a few pairs of earrings, I took one. My mom said she didn't need any of the rest, she only wore the 2 pair of earrings she has in her ears. Now, she thinks some girl took all her jewelry. Sad. Whenever she brings it up I say oh, no, that was DD but of course she won't remember that. Funny she remembers that costume jewelry stuff yet never brings up her diamond wedding ring!

The other day she got my dad and her BF confused. She was commenting that she is glad her health has been so good, so far. Then she said "I know if J's daughter hadn't moved him, he probably would have been ok". I said you mean "M's (bf) daughter?" oh, right yes. I had to remind her he was very sick at the end, when she moved him. I said he couldn't take care of himself by then and she and her brother had been taking care of him every day because he couldn't even get out of bed anymore. He needed 24 hour care". Oh, I guess you are right.

The side chair I ordered ended up not shipping and on back order. Dang. Guess it's going to end up a  6 week wait, just like it would have been through Wayfair.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Not much peacefulness going on lately

Monday, a bit after we had dinner. I decided to put out the bowl of cat food a bit earlier, just to see if maybe cat will stop by during daylight hours and I might actually witness him in person. As I'm nearing our back laundry room door I see neighbors huge dog (one of the son's dogs) standing at the chicken coop looking in. We already know he's very curious about them (all the other dogs, including ours, pretty much just ignore the chickens).  Then I see him start to paw at the wire on the door. I open the door and tell him no and he leaves. I go back inside and look out the dining room window and he's back, only pawing harder and more at the door.

This whole time the DIL is sitting in a lawn chair on the edge of their driveway watching her kids play and had her 2 dogs out with them, but of course not really paying attention to any of them. So, I grab the dog by the collar and start walking him back over to her. As soon as she sees me she says omg, I'm sorry. I didn't see him wander off. I just said, well, he's pawing at the chicken coop.........

This dog is huge. Makes our lab mix dogs look small. He could probably tear out that wiring on the coop walls if he worked at it. Keep your damn dogs on your own property! Is it really that hard to do?! They have 4 acres of property! it's going to be a long 2 weeks.............(we are still waiting for the gates from the fence guy, so right now there is still an opening). And then yesterday the water softener guy shows up at their house in his pickup. The son's big dog literally stood outside and barked at the truck for a good 15 minutes straight (which then of course got one of the other dogs barking). I don't know if Mr. was home, but the DIL, of course, was there. No attempt made to get the dogs inside and stop the barking. I know if Mr was home he wouldn't have let it go on, so I'm guessing he wasn't home at the time. I can't imagine what it must be like to live next door to them - when they actually have their 2 dogs living with them - and the 4 little guys, LOL. DH said I'll bet their neighbors are like "ohhh nice...they are gone for 2 weeks" haha.

Last evening DH was outside and chatting with neighbors, so he did mention the son's big dog pawing at the chicken coop. Also neighbor told him a story he experienced Sunday evening. His dogs ran off, as always, and he had to get on his quad to go find them, as always. They usually head down the state land toward the boat launch area. As he's riding his quad through the 20 acres state land he sees a tent and camping area set up. Doesn't see any people. Then he sees a dog over by this downed tree log, tied up with a ratchet strap and the strap got hooked on the log and his leg got trapped up in the strap. The dog was in very bad shape. Neighbor didn't have a knife on him so he went back to the tent area and looked around inside to see if they had a knife. He then texted another neighbor who lives on the hill up above this state land and he came right down with a knife. The dog was in such bad shape they didn't know if it was going to make it. Turns out the camper (still never there as he was out working) works for the nearby rafting business. No one was very happy about any of this. I think they called the sheriff to come out. Again just more fallout from all these extra people around our area. Neighbor said he was so upset about the dog that he didn't even tell Mrs until the next day.

I've been listening to audio books again. Not as easy as the old days, when I commuted in my car for hours on end and very easy to listen to. I now listen when I drive in to the city (but that isn't too often) and when I go to bed, I end up listening for about 20 minutes or so and I end up falling asleep during it, LOL. When I restart I always have to back up to where I last remember listening. I try to listen while working, but as soon as I'm reading an email or something I tune it out.

We have 12 boxes to ship to DS. I entered all the package sizes/weights in UPS to see how much it will cost. $300 if we drop off. $370 if we schedule a pick up (which would be way easier). But then DH said, can't we just give them to the UPS driver next time he delivers and we found out we can, thus saving the $70. I have a UPS package coming tomorrow, so we will give them to him then.  It was pretty quick and easy to enter all the packages in I already had an "account". I put the ship to name and address in and entered first package info. Then there was a choice to "enter another package" and I was quickly able to enter all of them. I had already put my card payment info in. I also used a promo code and saved $45, bringing the total down to $254, so better than $300. It generated a pdf of all the labels and I quickly printed out. I had referenced each label with the package # dh gave me, so he easily knows which label goes on which package. I had to enter in a package content description. Hmmm, what to put?! "Here's your old life back"? No, I just put "household items", since there are so many various items in the box. Honestly, I don't even know all what ended up in there. Basically, I know it's all the stuff from his bedroom. It's past time to let go of all this stuff and I'm glad DH finally was willing to figure out how he'd like to do that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


One thing everyone has been commenting on around our area is the increased "people". We have never seen traffic on our main road that passes by our neighborhood like we have been seeing the past couple of months. Used to be you could make the 10 mile trip to town and maybe pass a couple of cars going the other way. Now there are so many cars.There was never the boat trailer overload that the boat launch down the road usually sees. There are several houses on each side and across street from the boat launch. After that one weekend a couple weeks ago (same one where they used our driveway as a turn around) we noticed the folks there put up signs no parking on their properties!

We have maybe once heard a motorized boat on the river in all our time here so far. That same week there was a boat or two going up the river. Our neighbors down at end of the street said those motarized boaters were using the river, just a bit down from them, as their playground in their motorized boats. That's hard to imagine as this river is used a lot by people floating down and small fishing boats floating down. Now to suddenly have motorized boats is new.

Our retired friend from town has a cabin way up in the woods. Usually don't see any people around going up there he says. Now he says he has to literally get them to move their tents off his road (dirt/logging type road) so he can get back to his own cabin, on his own property.

We are all guessing maybe it's COVID related in that people can't get out and do their normal they are doing outdoor stuff. I think we are all a bit ready for winter and for everyone to go away, LOL.

Our neighbors at the end are having his mom move nearby. She bought a little piece of property a few miles away and they will be moving a mobile home on it. She's from a town about an hour away, so sounds like moving to be closer to him and his growing family. He's not so sure about having his mom so close, LOL, but like he said, when his kids start school, the school bus will go right past grandma's house and they can get off there sometimes, haha. DH said I didn't even realize there was any property for sale there. He said it was for sale all of about 8 hours! They had been looking and his wife saw the ad go up and they snatched it up.

DH made some more progress in getting rid of some of the stuff in bins in the shop. He FINALLY decided to box up all DS's stuff in boxes and is just going to ship it all to him UPS and be done with it. I'm sure 99% of it DS won't want, but he can be the one to decide and he can be the one to dump it, if he chooses, not us. There are 12 boxes and it's going to cost me about $300 to ship them all, but it will be so worth it, for DH to finally move on a bit from it all. And give DH back some much needed space, little by little.

Remember that cat I mentioned, that DH and the neighbor had seen at night a bunch of times? Well, after I put the food out at night, he didn't show up again, but I kept putting it out. He came back several nights ago and has now been back every night to eat. We've had our game camera out near the food at the back door. Kitty got a surprise visitor the first night! We laughed so hard when we saw this picture.

So, I kinda have a cat now...only I have never seen him in person! LOL. Even one night he was pretty much hanging by the back door (I had already gone to bed) and dh says if you go to the back door and look out you will probably see him there. So, I get up and walk all the way to the other side of the house to look out and nope. He's gone. LOL.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Getting in a Monday mood

Not a good start to Monday morning at work. The accounting program won't open up, so now I'm waiting on a call/fix from IT.

DD told me she is looking into getting her masters degree (via online). She figured with the work from home looking to be going on quite a while longer, it's a good time for her to get started, since she has extra time with no daily commute. She just has to get work to approve paying for it. I guess they will after 3 years of employment (she's been there 2) or they might do less than 3 years with work experience. She's had over 4 years of work experience in her field, so she's hoping they'll approve her request.

I had some milk to get used up before it goes bad so I made a double batch of tapioca pudding, in the morning. DH spent a good part of the day creating one of his videos. This was was for the paving of the driveway. Later, after the chickens were done laying their eggs for the day I cleaned out their coop. I didn't want to disturb them with it during their laying time, though it would have been a cooler part of the day to do it, LOL.

We chatted with our neighbor guy down at the end of the street awhile yesterday. His little boy (about 3 1/2 now) is getting so talkative and less shy. And definitely not afraid of dogs anymore, especially now that they have one of their own. One of our dogs walked up to him, licked him on the face and walked off. He just grinned. Then one of the other neighbors grandsons rode his little bike over while we were chatting and the 2 little boys took to each other right away. The grandson left his bike, ran back over to his grandparents and brought over another little bike (training wheels) and they rode around the driveway while we talked.

He said a couple, in their 30's, from WA bought the lot next to them, but apparently don't plan on moving over here, building on it for 5 years. So, who knows what will end up. If I learned anything in life, it's that it hard to plan - especially it was at that age for us, anyway. What you thought you wanted at age 35 isn't what you want at age 40, LOL. DH was a bit worried they might try to spend summers camping on the lot, but our covenants (though a little vague) say no living in an rv/camper on the property, unless building and then only for 6 months.

And as I typed this one of our IT guys messaged me that he fixed the issue. So, back to work.

Another day with temps in the 90's. Then it's supposed to start cooling down to 80's and 70's. They keep saying that and then the 90's keeps getting extended a day.

Sunday, August 23, 2020


Yesterday morning I went and saw my mom and picked up groceries. I stopped at Target first as I needed a couple things there (that Walmart was out of) and my mom wanted some more cookies. I was trying to get ready to leave to go see her yesterday morning and she called. It took me quite a few rings to answer because I didn't have my phone on me, so when I did she says "oh, did I wake you?" I'm like no....I'm up and leaving in about 10 minutes to come see you, LOL. She knew I was coming but she was confused as to what time I had said. I had told her I wasn't staying for lunch so somehow she remembered I was maybe coming after lunch.

She's doing good. Her groin rash is all healed up, so that his a huge relief. I will keep an eye on it. Of course she hadn't done any laundry since last time I was there, so we got that started. She told me she did do it one time, but I'm about 99% sure she didn't. The room has 2 washers and 2 dryers. The 2 washers are next to each other, then the 2 dryers. When we went back to put the clothes from the second load into the dryer, we had left the first washer top up (as they are when we go in there to use). She starts taking the clothes out of the washer and puts them in the other washer next to it! ooops. wrong one! My next visit there is in 2 weeks to bring her here for the long weekend.

While I was gone DH visited with neighbors, who have their DIL and 4 grandsons (all under like 5, the youngest are twins about 2) visiting...(for 2 weeks!). The boys wanted to see the chickens. DH said the older 2 were asking lots of questions and the older one asked where do they lay the eggs. So dh showed him the nesting boxes and to look in. "OH! There's eggs in there!". DH got the 4 eggs out and gave one to each. They were thrilled. LOL. Hopefully she is taking her 2 dogs back with her when she goes home.

Also while I was gone our retired friend from town stopped by to visit. We haven't seen him most of the summer, but I guess he's been on 2 trips to visit family and had family visit him awhile.

I was back home at 1pm. It always takes about a half hour to get all the groceries put away. I'm still trying to stock up bit by bit. After we drove into town as dh was out of gas for the lawnmowers, so he loaded up his 4 gas cans. I also cashed in my big winning $4 lottery ticket. We stopped at the grocery store for some popsicles and I found a box of tapioca there. Of course way more in price than Walmart or Target, but I've been wanting some so I got it.

After we got back I took a nap. I've had a bit of a stomach ache every time I eat the past few days. It's getting annoying. For dinner I made home made pizza and salad. I haven't been able to make my pizza in months and months. This is the first time I've found my pizza sauce in the store since March. I've been trying to find Yellow Windex since then, too. Walmart said they had it finally, but ended up substituting the new white/vinegar kind. Oh well, that kind did seem to work well on some windows.

Friday, August 21, 2020

The nerve of people

People are just too much! Especially this fence guy. First off was the assumption he and his 2 guys could spend the night at our house while working here for 2 days. Then he tells DH I need to use your refrigerator - has this huge bag of food/lunch. I didn't really have room for it in either my kitchen fridge or our little shop fridge! I ended up taking some things out of the shop fridge and stuffing it in there.

I've mentioned before how DH has done little videos to music of each stage of the house build. While he's shared them on youtube, he did these videos for himself - so he would have the videos and pictures to enjoy and remember by. (and because he enjoys putting them together in his down time) For some of them he asked the contractor/workers to pick out a song. If they couldn't think of one, he picked one out (or I helped). Apparently the fence guy knew dh did these videos, because he's friends with the roofer, so he saw his video, but he apparently did not watch/see any of the other numerous videos dh has on his channel. He kind of commented he'd like to use it to advertise (one or two other contractors asked to use his video, I think the garage floor coating company did)

So, when they got here dh told them he takes pictures and videos while they are working so he can put together a little video. He uses his camera, his ipad mini (for time lapse) and his drone. Last night at like 8:30 the fence guy calls up. He says I need you to email me the pictures and video. Dh is a bit confused - like what exactly? a certain picture? No, he wants the video emailed to him. Dh says well, I can't email it. The program I use to create it, the file is way too big to email. I just put them on youtube, you can see it that way. But, I haven't even started it yet! (let alone the project isn't even complete! Still need gates, so dh isn't even going to think about doing it until it's all done). Then he brings up the song and dh says well,  ya if you have one in mind I can probably use it (some songs, even when purchased, will get kicked off youtube as copyright infringement). DH told him the song he was thinking (because the guy had headphones on while working and dh asked him what he was listening to) and then the guy goes "oh...ya. That's the song I was just going to suggest!".

Then he starts to tell dh how and what to put in the video! Dh is just like "umm...sure I'll try to do that. I haven't even looked at the pictures or videos yet. Most of it all gets edited out, since songs are only about 3 minutes. DH again tries to tell him he just does these videos for himself as a memento and then says he won't even start it until the gates are up and it's all done. Guess what the guy then said?! "ok, well make sure when I come back to do the gates your lawn is all mowed". Are you freaking kidding me?!

I told dh next time he has to talk to him about it to just say "This is not a professional video! This is just for me. If you like it and want to use it, feel free". Or say.....ya, I'll have it done in a couple of weeks....then a couple more weeks, until 6 months have passed. Just like he did getting out here to do the job.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Friends and relatives

DH has not had very good luck when it comes to his friends living long lives. It sure seems like a whole lot of them over the years and now I have a feeling there's going to be another one go pretty young, at some point down the road.

First, years ago, was his mentor and friend. He was only in his late 40's and died of a brain tumor. Then a friend he had known for years (the brother of a really good friend, but he also worked with this guy) also died of a brain tumor, at about age 30. Then a very good friend was killed in an accident at age 49. Then his best friend died of cancer/tumor at age 48. Then an old friend recently died at age 55, alcoholism related. Now another friend, who is in his mid 40's is dealing with a serious health condition and unless he can get a donor down the road, before his condition worsens, he probably won't have a normal span life. Hoping things go well for his friend as they start their journey to try to get him healthy again.

It seems (as I predicted) DH's renewed relationship with his older brother has about run it's course. As I said, after they got "caught up" eventually they will run of things to talk about and realize they still really don't have a ton in common. The only thing they both share an interest in is muscle cars and that's about the only reason they've still managed to keep chatting, I think. That and DH kept trying (of course) but brother doesn't seem much interested anymore. Like I told DH awhile back, his brother is really only interested in a relationship on his terms and his terms are he has to feel like he has his thumb over DH and keep him in his place (ie tries to treat him like he's still his 6 year old little brother, not his 56 year old brother). Or he's good in relationships where the other person is on his level: drunk/drugs/loser type of person. I've never given 2 craps about his brother, ever, so no skin off my nose. I think DH had just hoped, being adults (way past adults, old guys now, LOL) now it would be easier to enjoy a relationship.  Neither of them ever hear from their other brother, the youngest of the 3. Though it's interesting that they all live within about 40 minutes of each other now.

On a good note my half sister and I still stay in contact via text message. We seem to text about once every week or two, so that is good. It's an easy relationship. We both love the same things so always something to chat about. She texts me as often as I text her, so it's not like I feel like I'm trying to maintain the relationship, which I have often felt like with friends over the years. (speaking of she just texted me - a picture of her chickens, LOL) I was always the one trying to stay in touch and when I'd finally give up that was that. Facebook has made keeping in touch easier though. But, like when I recently found my long lost 2nd cousin. She chatted a bit that first day, but nothing after that. Oh well.

DH took yesterday and rested up. Today he is out "fixing" the neighbors yard on the side where their machine to pound posts kind of messed it up. Nothing super major - it was an area they had tried to plant grass in earlier this summer (it was just kind of natural/wild grass before) that it still trying to fill in. DH needs to rake it up some, then he'll throw some more grass seed down and keep it watered. We tried and tried to get the fence guy here before the neighbors worked on that area. It still all looks better than a part over near there driveway, which for some reason never took the grass seed they planted at all.

I tried my new electric egg cooker yesterday - the buzzer didn't go off when done! I just don't think I'm supposed to have one, LOL. I started it while making dinner so I wasn't paying attention to what time I started (figuring it would buzz when done). By about the time I'm done with making dinner and realize it's still not buzzed I see the light has gone off....hmmm...maybe it sits awhile and then goes off? I wait a bit and then see the light back on. Awhile later it's off again. I had no idea how long it had been cooking. I sat down to eat and then forgot about it. Finally remembered. Took the eggs off and put in fridge. They taste ok. Maybe a bit over done. Stupid thing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Fence 95% complete

Day 2 of the fence installation was a bit slow in one section, as I guess the ground is very hard and rocky there, so they had to work their machine harder/longer to get the posts pounded in. While the 2 young guys did that, the main guy put up the wiring on the finished posts/rails. I did see DH helping him a bit on a couple spots, but mostly he was just doing clean up. I think all the noise from that side stressed the chicks out a bit. Early on I found them all up on the roost and I only got 3 eggs today, instead of the usual 4. They did seem to settle down, though the rest of the afternoon, after all the noisy post pounding was done.

My electric egg cooker was delivered, but I haven't tried it out yet. Though a hard boiled egg does sound really good. So does an egg salad sandwich. I have had one of those in ages. DH was hot and tired (another 96 degree day) and it was around 6pm before he was ready for dinner. He just wanted a sandwich again, so another easy dinner. I put off the steaks again, haha. We'll have those tonight. I made myself a fried egg sandwich for dinner.

We did a partial pay to the fencing guy for the work completed. He still has to order and install the gates, which he said will be about 3 weeks, so we will pay for the gates and installation when he completes it (I should start a pool on betting when he'll actually be back!). Good thing I keep good records. One of the gates is a small gate in between us and our neighbors. Since we visit a lot, we don't want to have us or them walk all the way around, LOL. Way back when we paid for the posts and rails (that have been sitting on our property for almost 2 years! I thought it was last year but it was the fall before that) I remember he called to tell me how much the material was and he needed that paid. He had said $3260, but for some reason I sent a check for $3300 (I think because I thought he was coming back in a few weeks to put the fence up!). Well, his paperwork yesterday showed my deposit as $3260, so I gave him a copy of the canceled check I had stapled to the quote/bill and we deducted $40 off what I paid him yesterday.

Woke up to it raining this morning, which was nice. Still going to be 90 today, but having everything watered already was a nice break.

As I'm occasionally checking my mom's cell phone call log, I see that on Monday afternoon she called an 800 number and talked for 11 minutes. Oh great, what now. I called the number. It was for AAA, which I know she used to have, but obviously doesn't need now that she doesn't have a car anymore. Maybe she got a bill or renewal notice in the mail and knew to call. I can only hope, LOL. I don't see any new charges on her credit card or checking account.  Every time I go to see her I keep forgetting to finish signing up for the USPS informed delivery. It needs her cell# and send a text to finish the registration. I tried using my cell#, but I'm guessing since I'm already registered with it, is why it won't work. I need to remember to do this when I go see her on Saturday, so that I can start seeing what she is getting in the mail.

She also got a billing from a medical supply place. When we had visited the wound care specialist she had ordered some bandage supplies to be sent directly to my mom, so my mom ended up with a copy of $18 on the supplies. Of course she has no memory of it, so I have to explain why she owes it. I told her to put a note on it that I will take care of it on Saturday. And I have to keep explaining that medical billing is a slow process and why she's getting bills 6-8 weeks later. I said the dr. has to bill the insurance. Then they have to wait for insurance to process the claim and pay what they are going to pay. Then you have to wait for the provider to get a bill sent to you. It usually takes a good couple of months for the whole process. And I have to explain this each time she gets a bill, LOL.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Finally fencing

Fence guy and crew (his son and another young guy) showed up at 9:30 (just as I told dh would be the time, LOL). It's a good long 2 day job. He told DH they wanted to work as long as possible yesterday, so they can make sure they are done by end of day tomorrow and are looking for a place to stay the night..hint hint. DH told him we'd get them a motel room in town. I got online with our town's motel and it's $110 a night - good grief - it just keeps going up and up. I think 4 years ago when we stayed there, while looking for where to live, it was like $70. This is like a 2 1/2 star motel, LOL. I didn't want to have to get 2 rooms, but then I noticed they have a "3 bed" room. 2 queens and a double for $154, so I called and paid/reserved them that room. We could have offered them to stay here....but ya, no. We used the guy and his son a few years ago for our fence we put up in that house we had in town. Not like we know him hardly. Plus, then I'd have to feed them dinner. This way they can go have dinner themselves at the restaurant across the street and the motel has free breakfast. Post pounding is noisy business. Makes it a bit hard to concentrate on work matters. I'm glad I don't have any calls to be involved with.

I didn't do any MTurks last week. Just never found the motivation for some reason. I did manage to do less than $4 yesterday. Better than nothing, I suppose.

My vanilla beans and little glass jars arrived yesterday. The vanilla beans come in packages of 10. One of the packages only had 9. A bit disappointing since they are so expensive and I needed a certain amount per jar of vanilla extract. Never having purchased vanilla beans before I don't have anything to compare to. Many of the reviewers commented on the strong fragrance. I hardly smelled anything from them, even after I sliced them open lengthwise. I guess only time will tell. They do look kind of neat in the bottles and a super easy project.

The fence guys worked until like 6:30 or 7 last night. They got the post and rails done on one side and the front. They got here at 7:30 this morning. It's supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler, at 91 today. He told DH putting the wire on the posts and rails goes really fast, so getting started earlier and only one side to put up, then do the wiring part, they should be done today. He has to order the gates. I'm guessing he had to know the exact measurements of where the posts ended up getting put, so that's why he couldn't pre order them. He said takes about 3 that probably means we'll get them up next spring.......

It does look nice so far. I really like how it's going to look.
Making the motel reservation for them gave me a laugh. Have you ever seen the movie The Proposal? One of my favorites and I've seen it a bunch of times. A funny part is "Ramone" who shows up working at every place in the small Alaska town. We have an older gal who works at our grocery store. She has a bit of an accent. She's been there years and years. Everyone of course knows her name. So, I call up the motel and she answers. She apparently also works there, LOL.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Project progress

I mostly had a "day off" yesterday. DH got all the boards attached to the sides of the bonus room bar. Now we just need to find a top for it. I did have to stain a couple of edges he had to saw off to fit, but it only took a few minutes. I got the downstairs floor swept and mopped. Watered all the flowers in the morning, as it was going to be near 100 degrees.

A tomato on my patio tomato plant was ready to be picked. It didn't look the greatest, but it was enough to use with club sandwiches for dinner. I'm not a huge tomato fan, but I do like garden tomatoes ok. Before dinner I decided to make a couple loaves of zucchini bread. I assumed the old recipe card I had was the recipe my mom must have used when she used to make zucchini bread. But, I don't think it was. The loaves aren't the same texture or color that her very moist zucchini bread always was. So, while it doesn't taste too bad, it's not what I wanted/expected.  Plus one zucchini made the 2 loaves, so I still have 2 big ones left. I think they are just going to end up sliced in half and become chicken treats. It's going to be 100 degrees again today, so they will probably enjoy a treat like that later this afternoon.

Here is the rustic bar. I am liking how it turned out

The wood pile in the garage has gone way down, so that is a good thing, too. Once we get the counter top, he is also going to put in some shelves underneath. The back wall behind the bar is plumbed for a sink. We haven't really decided yet how/what that will be, but he'll probably just build something basic, like the bar, to put a little bar sink in.

The fence guy told us last week (twice) he will be here's Monday, 9:15 am and not here yet...but that's normal for around here. We haven't heard that he's not coming today, so I hope that he is and not just blowing us off yet again.  I told DH I can tell my chickens are from here - they also only work from 9 am to noon, LOL. Of course DH is pacing and grumbling that he's not going to show up. He got up at 6:30 this morning and I asked why - because the fence guy is coming...I said oh good grief - he's not going to be here before 9:30, if we are lucky!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Stain, stain, stain

My weekend job has become staining or painting. First I painted the plywood on the bar in the bonus room. DH thought that since we are using rough cut, some live edge, boards (not kiln dried) they will probably shrink and show gaps, so it will show dark behind, if it does. I painted both sides.

 We needed more stain so we drove into town lumber store and got a gallon of stain. We also stopped at the grocery store for some ice cream bars and cat food (more on that later).

He had cut all these boards and I had to stain each one. There were like 60 of them.
Took me most of the afternoon, though I did take about an hour break in between.

Yesterday morning, while drinking my coffee, I checked my mom's investment account. Of course the value is always changing up and down with the market, but with what that is now showing, her checking and savings, and CD, she is over a million dollars now. Pretty nice. Almost a year ago now is when SB was telling me she only had like 10 years of money left. So now she has 9 years, LOL. It wasn't that hard to figure out that even though she's taking draws, her huge principal is still earning - A LOT - and she's not going to run out of money in the next 10, now 9 years.

I think I'm going to have to change her mailing address with her health insurance plan to mine. Of course they keep mailing explanation of benefits for each dr. visit. She just does not understand what they are and of course forgets what I told her about them. I have explained them to her 3 times on the phone now. Explained that she's been to see a dr. 5 times now so they have to send one of these for each visit, just to let her know they paid the claim, etc. Even DH is tired of hearing me explain it to her. He suggested just having the mail for it come here. I had called the insurance company after the second one, to see if they offer paperless EOB's but was told no.

I'd best get outside this morning and water flowers. It's going to be almost 100 today.

Oh - the cat. We have a black cat who has been around here at night the past week. DH has seen him a few times. Our neighbors have seen him a couple of times. Our game camera keeps seeing him around our back laundry door/back patio areas. The next nearest neighbors are over a mile away so if he belongs to any of them he's a long way each night. He's probably a stray someone dumped. So, I bought a small bag of cat food and put some out by the back laundry room door, just in case he's hungry. It doesn't look like he ate any. DH hasn't looked at the game camera yet to see if he stopped by.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Let's sit

I had been searching online for a side chair that I liked to put up in the upstairs loft sitting area, still completely empty of any furnishings. Something I like AND didn't break my budget. I think I found something I really will like. It was on Wayfair for $149 and very good reviews. I was about to order, but then saw it said 10-12 weeks. UGH! I don't mind a little wait, but geez. So, I googled the chair name and found it through for $142 and will be here in 10 days!

I have also picked out a loveseat I like, but waiting on getting that until I have the money for it, but figured I might as well get the chair now and at least get started on the room. The loveseat has 104 different fabric/color choices! Then I saw they they will send free fabric samples, so I just ordered 5 of them. Spending $600, I'd like to make sure it's something I like and it's sometimes kind of deceiving looking at colors via the computer. Like the photo above - well, the pictures that buyers shared in the reviews the wood looks quite a bit lighter (which is fine, but again, just a bit deceiving). I had done fabric samples when I picked out my bedroom roman shades and was glad I did that.

I'm also going to find a small coffee table to put in the middle. I'm thinking round. I haven't decided yet on a floor lamp next to this chair or a small table with a lamp.

DH has been busy measuring and drawing out his storage shelf for his shop. I think doing it with wood might be a bit cheaper than the metal racking, too. It's not going to come out from the wall as far as the loft he just built, I think he said 32 inches. Enough to fit the plastic bins he has stuff stored in

these bins (we have a LOT of them)

And the ceiling is tall enough I think he can stack 2 high. Then underneath he is going to build a long workbench, with storage underneath that, too.

Sounds like a busy Saturday ahead, best get to it.

Friday, August 14, 2020


I totally forgot about a Teams meeting I had to do online later yesterday morning (like Zoom) with my boss and 2 others. Yikes, good thing I had gotten presentable beforehand, haha. I had just been downstairs in my bathroom. Saw my hair was a wild mess (I hadn't remembered about the meeting yet) so put it back in a pony tail and used the curling iron on my bangs. Then got up to my desk and saw the reminder that the meeting just started. Oops! So, at least I wasn't too late (usually my boss is the one late to these things). One of the other guys got there just as I was too. Except they all use company laptops with cameras and mics and my home computer for work doesn't have that. So then I logged in with my phone and was able to be seen and heard. Plus, I hadn't shut my office door in my hurry, so I'm thinking oh great dh is going to get home, be all noisy, dogs will start I texted him quick (from my ipad) and told him I'm in a meeting and to be quiet if he's home soon and/or let him know I was busy if he's trying to get a hold of me. He was still in town, so that was good.

I texted my young neighbor (well, seems young to me, she's like mid 30's) down at the end of our street to ask if they eat eggs, as my chickens are laying, and she can have some of my extra if she'd like. She texted back Oh my gosh! I eat a zillion eggs! haha. She wanted to buy them from me and I said no buying! she can just have some when I have extras. She's bringing me some of her garden zucchini for trade ;) I was just the other day telling dd I wish I had my grandmas old recipe for chocolate zucchini bread. It was so good. I'll have to google and try to find a recipe and try it. I did look through all my old recipe cards and did find her recipe for regular zucchini bread (which was very good too!) so I think I'll make that. She gave me one green and 2 yellow. I've never seen yellow zucchini before.

I had to open up a new can of coffee this morning. I had bought a Walmart brand to try. Even cheaper than Folgers and tastes perfectly fine to me (not a coffee snob).

The mornings are getting a fall feeling, being in the 40's. But daytime highs will be back up in the 90's again starting tomorrow.

I guess I'm going to have to break down and buy a new egg cooker. I just cannot find the one I've had for years. I still had 3 bins of "hutch" stuff that I never unpacked (and stuff inside still all wrapped in paper) so I had dh get them accessible for me and looked through them. I cannot imagine where it ended up! I even looked through all my kitchen cupboards again. At least though, I was able to combine 2 bins into one, so one less bin still in storage, taking up room in dh's den closet. I have tried several times to hard boil eggs either in a pan or even in the oven and they just do not come out where we can peel them easy. My egg cooker was always good.

Today is payday, so I just paid my bills online that aren't auto pay. I do have some on auto pay, but I like to actually pay them, haha. Makes me feel more in control, I guess. I need to pay my propane bill, too. I put it on my 2% cashback card and then pay it off out of my checking at same time. The propane bill is $417. Not going to turn down $8.34 back for a few extra mouse clicks of my time.

DH's original plan (when budget allows) was to buy metal racking shelving units for the back wall of his shop. Now that he did that loft in wood and it turned out so nice, he's thinking he might just build his own shelving out of wood, so it all matches and looks nicer. It will surely look much nicer but oh! all the staining I'm going to have to do, LOL. But, it's also a project that can keep him busy for awhile, too.

DH saw my paper bag on the counter with the 2 bottles of vodka in it. He's like what the heck is this for?! LOL. I had to explain how vanilla extract is made. Not sure he still believed me. HAHA!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

A day of errands

I left home at 9am yesterday and got back at 4pm. Taking my mom places is kind of exhausting, LOL. First off the "make an appt" at the driver's license office (that took a month to get) apparently is more of "you now have an appt for today, get here and wait". We waited over an hour for her 11am appointment. Got out of there around 12:20 and then decided to get Wendy's for lunch. Of course the drive thru line is out the parking lot, but we got in line and it moved really fast (usually this place is pretty quick). When I got to the pay window the young guy looked back out to see the line still out to the parking lot entrance and said "it's been like this for 2 hours!" I said, well you guys are doing a great job moving the line fast.  We went over to the Target parking lot (our next stop) and ate our lunch.

My mom is a sllooooww mover, haha. Little tiny little baby steps, so it takes three times as long to get around. While we were waiting at the DOL I took a look at her list of what she needed to get. She had on it Advil. Well, I know we just bought a bottle at our last trip. Then she had on the list "sleeping pills". oh goodness. I thought I had gotten past that one (ie the Tyelonol or Advil PM's), so I reminded her the doctor said she can't take those OTC "sleeping pills" anymore and if she needs a sleeping pill we can have the doctor prescribe something that is more suitable for her, than benadryl. Then of course she says "oh, I'm sleeping ok, I don't really need them". After Target we went to the feed store and did my curbside pickup of some layer pellets and then I filled my car up with gas.

By the time we got back to her place and checked in, it was almost 2. I stayed until 2:30. For some reason she keeps asking me (on phone past week or two) something about "medicare cuts are being made next year, make sure you have your parts a and b". In her little notes she writes, I found like 2 or 3 with this written down, but I don't know where she's hearing it from. No emails that I see and no mail. Maybe a tv commercial she keeps hearing, I'm guessing. I tossed the notes out, so maybe she'll quit getting reminded of it.

I still had a few more stops to make. I needed to go to Home Depot for a gallon of paint and roller brushes. Then I needed to find a liquor store to get the vodka for my vanilla extract. Maps on my phone showed down on the corner of her street. I pull in (traffic was awful) and it looks to be under remodel but sign says still open. After I park I see the sign that says the casino part is open but the liquor store part has moved to another address. Ugh. I knew there was another liquor store down a ways so I got back out into the traffic and went down there. Got 2 5th's of vodka for like $14 total. Last stop was I went through the car wash.

After the burger and fries lunch I wasn't super hungry for dinner, let alone didn't feel like making a big meal. I defrosted some hamburger meat and just made DH nacho's with taco meat, cheese, onion and tomato. Later I had a bowl of cereal.

DH got to collect the eggs yesterday. Isn't it fun?! I asked him. haha. He got 3 eggs, not 4. I checked one last time before I closed their door, but I'm thinking we missed one. This morning, after they hadn't been up too long and I went to give them their bread treat, I found one kinda off to the corner of the nest box, almost all the way under the straw bedding and it was cold (it got down in 40's last night). We'll see how many we got today :)

This morning I get a few hours to myself (well, still gotta work, but still....) as DH has to go into the city. I'm kinda hoping maybe he'll decide since he's all the way there, he might as well stop by and visit with his brother......a girl can hope, haha.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The chickens

Blogger and reader, T'Pol asked for pics and names of my chickens. No problem!

Left to right: Gladys, Penny, Queenie, and Loretta

and these are my "chicken shoes" LOL

Here's me collecting an egg the other day. DD had asked for a video of them squawking when an egg is layed. I was trying to get that as I walked out the door and you can hear a couple of loud clucks.

Our propane tank got filled up yesterday, for the summer fill. The rate is $1.19, so not bad and we only needed 350 gallons (last fill up was January). Then I guess next month we will do the winter "pre pay" program, to get the summer rate for our winter fill up. Two big bills basically at the same time, but saves money in the long run. This will be our first year doing the winter pre buy, so I'm not exactly sure how they determine the number of gallons, but I did read if they don't end up filling up that much, you just get a credit on your account towards next fill up.

I have today off work and am heading in to get my mom and take her to get her ID card. We'll grab lunch at a drive thru somewhere and she also needs a few things from the store again. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I can vacuum again

I fixed my vacuum problem. I was so proud of myself.  I figured out how to unsnap the canister cover and the inside filter part was covered in dog hair (ok, and my hair, too) and dirt. I cleaned it all out, snapped the cover back on and voila, the vacuum stopped making that noise and it had full suction again.

I ordered 30 vanilla beans and 6 8.5oz glass jars from Amazon. Apparently it takes like 5-6 beans per 8 oz of vodka. Not cheap, haha, but hey, they are Christmas gifts. I need to pick up like 2 5th's of vodka. I have no idea what that costs, since we don't drink, haha. I figured about 4+ months to sit and turn into vanilla extract should be pretty good.

DH got rest of the flooring put down in the bonus room. He calls me in and says he must have measured wrong, but he's going to need one more box. He said he must not have taken into account that he basically had 2 "starts" to cut since the bar is in part of it. I'm standing there awhile, looking at the floor, while he's trying to explain why all these leftover pieces he had to cut won't work now. Originally we had drawn the lines on the floor of how we wanted to lay it out, following the angles of the bar and then straight across to the wall. The part left inside our line was very small and I'm like this is all you have left to do, right? just inside this line?? Then he realized he totally forgot about the lines and he had gone like 3 rows too far on the wide part. He pulled those rows out and what do ya know, he suddenly had enough, haha.

I'm hoping when it comes time (ie budget allows) for carpeting I can find something cheap and large enough in my carpet guys remnants. Today he is going to put up the corner cabinets over in the dormer area to the right of this picture. I'll take a picture when he's done. When our cabinet company kept sending bad cabinets and having to replace them, they didn't want back the bad ones. While we certainly wouldn't have wanted to use them in our kitchen that gets constant use, they will be ok up here. Might as well use them up.

I got 4 eggs again yesterday. I leave my office window cracked - I can hear some squawking going on right now - here come's an egg! LOL.

It's payroll processing day. Better get it finished. As always - stupid little issues. I just expect them now.

Monday, August 10, 2020

I want more Sundays

DH took it easy yesterday (a good thing) but I kept busy. Dusted and vacuumed - though my vacuum (Dyson) started making a weird noise at the end, so now I have to get that figured out. I seriously hate vacuums and they hate me. I thought having a nicer, more expensive vacuum would change things, but nope.

It was another 4 egg day yesterday. I still have some store eggs that I'm using up, as I had bought a few dozen awhile before they started laying. So, I had 14 chicken eggs now, so I put 12 in an egg carton and texted my neighbor. "come and get them". She came over to the chicken coop and got them from me and DH and I chatted with her quite awhile. She brought up all the cars/trucks turning around in our street on Saturday. We can't see if they just pull in our street and then back out into the main road to do their turn around (that's what most do), as our shop blocks that view, but the entrance to our street is right out front their house/front yard. Then we told her about the truck and boat trailer just pulling in right through our driveway loop. She was like omg, why is there all this traffic all of a sudden? DH told her he thinks that the boat launch down the road is so packed and no parking that they have to drive on past and a mile down the road is our street, the first street after the boat launch, so they pull in. We also had 3 or 4 cars pull in really fast, all at the same time, and drive down to the end on Saturday night at 9:30pm. They didn't stay down there, just turned around and left. We discussed maybe putting a sign at the entrance to our street "no river access" or something.

DH got a hold of the fence guy on Saturday, too. Told him he needs to get out here and get our fence and gates up. He's tired of people thinking they can just drive on to our property. He says he will be here next Monday, the 17th. He'd better be.

The birds are just going nuts over this bird bath, it's so fun to watch.

Since I picked up the flooring on Friday and it's had a couple/few days to acclimate I think Dh is going to install the rest of it today, or at least get started on it.

We both got a nap in yesterday, as well as the dogs. I made some tapioca pudding and that is the last of the box and I can't find anymore in the stores now. Been looking awhile as I knew I was down to the last of it. Then I brushed long haired dog as he needed a good brushing. Got his shaggy feets all trimmed up, haha. And gave both dogs their flea/tick treatment.

Has anyone ever made vanilla extract? I think I'm going to try it for my neighbor Christmas gifts this year. DD got a cricut machine so she can make me some bottle labels. I'm going to order the vanilla beans and bottles today and pick up some vodka when I go see my mom on Wednesday.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Busy days

Friday afternoon I left for the city at 4pm and got to my first stop at 4:35, to pick up the laminate flooring. It was 5 boxes and on my way in I realized oh! those will take up room and I have all the groceries to load! But I figured maybe all the boxes could lay across bottom of the back of my car and put groceries on top. Boxes were a bit bigger than I thought. I got 3 across and then 2 on top of those, but still room for groceries.

Next stop was Lowes to return a big box of plastic lawn edging (that was taking up a bunch of room). While there I checked the cleaning supply aisle for yellow Windex - still none to be found anywhere (any window cleaner stuff for that matter).

Next stop Target (it was busy at 5pm) to return the tennis shoes. The girl opened the box and said "Oh, these are really cute!" I said I know, but they just don't fit right. Before I went inside I read my Walmart email on what items were not in stock when they picked my order. 11 items! GRRR. I was able to get most of them at Target, except the lunch meat and hamburger. I also wanted to pick up a couple of tshirts for me, but absolutely nothing in medium sizes left in any color I liked. Again checked for yellow Windex. What does glass cleaners have to do with Covid?! Haven't been able to find this since it hit. Most of their lunch meat was out of stock, too.

Next stop the grocery store to find bananas, lunch meat and hamburger. Again - the lunch meat section was pretty bare. Starting to feel like early Covid days again. As I'm leaving I get the Walmart text that my order is ready (they usually text 10 minutes before the hour). I got there a couple minutes later. Only had to wait a few minutes for my order to be brought out. Not the friendliest guy. Usually they are really nice. Pulled out at 6:02 and was home at 6:45. Another long day. I had left DH a sandwich for dinner. I ate a late lunch and then took a granola bar with me. I had picked up some cheese type snack at Target, so had my granola bar and 2 of those while waiting for my order. That helped fill me up until I got home. Basically another long day for me.

Yesterday was more staining and painting. I think I am done now, haha. I got up onto the loft and rolled on white paint over the plywood floor. I think us figuring out which 5 gallon had the white paint and getting the paint roller, etc out took longer than to paint it. I was done painting it in half hour. Then dh had more trim boards that needed staining so I did those. This time I remembered to download an audio book from the library and listened.

I was all done around 12:30 or so, had collected 4 eggs too. The chicks are paying their rent now, LOL. While I was staining (garage door was up) a pickup pulling a boat trailer pulls into our first driveway really fast and actually uses the turn through to the other driveway and pulls out! DH walked out of the shop just after he pulled out and I was like what the heck! As the guy drove past on the main road out front we both just stood there and stared. I can see pulling into someones driveway a bit and backing out to turn around but not to just drive through their property like it's public space.

I took a nap for about an hour, then called my mom. She had done exercise class again that morning and they are getting to eat in the dining room a lot more. It's all helping keep her busy, so that is good.

By later afternoon all the paint was dry, so I helped DH move the stuff onto the loft (most of it was already up, sitting over the loft area over the bathroom, so it wasn't too hard to move over. We made the new loft area into a nice display of some stuff that has history and meaning to us. DD thought it was great. It was a good day as it accomplished 2 things, in my mind. Gave DH the display and also created more room for him to get more stuff off the pallets on the floor. Win win. And the temps outside was pleasant so we weren't too hot working in the shop.

Also found out that the lot for sale on our street does have a pending sale. Not surprised. We are just hoping the guy that owns the 2 lots on the other side of us doesn't decide to sell any time soon.

After some housecleaning and dog grooming, I'm just going to try to relax some today.

Friday, August 7, 2020


One of the lots on our street is for sale. Actually I think it's been for sale for a good 3 years or more. More people have looked at it in the past month than in the past 3-4 years! I have a feeling it won't be long before it's sold. From what we have gathered and from what others have seen, we're seeing a huge interest (or already purchased) in people wanting to move here, from other states. As evidenced by that couple from California who looked at it about a month ago, that DH had a long chat with, they are wanting to get out of the L.A. area. One of of neighbor's part time gigs is he writes for the county newspaper and said he's working on an article about this. He said the realtors are telling him people from CA are coming in and buying up land that is for sale with cash.

4 eggs yesterday. 😁And the last egg was HUGE! it was bigger than my store eggs.

I cracked the big one this morning to make DH's egg sandwich. Bonus - it was a double yolker!

DH got the lights put in underneath the loft, so his work bench will have lots of light. Probably too much, haha. Those lights are bright ones, especially from closer range.

I decided to go get my city errands done after work today. I'll finish up work at 4pm and drive in. The flooring place is open until 5:30 (I should be there by a little after 4:40). Then I need to stop at Lowes and return some garden edging DH decided he doesn't want to use. Then to Target to return those tennis shoes (wish my other ones I ordered were here) I didn't like/didn't fit. I'll probably pick up a few things at Target. DH likes to use the yellow Windex and getting very low. I haven't been able to find any since Covid hit. Not even for shipping. Then I'll swing in and say hi to my mom for a quick visit and then I have my grocery pickup time scheduled for between 6 and 7.

That will make next Wednesdays errands much less. I was already worn out just thinking about trying to do all those errands in one day. I'll be able to not be so rushed and mostly just have to take my mom for the appt. to get the ID card. I'm sure she'll get something temporary at least, so maybe we can use that and stop in my bank and get her checking and savings opened up. Since Wednesday now won't be so busy, I'll have time to also stop at the feed store for some layer feed. I tried to order some with my Walmart pick up order for today but it was out of stock.

I'm also glad for cooler weather today, only up to 75. It actually rained a bit last night.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

The new painter lady

What an exhausting 13 hour work day yesterday. I worked my regular 8 hours. My lunch hour was spent staining tongue and groove boards. Then I got started staining again at 4:30. Took a break to make sandwiches for dinner, got back at it and it was 8:20 by the time I got to go sit down in the house. DH said he likes his new "painter lady" much better than the one we had building the shop and house, LOL. I said after doing this for days, I can see why she's a little nuts ;)

I had a new buddy while working
This is our neighbors down at the end of the street's dog. He's still basically a goofy puppy, but he got hot and tired, so took a nap for about half an hour. Finally, his mom texted dh and the other neighbor to ask if we've seen her dumb dog (her words), so dh texted her this picture back. She came down and got him, LOL. She has a cute little baby bump started.

This is the loft area DH has been building
He has 2 leftover recessed lights he will put in those 2 openings. Then the top above will be plywood sheets, which I will just paint with some leftover white paint we have, just to seal it all. First today, though, he has to get the lawn mowed. It's gotten super long all of a sudden.

Our flooring we ordered to finish putting up in the bonus room is ready to be picked up. I couldn't remember what is cost per box and didn't feel like digging through the paperwork, so I just budgeted $400, but the bill will come to $293, so that is good. I was just going to wait until next Wednesday to pick it up, when I have to take my mom in to get her ID card, but I think I might just do it tomorrow, about 4pm. I need to get groceries, return something to Lowes and Target and don't really want to deal with all that on Wednesday, too. Especially the grocery pickup, as I really have no idea what time I can schedule it for on Wednesday, since I don't know how long the ID card appointment will take. The flooring place is only open M-F until 5:30, so I can't do it Saturday morning.

It's cooling down today, Yay. 83 and in the 70's tomorrow and Saturday. It ended up at 97 yesterday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tid bits

I guess I am not done staining boards for DH's loft. The underneath of the loft he is putting tongue and groove boards (he just went to lumber store - again, LOL), so each one has to be stained, at least only on one side, though. I will take a lunch break, when he is ready for me today, and see what I can get done. I'll need to put my old painting clothes back on, too. I just wipe the stain on with a rag, so it goes pretty quickly. I will have to get a picture of it next time I am out in the shop. I've been doing the staining in one of the garage bays, so I really don't go in the shop too often.

Two more eggs so far today. I swear I could hear a chicken squawking a little bit ago, all the way from my office, at opposite end of the house where the coop is, LOL. I just went out to check and a very warm egg, that must have just been layed. They seem to be getting a little bigger in size.

Yesterday I was on the phone with a customer service person with my mom's health insurance company (trying to find out why I can see no claims of hers online, though the dashboard shows she's had $73 out of pocket, so far). The whole time we were talking I could hear a rooster crowing in the background. She apologized and I laughed.

DD said she just cut her own (very long) hair again and said she will probably just keep doing it that way going forward, rather than spending for the pricey cuts she was getting. Looks just as good and she's learned (via youtube videos) how to put in the layers, too. She also bought some hair clippers recently and cut her dh's hair and he was happy with it. That is how I've cut my dh's hair for years and years now.

Next week will finally be the appointment to take my mom in to get her new ID card. I would have made the appt earlier if I had realized it takes a month to get one. Oh well. Once she has that we can go open a local bank account. It sounds like they opened up the dining room, where she lives, to more residents. At first it sounded like they were now letting each floor have a day, so she will be every 3 days, but yesterday she made it sound like they can all go down now, so I'm not sure if she was confused or they really did change it. She also has joined in a a card game this week, though she couldn't remember what game it was.

Thankfully both are dogs haven't been having any more stomach problems lately. Both are doing well and oldest dogs back hair is almost grown back from where I had the vet remove the growth and shaved a spot on his back.  Neighbors have been very good about putting sons dogs inside crates in their basement when they aren't home, so we haven't been having any more barking issues to listen to.

I am ready for a bit cooler weather, though. I don't like above 90. Friday is finally supposed to get down to 75 so we can actually enjoy being outside again. A few of those high 90's over 100 days it felt like being in an oven when we had to go outside.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

My .02 cent opinion (and some others) and other daily life

I ordered a pair of New Balance tennis shoes online. Same lavender color as the Skechers ones, so they look very similar. I'm just hoping they are a better fit and quality. It's so hard to tell these days if they are slip on/fake tie up laces or actual ties up laces, because in all the pics they make the laces look the same. They were on clearance for $28, reg. $69 and free shipping. I also get back .56 cents in Rakuten rebate and .56 cents in my card cash back rebate.

DH needed some special hammer drill he had rented from the lumber store guy before, but since he sold the store the new owner doesn't have that stuff to rent out, I guess. DH had old owners cell# so called him up and he said sure, he'll rent it to him again, so DH went to his house and got it, used it for a very short few minutes (LOL) and then took it back. I took a quick break from work and started staining the big long beam he just cut. Hopefully I am done with all the staining soon.

I went into town Sunday morning to the grocery store. It was only about 9am and town was busy busy. Lots of cars and people at the store and the motel parking lot was packed. DH was in town yesterday morning and said it was very busy everywhere.

Our FedEx guy dropped of a delivery on Saturday and chatted with DH awhile. He said he had stopped inside a business at the next town the other day while delivering and got in line to get a coffee. He was in line, doing the 6 ft distancing and some guy behind him in line asks him where his mask is. He politely said, I have one here in my pocket, but it isn't a requirement in this county. Then the guy starts reading him the riot act. Telling him he's a doctor from the nearby city (where masks are required now) and this is serious, and on and on. FedEx guy asked him where was going and he said to WA. The FedEx guy said because he was wearing his uniform he couldn't say anything, but he said what he wanted to say was this: first off, masks aren't mandated here in this county, as there have been ZERO cases, so I have the personal choice of wearing one or not. Second off, YOU have your mask on, so that should protect YOU, right? Thirdly, if it's so bad, then why are you leaving your area to go to a known high area for COVID and then returning to your area after being potentially exposed? and 4th - if it's so serious then why are you stopping for a stupid coffee an hour from your home? If wearing a mask doesn't protect you enough then why are you stopping at a crowded place getting coffee? People just need to mind their own business and take care of themselves. This FedEx guy sits in a van by himself all day and drops packages off on people's doorsteps. I'm guessing he has much less chance of having COVID and giving it to someone in line at a coffee shop than that doctor.

I have a friend who is currently spending a week at a racetrack in Iowa for a big race week event. She's been posting lots of pics. Several pics of spectators in the stands. At least several thousand people all sitting side by side. Just a bunch of normal life. I was like wow - that is awesome. Not seeing any masks being worn. She's been posting pics of her and her dh visiting with various friends from here and there, also at the race. They are sharing a car ride to go eat, they are sitting next to each other in stands or right next to each other to smile for the camera. (kind of like when I was walking out of the grocery store on Sunday and a guy and a gal, who obviously knew each other, ran into each other walking in and gave each other a hug to say hello).

And I was just waiting for someone to make a comment on one of her posts/pics and sure enough someone did: "No masks or social distancing? (though apparently she was ok with it). I loved one guys reply: "No probably not, the virus is a problem only in states that have blue governors". LOL.  Yes, COVID-19 is contagious and yes, it can be serious for people who have other health conditions going on. Those high risk people should do as much as they can to protect themselves. I know people who are higher risk and even most of them do not want to stop living nor do they expect others to stop with their work and lives. My neighbor is 70 years old  and works in a job where she is exposed to the public every day. She just rolls her eyes and says whatever, if I get it I get it. Of course she practices safety, but she's got to work and got to live her life. I honestly believe that if she lost her job and they couldn't afford their home/bills, etc, that would have FAR more damaging consequences on her health than the slight chance she might get COVID-19. One of my nieces is a school teacher and she's ready to get back to the classroom. Anyhow, it's good to see people getting back to living.

I got 2 eggs yesterday. One today so far, but another hen appears to be laying when I just went out there.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sunday update

I did not get any more eggs on Saturday but Sunday my egg factory operated at 75% productivity! 3 eggs! It was pretty exciting, LOL. This morning I made dh's egg sandwich with the fresh eggs, but had to use 2 since they are so small. When I went out into the coop yesterday morning, boy they were all squawking up a storm for awhile. One egg had already been left. One hen was up in the top nest and telling me all about it. I checked back a little later and she left her gift. Later another one layed. After all that they calmed down the rest of the day.

We got started on DH's shop loft/shelf yesterday. Basically it's an extension of the loft that is above the bathroom in the corner, it will just carry on down along the whole wall, giving lots of storage space up there. He cut his boards and I stained them up for him with some leftover dark stain we had. He realized he needs some longer heavy duty screws, so he will go back to the lumber store today for them. It was a bit too hot to work out in the shop, but most of my time was spent in the garage (with doors open) doing the staining, so it wasn't quite as hot. At least the project should keep him busy for awhile.

I also mentioned that for next summer/flower season, I would like some pots or planter boxes in front of the garage and shop, in between the doors. It needs something there and he agreed. He said he will build some narrow tall planter boxes this winter and he should have leftover stuff to make them with or if he doesn't they won't be anything fancy or wouldn't cost too much to buy some lumber.

The Skecher tennis shoes I ordered from Target are going back. I didn't realize they are the fake laces, which is fine, except I have narrow feet and for some shoes I need to tighten them up with the laces. They are just too wide/loose on me. Not to mention they are such a cheap feeling shoe. So, I'll have to find something else and get ordered.

It's supposed to be a cooler 85 today and mostly in the 80's this week. That's much better than 100. DD and her hubby had all last week off and got quite a bit accomplished. They got their concrete patio poured. She found a nice 7 piece patio dining set on Marketplace for $400, they got a neat firepit with stones built, and got started on a pergola over one corner of the patio. This morning she said she is back to work - going through over 500 emails. Ugh!

I don't know if I'm imagining it or just wishful thinking but it seems this past week my mom has been remembering a bit better. She is remembering what group she is for dining/activities, she is remembering that there is a calendar she has to look at for what is going on each day. Saturday morning I told her about getting my first egg. She called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I got any more eggs. She's also remembering we are still waiting on the fence guy.

I'll leave you with a picture of some birds cooling down in the bird bath yesterday

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hot Saturday

It was too hot yesterday to do anything either outside or even in the shop (ie the loft shelf extension). It was over 100 degrees outside. So, it just ended up being a day of mostly relaxing in the air conditioned house. I went out in the shop with him for a few minutes in the afternoon because he wanted help measuring and it was 84 in there.

Haven't gotten any more eggs yet, though one of the other hens squatted down in front of me, like the other one had started doing last week. And one of them had been sitting up in the top nesting box as the straw was all concaved in. When I let the dogs outside this morning they were already up and squawking like crazy so I grabbed my morning bread treat and went out there (usually I wait until 8 or 8:30). Two were down in the coop. One was still up on the perch inside and one was up in the top nesting box, but no egg. Maybe I'll get another one today :)

DH went outside last night and saw a black kitty cat by our back door. Not sure where it came from/who it might belong to. I don't think either of our neighbors got a cat and the next nearest neighbors are a mile away. I did check the lost pets page for our county on Facebook this morning, just in case anyone reported missing a cat. I so badly want another cat, but then after DH told me (I was already in bed) the only thing that went through my mind was a cat scratching up all my new furniture, LOL.

Friday dh was craving a smoothie or something cold and filling to drink. Didn't have anything but I said we would drive out to the mom and pop burger place for burgers and milkshakes. We haven't been there since before pandemic. I called to make sure they were open now and they were only until 6pm. It's about a 20 minute drive or so to the next town. It's never too busy, maybe one car already in line, but they are slow. We know this LOL. We get there and there are like 5 cars in line. Ugh. But we drove all that way and there's no other place, so we got in line. All the cars were from out of state, a stop off the freeway.  The car in front us us was from CA. We move up in line (after almost half hour in line) and the car in front of the car in front of us gets to pull up to the window to get their food. Right as they start to hand them their food the CA car in front of us pulls out and leaves! You were next! In like 2 minutes! So, as we are pulling up to the window I say to DH they don't know the car left so make sure we don't get her order. The next place for that lady to get food was going to be an hour drive. Weird, especially after waiting all that time already. Anyway, we got our burgers, onion rings and milkshakes and of course our doggies got their pieces of bacon they always give them.

I'm going to run into town this morning for a few groceries and we need more ice cream bars for the freezer. Maybe if I get there early enough there will be some donuts left.