Friday, August 26, 2016

Third times the charm?

and back on the roller coaster ride.  The agent brought her client this afternoon. An offer is on it's way any time now. Full price, she is waiving inspection period (she looked at the report copy we were given and felt comfortable with it), just needs appraisal done, is fully approved for conventional loan and closing date will be set as 9/27, or sooner if they can.

DH had let the owner of the small house we had planned to buy (and had to back out of earlier this week) that we are getting an offer already. He called up just as I was on phone with agent, telling me the lady wants to buy our house, and said they want us to put our offer in again. It will all work out.

The ladies that own the property we want to buy are so sweet. They told our agent over there they know we will sell our house at some point and they aren't going to list their property. Just let them know when we are ready to do the deal!

Hoping all this can finally go our way.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A potential buyer already

Maybe our real estate agent's incompetence might actually benefit us for a change!

Finally around 10am (after I emailed her again about it) she sent me the paperwork to e-sign terminating the sale contract with buyer. She told me there wasn't any more I needed to sign with her, as my contract with her technically expired 7/27 and now that we are no longer under contract with the buyer, she will just pull the listing and just needs to come out and get the lock box (but not until next Tuesday, mind you).

About an hour later I get a phone call from an agent - saying she saw our house just showed up as available again, she knows we have requested 2 hour notice, but can she bring her very interested client by in an hour? I'm like..umm....well...we lost the sale on our house and just now signed the papers terminating this morning. We aren't going to list with the same agent and haven't yet found a new one, since the termination papers just literally got signed and I was told I had to wait until the listing was officially no longer active.

I explained to her the FHA/well problem and she said her client is fully approved conventional financing and they are very excited about our house, exactly what she is looking for, etc. She said she couldn't bring her by and show it to her while it was still on MLS as with our other agent, otherwise if she did want to offer, we'd be under obligation to old agent. She said her client would probably at least take a drive by to look, which I did see someone do that about 45 minutes later.

I emailed our agent and asked her about why it's showing as listed with her and she said they were aware of the problem, for some reason MLS wouldn't let them change it straight to "expired" status, so they had to call MLS to do it and it would take a couple of hours before it processed.

So, this new agent is watching for that (I think it might have happened) and is coming over around 5pm to talk with us. Who knows, maybe we just got lucky for that short period of time that she saw our house listed.  I'm glad our listing was set up that the agents had to call me to set up appointment to show the house because if she had called our old agent direct, I'm sure she wouldn't have gotten passed on to me. This new agent and her assistant are coming by in a few hours to talk with us.

Onward we go..........

RIP kitty

Sad night for us.  My daughter had to have our old cat put to sleep. He's almost 16 and has been going downhill recently. Monday and yesterday he wasn't eating or drinking. She took him into the emergency vet last night and they were going to keep him overnight with IV, but after she got back home they called her back and realized he was in late stage kidney failure. So, she went back and rather than making him just suffer longer, she had him euthanized.  He was a good cat and the past couple of months he really seemed to enjoy his "retirement home", as we called living with her at her apartment. He was really her cat, so I'm glad she got to spend the last couple of months with him, though there hasn't been a morning that's gone by since he moved in with her that I don't open the front door in the morning to let the dogs out and still expect to see him coming in the door.

He was pretty much a bad-ass cat in his prime years, that's for sure. Kind of an "outlaw". LOL. He was nice to us (well, he tolerated us) but mean to everything else. He even killed other cats, two that we know of! Though anytime someone posted a missing cat sign in the neighborhood we always wondered if our cat had something to do with it. He mellowed out in later years.

It's sad, but he had a good long life, I think. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

well, this is interesting.......

Hmmm...this new "news" is a bit interesting. We are still waiting for the termination paperwork that was supposed to come this afternoon to cancel the sale, but in the meantime we have decided to relist our house and (of course) find a new agent. DH grabbed all the realtor business cards that had been left when they showed our house and just picked one to call. Turns out it was the agent who we had the other offer from - the one we got at same time as this one we accepted. She said her client really wanted our house and was so disappointed, and now has an offer on another house they are closing on soon....but get this....she said that her client was a conventional financing buyer, not FHA. We were told it was also FHA! I still have the email/paperwork on it from our agent stating that. Honestly, if had said conventional (even though it was about $2500 less than other offer) we would have taken that offer over an FHA buyer, for sure.  She also said at the time she knew there was another offer in and told our agent they were willing to "put their best foot forward" on it, but our agent kind of blew her off! OMG.

back to square one

Just got email that the buyer's termination will be sent over soon. I did ask about being reimbursed for the foundation inspection.....another one of those things that our agent didn't know what she was doing and told us we had to pay and have done (which we did) and turned out it was definitely a buyers expense and we were then told we would be reimbursed for it at closing, which I was fine with.  But, I would like to still be reimbursed for it, especially since I should never have had to pay for it to begin with.  It was $350 and DH had called 3 places and this was the best price. The others were $400-$450.  When we found out (from the inspector himself) that it was a buyer cost, our agent's reply as always "well, I didn't know......".  If the situation were reversed I sure wouldn't hesitate to make sure I reimbursed them for it. I'm sure my agent is hating me even more right now for even asking for it

Now we need to figure out what next..........I'm too tired right now to even think straight :/  I'm taking off Friday and Monday, just to try and recoup and get some of my energy back.

Another day

I'm sure you all are as sick of hearing about my problems as I am living them :/  But this is what I am going through in my life right now, so guess that's what you get, for now.  Sorry.

After we spent Monday with our agent saying this was all just a simple fix - she'll just do the LLC paperwork for the well owner, it'll cost $200, she'll pay for it, all be done in a week, she just wants her real estate attorney to review it for the new well agreement that has to be done up for everyone to sign.  Then we spent Monday having to deal with trying to talk the well owner into doing it in the first place.

Yesterday morning the agent calls me up and says "ummm...I guess this is going to be very complicated to do an LLC. I talked to my attorney and he's going to look into it more this morning, but not sounding very good". A bit later she forwards me an email from him. Basically, it can't legally be done because the well is on a separate property from the well owner's property and making it an LLC, since the well is not on it's own tax parcel, would be considered an unlawful subdivision of his property. Not to mention all the property owners will need to be a part of the LLC (which I know well owner will not want to do) and if even one of them didn't want to be on it, then it couldn't be done. Also, everyone's current lenders would also have to approve. It would cost thousands and likely take months.

Of course, extremely disappointing, but it is what it is. It might have been a bit easier to take our hopes being dashed again if my agent hadn't gone all PollyAnna gungho that is was no problem to fix, and instead had just said "hey, before I just assume this will work and we spend all day dealing with your well owner, let me first get all this by my attorney and see what's all involved". But, that is not how she works. She just says everything is no problem and can be done and then when it can't she just says "oh well, I didn't know".

So, at that point we have reached a dead end, have we not? We have been repeatedly told the buyer has no other option to finance other than FHA. I emailed my agent back that said apparently we've reached a dead end with all this, so unless buyer can get new lender/financing, we are going to be done with this and she can come and remove the keybox from our door.

On my way home from work the buyer calls me (this is fine, we have been keeping each other up to date on all this! she is the one I found out about the water well problem in the first place) and says that her agent was told our agent got an email from my DH that we have decided we are done and not going to pursue the LLC. She didn't understand why we'd change our minds, she'd be willing to pay half of the cost.  I said well, sort of.....didn't you guys get the explanation from the attorney as to why this LLC isn't going to work?  Apparently not, they were just told we've found out it was going to be too cumbersome and expensive to do, so we decided not to do it.  So, I explained to her all what the attorney said. I was pretty mad that our agent made it sound like we were just deciding to back out of the LLC fix, like it was our fault!

I left our agent a message that I wasn't very happy that they weren't told the exact reasons for the LLC not working. Then I called up buyer's agent and explained it all to her and as soon as I explained the issue with the well not being on well owner's property and the legalities involved she completely understood. She also said she was not forwarded the email from the attorney with the explanation as to why this isn't going to work.

My agent then called me back........with her usual response "well, they must have misunderstood me". And a comment that "I can't seem to please you". I said No, we are not pleased right now! We've been trying to sell for 4 months, 2 sales have failed and we done everything possible, including spending almost $6000 on a new roof, after price had already been negotiated, just to make sure there would be no issues at all for the buyers to finance FHA and not cause any delays. Then she sent the other agent an email (cc'ing me) that sorry for the misunderstanding but  It's not that the Sellers are unwilling to pursue the well issue, it's that the process is much more cumbersome and expensive than they thought it would be.

I replied back to both of them that I'd like to make it clear to all parties that first off, at no point and time did WE ever discuss paying ANY of the cost of the LLC, in fact you told us yesterday you were paying for it, so the issue of what it cost had no bearing to us one way or the other. Secondly, based on the information provided by the attorney, we unfortunately really have no choice but to not pursue trying to get this done to close this sale. So yes, at this point, unless Buyer has other financing options, what option are we left with, other than to be done with it?

My agent replied back that Yes, you are right about all of your points......but she only replied to  me, not the buyers agent, who she had started this email chain to in the first place.

Sitting here at this point just waiting for buyers agent to send termination paperwork. Not really sure what they are waiting on.

On a semi-good note. At 10:30  last night we hear a helicopter fly over very close with our area all lit up. Then we see sheriff car lights all over the place down at drug dealers behind us. Got an email from a Lt. later last  night that one of the son's was arrested (again) on his court ordered domestic violence warrant and it's $75,000 bail.

The newest renters at the end of our street appear to be an older couple and so far pretty quiet, though it appears drug buyers still keep trying to go to this house because it had for 3 years been known as a place to buy drugs. And slumlandords "people" keep coming back to empty the container and big shed off all the stuff (i.e. stolen crap) that is still left in their by previous tenants and all the extra people they had living there with them.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping fingers crossed

The well owner called back early this evening and had a change of heart and has agreed to do it. I think between the explanation my agent gave her and she probably talked to her daughter (who lives with her) once she got home. Let's hope she'll go through with it. My agent is taking her the papers tomorrow and then also has to get each property owner to sign a new well agreement. That will probably take the longest part of it.

And as sluggy commented in my last post, she will have to do an annual LLC fee.....I think it's $39. I think that's the yearly fee I pay when I renew the one for the company I work for. Not gonna mention that, like Sluggy said........

She is 82, but she is actually very smart and sharp. She knew exactly what an LLC is(she used to have her own businesses years ago). She's just tries to play dumb so that she doesn't have to do stuff or take care of stuff.

Hopefully my agent will have it all taken care of by tomorrow or Wednesday and we can get past this. At least there aren't really 9 people that need to sign the new well agreement. There are 6. Well owner is one property. Her daughter that lives with her owns another lot, her son (the one with the meth and heroin dealing going on), slumlandord/junkyard guy owns 3 lots, we have one and our one good neighbor has the last.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

No cooperation

Final word is that unless our well owner will make her water system an LLC, FHA considers it a shared well, and not a community well.  So, my agent asks if I think we could get her to do the LLC. I said not very likely. I had to beg for her to write up a 2 sentence statement stating she owns the well and it is not a shared well (hoping that would suffice for some "proof").

I told my agent it would probably be better if she called and tried to ask and explain it to her, especially since my agent is saying she will take care of getting it all done for the well owner. My agent left her a voice mail.

Then I called well owner, thanking her for the signed little statement, but unfortunately the lender won't accept it, it has to be an LLC. Remember, this is like an 82 year old woman. "well, I'm just not going to do that. I'm not ready to make it an LLC, at this time. Maybe some day. I don't have the money to do it (the real reason she is saying no)". I told her the cost would be covered for her (agent said it's like $200) and our agent wanted to take care of the process for it for her and that our agent had left her a voicemail about it a little earlier.  "yes, well, I got that voicemail but I'm just going to ignore it. I don't want to be bothered having to do an LLC right now".

Obviously, it is something that is probably overall in the best interests of the well owner, to protect herself, to have this an LLC, rather than the chance of getting sued by one of the property owners. Plus, like our agent said, she is tying the hands of all the property owners who might want to sell down the road and won't be able to market to include prospective FHA buyers. My agent said all the work for it will be done, the well owner would literally just have to do a couple of signatures for it. I told my agent, if she didn't leave a very detailed message the first time, maybe she'd try again and let her know this specifically.

She sent her an email with all this info. Offering to pay for it and do all of it and also stating that it's in the best interests for all the property owners to be able to offer their property for sale down the road to FHA buyers.  We'll see.  I guess if she does ever agree to it, it would only take about a week to get completed.

So, at this point it's looking like it's not going to happen.

it's all just stupid

Still no resolution to our water well situation holding up the closing of our home sale.

Of course we find out at 5:10pm Friday what is going on. From the email chain my agent forwarded me, apparently it was decided at 3:45pm, by the underwriter, that proof that the water system is an LLC would apparently be what they need to show this is a community well and not a shared well.

Well, any idiot could have done a very quick 2 minute online search to see if there is an LLC registered. They could have figured it out right then. Of course, no one at the bank or the agents do that. No, by the time the info gets to me it's after 5pm. I did the 2 minute online search (as I assumed the lady that owns the well does not have it incorporated) and found nothing. Then just to double check, I called her up and she said "what? No, it's just me, the system is in my name with the county, no corporation".

And of course, now being after 5pm and on a Friday we were left sitting through the weekend, yet again. After letting my agent know (and a text to the buyer) that there is no LLC, so now what? I emailed my agent again, asking - can't the owner of the well just write a letter stating that she owns the well and none of the other 8 homes she supplies water to are responsible for the well cost or maintenance? Of course I got no reply back.

The buyer did call me, too. She is as frustrated as I am. She said she was told, even if they figure ths out early this week, it's not likely we will close this Thursday (or even Friday) as planned. So then what? If by some miracle we do get to closing at a later date, I am not moving out of here until it is a done signed deal. I don't trust any of this anymore. And, if it ends up being a later closing date, I really have no idea WHEN we will actually be ABLE to move. It needs to be on a weekend, because we have family and a friend helping. I will also have to change my reservation for the U-haul (we are renting the largest 26' one) and can I really expect to get one reserved with just a few days notice now? (I had already reserved one for this coming weekend 2-3 weeks ago). And, if we have to reschedule the trucking company that has been scheduled to haul our 53ft trailer loaded with our possessions, who knows if they can do it with just a few days notice. Let alone, the next weekend is a holiday weekend.

Excuse me while I got throw up my breakfast...........

Friday, August 19, 2016

Partial update

Still no word yet (so much for 24 hours, eh?). Still no answer from my agent on my (repeated) question of whether or not the buyer is still trying to work on conventional financing, if the underwriter still says no on the FHA loan.

So, last night I texted the buyer. Asked her to let me know if she hears anything because my agent is out of the country and probably won't get me the message right away. Then I went ahead and asked her if she was still working on trying for a conventional loan if this FHA falls through. She is not. She said she does not qualify because she had a short sale almost 4 years ago, and is not past that time for it not to be considered.  Poor lady, she said she is so stressed she can't eat or sleep. I said we have the same thing going on on our end, except it feels double because we are trying to sell and buy at same time. It's no fun.

Well, at least now I know. I'll bet my agent has already known this info......

Hopefully we will hear today and not have to spend another weekend with no answer.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Glad I felt "pushy" today

My pressing to find out an update got my agent a reply from the lender with a big story of how (2 days later) it's still sitting on her processor's desk and hasn't even been submitted to underwriting for re-review yet, because she is swamped, etc. She then said once it does get submitted they are supposed to have an answer in 24 hours.

I finally at least got my agent to tell me that buyer has until our closing date next Thursday to obtain financing (I figured, but wanted clarification). She still won't answer me if the buyer is still trying to obtain a conventional loan (as we were told) as a back up plan, if UW still comes back with a no on the FHA loan. She still won't answer me, that if buyer does have to change to a conventional loan, how long (I'm  just asking for a reasonable estimate) will take to now close.

And then when I replied to my agent's email I suddenly got her "out of office" notification that she is out of the country until Sunday, can't take phone calls, so can only do email at this time.  Nice....we're in a crisis and she's out of the country.

Then I just now got another email she forwarded to me from lender, that the file did just now get submitted to underwriting. So, let's hope it's an answer in 24 hours, like she said. I'd just like to know one way or the other, at this point, so we can move on with our decisions.

How long?

I woke up this morning in a fair mood. Trying to look at at least some of the positive in all this....our sale hadn't fallen through completely yet, right?

But, as the day has progressed and no answer, I'm getting pissy-er and pissy-er (I don't know how to spell it, since it's not even a word LOL). I just sent my agent a pretty bitchy email.  Usually I'm not like this (except in my head - ha!), but I am tired of this crap.

at what point in this should we expect an answer?

- we have an offer made that has a closing, that we need to be able to keep apprised, if our sale going to fail

- we have a trip planned to go over there this weekend to take care of some business - it's costly to make the trip, and an unnecessary expense for us, if our sale is going to fail

- we need to order our appraisal for the property we are purchasing. If our sale fails, we are then out that money. as we will have to back out of our offer.

- we have a moving van reserved for end of next week

- we have a trucking company who we've scheduled to move our 53ft loaded trailer out of state

the list goes on.

If the buyer cannot get FHA approved on the well, is she currently still actively pursuing getting a prompt answer on the conventional loan approval? So, if the FHA answer is no, we aren't waiting more days to get the conventional loan answer.

If the FHA answer is no, and she can get approved for a conventional loan, what is a realistic time frame we are looking at to close? Obviously, it's not going to be next Thursday. It's a whole new loan, along with a co-borrower, which obviously, now their financial info will have to go through the verification process.

it's now day 6 since our buyer was told about the FHA financing not working and 8 days from when we are supposed to close. How much longer are we expected to wait for a decision? Days? weeks?

Too much? oh well, I really don't care anymore. She sent me back a vague email, answering absolutely none of my questions.


Small glimmer of hope

We still get to have all this fun being bounced around like a pinball. While waiting yesterday morning for some kind of reply on if the buyer can get a conventional loan (because at the end of the day Monday her lender said she was 99% sure they couldn't go FHA), I get another email update. A forwarded copy of an email to our agent from buyers lender saying they got a voicemail from the FHA Resource Center this morning and she is now "cautiously optimistic" and has sent it back to her underwriter for approval on the well.

Still waiting to hear. Trying not to get my hopes all.

And if the answer is no, and the buyer is still trying to obtain conventional financing, how long am I expected to wait on an answer? Days? Weeks? We are now on the 6th day since we were told they couldn't do the FHA loan. She's obviously not very qualified if she has to get a co-borrower (her parents) to qualify. And very obviously, if she does get approved for a conventional loan it is not going to close next Thursday. It would sure be nice if my agent, who is supposed to represent me and keep me informed, would get off her PollyAnna attitude and be realistic with me on what to expect. Two more weeks? Three more weeks? Obviously if the borrower has to add a co-borrower, all their financial info will now have to be verified by the underwriter and we all know that isn't a fast process.

I need to order the inspection on the house we are buying. So, I'm supposed to (probably) waste $400-$500 dollars on it, only to find out that the sale on my house failed and I am therefore failing the sale on the house we are buying.  So, what the heck decision am I supposed to make on that?! Just take a chance and lose more money? GRRR.

Everybody and their brother has made a bunch of money, so far, off of me trying to sell my house. Inspectors, county (for septic), septic company, roofer. I'm sure I've left some one out.

On a good note, I should really start feeling the extra money in my budget with DD's expenses completely gone now. I got my new health insurance bill (just for DH) and am saving $120 a month there. I'm saving $43 on her auto insurance and the $100 a month I was giving her for college expenses. Plus there are the one-time expenses that have always come up. Doctors visits, prescriptions, car tabs, etc. I've already been (while she was away at college) experiencing the reduced food and electricity bills. She also took her old cat to live with her a few months ago, so she is paying for his $22 a month thyroid medicine.

She is liking her job, but a bit bored quite often. Not quite enough work to keep her busy. Seems like they have too many people and not enough work. She likes the people well enough, but at this point she said she will probably just work there a year or two, at most, and then find something more challenging.  She and her BF are looking for something to rent closer to work. Her lease is up next month (current apartment still in college town an hours drive to their jobs) and she can continue month to month until they find where they want to move to. They did look at some nice apartments about 10 minutes from their jobs, but doesn't sound like anything will be available until maybe October.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Still playing limbo

I don't even know what to do or think anymore. At 3pm yesterday, after hearing nothing all day from our agent, I emailed her "any resolution?" At 4pm she tells me the lender is 99.9% sure they will not finance FHA because they consider the well a "shared well" and can't have more than 4 homes on it.  They buyer is trying to obtain conventional financing with her parents (she' like in her 40's) as co-signers.  But, then same lender is saying they "think" on a conventional loan the well needs to be on the property. What?! We have water, we have a legal water well agreement that water is supplied to our property. Just about every house in this neighborhood (split up between 2 different well systems) has conventional financing on it (our agent checked last night). Are you trying to tell me that the only way I'm going to be able to get out of my house is either find a cash buyer or just plain walk away from it? She was like "no, I'm going show the lender that all these neighboring homes (including you own) have all been financed conventional with no problem with the well".

So I asked when will they have an answer for us on if she is approved for conventional (she's been working on this now since at least Friday afternoon). "Hopefully tomorrow". I then asked (just to see what my agent would say), if she can get conventional financing will we still be able to close next week on the 25th?  "That is the plan, yes".

Does she think I am stupid?! There is no way it will close next Thursday. I told her we want an answer by Tuesday (today) noon. We aren't going to go another whole day not knowing what we are supposed to do with all our commitments, offers, moving van reservation, etc. Her reply was "I can't control what I can't control" 

Well, I'm tired of being in control by all these people idiots, I can tell you that.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Just wow

We have been in contact with the buyer of our house off and on. She is buying some furniture and we've been discussing that.

She calls up at 6pm yesterday, asking if we know if it's possible to drill your own well on our property. No, the county won't allow it. Then she tells me why she is asking: her FHA lender told her they can't do the loan for her because there cannot be more than 4 homes on a well.

Are you freaking kidding me??!!!!! The lender takes 4 weeks to figure this out? And if the buyer hadn't called us who knows when we would have found out from our agent (who knew nothing about it yet). Monday at the earliest.  And we were closing the following week.

Unbelievable. I don't even have words anymore.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Getting through the to-do list

Yesterday was pretty hectic. I got bombarded with emails from my mortgage broker. I hope she has everything she needs now and she said she should hear back from underwriting tomorrow. When she emailed me some docs to e-sign I noticed she had my income wrong - she wasn't including my $1000 month side job income, so I sent her all that info (again). Hey - that $1000 bucks a month pays for what my mortgage/insurance/taxes payment will be on this house! I want it included, of course. She also said they are pretty fast to process loans, but the thing they have to wait on is the appraisal, which are on the slow side to get scheduled.

I got DD cancelled off the health insurance plan I have her and DH on. Her work insurance starts Sept 1 (yay!) What a pain in the butt! I called last week and was told either DH or DD had to be the one to call, because their names were on the policy, not mine. So DD calls and finally gets through the wait and then they tell her that only DH can do it, as the main policy holder. I called up yesterday, put him on the line to ok the removal of DD, got back on the line and my phone went whacky. I could hear people, but no one could hear me. Finally, I got back through on my cell phone. Good grief.

DH talked to the guy that owns the house we are buying this morning. He said he does (or his agent does) has a copy of the inspection report already done on the house. So either we will be getting that one (at no cost) or if his agent doesn't want to give it to us, then we can most likely still buy it from the inspector company at reduced price.

Now the guy does not want to rent us the house prior to closing, per advice from his agent. I totally understand. I wouldn't want to do it either.  Too many sales fail prior to closing. But, still a bummer and just makes more headaches for us, that we thought we were going to be able to avoid.

Found out the town is so little, we won't get mail delivered at the house, have go go the half mile or so to the Post Office and have a PO Box :)  I see with USPS online that I can just reserve and pay for the box all online, so it will be ready when we get there.  I hope UPS delivers to us somehow! I do a lot of Amazon shopping and will probably do even more from there.

I've had to get a couple of home owner's insurance quotes. Got a quote from the company we currently have our home owner's insurance with and also with company we have our auto insurance with. Both were pretty close to same, but the current homeowner's insurance company was a little cheaper. But neither online quote let me add a detached shop, so I'm sure it will be more once I finalize it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rolling forward

OK, things are moving in the right direction now. My agent texted me on my way home that we were now in primary position with our offer on the (second) house! Then shortly after my broker called and said she got the buy/sell agreement from my agent and was getting the ball rolling on closing - set for Sept 21st.

Here's a sneak peak at the little house that we'll be getting:

We plan to do a little more landscaping out front there. You can't see it in the photo, but there is also a 20x30 shop behind the house that you access from an alley way.  It has a cute little covered front porch area and the front and side yard is fenced in, so great for our dogs.

Can't wait to get there and just breath and relax! It's going to be so quiet compared to here, that's for sure. I can't even imagine quite yet how much different our lives will be going from big metro city area (let alone this drug neighborhood) to this little town of like 600 and only 4,000 in the whole county :)  I think we will like it very much.

still trying to save

Even though I'm feeling totally busy and overwhelmed, I'm still trying to save money where I can.

My DD had given me a $50 Kohl's gift card for Mother's Day that I hadn't used yet. I really don't need any clothes and wanted to get something useful for new house. At some point my guest bedroom will have a queen bed in it and I have no queen sized sheets, so I decided to get some sheets and figured the $50 should cover it. I also had a 20% off coupon, so I could really spend $60.

The cheapest set was on sale for $35, but I wondered around looking at everything to make sure I wasn't missing any others. Then I came across an 8 piece comforter set - including sheets - $40! and I actually liked the comforter pattern/colors ok. Since I still had $20 to spend and didn't know what else to get I decided on a new sweater for me. I do need that. I like to wear open front light weight sweaters at work and home, over my tops. I also earned $10 in Kohl's cash.

I took that $10 Kohl's cash back on Sunday (along with another 20% off coupon) and bought a new shower curtain liner, which I will need when we move. I like the cloth ones, that I can just throw in the wash when they get grungy. It was on sale for $13 so just a few dollars out of my pocket.

The dogs needed some more flea medicine. I usually by the Advantage II brand from Amazon at $35-$40 for 4 vials. I came across a different brand I had never seen before that has the same exact ingredient as the Advantage, for $16. Figured it was worth a try to save that much money. I applied it to them yesterday, so we'll see how well it works.

Over the months I've been buying these big 27 gallon storage bins at Costco for $9 each. I even looked online to see if other stores sold them and could not find anwhere local. Other online stores wanted an arm and a leg for one bin. So, as much as I hate going to Costco, I've been regularly buying them there.  Last night I was at Home Depot walking down an aisle and there were my bins! At the same price! I'm buying from there for the rest we need. So much easier than dealing with the zoo that is our local Costco.

Saturday, as I was outside helping DH with stuff, I noticed my tennis shoe was splitting from the sold near my toe. Oh well, I've had them a few years now and they weren't the most expensive shoes to begin with. I decided to use some of my new $200 gift card to buy new tenny's. I thought the gift card was for a specific store....the store's receipt was wrapped around the card and I hadn't taken it off. I find a pair of shoes I liked and went to pay and realized it's just a Visa gift card that I can use anywhere. LOL. But, I got the shoes for 25% off. It's a pair of Nikes and SO comfortable! I'm really pleased with them.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Done deal!

The lien is gone! My attorney's assistant called me this afternoon with the great news. The judge apparently called in, while on vacation, and his clerk got him to sign off on it (electronically, obviously). WHEW! One major thing taken care of. So relieved to have that off my plate.

That's all I know for today.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Little updates

Little updates:

1) the FHA appraisal on our house is on Wednesday. Let's hope no issues. I don't know what there could be at this point. We did go ahead and put a new roof on the house last week. Roofers opinions were about 3 years life left and FHA requires at least 2 years, so we just decided to do it, so there would be no problem.  So, with that expense we will end up getting the same out of our house as we would have if the first offer had gone through. DH got up on roof today to put the sun screen things we have over our skylights back on. The damn roofers didn't even seal our skylights back down! just set them there. Thank goodness DH got up there and noticed that, as it's supposed to rain starting tomorrow.

2) that old lien on our house (we didn't know about) from right before our bankruptcy? The one I have been trying to get rid of since April? The one the attorney told me would be taken care of in mid July, then it got pushed out to August 2nd? Ya, that thing. I emailed my attorney's assistant on Aug 3rd to inquire and was told no problems, they should have the signed off order any day. Then she called me on my way home Thursday. "Don't panic, but the judge has a brand new clerk just out of law school and he screwed up your file and didn't get it to the judge to sign off on. Now judge is out of the country and won't be able to sign it until the 15th".  GOOD GRIEF!

It sure would be nice if something would just go smoothly for once.

3) Got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. My side job sent me a $200 gift card. They gave one to all employees for their company anniversary and sent me one too :) That will come in very handy. I'll have to use it up before we move, as those stores are only local here.  It's a store that has everything - groceries, clothing, electronics, hardware and garden center, so I won't have any problems finding stuff to spend it on.

4) We're actually a "back up offer" on 2 houses right now. It sounds like both current offers are pretty sure to fail. We like both houses pretty much equally and they are same price, so we will be happy with either one.  Though one had to have radon mitigated.....we have no experience with that, but keep getting told it's not really a big deal. It has some kind of system and tester on the house now, to make sure it's not seeping in the house and the levels are testing under the max acceptable. It's making me kind of nervous, so I'm kind of hoping the other house comes up first. It sounds like we'll know more on Monday as to this house for sure having the sale failed.

We kind of know the owner of the second house, which is how we found out his sale is failing. He is one of the builders we talked to last Spring. He had mentioned at the time he was putting his house in town up for sale in a couple of months. DH saw it online for sale, but at that time we weren't really looking at that price and our first offer and failed and we hadn't sold yet. He called him up a couple of weeks ago to ask him if he sold, if not, would he be maybe interested in renting it out to us. He said he just got an offer and was supposed to close near end of August. DH told him if anything changes to let us know. He called Friday morning - 12 hours after we put in our back up offer on the other house and said his sale was failing. We had kind of decided not to do a back up offer, but he called again on Friday and said the offer got rescinded. So, we put in an offer, but apparently his first offer still hasn't gotten least that is what his agent is telling our agent.  We thought it was kind of a done deal, since he told us it was rescinded. Not sure exactly what is going on, but not going to stress about it, like I said, either house is fine with us for the next couple of years, until we can build.

5) DH almost has the 53ft trailer all loaded. There's room for about one more pallet of stuff. It was fairly easy for him to load it all with borrowing our neighbor's forklift and then using his pallet jack to move into place inside the trailer. A friend has agreed to haul it over for us, with his truck and we will be paying him to do that. Still cheaper than hiring movers, that's for sure. We will be re-selling the trailer as soon as it's unloaded and done with it, so should be able to recoup most of the money spent on it.

6) we'll be renting a u-haul for all the stuff in the house. Either DD's BF or another friend will drive that over for us, while we drive our cars. We might need BF to use his pick up with canopy to haul stuff too.

and all that is IF we even actually get to move......until we are closed and signed off, I'm not counting the chickens I don't have yet!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Made an offer

Well, what do you know......that "offer" the listing agent got on that house we want has been pulled! I'll bet money there never was an offer on it to begin with. So, our offer (at $9k below their asking price) went in this morning.  Guess we'll see soon what comes of it.

The house should work great for us for a couple of years. It looks kind of small, but it really isn't, because there is a basement underground. The top is 900 sf and so is the basement. Two bedrooms up and 2 down. There is a 2 car attached garage, almost half an acre and landscaped nicely, with sprinkler system. The backyard is kind of small (because the rest of the property goes down a hill to the street behind) but it's fenced and large enough for the dogs to hang out. It's on a dead end street with 2 other homes and a big field (that belongs to school district) out on the front side of property, as you come in the street.

Keeping fingers crossed! This will be much cheaper for us than renting and trying to find a place that would take 2 big dogs.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Packing it up

This morning, as I'm doing my daily search for a place to live I clicked on the link of that house we had looked at on Friday. Now the status has changed from "pending" to "under contract accepting back up offers".  So, Monday the listing agent tells our agent they got an offer and were able to come to terms quickly. Now 2 days later, they are accepting back up offers? So strange.  I sent my agent an email asking him what he thought.

He just called me and said he talked to the listing agent and isn't really sure what to make of him/what is going on. Now he says the buyers are apparently having second thoughts on purchasing the house, so accepting back up offers. Again, just all kind of seems like he is trying to play a game to get us to offer full price. Like he said - that listing agent knew he had shown it and we were interested so why wouldn't he have called our agent to let him know, so maybe the sellers could have gotten two offers to choose from? Our agent thinks the price is a bit high, but the agent also told him over the weekend that they had just lowered the price (they did) and were firm in their asking price. I guess we could just put in an offer and see what happens.

We've been buying these big heavy duty 27 gallon plastic bins from Costco for months now to pack up all the stuff in. DH has gradually been packing up the shop and putting the bins on pallets. All very organized (it's DH, of course). We had a couple bins he hadn't used yet and I brought them in the house and it took 2 bins just to pack up my china hutch. haha. That's all I've gotten done so far. I'm afraid to get all packed and then have this sale fall through. DD will be coming down to help me the 2 weekends before we move.

I stopped at Costco yesterday to pick up more bins and they had none. I panicked. It looked like they weren't even carrying them anymore as rather than an empty hole waiting to restock, the area was filled up with some different kind of bins. Eeek! When I got home I called another Costco to see if they had any in stock and the helpful girl said they had 170 in transit and then she checked my store and said they also had some in transit, due in today. Whew! The bins are only $9 there. Everywhere else I can find them (online) they are $30-$50 EA, plus shipping.

Last week DH bought a used 53ft semi trailer. Sounds like he got a really good deal on it and all his trucker friends are telling him he'll be able to resell for at least what he paid. He's been using our good neighbors forklift and has it almost halfway filled with pallets already. He can actually move around in our shop now. LOL. The plan is to rent a u-haul for our house stuff. Our good friend (who we will most likely be staying at for awhile) has a father who worked for airlines or something and can fly over here for like $50 and he can drive the u-haul for us, while we drive our vehicles.

Yesterday was the hearing to get that lien removed from our home. I was hoping the attorney would call me and let me know it went ok (or didn't go ok) but never heard from him. I would assume if he didn't call me, that it went ok, but I sent his assistant an email this morning inquiring on it. I'd just like to breathe a little easier about one thing, at least. If it went through we will have the actual court discharge paperwork in a day or so. I was just typing that my attorney's assistant just emailed me back and said they didn't not receive any objections to our motion and were able to electronically submit last week. They expect the judge to sign off on it any day now. Whew! Still not officially signed yet, but doesn't sound like any issues.

Just plugging along with it all. DH found this absolutely GORGEOUS house for sale on 35 acres. It's just not really in the area he wants to live (he's more familiar, since he grew up there). It's about 70 miles from the main city. If I did ever have to find a new job, that's too far to commute. It's priced right and all just beautiful, but he's finding a lot of reasons to say no to it.....35 acres of pasture type land is a lot to take care of, compared to the 2 acres we are planning to buy and build on in a couple of years.

I finally made an appointment to get my hair cut on Thursday after work, My hair is getting so long. I was trying to just let it get long (past my shoulders now) but it just gets all "poofy" looking. I suppose I could spent more time on it with hot iron, blow drying, etc to make it look more managed, but I don't have the desire or the time, especially of late.  So, back to light layers, just above the shoulders.

Monday, August 1, 2016

What are the odds?

So, our closing date on our house is less than 4 weeks away. We are still looking for somewhere to live. The little house we had found for sale in the small town had suddenly gotten an offer on it (after 440 days on the market) but when our agent checked into it some more (he had already asked the listing agent some questions about it a few weeks earlier) he was told the offer wasn't very strong and he wasn't very confident it would go through, so feel free to show it to us, they were accepting back up offers. Then we found another house we liked, more money, but much newer and nicer.

So we headed over there on Friday to view both houses (both are unoccupied). This second house has been on the market for a year. We went to the other house first and were disappointed in the condition. Not near as ok as the photos looked. An unfinished basement that smelled terribly of dampness, which made it also smell some upstairs. Lots of work would need to be done to this little old place.

The second house was very nice and kept up, built in the 80's.  The only thing wrong with it was the living/dining room carpet needed to be replaced (plus it was blue - ugh) and the garage would need to be insulated and heated for DH's stuff to store. Not a huge deal. On Saturday our agent emailed the listing agent that we looked at both and were considering the second house, how firm were they on their price and he replied they had just lowered it (again) and were firm. We then had our agent email him a couple of questions about the house. He hadn't heard back yet.

Yesterday I was sending my mom the zillow link to the house and she calls me up that she can only see one picture. I got online and realized the house was now showing as "off market". Then I went to the MLS link our agent had sent me last week and it was now showing as "pending". What the heck?!!

Our agent said it appears it is now under contract. He said he was very confused and frustrated, as he had just emailed the listing agent the evening before and he said nothing about a possible offer. Why wouldn't that listing agent tell our agent another offer is coming/or has come so that the owners of the house could potentially get more than one offer?

Seems mighty suspicious to me. The first house was on the market for 440 days and as soon as our agent started asking some questions on it, it suddenly is under contract. Then we look at this second house, show some interest and suddenly, after a year on the market, it now has an offer.

There isn't a lot available in this small area. At this point we think we are just going to borrow the one friends nice RV he offered, stay in it at the other friends (they have 14 acres, lots of room) for awhile, until we can either find something to buy or rent. It will be much easier to go look at places when we are actually living there and not hundreds of miles away trying to figure this out.

At this point I don't even care anymore, haha.  Who knows - we still haven't even had the FHA inspection/appraisal on our place yet. Could still all fall through again, anyway.