Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Small glimmer of hope

We still get to have all this fun being bounced around like a pinball. While waiting yesterday morning for some kind of reply on if the buyer can get a conventional loan (because at the end of the day Monday her lender said she was 99% sure they couldn't go FHA), I get another email update. A forwarded copy of an email to our agent from buyers lender saying they got a voicemail from the FHA Resource Center this morning and she is now "cautiously optimistic" and has sent it back to her underwriter for approval on the well.

Still waiting to hear. Trying not to get my hopes all.

And if the answer is no, and the buyer is still trying to obtain conventional financing, how long am I expected to wait on an answer? Days? Weeks? We are now on the 6th day since we were told they couldn't do the FHA loan. She's obviously not very qualified if she has to get a co-borrower (her parents) to qualify. And very obviously, if she does get approved for a conventional loan it is not going to close next Thursday. It would sure be nice if my agent, who is supposed to represent me and keep me informed, would get off her PollyAnna attitude and be realistic with me on what to expect. Two more weeks? Three more weeks? Obviously if the borrower has to add a co-borrower, all their financial info will now have to be verified by the underwriter and we all know that isn't a fast process.

I need to order the inspection on the house we are buying. So, I'm supposed to (probably) waste $400-$500 dollars on it, only to find out that the sale on my house failed and I am therefore failing the sale on the house we are buying.  So, what the heck decision am I supposed to make on that?! Just take a chance and lose more money? GRRR.

Everybody and their brother has made a bunch of money, so far, off of me trying to sell my house. Inspectors, county (for septic), septic company, roofer. I'm sure I've left some one out.

On a good note, I should really start feeling the extra money in my budget with DD's expenses completely gone now. I got my new health insurance bill (just for DH) and am saving $120 a month there. I'm saving $43 on her auto insurance and the $100 a month I was giving her for college expenses. Plus there are the one-time expenses that have always come up. Doctors visits, prescriptions, car tabs, etc. I've already been (while she was away at college) experiencing the reduced food and electricity bills. She also took her old cat to live with her a few months ago, so she is paying for his $22 a month thyroid medicine.

She is liking her job, but a bit bored quite often. Not quite enough work to keep her busy. Seems like they have too many people and not enough work. She likes the people well enough, but at this point she said she will probably just work there a year or two, at most, and then find something more challenging.  She and her BF are looking for something to rent closer to work. Her lease is up next month (current apartment still in college town an hours drive to their jobs) and she can continue month to month until they find where they want to move to. They did look at some nice apartments about 10 minutes from their jobs, but doesn't sound like anything will be available until maybe October.

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