Monday, August 22, 2016

it's all just stupid

Still no resolution to our water well situation holding up the closing of our home sale.

Of course we find out at 5:10pm Friday what is going on. From the email chain my agent forwarded me, apparently it was decided at 3:45pm, by the underwriter, that proof that the water system is an LLC would apparently be what they need to show this is a community well and not a shared well.

Well, any idiot could have done a very quick 2 minute online search to see if there is an LLC registered. They could have figured it out right then. Of course, no one at the bank or the agents do that. No, by the time the info gets to me it's after 5pm. I did the 2 minute online search (as I assumed the lady that owns the well does not have it incorporated) and found nothing. Then just to double check, I called her up and she said "what? No, it's just me, the system is in my name with the county, no corporation".

And of course, now being after 5pm and on a Friday we were left sitting through the weekend, yet again. After letting my agent know (and a text to the buyer) that there is no LLC, so now what? I emailed my agent again, asking - can't the owner of the well just write a letter stating that she owns the well and none of the other 8 homes she supplies water to are responsible for the well cost or maintenance? Of course I got no reply back.

The buyer did call me, too. She is as frustrated as I am. She said she was told, even if they figure ths out early this week, it's not likely we will close this Thursday (or even Friday) as planned. So then what? If by some miracle we do get to closing at a later date, I am not moving out of here until it is a done signed deal. I don't trust any of this anymore. And, if it ends up being a later closing date, I really have no idea WHEN we will actually be ABLE to move. It needs to be on a weekend, because we have family and a friend helping. I will also have to change my reservation for the U-haul (we are renting the largest 26' one) and can I really expect to get one reserved with just a few days notice now? (I had already reserved one for this coming weekend 2-3 weeks ago). And, if we have to reschedule the trucking company that has been scheduled to haul our 53ft trailer loaded with our possessions, who knows if they can do it with just a few days notice. Let alone, the next weekend is a holiday weekend.

Excuse me while I got throw up my breakfast...........

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