Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping fingers crossed

The well owner called back early this evening and had a change of heart and has agreed to do it. I think between the explanation my agent gave her and she probably talked to her daughter (who lives with her) once she got home. Let's hope she'll go through with it. My agent is taking her the papers tomorrow and then also has to get each property owner to sign a new well agreement. That will probably take the longest part of it.

And as sluggy commented in my last post, she will have to do an annual LLC fee.....I think it's $39. I think that's the yearly fee I pay when I renew the one for the company I work for. Not gonna mention that, like Sluggy said........

She is 82, but she is actually very smart and sharp. She knew exactly what an LLC is(she used to have her own businesses years ago). She's just tries to play dumb so that she doesn't have to do stuff or take care of stuff.

Hopefully my agent will have it all taken care of by tomorrow or Wednesday and we can get past this. At least there aren't really 9 people that need to sign the new well agreement. There are 6. Well owner is one property. Her daughter that lives with her owns another lot, her son (the one with the meth and heroin dealing going on), slumlandord/junkyard guy owns 3 lots, we have one and our one good neighbor has the last.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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  2. I am so praying for you! What a frustration! Things that do not affect our daily routine become a problem when we decide to to something like selling our home. My uncle is going through a similar process. He co-owns a house with mom and may late uncle's daughters. He wanted to sell his share and started the process but apparently there were quite a bit of bureaucracy that had to be taken care of. Hopefully his saga will be over this week. Praying for both of you!