Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pharmacy changes

I've used Target pharmacy for years. Loved it. But since they have become CVS it's become a hassle for me. First off, my long time medication that has always been part of the $4/mo or $10/90 day supply isn't part of the CVS program, so now I'm supposed to pay $12 a month there for it. No thanks.

Plus they keep sending me texts that my prescriptions (I have 3 there) are ready to be picked up, when I just filled them 2 weeks earlier. Then when I question them they get all confused and don't know what is going on. Finally, I just stopped in there yesterday and told them I don't need the 2 re-fills right now, my insurance covers them being refilled at 30 days, not 15, and that I was transferring the one back to Walmart, for the better price.  I'd much rather pay $10 for 3 months than $12 a month.

And when we move it should be easier to just use Walmart and as I was just online, doing the prescription transfer to Walmart (that sure was easy to do) I see they will even mail it to me, so once we move and aren't close to town, that will probably be what I do. Make life simpler.

Heartburn has been better since Friday night. I had it a little bit last night, but not bad and only lasted about an hour.

Even though our real estate agent's broker and the buyers (that rescinded offer) agent's broker both say the earnest money should go to us, the buyers keep wanting to fight it, so we just decided we'd accept splitting it with them and be done with it.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Heartburn........and not over all this craziness lately. (though I'm sure it's not helping the matter)

Acid reflux, GERD, heartburn, whatever it is, I hate it. Last December I went on Protonix and that helped a whole bunch. My dr. had only given me a 2 months prescription and so I emailed her that it worked great, was I supposed to keep taking or ?. She said try going every other day, which I did and after several weeks started having problems again. I toughed it out a few more weeks and no relief so I went back to every day. That helped some, but not back to where I was the first time I was taking it every day.

I have pretty much completely cut out eating chocolate (so hard!) because I would have chocolate quite often and I drink very little coffee - maybe 2/3 of a cup at the most per day, first thing in the morning. I even tried not drinking that little bit, but didn't make a difference.

Then the past few weeks it has gradually been getting worse. No matter what time of day I tried to take the medication it always hits me around 4-4:30pm and lasts at least a couple of hours. I don't really get the burning feeling very much, mostly it's just that I constantly feel like I have to burp and it makes me feel like my heart is fluttering or skipping a beat (which is worse if I try to lay down). If I get a good burp out (sorry for the detail) then I feel better for a bit, but it just builds back up again.

Every night it was lasting a bit longer and longer, into when I was trying to sleep. I'd take a few tums in the evening and that would help a little bit. Finally last Friday night I had enough. The Protonix obviously isn't working. The only OTC I hadn't tried before going to the doctor last December was Nexium, so figured I might as well give that one a try and picked some up at the store on Saturday. I didn't take anything at all on Saturday (making sure the Protonix was out of my system before starting the Nexium) and Saturday was the best night I have had in a long time! I didn't start the Nexium on Sunday either and that was a good night too.

But, then Monday afternoon/evening it started up again. Sigh. So Tuesday morning I started the Nexium. Not too bad of night's since then. Very little heartburn. Hopefully this one is going to do the trick.

My boss said she takes Protonix too, but it doesn't help enough and she has same problems at night, though hers always starts when she goes to bed. She started adding Zantac (Ranitidine) in the evenings and said it has worked wonders. Her brother was having same issues and started taking it in addition to his morning Protonix and said it totally helped him too.  I had tried the Ranitidine last Fall, just on it's own and it didn't really help, but maybe the combination of the two would do the trick. If this Nexium doesn't help I'll try going back on the Protonix and adding Ranitidine in the evenings. If that doesn't work I guess it's back to the Dr - which just means an upper GI done, which the dr. said they will just say to go on a prescription medication anyway.

When I visited my Dr last month, she did say that the stress I am going through will probably make it worse, so maybe one of these days, if and when I ever get life back to normal, the heartburn won't be so bad.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I apparently must think differently than most people. When I go to purchase whatever house we end up finding, I will assume it's priced accordingly for the condition it is in and my offer will be based on the condition it is in. My idea of the purpose of an inspection is to make sure there are no hidden problems that I cannot see with my eyes.....termites, rotting, water damage, foundation problems..that kind of major stuff that would make you change your mind on purchasing a house.

We had our inspection yesterday and got the buyers list of "demands" today. Wow. Very nit picky and stuff that was already made known from the beginning and we priced our house accordingly. It is not a new house. The roof is not new. It has no leaks. It will probably need to be replaced in about 3-4 years. If we had put a new roof on it (and the shop and shed), we certainly would not have priced it as we did.

We had a good friend sell her older home recently. She's a tough lady - when her inspection came back with all this nit picky stuff she just told them nope. It sells as is. And she didn't go into her new home making any demands to fix this or that. She did the same as I would do - had an inspection to make sure there wasn't anything major she wasn't aware of.

oh, and guess what she asked for, as we had been outside talking to her while the guy was doing the inspection. The shower curtain! (Cheryl will get a kick out of that, huh?!) Then as we were walking her through some things and DH telling her where main water valve is on the property and stuff like that, she's asking for half of my yard decorations. Are you leaving this...are you leaving that? I can be super generous.....up to a point.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's try this again

Ok! We have sold our house - again....Let's hope this one goes ok.  Ended up with a full price offer, and no "allowance" back to them to help with their closing costs, so ending up with $6k more than we accepted last time.

The inspection is already scheduled for this afternoon, so it appears this lady is on the ball. Closing date is scheduled for 8/25. Just waiting to get past the inspection and appraisal and then we will breathe easier.

Feeling like we just passed a big hurdle in getting towards our dream goal.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Apparently we have a bidding war going on between the two who looked at our house yesterday.  I had already been told they both planned on making offers. Then this afternoon our agent emailed me that the first offer came in and she let the 2nd agent know that and she would get back to me later this evening. Then she called at 5:30 and said the 2nd offer came in and the first already upped their offer and now the second ones were upping theirs too, and she'd call me back tomorrow at 5pm to give us all the details.

Why the delay? At least tell me what the offers are coming in at!  So I texted her back to ask and she said she doesn't know what they are, she's been with clients and hasn't opened the offers. Well then how did the first people know they had to come back with a higher offer then?  So we're sitting here dying to know what is going on and supposed to wait until tomorrow evening when offers have been made today?  Seems strange to me.  Then she said she'll be back at her office around 7 and send me the highlights of the offers.

But super happy that it appears we will be on the road to having our house sold - again.  Hope we have better buyers this time.

Update: so there hasn't been a second offer yet. It was just an email to our agent from the other agent saying she has an offer but is waiting for the final signatures. First offer is a bit low, but I'm sure by the time we get done we should be at our asking price. The first offer contains an addendum to go up to our asking price if the other offer beats their offer.

Keeping fingers crossed

The people who looked at our house Thursday evening came back yesterday afternoon. She brought her dad and boyfriend with her (as well as her mom, who she had brought the first visit). They showed up almost a  half hour early, so we hadn't left yet. We hustled out to get dogs in the car as they were all getting out of their car and they were like "no, stay. You'll be able to answer all our questions". So an hour and half later they left. LOL.

Then after dinner I got a call from another agent who wanted to show it in about 45 minutes. We were just getting ready to leave when we saw a car coming past our house and thought it would be them, but they passed our driveway, turned around and went back down the street. As we were pulling out we saw them on the corner and the agent waved out her window so we stopped to chat for a few seconds. They had thought they were early and just were going to wait a bit.

While we were over at the school parking lot waiting, our agent emailed me that the people from earlier were going to be making an offer by the end of Sunday. As we were coming back home from this latest showing the agent was pulled off the side of the road around the corner and saw us coming so waved again. Her clients were with her in the car. She said they loved it and the woman client said they loved it and her husband loved the shop. They seemed pretty excited about it.  Their agent called me up like at almost 10pm with a question (about the junky neighbor) and said they will probably be making an offer.

Maybe we'll get two offers?!  That would be awesome. Keeping our fingers and toes crossed, that's for sure.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lost and found

Lost: another (most likely) baby wild animal in our yard. This time a tiny baby bird that must have fell out of the nest. Hard to find a nest in this big bush. It's this thick evergreen thing. DH read up on what to try to do, so he used an old hubcab and put a "nest" in it and set it up on top of the bush. Hopefully momma birdie will find it and feed it still. It looked too young and little to have been pushed out/ready to leave.

Found: MY DEBIT CARD!!!! I was over at the store (who's gas station I might have dropped it at) this morning, using the bank inside and decided what the heck - I'll go ask customer service if anyone might have turned it in. They had it!! Wooooo!! I was just about to cancel it later today since it never showed up in my car or house.

Got my mid year bonus yesterday and that is sitting in savings now. Very nice :)  Plus in addition to your half day/work remote every other Friday, we also get to work remote that following Monday. So, since Monday's are one of my office days, I'll have two less commutes per month. Another nice perk - especially for all those who don't typically work remote.

We had a good showing Thursday night. They had lots of questions yesterday thru their agent and are coming back again this afternoon to show another family member. I'm assuming it's probably the husband or boyfriend - appeared to be a lady and her mom with her looking at it, Thursday night. Keeping fingers crossed!

We have decided to keep trying to sell - we want out of this area. I've tweaked our "Plan B" with a little bit of creative financing and can make that work, if it turns out that we sell our house.  I've already been approved for the little house. I would just put the very minimum down on it, out of our proceeds. The rest of the proceeds, plus a small personal loan of about $10k, will go to pay cash for the land. All in all, it's still financing the same amount between the two of them, and instead of having half a house payment and half a land payment, we'll have a house payment. a small personal loan payment and no land payment. And with the house only being $125k to begin with, it's like hardly a house payment anyway (at least compared to what I currently pay out a month in mortgage) and way less than we could find to rent some place.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just sad

Life is making me very sad right now.  I'm trying to figure out why there are even such creatures as "lenders". There is a complete disconnect between what lenders say and know compared to what underwriters say and know. Pre-approval letters mean absolutely squat. (as our buyers discovered too).  Every single lender I have talked with acts like this will be no problem at all. What is the point of them, when the underwriter makes the decisions. It's a really stupid system.  Not to mention bottom line of it all - the mortgage I am asking for is less per month than I have been paying, for years, with no problems.  All the info I give the lender for my financials? well, none of the facts change when it goes to the underwriter. Seems like they could have a much better system to make the "pre approval" process much more accurate.

I was still working with a lender on the land loan part. Friday she seemed pretty confident it was going to go through. Yesterday she tells me no. And get this - if I had applied a week earlier, it would have gone through. Their underwriting changed their policy the week before that they will now only make loans 7 years past bankruptcy. Their previous policy had been 5 years. One week!

And then the other day one of our dogs found a baby bunnies nest under a bush under our kitchen window. Looks like they had probably just been born in the last day or two. DH put a bit of chicken wire up between the bush and the house, so the dogs couldn't get their paws and noses back in there, but momma bunny could still get to them no problem. We have been keeping an eye on them for past few days. So cute and tiny. Cutest little things. Well, apparently last night one of our barn cats found them and got them (saw one cat go there twice, on the camera). No baby bunnies left and the poor momma bunny just keeps sitting out on the grass in front of the bush wondering where her babies are. It's making me so sad.

The last 2 showings of our home scheduled turned out to be no shows. Monday's showing the realtor showed up, but not her clients. Our camera system shows this to be the case, but when our realtor asked for feedback from her (before knowing they didn't show up) she lied and said they were still considering it and still looking at other houses.  Tuesday's appointment just didn't flat show up. By that one I was mad. It's not like I'm at work, so not home anyway and no big deal. We have to take the dogs with us. I knew the appt was at 1pm, so I went into work early, left at 11:30. We left the house at 10 min before 1pm and waited over in a parking lot for almost an hour. Thankfully we have camera's to see on our phone or we'd never know when it was ok to go back. Finally we just said that was long enough time to give them.

DH's truck is having brake problems, so until he can get it into the dealer, he doesn't want to drive it until it's fixed and we don't want to fork out the money right now. So, I need to be here when we have a showing, so we can leave in my car. (plus his truck is all lifted up and hard for dogs to get into). I have no problem working my schedule around whenever it's most convenient that someone wants to come look. I have not rescheduled any of the showings or told them it needed to be a more convenient time for me. But, I draw the line at not even having the common courtesy to let us know they aren't coming. Completely rude. I'm not going to make our dogs sit in the car for more than an hour, for no reason. Plus, I lost an hour of work that I have to make up.

We had set up our showings so that the realtors contacted our realtor as to what time they wanted to come (with 2 hours notice) and she would let me know the time. Yesterday I told her I wanted to change it to having the agent's call me direct to schedule (we were offered that in the beginning but I didn't do it that way). That way I can ask them to please call or text me if they are going to be very late or aren't coming at all. And if we are gone and sitting there waiting and they aren't showing, I at least have their phone number to call them up and ask if they need more time to arrive.

And we decided no more leaving before the agent gets here. Most all of them have been at least 15 minutes late or give us a 30 min window of when they will arrive. When they show up, we'll get in our car and leave.

These buyers agents are making their commission off of the sellers (me)! They could at least be courteous enough to let you know they aren't coming. Obviously, people's plans can change, but a simple call isn't that hard. When I told my agent that I wanted to make the change to how appts are made she acted like I was blaming her. I said I know you can't control what they do, but I have no problem asking them to call or text me if plans change and I also would have no problem calling that one up from Tuesday and giving her a piece of my mind, as to her professionalism.

So, let's recap our last 4 showings: one had a kid who spent several minutes gang signing our camera, one stayed a total of 3 1/2 minutes, one's clients didn't show and the last a complete no show. Ugh.

I am just plain sick of people at this point. I even had my original lender (way back when we were first listed our house) tell me I should pay ($500) to have an inspection done on my house before listing, (and referred me to someone) so that anything found could be fixed and addressed. I almost did it! She was full of $%&. The buyers pay for the inspections (usually) and even if a seller has an inspection done, it's not likely that the buyers would trust that it's impartial and use it anyway, so from everything I read up on it, that would be a complete waste of money (unless maybe you had a house with a lot of problems to begin with). So, most likely she was just trying to send business to someone she knew who does inspections.

Monday, July 11, 2016

buyer, sellers, agents, oh my!

Earnest money is kind of a joke. What's the point of putting down money in "good faith" if "good faith" is all subject to agents (and buyers) interpretation? The buyer's and their agent want to say they only "partially" owe it to us. Either they fulfilled their contract obligation or they didn't. And turns out the reason their lending failed is his work visa paper work wasn't approved by them. Been 12 days since they rescinded now. I don't care, I'll drag it out a month, just to make them be inconvenienced by us like we were by them. My hunch is they knew they were going out of the country for a month - liked this house the "best so far" so put a "hold" on it (tied us up for the month) until they got back and decided on something else they liked better.

And then come to find out, our own realtor apparently knew, at least a week - maybe longer -  before the buyer rescinded their offer that their lending fell through! If she had told us this was the case, we would have terminated the sell agreement (I believe we had the right to do so and they would have had 3 days to figure out), so we could have re-listed our house right then. Not a week or more later. I think at this point, I am most mad about this. We had constantly been in contact with her on what was going on with these "absent" buyers. They made the offer, left the country 4 days later for the rest of the month. Waived (rather just ignored) having a formal inspection done. No FHA appraisal ordered. Their lender/agent was trying to get a hold of them so they could sign for the appraisal. We were finally told mid June they got a hold of them and the inspection would be ordered soon. Then nothing. I checked in with our agent to again, 8 days later to ask "where is the FHA inspection".And then again on the 30th of June (the day after he was supposed to be back in country) and then told buyer rescinded.

And my agent knew their lending failed. In her email to me today: "that's how I knew lending failed way before buyer and their agent told us about it."

I don't care if it was hours or days before - she should have told us as soon as she knew this information.

So, she just called me. Who knows whether she's telling me the truth or just trying to back track, but she says she just re-read what she typed me this morning and she didn't communicate what she was trying to say right. She said she had an inkling they were having lending problems, when they switched lenders (two weeks after the offer), lender supposedly told her they were well qualified and she asked for documents of approval. Asked again several days later, still got nothing, and then found out on the 30th they rescinded due to financing. She is saying that she feels 100% sure their agent knew all this 2 weeks before they rescinded offer and didn't tell her/us. Buyers agent is saying she only knew a week before offer was rescinded. Our agent and her boss (again, both these agents work for same company) both say the earnest money should be paid to us.  Either it is or it isn't. Simple as that, really.

So, not feeling overly confident in our realtor right now. I didn't tell her she lied to me, but I did say 3 times "but your email said this, so you can see how we would come to the conclusion you knew it failed and didn't tell us?". The last 2 showings have been a joke and a waste of our time. Saturday's people were here a grand total of 3 1/2 minutes. Spent 1 min 40 sec inside house and went outside, walked by our shed and got in cars and left. We asked for more specific feedback - especially the negative (because my realtor is a total PollyAnna) because if we don't also hear what the negatives are about the house, how do we know what we are up against?  I don't even think today's realtor's clients showed up. She was in the house, standing with the back french doors open and talking on her phone for like 15-20 minutes. There was no one else with her. And then she started turning off lights (we leave lights on in all rooms) and turned off the switch that run the wall outlet for our camera security system! Just leave the house as it was! It's how we know they are gone and ok to go back home.

The realtors response from Saturday's showing was house showed well, but would have showed better without pet odor.  Ok, good to know. Other than I'm not really sure what to do to "fix" that problem. Dogs live here, LOL. So, even if I have the carpets and upholstery shampooed, they still live here. I asked our realtor if it's something she noticed the two times she was here and she said not at all. I asked my DD - since she hasn't really lived here the past almost 2 years, does she notice it when she comes to visit. She said she does not. I even had our good neighbor come over and do a sniff test - so he could tell me how bad it is.. he said he didn't smell anything.  So, guess I can just try to use some carpet deodorizer when vacuuming.  I'm sure a big negative for everyone is the neighbor with the falling apart single wide and all his crap (slumlandlord). If that's why people are saying no, then we need to know that too. But then again, most people probably aren't even honest with a realtor. Like there was one house we looked at last March. You could tell the people didn't take really great care of the house....their dead xmas tree was still out on the deck...and had to walk around dog poop all over the yard while outside. And we didn't really say any of that to the realtor, so I can see how we are most likely not going to get much helpful feedback.

We have a little over 2 weeks left on our agreement with her. Not sure what we'll do after.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I hate losing things

Damn. I have lost my debit card (the one I use through PayPal). I went to get gas yesterday. I know I was distracted and thinking of other things (and the dogs were in the back of the car) as I reached into my purse (my wallet is built into the side of purse) to grab this debit card and I recall for a split second trying to decide if I should grab my store card to scan (3 cents discount) or just enter my ph# manually. I decided not to pull out the store card. I thought I pulled out my debit card and picked up my phone out of the center console, pretty much at the same time. As I was getting out of my car I slipped my phone in my back pocket and as I rounded the corner of my car I realized I didn't have the card in my hand and reached back, thinking I slipped it in my back pocket with the phone. No card. No card on the ground. No card dropped somewhere in my car. No card still in my purse. CRAP!

I went ahead and used my regular bank debit card to pay, but as I was pumping I started going through my purse. The inside compartment  was filled with my checkbook and a bunch of receipts. No card. I went through my whole purse. By then I was doubting if I had even taken the card out of it's slot in the first place, since I was thinking of 100 other things at the same time. I always put my card in the wallet part, in one of the slots. The last time I used it was the day before, while grocery shopping. I have no recollection of taking it out of my wallet at home, anytime after that, to pay a bill, nor did I order anything online.  I keep thinking if I wait it out just a bit longer, I'll remember using it again before that or something will trigger where I might have lost it.

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  I even looked on the ground again, underneath my car, before I left the gas station. I keep checking online
 to see if it got found and used (it has not) and I know as soon as I cancel the darn thing, I will find it. But, I have looked everywhere. My car is clean inside - no other crap to dig around. My house is spotless. I would see it, if it had fallen out. At home I always put my purse underneath my desk and it's not laying on the floor there. The only thing that was messy, was the inside of my purse, with all the store receipts, but I have gone through my purse 3 times now, and it's really not that big of purse.

GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I am so mad at myself.  I hate having to change all the bills I have set up to pay with this card.

Friday, July 8, 2016

A bit of good news

So, apparently either my original lender and/or her underwriter don't know how to read a credit report! After a week of trying to figure out why she is saying my mortgage and Heloc (her bank) are reporting me late for May, I finally get some answers today.

I made her contact someone at her bank to get to the bottom of how they could report me late/delinquent when I'm not. She emailed someone in their disputes department who called me up to tell me (as I already knew) that I am not late, have never been late and that lender/uw are reading the report wrong. She also called CredCo (who supplies the report) to verify, who also said the report is not showing me late.  The "red 7" only means that that account was included in a Ch 7 BK and the date was the last reporting date.....meaning, yep, it's still under Ch 7. She emailed the lender back, who still can't get it through her head how to read it. But, probably explains why no one else has come up with this issue. What a waste of my time this past week! Like I don't have enough other crap to deal with.

On a good note, I did get pre-approval that we can at least buy the little house in town with an FHA loan. Hallelujah! One step out of the way.  Looks like she was pretty thorough. She got payment history reports from both banks on our mortgage and heloc (so got the proof there I make on time payments) and verified my employment with my boss. I am still waiting to hear back from the other lender on the lot loan and it sounds like that should be figured out by next week. As of today, with the info she has looked at, she doesn't think it will be a problem, but needs to talk to her UW dept and they are short staffed today. With this plan, between the house and land loan our total monthly payments (including fire insurance and property taxes) would be about $835 a month. THAT sounds SO appealing!!

No more interest from anyone in our house for sale yet.  Just the 2 showings last Friday. I'm hoping now that it's the weekend again, we can get some more to come look.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spinning my wheels

The 4 day weekend (I got yesterday off, too) was much needed. I actually slept in, actually didn't wake up in a panic and cold sweat at 6am, actually felt a bit relaxed. I think it was because I knew everyone I've been having to deal with was not going to be contacting me for 3 days, so couldn't get any bad news.

I woke up yesterday morning back to "normal". And still spinning my wheels getting absolutely no where.  The lender who, 2 weeks ago, practically assured me this construction loan wouldn't be a problem just keeps telling me they are working on it. Well, good grief - you have all the info - make a decision one way or the other and let me know. He rarely returns my calls or emails, only after I've sent him about 3. This morning I left a voice mail on his cell phone that I needed an answer one way or the other today.

The original lender, who finally got her underwriter to go through it all, says Chase is showing us late as of May. She email connected me to some guy with a credit repair service they use. I finally connected with him this morning and he can't figure out what she is talking about, so needs to contact her back for more specific info. He asked me if I called Chase to ask them why they are reporting me late. I said, yes, that's the first thing I did. They say they aren't reporting me late, in fact they told me the week before, when I called to ask if they would start reporting my payments, that they aren't reporting me at all. He said that even if they aren't reporting my payments (like everyone else keeps telling me) that he doesn't see why that is such a huge problem for the lenders - as I (and they) can obviously supply them with payment history going back to whenever.

And the couple who was supposedly considering making an offer has decided they want to find a home in a different city, nearby. Which is honestly still a good thing, because I really don't want the pressure of accepting an offer when I don't have my own future home financing lined up!

I think I mentioned we are considering buying a small older home right in town. $125k - with a good sized down payment, practically no house payment and I can't even get an answer from anyone on if we can even qualify for that, with a supposedly "easy" to get FHA loan.

Other than the bk (which of course isn't a small thing, but all the lenders act like "oh you are far enough past it now) I feel like I am doing everything "right".

5 1/2 years of on time monthly mortgage and heloc payments (not to mention I was on time every month prior to our bk). I make almost $2400 a month in payments between the two. More than the new monthly mortgage amount we are requesting to have.

re-established some credit the past couple of years - a gas card, 4 store cards, the "care credit card" (used for dental) and a credit card.  All paid off on time and 95% of the time charges were paid in full the next month. The only ones I spread out where if I got no-interest for 6 months. All ended up paid off without incurring any interest charges.

a "middle" credit score of 700.

11 years with my job, at a decent salary. My combined yearly income is over $98,000 a year.  We own our vehicles. No car payments. There's just me and DH now, no other dependents.

Not really sure what else I should be doing. At this point we'd just like to sell our home. Use the money/proceeds to put a down payment on the property and buy the small house in town. Between the 2 of them, a total mortgage of $143,000. Big whoop. You can't even buy a condo in my area for much less than that.

here's my latest denial letter results:

"serious delinquency and public record or collection filed"
"number of accounts with delinquency"
"too many inquiries the past 12 months"
"time since delinquency is too recent or unknown"

so, the lender say I only need to be 4 years past bk (we are 5 1/2), so that it's not considered an issue any longer, yet the BK is the reason for #1,2 &4 and the reason they are denying me....

#3 - most all the inquiries are within the past 3 weeks - from all the lenders I keep trying with, which I am told is not supposed to hurt my credit score, if all done within 30 days


Friday, July 1, 2016

What is this world coming to?

We had a showing on our home this morning. DH always reviews our security camera's when we get back. Curious to see who looks at it, mostly, but he also watches to make sure none of the expensive tools and stuff in the shop disappear.

This morning it appeared to be a young realtor (and also evident by her business card left) and she brought her young son with her. With them was an older lady, probably in her 70's. We have one camera inside the house, in the family room. The kid couldn't have been more than 8 years old, if that. He saw the camera and proceeded to make faces, wave his arms in the air, turn around and shake his butt.  Then when his mom and the other lady walked out of the room, he turned around to make sure she wasn't watching him, looked back at the camera, shook his crotch, flipped it off and then proceeded to make what looked like some kind of gang sign! Unbelievable!

In the craziness of yesterday. At the same time as I'm trying to work on financing and finding out the buyer rescinded, I get an email from the original lender who has been having her underwriter go through all my stuff (and see if I can do the conventional mortgage with them on the little house in town). She emails me that the bank that has our mortgage is reporting us late as of May this year. Umm....how is that possible?  I've never been late in 27 years of mortgages. All the other lenders the past 3 weeks have been telling me nothing is being reported. I called Chase last week to ask them to start reporting and they told me they won't report it, since I didn't re-affirm. So how can I be showing as late?

Who knows. She is having some credit repair company they use look at it. I called Chase yesterday and they say, no - you are not late and emailed me a report history of the past year of payments. This banking/lending/credit business is seriously messed up.

We have another showing that just got scheduled for this afternoon.