Friday, July 8, 2016

A bit of good news

So, apparently either my original lender and/or her underwriter don't know how to read a credit report! After a week of trying to figure out why she is saying my mortgage and Heloc (her bank) are reporting me late for May, I finally get some answers today.

I made her contact someone at her bank to get to the bottom of how they could report me late/delinquent when I'm not. She emailed someone in their disputes department who called me up to tell me (as I already knew) that I am not late, have never been late and that lender/uw are reading the report wrong. She also called CredCo (who supplies the report) to verify, who also said the report is not showing me late.  The "red 7" only means that that account was included in a Ch 7 BK and the date was the last reporting date.....meaning, yep, it's still under Ch 7. She emailed the lender back, who still can't get it through her head how to read it. But, probably explains why no one else has come up with this issue. What a waste of my time this past week! Like I don't have enough other crap to deal with.

On a good note, I did get pre-approval that we can at least buy the little house in town with an FHA loan. Hallelujah! One step out of the way.  Looks like she was pretty thorough. She got payment history reports from both banks on our mortgage and heloc (so got the proof there I make on time payments) and verified my employment with my boss. I am still waiting to hear back from the other lender on the lot loan and it sounds like that should be figured out by next week. As of today, with the info she has looked at, she doesn't think it will be a problem, but needs to talk to her UW dept and they are short staffed today. With this plan, between the house and land loan our total monthly payments (including fire insurance and property taxes) would be about $835 a month. THAT sounds SO appealing!!

No more interest from anyone in our house for sale yet.  Just the 2 showings last Friday. I'm hoping now that it's the weekend again, we can get some more to come look.


  1. Yay! So glad you are making headway on the mortgage process!!

    1. yes! at least 1/3 of the process ok'd. 1/3 land loan and 1/3 sell our house needed :) Still a ways to go before I can breathe easier.