Sunday, July 17, 2016


Apparently we have a bidding war going on between the two who looked at our house yesterday.  I had already been told they both planned on making offers. Then this afternoon our agent emailed me that the first offer came in and she let the 2nd agent know that and she would get back to me later this evening. Then she called at 5:30 and said the 2nd offer came in and the first already upped their offer and now the second ones were upping theirs too, and she'd call me back tomorrow at 5pm to give us all the details.

Why the delay? At least tell me what the offers are coming in at!  So I texted her back to ask and she said she doesn't know what they are, she's been with clients and hasn't opened the offers. Well then how did the first people know they had to come back with a higher offer then?  So we're sitting here dying to know what is going on and supposed to wait until tomorrow evening when offers have been made today?  Seems strange to me.  Then she said she'll be back at her office around 7 and send me the highlights of the offers.

But super happy that it appears we will be on the road to having our house sold - again.  Hope we have better buyers this time.

Update: so there hasn't been a second offer yet. It was just an email to our agent from the other agent saying she has an offer but is waiting for the final signatures. First offer is a bit low, but I'm sure by the time we get done we should be at our asking price. The first offer contains an addendum to go up to our asking price if the other offer beats their offer.