Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday fun

Friday is finally here. Even though I had Tuesday off, it's still felt like a long week. It got to like 73 degrees yesterday. No heat needed on in the house! Supposed to be 72 today. And it's payday. Always a good day, especially since I also get paid for my side job.

This spring dh wants to take care of the noxious weeds down our little street in the natural buffer area between our road and the main road. (though you'd think the county or state would take care of it since they have the easement for their main road?) Last year our end lot neighbors did some spraying. We have a county office (like a 1 one guy office LOL) that handles weeds and general info on that, so I went with dh yesterday to see about getting the weed killer, they sell it to the public. We have 2 kinds of weeds: Knapweed and Mullien. The mullien are awful and we learned stuff from the smart guy, haha. It's a 2 year weed and the 2nd year is when all the seeds are there. A stock can have a million seeds. So, it's sounding like our neighbor killed the first year growth, but now even though the plants are dead, they still have the stock with the millions of seeds! So, the guy explained do not mow them down - it will just spread all those seeds! Anyhow, we decided to have him come out and see whats what so he can best tell us what is needed. He's going to stop by at 11am today. I know our other neighbors have used his knowledge quite a bit over the years for planting things on their property. He seems like a nice guy. When he said he could come out and look, he said he had a meeting yesterday afternoon, but would call. He called yesterday afternoon to come out today, so that was nice to have such a quick response. That doesn't always happen around here, LOL.

And I'm still waiting on my laundry room cabinet! Last email I got from her was in March that said it was scheduled to ship to her on 4/19 and she would call me the following Monday to set up in install date. That was two weeks ago now. I emailed her yesterday for an update and no response yet. And dh has yet to hear from the HVAC guy on when he'll install our air exchanger system and that's been at least 2 months since he contacted him. 

The past couple of days I keep hearing this bird call I don't remember hearing before. Like 3 notes. Hard to look up in my bird book, since I can't see the bird, LOL. As near as I can tell from googling 3 note bird calls, it sounds like it's probably a White Throated Sparrow. It's definitely not a Mountain Chickadee 3 note call, though we have numerous of those birds, so I would be hearing more than one, if it were.

I've been reading a good book the past couple of days. Another one of those kind of sci-fi mind benders with some time travel and NCIS investigating. It's called The Gone World. A little bit of gore from the murders, though nothing much worse than say the Kay Scarpetta series books by Patricia Cornwell.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Monitors, benefits and birds

A couple nights ago, right before I was going to bed (it's always right before I'm going to bed!) one of dh's computer monitors started flashing. Not too long later it went black and then so did his 2nd monitor. I took a few minutes trying to figure out why, if one monitor was going bad, both weren't working. Then it dawned on me (as soon as he walked out of the den and I didn't have to listen to him complaining!) that the dead monitor was hooked up as the "main" monitor, so I couldn't see the sign in screen (he had tried turning his computer off and back on). I unplugged the dead monitor and then his other monitor came right back to life. So, at least one still works. Yesterday I double checked that dead monitor on my computer and it doesn't work, so in the garbage it went.

I decided to order him one just like the new ones my boss had sent me 2-3 months ago, as I remembered when she sent me the screen shot of them, they were only $110 (Amazon) - and they are really nice! Well, already they are apparently an "old" model and either not available anywhere or $200+.  I ended up ordering him, what I guess is the "newer" model version of this monitor, for $129. I think/hope between the half dozen different monitor cables I ended up with, I have one hand what will work with this new monitor and his computer, without ordering another one. I have cables I already had (those pin kind, one with blue ends, one with white), I have 2 of the ones my boss ordered with my monitors that weren't right for my computer, and also I think the monitors came with a different style. Hopefully, I'm right this time. From what I know plugs into the back of his computer and what is showing for the monitor (and looks same as my monitors) I have 2 different ones that either will work. I know he has liked having 2 monitors again, so the new one is supposed to be here mid next week.

I still needed to get my employee benefits enrollment done. We were supposed to have until the end of this week and I didn't end up  getting time to call Monday. Then they changed it to end of day yesterday.  I called yesterday morning and they had to reset dh as my dependent, so I could add him to various benefit options and see what my costs are. I didn't figure I would end up adding him, but at least wanted to see what it cost. I did end up changing myself to our HSA plan. My company will contribute $600 a year to it and at this time I also opted to start contributing $600 a year. I did some research and can use the money for any medical expenses dh might incur, so I think it's a smart move, especially getting the free $600 from my employer each year.

I also debated on if I should add some more voluntary life insurance to the $50k I already have through my employer. I do have a term life plan that I've been paying on for quite a few years, separate from what my employer offers, but with our increased mortgage amount, more would be better, at this point. I added $100k more.

My boss had also included her her email to everyone about the enrollment period, that there will no longer be short term and long term disability, as now it is covered with the state's FMLA act. I emailed last week to ask her if that applies to me, also, living out of state. She never replied back, so I asked her again yesterday morning. She said good question. She will check, but she thought I would not now be covered under STD, so add it as a voluntary option and they will reimburse me for it. I'm not the only one who lives out of state. We have 2 or 3 who live across the stateline border from our Eastern office and then there are 3 of us who live in different states, in other areas of the US and work remotely. 

Pup is doing well. He kept wanting to play ball yesterday and wasn't understanding why we wouldn't throw it for him. At least that's a good sign he was feeling better. He's eating normal.

Today is supposed to get to 73 degrees, our warmest day so far this spring. Sounds like it will be a good day for eating dinner out on our new patio dining set. The welder guy came by after work on Tuesday to see what dh needs for the gate and of course is getting right on it. He complimented dh on his very nice green lawn and wanted to know what dh uses on it. DH couldn't remember off the top of his head what it is, so I looked it up and wrote down what it is and where to get it and he texted it to him. We live on a 2 lane "highway" that runs out in front of us (and our street runs parallel to it) and cars and trucks will be going by (speed limit is 60) and some literally practically come to a stop when they get in front of our house (there's not much traffic on it, so usually no one is behind them, LOL). DH is always like what in the world! We put the birdbath back out on the patio yesterday. No bird friends back yet to it, though there are quite a few birds back, now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

On the mend

We got to the vets a little before 8am. It was a different woman at the front desk, than on Friday. Got him checked in and she says ok, see you around 4pm! We are like umm....since we drive an hour to get here, the vet told us he could have it done in about 2 or so hours, so we could wait...She's like oh ok, well, usually it takes at least 3 hours. Pup had no anxiety going inside this time and went right back with them. As she was taking him back I looked down at her schedule book, because the vet had told us he would block out his whole schedule from 8-10am so he only has our dog to work on, and I saw that he had done that.

We decided (or rather dh did, LOL) to go for a drive on farther north, since we had never been in that area before. Pretty drive and sunny skies. We stopped in the next small town. They had several parks and with restroom facilities so we used one of those and took a little walk down to see the reservoir. Then back in the car for some more driving. Stopped at a bigger reservior/power plant and took the trail path down to see that. Saw lots of geese and a bald eagle. Earlier we had seen a huge heard of elk. Went a little farther and pulled in a dirt road. I had no idea where dh was going. We went just a bit, parked, got out and walked a bit. He was looking for an old racetrack that used to be there and sure enough, we could make out what was once a dirt racetrack and on the other side were some leftover stands and a scoring tower. All grown over and long since raced on. The rest of the drive he babbled on about wouldn't it be neat to make it into a racetrack again? no....LOL. Went up one more small town and stopped at a little tiny store and got something to drink and a couple candy bars. By then it was 10:30 so we headed back. Most of the time we were out of cell service. Picked up pup at 11:30. Vet said he thinks he got it all out and is sending it in for testing to see if cancerous/what it is. We have to take him back in about 12 days to have the stitches removed. We were kind of rushed out of there ($532 later) and after we got home I was like hmmm...nothing given like antibiotics or pain meds? Ok, well, he's on an advil like pain med for his arthritis, so maybe that's why no pain meds. But, when that mobile vet removed the cyst from our other dog, he gave me antibiotics for 10 days and pain meds for a couple days.

For the first few hours we were home he was very restless (and wobbly) and whining quite a bit. I kept thinking he must be in pain! But it turns out he was whining every time dh went out to the garage or outside, LOL, because as soon as I'd sit by him he'd stop or stop when dh came back inside. He gradually got better and stopped the whining, drank some water and even ate a little food last evening. He slept well, in his usual spot on the floor next to my side of the bed and he ate this morning.  Since the stitches are on the front of his chest that he can't reach, he thankfully doesn't need a cone. Hopefully, he got it all out, though I'm not sure how he knows for sure? Like I said, we were standing at the front desk being told this and felt rushed. He was trying to tell us, while at the same time the lady is trying to get me to pay.  I'll get more info when we go back for the stitches removed.

Mr and Mrs Neighbor are worn out after 5 days of their DIL and 4 little boys. Only 1 more day to go! Mrs. took the week off. She had to take 2 of her dogs to the vet Monday morning and as she got home and was trying to coral her 2 dogs back in the confines of their property after opening the car, she rolled her eyes at dh, who was working out in our yard. One dog managed to get in our yard, so dh walked over to the gate between us to let him back over. Mrs. says she got just got home and every single door to the outside of the house is wide open.....and it's not exactly warm out. It was like 45 at that time of day. She said Thursday, when they all go home, can't come soon enough.

And later the mom was outside with the boys, who are, as usual screaming their heads off (and one of them is always crying.) She's on her phone. Dh decided this was the perfect time to mow our lawn, that has suddenly grown like crazy the past week and due for the first of the season mowing. Figured good way to drown out the screaming. Well....apparently firing up the lawn mower was annoying DIL's vacation time as she got up in a huff and went inside the house, LOL. Sorry you are annoyed by us Lady - we actually LIVE here. I looked out the dining room windows yesterday afternoon and see a big beachball type ball in their back yard...well, that's going to end up blown down the river bank and floating down the river!

My dd did that dog dna test a couple years ago. She just got notification that another dog is a 50% match with hers. Looks very much like her dog. She messaged with the lady and she described his personality of loving to watch animals on tv, which is exactly like dd's dog. He also doesn't like loud noises, same as hers. She has yet to determine where this lady got her dog, but I'm guessing it has to be a same parent to have 50% same DNA, her dog is 6, so a different litter/age. My dd's little dog is very unique. He's a tiny thing, that looks like a tiny Australian Shepherd. I can't remember what her DNA said he was a mix of - Aussie, cattle dog, and some small dog dna's.

I was just walking back from the bathroom to my office and see out the windows a deers butt go running by out the back windows, LOL. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

No rest for the weary

I ordered my mom a cardigan sweater and pretty top (hopefully right size!). It was free shipping code, but wouldn't come for 6-8 days, so I opted for the 3 day shipping and only had to pay the difference above the free shipping credit, so like $9, which is ok.  DD is sending her a pretty bouquet of flowers. I know my uncle will also call her on her birthday, for sure. When he used to teach, when it was my grandparents (his parents) birthdays he would always call and have his whole class (he taught community college accounting) sing happy birthday, LOL.

Dh worked on getting the brackets attached to the gate for the opener, and I helped him a bit with holding stuff. But, apparently he's going to need something made/welded for it, so this morning he called the welder guy who made the brackets for us.

Today he is out working in the bridge, installing the floor and railing pieces, that are now dry. Practically overnight our lawn turned green and grew like crazy. He will definitely have to do some mowing this week. 

The neighbors son's dogs will not go home until next weekend. Their DIL and 4 kids are all visiting again for a week. Saturday they all went somewhere together for the day (probably to go look at the property they just bought) and somehow, when the other neighbors hyper dog got loose and came for a visit, those dogs went ballistic and somehow 4 out of the 5 were out of their locked gate! DH got 2 of them back in right away and of course the other 2 took for for who knows where. Thankfully they came back pretty quickly and dh got them inside and made sure the gate was shut. Not sure how it got opened. DH is guessing one of the little boys accidentally left it unlatched and the dogs (and adults) didn't realize it, until the other dog showed up and jumping and barking ensued. It was chaos for a little bit there, LOL. From what Mr and Mrs tell us, it's always chaos with the 4 little boys there. Mrs said this time she put away a bunch of her breakables in a closet. When the mom takes them outside for some play time it's constant screaming and almost always one of them is crying and she pretty much just sits there on her phone.

Tomorrow we will be up early and out the door by 6:50 to go to the vets. Praying he's able to remove all of it, if the tumor is cancerous. They new arthritis medicine is working so good for him. I'm not ready to lose him yet, too. We will have to be there a couple of hours, it sounds like, since he has to be anesthetized. The vet said he was only taking him as a patient for the morning, so he can get done as quick as possible.

While the gun shooter across the river/up on the other hill seems to have finally taken a break lately, the one down river has amped it up. Go figure.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Plants, real and fake

Yesterday we planted the little flowering shrub in the driveway island, along with most of the ashes. We kept a bit, as I may have something made with them. DH believes in signs. The sign on Friday was right as we pulled into the driveway of the vet, it started snowing (dh loves snow). Yesterday as we opened the door to go plant, there was a raven sitting in the island exactly where we were planting it. Not sure the meaning, as pup hated the black birds, haha, but I'm sure they had some sort of understanding, LOL.

I'm getting really tired of ordering things online to have them show up and not be as described and pictured! Last January I ordered from Wayfair a fake plant. "Artificial Onion Grass in decorative vase". It's some ridiculous price of $100, but it was half off and I had some rewards dollars I used towards it, from purchasing my loveseat. But, it got backordered forever and finally arrived yesterday. It was supposed to be 40 inches tall, which is mainly my reason for purchasing it, I wanted the height, as well as the fullness of it, to set in my entryway, below and off to the side of my big mirror that is on one wall. It was supposed to come up to the bottom corner of the mirror. The one I received is 33" tall and not near as full. There are 8 "flowering" stems, mixed in with the green stems. The picture looks like almost twice that many. Mainly it is just way too short. 7" difference is a lot! It look ridiculous sitting there, so I will find somewhere else to put it. But, it's just too short to set on the floor anywhere, it looks dumb, so I'll have to find a table to set on. I'm disappointed. I will be leaving a negative review, but their site is set up that you can't review it until they receive notification back it's been delivered, so I'll have to wait a few days.

I finished up putting the second coat of stain on the remaining boards. I think dh will give them a day or two to dry/cure before installing, especially as it's been raining outside. Tomorrow should be better, weatherwise. We almost had enough stain left, but of course just not enough, so it's a good thing we bought more.

The medicine for the arthritis does seem to be working for our dog. Lately, if we walk to mailbox, etc, he will not walk the whole way. Used to be he was the one leading the way. Yesterday, he seemed much more back to his younger days and it looks like he's having an easier time getting up from laying down. Right now I'm splitting the pill (2x a day) in half and hiding in a piece of hotdog, but knowing him he'll figure that out pretty soon and I'll have to switch to folding it in a bit of cheese, haha.

My mom's birthday is next Sunday. I need to get her something! I was thinking clothing, but not exactly sure what size she is now (lots of weight gain the past 15 years) and then I kept forgetting to get online last week and get something ordered and on it's way here so it would be here in time. DD is sending her flowers, so I don't want to get her that. It's really hard now to think of things for her at her age and living where she does. She used to like Starbucks gift cards or Subway, but no use for those now that she doesn't drive. I think that's why I kept pushing it off last week, because I can't think of anything. This better be my goal today, I guess. to figure out a gift.....

Saturday, April 24, 2021


I guess it's just a time for some tears. All day yesterday, whenever I thought of our friend's son passing, I'd tear up. I tried to mostly stay off my computer and facebook yesterday. Then this morning I get on to read my favorite blogs and see one has just lost her son. And my heart breaks now for her, too.

We picked up some potting soil while at the lumber store yesterday. Today we will plant the little flowering shrub I bought in memory of our dog. I think we are going to mix his ashes in with the dirt to plant it. I may keep a little out, if I decide to send away and have something made with it. There is neat glass art done with ashes.

I see my mom got an email about 2 weeks ago from someone, with some pictures. She replied back a short email. But, she left the email in her inbox. Several days later she replied to him again, basically saying same. I left it in her inbox, thinking maybe she was keeping it because of the pictures, but then see this morning she replied again, not remembering she has already replied twice. So, I just moved it to her trash folder. 

Today I'm going to finish staining the bridge boards, as we bought another gallon of stain yesterday. DH may mow part of the lawn if the weather holds. Parts of it are very green and long now and in need. He's also going to start figuring out how to install the gate opener.

Short and sweet post this morning. It feels like Sunday, since I had yesterday off.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Vet news

We took the dog into the vet, so he could get checked out, and we could pick up our other dog's ashes. We wanted a small lump he has growing on his chest checked out, as well as hopefully give him something for his stiff front legs. He did a quick biopsy of the lump and I can't remember the name he rattled off, but likely cancerous. It will be removed next Tuesday morning and he will send it in to check. He gave us a prescription medicine, as he said it appears he's getting arthritis.

While we were waiting on his biopsy test for 10-15 minutes, we both of course looked at our phones while sitting there. Only to hear the heartbreaking news some friends of ours son just passed away - from cancer and then complications from previously having Covid, too, it sounds like. Though the cancer diagnosis was not good to begin with. So, this vet exam room just seems to be a place where we are sad, that's for sure.

By the time we left and going through the town where we like the burger drive thru place we decided to get lunch. We had read a new owner took over, after many years of the same owners. Welp, she totally changed the burgers. Neither of us liked them much at all. I also don't really like cheddar cheese on my burger. And especially not to pay $28 for a cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger and 2 shakes! They've always had those high prices, but at least the burgers were really good. Bummer, as that was our only place "nearby" to get something we really liked and get out of the house once in awhile, at the same time.

I'm glad I have the whole day off. I'm ready for a nap.

Thursday, April 22, 2021


DH didn't have the boards needed to do the floor part of the garden bridge or the hand railing. He also did not want to spend the ridiculous amount of money they want for wood. What he did have was still some wide beams of enough length, but no way to cut them down to thinner pieces. He asked our retired friend (who cut all our tree boards in the first place) if he could cut them down to like 2 inch thickness. He picked them up Tuesday and brought them back all done yesterday! We paid him for his time and I'm sure it was cheaper than buying at the lumber store now. Plus, we got more of those beams out of our space. DH also had some bigger flat pieces he had no need for and friend did, so he gave him those. He's so funny. He was apparently talking last week to Mrs Neighbor and told her that we (me and dh) sure do make good brownies. So she made cookies and took them to him Sunday. Then yesterday he says "did you hear Mrs brought me cookies?" I said ya, you are a scammer! LOL.....he just giggled while I handed him some brownies I had made the night before....

He spent the rest of the afternoon cutting to size and sanding. It was almost 6pm when he got done and said they were ready for staining. So, to make dinner quick, I just made some sandwiches so we could eat fast and I could get out there to stain. These will also need another coat, but there is barely any stain left, so he will have to go get another gallon in town today, as well as he will need more screws. It should be close to getting done soon, other than he also wants to add some wood wagon wheels to each side. I was going to order online, but he hasn't decided which size he wants, yet.

Yesterday, our neighbors had the guy who lives down a mile and has that strip of property across from us, to use his new (old/used) machine to level off some of their ground on the other side of their house. I guess Mrs wants it more leveled, so they can plant grass over there, rather than just natural looking. So, he was busy doing that for quite a few hours yesterday morning. I was wondering what I was hearing from my office! Then I realized what was going on when I went outside to check for eggs around noon. DH also talked to our other neighbors last night (while I was staining) and I didn't realize he works for the place you call when you need something located before you build/dig, etc. He said, so the guy who owns the strip called in for locate....and apparently the reason given was something to do with leveling some still who knows what that could mean. DH told them about his comment years ago to the other neighbor about cabins.

This change to a new mortgage company before I even get my first payment out is confusing me. First I get a letter that says the official transfer date is 5/1, so since my payment is due that date, I need to mail it to the new lender. Then this week I get another letter saying the official transfer date is 5/3, so now I'm supposed to send my 5/1 payment to my old lender. Then yesterday I get an email saying it's been transferred to the new lender earlier this month and to send the new lender the payment. Which is it?! I'm just going to mail a check on Monday to the new lender. They should have it around the 1st.  

Today all the new gate opener stuff is delivering. The past couple of weeks our UPS driver has had us on the early end of his route, rather than the end, so he's been coming around 1pm instead of 7 pm. Hopefully, that is the same schedule today. Tomorrow I have the day off and we are going back to that vet to pick up ashes and also have our other dog a check up. He has a little lump growing on his chest we want checked out, as well as his front legs are really stiff after he's been laying down, so maybe there's something we can start giving him for that. I started giving him the Cosequin DS about a year ago (I had given it to the other dog for several years, per vet advice, and it worked good for him) but it doesn't seem to help with this. One he gets up and moving, he seems fine, but getting up from laying down is a little hard for him. He is going to be 9 this summer.

It's open enrollment for benefits at work. I wanted to do some comparisons on what it would cost to add dh (though I always end up not, due to the high cost) but for some reason it's not letting me choose him as a dependent and find out. He's already in the system as my spouse and also the beneficiary of my life insurance, but no option to add him to insurance. I keep getting an error message. I thought maybe it was a glitch on day one, so I waited a few days to see if it was fixed, but it's not, so I'll have to call. Usually he's listed as an option for me to add to the plan and compare costs. At a minimum I am considering doing the HSA plan for myself, with the higher deductible. I'm not sure that's what I want to do or not, but I have about a week more to decide. We have 3 options, all at no cost to the employee. A $500 or $1000 deductible plans or the HSA plan which has $2800 deductible. For my annual checkup and mammogram I have never had to pay out of pocket or even the $500 deductible, so any plan I choose that's covered. My 2 prescriptions would need to apply to the deductible, but I think they are pretty minimal cost, but I need to check that, too. With the HSA any money I put in there I can use towards any medical costs we might incur for dh, tax free, plus my company puts in $50 a month. I'm thinking with my good health (at least for now) I should take advantage of that and also put some in myself, that way if we need it for dh's high deductible plan, I have it saved up. Anyhow, that's on my to-do list today, call and get help.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Interior Design

As I'm scrolling through Facebook yesterday there is a real estate ad (I commonly get those, because you know...I clicked on one once and now I'm forever getting them) for a nice $2 million dollar home in the nearby city. I had no intention of looking at it, but did see it had one comment, that said "a bit pretentious".  (people sure are rude out loud). Well, ya the house is a bit "much", though I did notice the kitchen cabinets and countertops look exactly like my house, LOL. But, that's about the only similarity. It's all "french country", so fancy and a lot, not to mention 9000 sf.

A bit of history: when I got out of high school, I decided to get a degree in interior design. The community college I was attending had a 2 year program for it, so my bestie and I signed up. I think we had taken an elective in high school one quarter that was interior design, and both really enjoyed it. I took the classes for the first year, but in researching getting a 4 year degree in it, the only "closest" university, that offered it was across the state and I had zero desire to go there or anywhere away from home. Anyhow, during that year, and some off campus field trips to interior design places, I also realized it wasn't really going to be for me. I didn't want to have to satisfy customers and figure out what they thought they wanted. It seemed with a 2 year degree most end up working at a furniture store. So, I switched to Accounting, LOL. My friend did finish the 2 year degree in ID and then went on to work full time at the grocery store she had worked at part time since she was 16, haha.

Back to the house I was looking at online...Pretentious can be achieved with money, that's for sure. I would tend to use the word ostentatious, instead. But, without the money behind it, that kind of style ends up just looking tacky, LOL. I realized I am trying to achieve a look that is NOT ostentatious in any way - because with my budget it would end up looking tacky!

Following several Facebook decor pages the past few months I've gotten to see a ton of pictures of inside people's houses and decor. And whooo boy - most of it is just too much! Too much farmhouse, too much western, too much rustic, just too much. For example, I like a little Western decor. I have some here and there. But, no, I am not going to cover all my kitchen cabinet doors with cowhide! (besides, ewww - how would you keep it clean?!). Now on the other hand, I think covering my bar stools seats in cowhide would be neat....

I prefer a little of the style(s), but not overboard. Like some of my rooms definitely need more decor, that's for sure, but I guess I'd rather err on the side of less than more. I like to have a little breathing space in my decor. I'm trying to achieve a "classy rustic" look (on a serious budget), if that's even possible, haha.

In the meantime I recently discovered the panoramic picture view option on my phone camera, LOL.  

(that black blob on the floor is the dog, haha). Of course the pics get a bit distorted, but I like how they show more than a regular picture. I was sitting in the matching recliner when I took this.

So, now, my interest in interior design is just limited to satisfying my own ideas and looking to see what others do with theirs. Some of it inspires me. Some of it makes me laugh (or cringe). And some of it depresses me, because I want the look, but WAY too expensive! But, I like what  have done so far. It's enjoyable to me to find things to decorate my house and it's all a work in progress, that's for sure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Brotherly "love"

Saturday night at 10pm dh gets a text from his younger brother. DH has not had any contact with him in 2 years, since their dad passed away, and then it was just about the dad by that point. DH gave it his best try a few years ago. But, brother has some serious issues, including drinking a lot. More than likely the Saturday night text was a result of being drunk.

DH tried his best to reconnect with this brother (as well as his older one), but his brother just seemed mainly interested in telling dh all the bad things about dh (even the fact that dh is tall and he is not, apparently is dh's fault for that, too. Seriously.). One phone conversation a few years ago (we were living in the shop then) he accused dh of being a rapist, at 15 years old! DH was like WTF?!! He and his brother (who was 14 then) were hanging out with a couple of girls their age and dh liked one of them. Joking around, he asked her for a kiss, which apparently she gave, and that was that, LOL. But in that phone call when brother brought it up, he says that's rape, right there. DH just kind of let it pass and didn't really say anything back. Again, what in the hell?! I'm sure little brother's memory is clouded in that he was mad dh got a kiss from a girl and he didn't. LOL. He never even had a girlfriend until college and then he married her, haha.

Even after that dh still tried to stay connected with him, but it was obvious brother is just too damaged from whatever he perceives as he was wronged all during childhood, by both dh and their parents. Interesting that only a little over a year apart in age and they have so different memories of growing up.  Plus dh was the one putting in all the effort to connect, not brother.

So, the text. You'd think a normal person would text, after 2 years, and say hi, how have you been doing? Nope. He says remember that time we were walking home from a concert at night.....and goes on something about dh flipping off some guys in a car and cops showing up. Then he says why were we walking home in the first place?

What in the hell is wrong with this guy? DH didn't even bother to reply. First off dh says he never flipped anyone off. DH is NOT a fighter, never has been, nor is he the type that went looking for trouble, nor in knowing him almost 40 years (since he was 19) have I ever seen him flip anybody off, ever. Second off, dh said no cops showed up on that walk home.He said to me he's pretty dang sure he'd remember if he had had an interaction with cops as a teenager, especially if it was due to something he supposedly instigated. And third, I'm sure brother must remember why they were walking home, if he supposedly remembers it in the first place? They were walking home because dh's girlfriend (dh was 16 at the time) and his best buddy were flirting with each other at the concert and it was obvious to dh at the time something was going on between them. He got mad/hurt and left to walk the few miles home, so of course little brother went with him.

And lastly, what in the world is the point of even bringing that up? He's just strange. His only intent on ever interacting with dh seems to be to want to make him feel like never did anything good growing up. He only ever wants to seem to wallow in their childhood memories, not be in the present. When dh was visiting with his friend of 40 years, Sunday, I don't think they hardly even brought up any memories from way back. They just talk about stuff going on with each other in the present. What's new, etc. He talked about his motorcycle racing, what it's like to live in Texas, etc. DH talked about living here. You know, how normal people act!

His older brother was basically the same, though he wasn't so much interested in talking about growing up (probably because he is 7 years older than dh), but he certainly was interested in making sure dh felt like he's less than him. DH would never treat them like that. He has no interest in making someone feel like they aren't worthy or are stupid, etc. 

DH has been considering changing his cell phone number because he wants one with this state area code, but also hates to give up the phone number he's had for ever. But, this might just be a good reason to do it, haha. Then he can just give it out to those he wants to talk/text with.

When we were chatting with the neighbors on Sunday, the surveying across the road came up. Mr. said that guy told him he bought a used dozer (or maybe it was backhoe, something like that) and wants to practice with it (because maybe he wants to start using it as a side job from his regular business?), but ok, so he wants to practice using it on his property, why the surveying? Mr. said the cabins were brought up to him years ago, and he hopes that's not what he's planning.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Sunday surprise

Yesterday was 71 degrees out. This morning, not so much.....LOL

Yesterday morning we were outside at the fence chatting with Mr. Neighbor. Mrs. Neighbor came home from town and said that camper is now parked about 3 miles farther down the road, towards town, in a parking/pull off area on the side of the road, so obviously had been there since the day before, when they left their campsite nearer us on Saturday afternoon. I said well, at least he's heading in the right direction, away from us. The red pick up was not there, she said just a black BMW, which no one had seen with it before. When I saw the red pickup hooking up to it Saturday, there was also a white car there. There's quite a few houses across from where he's parking, so I imagine they will be reporting it now.

I then did the second coat of stain on the garden bridge. I think the second coat was good to do. This is with one coat (and still wet)

I don't know how long it will take him to finish it, as he still has to get/buy some wood for the "floor" to walk across. FedEx delivers on Sunday here, so my new navy blue patio umbrella was delivered. It's still in the box. DH is going to make a base for it, with the Quickcrete he bought, but he was waiting to find out the size of the pole before he makes it.

He continued to work on some other pieces he had to cut for it, while I went inside the house. Read a book for awhile, looked at things on Etsy for awhile, and then took about a half hour nap, that I didn't really sleep. At 4:30 I got up to feed the dog and as I'm walking by I see out the front door windows a pick up parked in our driveway and dh talking to someone out there. I had no idea who's truck and then I realized it was his best friend from Texas! He had been in WA last week for several days and took a bit longer way home so he could stop by for a short visit. DH had no idea he was coming until he called him from outside our gate, haha. They have been friends for 40 years. He didn't want to stay the night, but we did get a good visit in with him until late evening. Even got to sit out at our new patio chairs and table. The last time he had stopped by we were just starting on building our house. When he came inside he said it looks just like a mountain lodge. Then he said "everything matches" and I'm like it does?! LOL. He said yes, all the wood and stone and decor matches. He said that picture frame (we just put above our tv/fireplace) is a perfect match. I said I looked for that forever LOL. He said "my house (he has a really nice house) nothing matches, LOL".

I didn't get to bed last night until 10:30, so I'll probably be tired by this afternoon.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Problem gone

I had to run to town yesterday and as I drove by the camper there was a red truck hooked up to it. On my way back by I drove a bit slower to take a look and the guy was definitely hooking up and all the junk he had strewn around the camper the past 3 weeks was cleaned up. Hallelujah! DH was busy with work gloves on and a face mask thing as he was sanding wood with the power sander, so Mr. Neighbor let the Forest Service law guy know the guy was actually there (in know...they wanted to arrest him on the warrant he has?....). Supposedly the FS law guy said he stopped at the campsite the night before and the guy was there and told he needs to move out of there. Not sure why he wasn't arrested if he has a warrant? Who knows. But, like dh said - hopefully he just isn't moving himself down the road on the other side of us!

We have only heard gunshots coming from across the river one day in the last week and only one day in the week prior. I did hear one single shot on Thursday - but it's also hunting season again, for turkey and bear, so it's very possible that shot was a hunter. Especially as there was only one shot.

I got lots of cleaning done yesterday. I dusted really good, cleaned our bathroom and shower out, washed all the windows in our doors inside and out. In the afternoon I stained the pieces dh has ready for the garden foot bridge he is building. We've decided to do 2 coats of stain, so I'll be doing the next coat this morning after I finish this post up.

My dd was very happy to have their new fridge installed yesterday morning. By evening she had gone to the store and stocked it up and sent a pic of how roomy it is inside. I'm like dang - that's a lot of healthy food, LOL. 

DH had put up his game camera to see what was moving the pinecones out of the island. It's a raven, LOL. Just picking them up and flinging them out. Not sure why. We've been adding pinecones since last summer/fall and never did it before.

Another sunny warm day - at least until this afternoon. And then snow is predicted overnight.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sunny Saturday

Other than neighbor dogs barking at the survey guy, they all did really well on their own yesterday. After he was gone they were completely quiet the rest of the day. Mr. Neighbor texted dh and said ok be honest. how were they? I see the bark collar is still here. DH replied that other than barking at the surveying guy (to be expected) they were perfect. That probably will backfire on us, as now they'll leave them out - but they go home next weekend, at least.

My dd is very excited to finally have her new refrigerator delivered today. Almost 2 weeks without one, other than the tiny one in their camper. The salesman discounted the sale price by the amount of the warranty, so they got a warranty, too and their old one will be hauled away.

We have a pair of Canadian geese that fly by along the river every morning. I hear them honking first and then see them skimming along the top of the water. They just went by. We are still really missing our two bald eagles. The nest remains empty and our telescope not getting used to watch them. I am going to figure out how to use it for stars, LOL.

A beautiful sunny morning, going to be 70 today. I now know what dh bought those concrete blocks for. We had talked before about putting a "bridge" across the "rock river" that is out in the front of our property, but ones I found online to buy weren't long enough. The concrete blocks are for building his own bridge. He put those in yesterday morning (we have really rocky ground so it's a chore) and then in the afternoon started on the bridge with some leftover beams he still has. I'm not quite sure what it's going to look like, but so far I'm sure it's going to be great. I'm sure he'll work some more on it today. I have housecleaning as usual to do, but I did do part of my mopping yesterday after work, while he was still out in the garage (we had a late dinner), so I can split up the strain on my back, doing it. Now I won't have as much to do today.

The vet office did call me Thursday to say the ashes are ready. I told her we'd like to bring other dog in for a checkup, as it's been a year since he last saw a vet, so we are doing that next Friday morning and I'll just take the day off work and will make for a 3 day weekend.

Time to go back downstairs and get some breakfast. I always drink a cup of coffee first and then breakfast later. And time to go give the chickens their morning bread treat.

Friday, April 16, 2021

What now?

The  neighbors have been so good the past few weeks about keeping the sons dogs inside while they are gone. Except for today. DH has been outside working on a yard area, Mr left and told DH he's leaving the dogs out, but if they start barking the bark collar is inside the door....huh?! DH is supposed to interrupt what he's busy doing and walk all the way over there to put a bark collar on their dog? DH told me if he's putting a bark collar on anything, it's going to be Mr. and Mrs son! First they started barking because FedEX delivered something there. Then a bit later they were all 5 going ballistic. I looked out front to see if I could see anything.

I see some guy in an orange vest across the road walking along, doing some kind of surveying. Well, that probably isn't a good sign. Our neighborhood of 7, 2 acre lots is surrounded by state land on all sides....except for one very narrow strip of land across the road, that follows back down the road about a mile. I mean NARROW. A guy who lives a mile down owns the thin strip. Not really usable/buildable for anything, just for some weird reason, sandwiched in between the road and state land and part of his property. His house and business is down a mile at the end of it, where his property is bigger at that end. Apparently the owner told Mr. Neighbor a long time ago maybe he'll build some cabins along it, to rent out. I'm praying that's not what it is, or if it is he's considerate enough to build them a little farther down, where there are no houses right across from them, just more state land. All's we can imagine is cabins literally across the road from us with loud groups of people using them all summer. Oh joy. If that happens we will probably just sell, seriously. We can certainly deal with someone building that lives near us permanently and is a neighbor. We don't want to deal with vacation people for months out of every year. 

When we were looking at this piece of property dh researched the area around us very thoroughly. To see what kind of neighbors were in the vicinity and who owned what properties near us. At one end of our 7 lots is a large piece of state land. Same thing on the the other end. On one side is the river and on the other side of the river (steep bank) is railroad and state land. On the road side is state land (with a big cliff and that teeny strip of land that runs along the road. DH felt certain nothing would be used on it, as it's not wide enough to build a house on. We just didn't think of small cabins!

Maybe that isn't what it is, but Mr. Neighbor will probably find out, as he talks to this quy quite often. I thought maybe he's having it surveyed because he's going to sell his place, but I don't really see that happening, since he also has his business set up there and he's been there about 15 years now. To access this narrow strip he has to cross state land at this end or access it from the end where his house is.

Seems like we just can't go outside to enjoy it without having to listen to something annoying. If it's not the dogs, then it's the shooting, and if it's not the shooting, it's the dogs. You would think in a county that has 1 person per square mile it would be pretty peaceful....

I haven't even made my first mortgage payment with my new lender (due 5/1) and they've already sold it to another company. I had already set up so I could pay online, and now since their transition is effective 5/1 and my first payment is due 5/1, I have to mail it in. Hopefully by the next month I'll be able to set it up with this company to pay online.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Is he or isn't he?

I give my mom a call last night to say hi. She says not much new going on at her place, still seeing her guy friend....I say Oh?! I thought you said a couple days ago he called it off? You can always tell when she can't remember something because she will pause and say oh..and then another short pause (while she's trying to remember) and then she said no, we're still seeing each other. So, who knows, LOL. And everytime she brings him up in our calls, she can never remember his name, haha. He's got his work cut out for him with her, LOL.

While I had my downtime from work yesterday morning I pulled out the actual credit card home depot sent me and logged in that website listed, rather than where I was supposedly logging in via my online ordering account, where I had linked the credit card. Logging in this way showed my charge recorded. So, I called customer service and inquired about the $50 off I was supposed to receive from opening the account when I placed the order. She put me on hold a couple minutes and came back and said they will put a statement credit on my account within 72 hours. I then decided to order a patio table umbrella, also from Home Depot, so that should be here next week. I logged in this morning and the $50 credit was posted. so now I'm at a zero balance as I had paid the patio table charge, less the $50.

So we found out why neighbors have their sons dogs again for a month - because they went on vacation. Boy, military life must pay well to be able to afford 2-3 houses (they use as air bnb or rent, I think), have your wife stay at home and not work and take month long vacations, LOL. Thankfully the neighbors have fully kept the dogs inside while they are gone, so there has been no barking issues this time, at all.

DH figured out what he needs for the gate opener. He's adding the solar panel and battery option, so that we don't have to get the electricians out, for now, and if this works well, we may not decide to have it hooked up to power. We just figured getting them out here could take months, I'm sure. The whole system is almost $2000, but most of that cost it what we'd need anyway, whether using solar or electric power. We have $2200 still left from the stimulus money, so that's what it's being used for. Hopefully, it's not something we have to wait too long for them to ship.

The vet had said it would be about 10 days before they'd call that the ashes are ready to be picked up, but still no call yet. Should be any day now, I'd expect.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday what not

I bought a new Calphalon small frying pan the other day and so far so good. I really want to find a new big saute pan with lid. The one I have has been annoying me for quite some time. The inside isn't flat, it domes up a bit in the middle, so if you pour oil or water in, it all runs to the sides. And anything I cook in there sticks/overcooks/burns if it's in the middle of the pan. I make this Birdseye skillet meal quite often and I have to keep the food out of the middle or it will stick and overcook. But, every pan I read reviews on (expensive ones, too) say this is an issue. Anyone out there have a big saute pan with a lid that they like and doesn't do this?

The internet is down at the office this morning, so I can't do any work yet. But, at least I can get the updates on what is going on with it from our Teams app on my computer. I tried logging in twice, then checked to make sure I have internet, then went to our Technology channel in Teams and saw the message.

I think DH is going to figure out what he wants to buy for the automatic gate opener today. Not so much that he minds getting out of the car to open and close, but when the wind blows the gates push out a bit, even though they stay latched. Plus, I'd really like to start riding my bike to the mailbox and not having to get off and open the gate every time to do it. I guess I should be using this work down time this morning to get the patio table umbrella ordered. I did find navy blue ones online with both Home Depot and Lowes. I also need to call Home Depot credit card. I'm very confused. When I ordered the patio set online it had an option to open a credit card and save $50. So, I did, but the $50 did not come off the total. I thought well maybe it will be a separate credit on the statement. I keep logging into the credit card and the charge is still not showing. There's a pending, because the available credit has reduced by the purchase, but still not showing as a charge. And I have the patio set! When I look at my order history (not through the credit card) it's showing as still in transit and supposed to be here tomorrow!

We had not heard any shooting from across in a week, but I guess we jinxed it. I was telling dd this and dh was texting Mr. Neighbor the same thing and then there were 4 shots. It was probably 5 as I thought I heard something a bit earlier, too. Another neighbor who lives about a mile down, told Mr. Neighbor yesterday that he saw the FS at that campsite for about 20 minutes, so sounds like they are trying to work on the problem.

DH has a mystery to solve and I think he set up his game camera last night, haha. He keeps adding pine cones to fill in the driveway island and he swears they keep getting moved, so he wants to see who is doing it, LOL. It seems like they are too big for the chipmunks we have around and we don't ever see squirrels. Probably some birds.

Oh, and in other news my mom called yesterday morning, a bit confused. She asked if she was dreaming it or did I say I was coming to visit her today? I said no, I was there on Sunday, but not coming today and she said ya, I think I must have dreamt it. Then she told me that her guy friend called it off. She said he didn't say why, but that's ok, she said. I told her probably just better to be friends anyway.  Who knows but my guess would be he realized how bad her memory is and how hard that would make having a normal relationship with someone. Or maybe some other lady caught his eye there, LOL.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Campers and calves

Yesterday DH called the Forest Service district next to ours, that has the law enforcement guys (2 apparently). One called him back. He is aware of this squatter camper, as the sheriff deputy dh had talked to did call him about it last week. He said they know who the guy is and he has a warrant on that they are working on right now. He said they had to deal with him last summer, in a different area about 60 miles away and he's not up to any thing legal. DH also told him it's strange that most days, since it's been here, no body ever sees a vehicle there with it. It sounds like that is maybe the hold up, the camper is there but nobody seems to be there very often. Now, knowing the guy has a warrant and up to no good, dh is pretty sure they are using it as a meth lab.....not actually living/camping there. I said well let's hope to God the law (the sheriff and Forest Service) aren't as slow to take care of anything as where we moved from or it will be months, or probably never! This FS LEO guy said he works nights and weekends, so if DH see's something suspicious he gave him his cell # and said to text him.

I have been keeping a log of when we were hearing shots from across the river (and then added the ones that started up again, last Friday, down river), but other than last Tuesday, there have been no shots coming from across the river up on the hill (knock on wood). DH is now wondering if our deputy also gave that guy a visit or a call? It seems like we just finally get rid of one problem, only to have another pop or or an old one resurface.

Saturday afternoon dh walked down to talk to our young neighbors about the camper and shooting. She was the one who said she saw the camper actually being moved in and it was a Monday, so that means he's been there over 3 weeks now. DH was kind of like geez, what do we do about all this crap going on. It's not very peaceful here anymore. "I guess move..." and before he could finish his sentence both of them shouted NO! you guys are not moving! LOL. Nope, end of discussion.  Well, good to know they like us as much as we like having them for neighbors :)

I had ordered a few items from a rustic decor website called DecorSteals. Out of the 3 items, only 1 was really like the pictures. The first item was that copper canister. Almost none of their items ever have reviews. I did find a way to leave a review about that and they did contact me right away and gave me a 50% credit. I then bought the plant stand, which was good. Yesterday I just got a rustic/rusted clock I ordered. Again, not really looking like the pictures. It's all very dark and no distressing, so you can barely see the Roman numerals on it. I'm a bit disappointed. I'm going to see if I can scuff it up a bit and make it look more distressed and the numbers more prominent. I'm not leaving a review. I see the review I left on the canister is no longer showing. I just took myself off their email list. There's lot of other places to buy decor from.

So far, the annual Memorial Day swap meet nearby is a go this year. We have been two or three years and 2 years ago we wanted a big wood carved bear we saw, but it was over $200 and at the time we just had too much money going to get the house finished that we said we'd wait and get one another time. Then last year it got canceled. Hopefully the guy, or someone else doing those types of carvings is there selling their stuff. It's a huge swap meet, which includes lots of local arts and crafts booths. I have been looking online like Marketplace or Craigslist to see if anyone is making/selling them around here, but haven't had any luck.

Weatherwise it looks like we are turning the bend this week so that it above freezing overnight now and by the weekend our overnight lows are supposed to be 40. DH got the compost/manure I bought put out around the base of all the shrubs and trees we have planted.  We planted some iris bulbs our neighbor gave us last Fall and they look to be sprouting some green so that will make dh happy if these grow. He's the one who wanted some of those when he saw hers. I'm glad we were able to get some bulbs from her when she split hers up as when I was looking at them online they were expensive.

I should be getting a call any day from the vet to pick up pups ashes. They had said about 10 days. I also looked back at my records and when the dogs had their last annual exam was about exactly a year ago, when I had the mobile vet come out, so when she calls I'm going to see if we can get an appointment for our dog to have a check up, too. Might as well, if we have to do the hour drive there. 

The small cattle ranch about 5 miles down the road from us has lots of baby calves in the field now. My favorite time of the year to drive by there. I told dh before, I think I was supposed to be a cattle rancher, LOL. Every time I see cattle grazing somewhere I always feel this sense of total peace. My grandparents on dads side were cattle ranchers. If my dad had had his sh*T together in his life I could have probably inherited an 800 acre cattle ranch and been living there now, ha! I know it's not peaceful and is a hard life, LOL, but when they are just grazing, it's a peaceful feeling to me. My half sis is same, she's like we could have just both had our own houses on 800 acres and had coffee together in the mornings, LOL. But, she now actually does live on a ranch in Canada - but it's a buffalo ranch!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Daycare memories

I had my post almost all finished and somehow hit a key and the whole thing disappeared. 

Ok, I'll try again. I'm waiting for my boss to answer a few questions regarding payroll. There's always some questions. Usually vacation days on our company calendar that are not showing as requested in our payroll system, or vice versa. A new employee, an employee on medical or family leave.

A friend I have known almost 34 years or so had her oldest son marry his high school sweetheart over the weekend. We go way back when we worked at the same company and got pregnant with our firsts at the same time. I even remember we had a joint baby shower at work. Our boys were born about 3 weeks apart. She lived fairly near me. When her 2nd was about 1, she lost her daycare and was looking for one. I told her about my AMAZING day care lady, who just happened to have 2 openings as 2 siblings had left the week before. She snagged it right up and was forever thanking me for telling her.

I remember when I was on maternity leave and starting to look for daycare for going back to work at 3 months. Ugh. I got a list of licensed daycares in my area from that state. The first one I called I could tell no way, just from talking to her. The 2nd one I went and visited and chatted with. Still not very impressed. Her daycare was downstairs in her daylight basement and she had the tv going the whole time and school aged kids running in and out. The 3rd lady I visited, I knew immediately she was the one. Her house was immaculate. She was calm and loving. She brought up things like she never prop fed a baby, always held them. She constantly washed bedding and toys. TV was very minimum, if at all. She didn't take before and after school aged kids. You know how most new mothers cry when they have to leave their newborn at daycare the first day to go back to work? Not me. I breathed a sigh of relief that I just knew in my heart that he was in such good hands. But, when I had my dd (4 years later) and decided to be a stay at home mom, the last day he was to be at daycare, I bawled the whole way to her house! We were going to miss her so much! After dd was born I decided to keep taking him to daycare for a few hours, a couple days a week. He loved it there and it helped me out, too. He did that for the year before he started kindergarten.

She had developed COPD really bad and died several years later, fairly young, in her early 60's.  I did go to her funeral and apparently there were a few others who had used her for daycare also in attendance. She was one of a kind. I was always kind of sad that my dd didn't get to go to her. She would have loved my funny, happy baby dd, that's for sure.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday stops

Yesterday couldn't decided if it's winter or spring. Frost in the morning. Then sun, then clouds, then rain, then snow. then sun and snow, LOL. I was just about done vacuuming yesterday and dh wanted to run into the town lumber store, so I went with. He bought 4 concrete blocks with posts, 2 lag bolts and a bag of quickcrete. I'm pretty sure he had told me awhile back what he was using them for but I wasn't listening so I didn't ask again. Figure I'll find out when he uses them, LOL. Whatever it is he didn't do anything with them after we got home.

As he got out to open up our gate, we heard a loud shot. Then 9 more in fairly rapid succession. Again coming from down river, where the night before were 3 shots at 11pm. As we had pulled in our street I had seen Mrs. outside in their dog kennel as we drove by to our driveway. She must have heard, too. Later dh chatted with Mr. and he said he wasn't home and Mrs didn't hear. But, I guess she did hear the first few as she was walking back inside their house.

I had talked to my mom yesterday morning, she called to ask if I was doing her taxes. I have already done them, but hadn't even mentioned it, figuring if she remembers about them great, if not, that's fine too. I told her I was coming to see her tomorrow, probably be there around 10:30. Later, she calls me after lunch and says are you on your way or is that tomorrow? I'll give her a call when I'm on my way this morning and see if I can stop and pick her up anything at the store. Of course she's going to say "oh, I can't think of anything". I'm not going to take the time to take her out today. I only plan on visiting with her for about an hour and I want to make sure her meds are filled up and any mail she has gone through. I'm also going to give her back her check register and just not worry about it. My response will be to tell her to log into her bank online and get the transactions from there and stop stressing about it. The problem is every time she needs help logging online. Our bank will not store the user name, but it will store the password (dumb) so no matter how many times I write it down for her, she doesn't know where it is and she won't leave it out or taped to her computer because someone could steal it.

Ok, I'm back from my trip to see mom. She didn't even mention her tax return and I gave her back her checkbook register. Then before I was leaving I was logging into her bank account to show her it balance with it and for some reason it made me change her password, so we decided to put her log in ID on a note under her clear desk pad (not that she'll remember it's there). Then she said well, why would I need to get online with it much? I said to keep your register up to date and look up the transactions and she said well, I should just let you keep doing it. Yay! LOL. So, I have it back.

The garden center I stopped at was awesome. So much stuff! I'll be back. Most of it was outside of course and I'm just walking around in a sweater. Others the same, even flip flops. I'm like how can the temp be 34 degrees (it was sunny) and we're all just walking around not cold? I guess I acclimated now, haha.

I stopped at TJ Maxx and got a new small frying pan and a broom. Try the new pan and see if dh stops complaining his egg sandwiches taste weird.  At least Walmart didn't short me what I ordered to make an easy dinner tonight - deli sliced roast beef and sandwich rolls to make french dip sandwiches. Yum!

I'm pooped. I'm not one who can shop for very long in the best of situations, so after a 45 minute drive and 6 stops at various places, then a 45 min drive home is tiring to me. Stops: TJ Maxx, Walgreens (for my mom's things she wanted), then my mom's place, then Home Depot (no luck in finding a navy patio table umbrella), then Walmart (35 minute wait for them to bring my order out!), then the garden center, about 10 minutes from there).

At the garden center I also picked up a flowering plant to plant in memory of our sweet dog we lost.

Nap time!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

So much for hope

Shoot....the down river shooting happened last night at 11pm. 3 loud shots in a row. Apparently Mr. Neighbor heard it, too, as we got an email from him. I guess it was too much wishful thinking to hope that problem had gone away, too. Who the hell shoots at 11 at night?!

It was such a nice day yesterday. DH and I took a little walk around at noon and again after dinner.

I got a call back from my mom's investment broker assistant lady about her RMD. While she says my mom was never on auto distribution for it, I disagree. She was last year and after the March distribution I had to have her cancel the Sept half. Anyway, glad I inquired because it sounds like with it getting turned off last year, they forgot to turn it back on. I told her to just do it once a year in March, is fine. She got the money transferred and I see it in her savings account, but it was less than the RMD....then finally I remembered they take out taxes from it. 

Dh said he now heard there might be a shortage of ketchup. Also heard that toilet paper prices are supposed to skyrocket this summer. Good thing we have a bunch. I'm just going to keep buying each grocery trip and then when the price starts jacking up, I'll stop buying, until I have to stock up again. A friend of mine, who's husband is a salesman and has to drive a lot, said it's costing him $20 more per fill up now and this is a car, not a big tank with truck or SUV. $90 for a sheet of plywood! Insane.

Housecleaning day. Fun stuff ;)

Friday, April 9, 2021


I didn't realize the reason dh hasn't been doing any of the projects on our list is because most of them involve building something and he gets too cold working out in the unheated garage and that is where his big work bench and table saw is. Well, I hadn't thought of that and don't blame him. It's cold out there.  When I go out there to get chicken food or scratch, half the time it feels colder in the garage than outside! With the weather starting to warm up, he should be able to get started in again on stuff fairly long as the lumber needed doesn't break the bank.  He said he looked up a sheet of plywood on Home Depot and said the price has like quadrupled since we built our house.

Gradually, parts of the lawn are turning green again. Some parts very green and some still completely winter brown. One part near the front corner of our fence is green and growing, it almost needs mowing already! The other side of the fence, where neighbors tried to plant grass is filling in, but very weedy, but I'm sure they will add that to their lawn fertilization they pay to have done several times a year. Which reminds me, I will need to pick up the lawn fertilizer we've started using. It's from the feed store in the city and we need about 3 bags at $25/bag. It seems to work well and easy to apply. DH just uses a bag thing we bought where he puts it over his shoulder and cranks the handle around and it spits out the fertilizer, or grass seed, or whatever he is putting down, as he walks around. Much cheaper than paying someone to take care of our lawn. He applies it around Mother's Day and then the same brand of fertilizer, in a different ratio, at the end of summer, at Labor Day.

I think I'll go see my mom on Sunday and get groceries while there. Sunday seems the better day, weather wise, as tomorrow is predicting some snow again. That gives me Saturday to concentrate on house cleaning. 

Our sheriff's dept (all 7 of them) finally got brand new vehicles to drive, instead of already 5 year old hand me downs from the state patrol. Like dh said, it's nice to see and makes a local citizen a bit more proud to see them being able to drive something nice (and 4 wheel drive, which of course they need around here). Lord knows they make squat in salary. I think our friend that stopped by last weekend said they make like $17 an be a cop! Ridiculous. Yet, friend said, someone can go work as a meter reader for the power company in our area and makes $30/hr. 

Our offices are going back to a part time office schedule starting in June. T-Th in the office and M and F work from home. No mask needed if you are fully vaccinated and wear a mask if you are not. Not that it affects me and a few other full time remote workers. I think I'm going to start taking either a Friday or a Monday off every few weeks. And figure out a week here and there, during this year.

We still haven't heard from our HVAC guy on when he's going to install our air exchanger system. As usual, with contractors here, SLOWWWWWWWW. But, our experience with him wasn't like that when doing our house. We can't start the master closet project, until he installs that, as he will be using a corner of my closet space to install this and vent to outside (to exchange the air).

I got my tax returns done and submitted yesterday. Yay for not procrastinating like I usually do with it.

I totally bungled up my federal tax withholdings for my paychecks yesterday afternoon. I didn't know the W-4's have been changed. I was actually wanting to take a look at what I had set up for State tax, as I always get a refund, so wanted to reduce that withholdings a bit. But, the system was telling me before I could click on state I needed to update my Federal. So, I was assuming I'd just open it and ok/keep what I had. Well, I don't know exactly what I did but it updated me and put my federal w/h quite a bit higher. I guess there are no more # of exemptions to claim. It wouldn't let me delete the new w-4 I had just inadvertently submitted. Finally, after spending some time looking over the new w-4 and worksheet I was able to figure out I needed to add in the $ amount I itemize in excess of the standard deduction. That took me back to close to where I was before. Luckily, I also have access to a calculation feature, where I can run a projected paycheck and see what all the deductions are, so I was able to know where I adjusted it to, now.

Back to work. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

New signature

I noticed something new in an email signature I haven't seen before, in an email I received from an employee of a company my company does business with. After her name the person put in parenthesis (she/her).  This "wokeness" has become ridiculous. Like I said to my dd, when asking her if she's seen anything like this yet, "I don't care if you are it/he/she/they, just do your job and process my PO" LOL.

My mom did mention her boyfriend yesterday, but she forgot his name, LOL. She just referred to him as her friend was coming over in a bit to watch some tv after dinner. I asked who (wondering if it was him) and she like oh the guy I met, I don't say his name often enough, I can't remember his name right now. I'm glad she has someone to pass some time with. Before that she was visiting off and on with her neighbor lady across the hall, but last time I was at my mom's she mentioned she had been gone a week or so, in the hospital.

I finally didn't have to log down any gun shots yesterday (Mr. Neighbor had asked me to keep track). I was gone for about 45 minutes during his peak time, but dh was outside working so he would have definitely heard, if there were. Still crickets from the shooter down river.

It pretty much felt like old days going into town yesterday. Lots of traffic (well, for a town of 800 LOL), the restaurant parking lot full, the hotel lot pretty full. No masks required (we also have had zero active cases for awhile now). DH had put a huge garbage bag of pop cans in the back of my car for me to drop off. There is a house in town that takes them, but as I pulled up, she had a big sign on her fence that said no longer accepting aluminum. Dang. We have been dropping them off there a couple times a year for the past 4 years. I did some looking and there is a small recycling center just on the other side of town that is open 2 days a week to take recyclables, so probably just start using that.

DH finally worked on something yesterday. There is a big rock in our driveway island that he wanted moved over a bit. Too big for him to move by hand. It took a bit of work to get it moved. He had his quad with the snow plow on front trying to push it. No luck. Then he had me get on the quad and he used a big crow bar and got it underneath while I pushed with the quad. Finally, it started moving. He's also figuring something out to help keep our new patio table planted when it's windy out. I'm not exactly sure what he's doing but sounds like he's going to make his own umbrella base out of concrete and then also anchor underneath the table to it somehow.

The first week of the month I'm always needing to get checks out to my mailbox, reimbursing side job employees for their expenses and auto allowance. I need to get another one out this morning, before the mail carrier comes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Campers, shooters and money

We and our neighbors are still trying to find out if the people/person camping down the road about 3/4 mile from us has a permit or when exactly their 16 days start, if they don't. We drove past it on Saturday and quite a bit more junk and garbage spread all over his campsite. It seems ridiculous that the 16 days starts when the Forest Service gets around to "making contact". It should be when someone first reports them there, in my opinion. He's already on day 12 since we all first noticed him. After I called last Thursday, Mr. Neighbor followed up with an email to the FS lady, cc'ing us and another neighbor down the road. She never replied, so this morning I sent an all reply email asking her for an update on the campers status. Her reply back was that they still needed to send their "LEO" out there and she will let us know. Typical. DH had also talked to the deputy about it, with his chat about that and the gun shooter and let him know of the suspicious amount of very slow driving vehicle activity late night since that camper moved in. Deputy said they'd put some patrols through there and they did, right away, and since then there have been no more suspicious cars driving by at midnight.

While the gun reloader guy continues his ways across from us, the shooting that had been going on 1/2 mile down river from us has not resumed. It's looking more and more like maybe the shooter there was that pilot guy who did the ill-fated motorcycle jump.

There was a nice house on the river, about 5 miles from us, that just recently went for sale for $1 million dollars. I see it already has a pending sale for it now. Was only on the market a couple of weeks. While the house, a mile from us, that has been for sale for same price, off and on for years, still has not sold.  

I realized I need to adjust my subscription monthly purchase of dog food and treats. A 40 lb bag of dog food lasted about 1 month and we have a full bin inside and 2 bags in the garage. I went online to skip the late April shipment, and then realize I can skip it for several months now, as the 3 bag supply we already have is now going to last 6 months instead of 3. Same with everything else, I guess. 

It's been sunny and nice the past few days. Warmed to around 60 degrees, but tomorrow is predicting snow. Just a tease of spring we've been having, I guess.

I need to contact the assistant broker lady who does the administrative work on my mom's retirement $. In the past it looks like her RMD (required minimum distribution) was split up into two transfers, first of March and first of Sept. Last year she got her first of March and then I realized due to Covid changes, she didn't have to take the RMD, so I had them turn it off for the Sept payment. This year it is back to being required and nothing has been transferred yet. Though she did get a letter from them early in the year telling her what her RMD amount for this year is, none of it has transferred yet. So, I need to find out what the plan is and make sure her distribution got turned back on for this year.

I need to run into town at lunch break today. Out of milk and might as well pick up a few others things. I haven't been to town in like 3 or 4 weeks, LOL. I had been to the city enough the past month to get what I needed there, but milk always seems to be the thing I run out of.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Too quiet

It's too lonely and quiet in my office. No snoring dog under my desk or asking for a treat throughout the day. I did get a visit from the big black pup, he came in from playing fetch with dh, came upstairs, wanted a treat, then proceeded to get under my desk and sleep a bit. We have a big dog bed pillow, which neither dog would use, LOL, but that last night we had the old pup laying on it. This morning I noticed it was all crooked and indents on top, so our other dog must have been laying on it. Awww...

He's a funny dog. When he was younger and he'd see me get out the flea medicine he'd go run and hide. Now, when he sees me get it out, he walks up to me and puts his head down. So funny.

I finished watching the season finale episode of Resident Alien. Linda - did you watch it? Every episode made me laugh and the ending was great and left it to continue to a Season 2, which I read has already been approved. It was getting a little "far-fetched" with some scenes in the last episode, but then they just throw in a good laugh and you realize they knew it was, too, haha.

I follow a few decor pages on Facebook. On one yesterday someone asked where is a good place online to get a cowhide rug. Several replies and I commented where I just got a calfhide rug from and that it was nice and shipped quickly. Someone put a sad face on my comment, LOL. I wanted to say "oh good grief - it's not like they kill the calves for the hide!!" People....

In my list of ebooks I put on reserve at the library, one of them was Matthew McConaughey's new book out called Greenlights. Well, who doesn't like to listen to him talk, so I decided to get the audio book instead of reading it, LOL. It became available the other day and I started listening, but boy does he talk fast! So far, it's good though. Either he's slowed the talking down a bit or I'm just getting used to it, LOL. And here's something I didn't know: One of Dh's favorite movies is Dazed and Confused. I just realized that the guy who played one of the teenagers in that movie (the jock with red hair) is the guy who plays Rip on Yellowstone.

When I talked to my mom again yesterday afternoon she still has not mentioned her boyfriend. I'll give it a few days and ask about him. DD said maybe he realized how bad her memory is and backed off spending so much time with her. It's pretty exhausting on a regular basis, that's for sure. I would think it would be pretty difficult to have any "serious" type of relationship with someone who can't remember what you just said 5 minutes ago.

DD's refrigerator crapped out last night. They went off to Lowe's to try to get a new one, but couldn't agree on one. The one she liked and in their budget was some brand no one has ever heard of (Hisense?) and they looked it up online and some bad reviews. The other one in the style they liked is like $2200, but they went back home, looked online everywhere and for something they can get right away, and couldn't really find anything in a lower price, so they are probably going this afternoon to get the $2200 one. I should add that the reason it's $2000 range is because they want one with ice and water dispenser. They have been having lots of Murphy visits the past couple of months.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Quiet Sunday

It was a quiet Easter Sunday, but we didn't really have anything planned anyway. Our retired friend, who lives in town, dh had texted him about our dog, so he stopped by for a visit yesterday afternoon, which was nice. We also got to listen to the gun shooter for about an hour. Of course it started up while we were outside, doing chores. Guess he couldn't even take a break on Easter.

DH is so sad, but I think part of it is our dog passed on the same day his dad passed away, 2 years ago. Our other dog is doing ok, but when he's outside he keeps going to the spot on the grass and sniffing where the older dog had laid down, before we put him in the car.  I did tell my mom Saturday afternoon, when I called her, but I don't think she remembered when I called her yesterday morning.

She also called me yesterday afternoon worried she was missing her check register and thought someone stole it. Sigh......I really don't know what to do. I had hoped since she doesn't really have to write checks anymore she'd kind of forget about it. I log into my account online every morning and hers is linked to mine, so I see it too. I don't really need a register for her (I don't use one myself anymore). I'm thinking of just giving it back to her and just not worrying if she gets it updated or not. It always seems to be Sunday afternoon when she wants to figure out her banking. I wonder if that was when she used to take care of it all, when she could remember. If she calls to figure out her register, I'll just have to tell her she'll have to look at her online transactions to see what she needs to write down and leave it at that. She won't get it done and forget all about it for another 2-3 weeks and repeat. I guess I'd rather have her frustrated she needs to update it vs. thinking someone stole it. Lesser of 2 evils, I guess.

She also thought she had 2 $20 bills and they are missing, so someone took them. I said well, when you were here last weekend and I took you home you had one $20 in your wallet and you gave it to me so I could buy you the Advil at Walgreens and I gave you back 2 5's in change. She said she doesn't have the 5's and doesn't remember spending them on anything (could have been bingo). When I took her home I asked if she wanted to stop and get some cash out to have on hand, but she thought she was ok with what she had. That's the hard part, if she has cash and spends it she totally forgets that she did and thinks someone took it.  I think I may just have to start having some $20's with me and when I visit her, just always make sure she has a couple in her wallet, then she will probably just think it's the same ones.

She hasn't mentioned her boyfriend the past 2 days. When I called her Friday, he was visiting in her apartment and it sounds like they had gone to the "devotional" activity that morning. She's so funny. She's always been a very fickle church person, LOL. When she was growing up, my grandparents never went to church. She met my dad, who was Catholic, so she became Catholic and a few years after they were married they moved back to where his parents lived, so most likely went to church with my grandma as she always went to Saturday evening mass. They had me baptized Catholic.They divorced when I was 1 years old and she moved back to where her parents lived. She never went to church when I was growing up, so I had no clue what it was all about or going to mass. I went a few times when I'd visit my grandma for a couple weeks every summer, but felt like I was a fish out of water and no one bothered to explain any of it to me. And when she married my step dad (who adopted me) he didn't go to church. They were married like 36 years, no interest in church. Then she started dating her previous boyfriend (who they were friends with him and his (now deceased) wife for many years. He was a regular church goer and suddenly she was all about church. She used to go to church with him, but later they just started watching a Sunday sermon on the tv. After he passed away (almost a year and a half ago now) she was back to no interest in church. I thought maybe she would still watch on tv. Living here now, when she will look at her activity calendar and tell me what is going on, she'll be reading off the activities for the day and when it's something to do with church/religion, she will say "oh, I'm not interested in going to that". But, suddenly a new boyfriend in the picture and he's apparently a church goer, so she's back at it, LOL.

We were expecting rain last night so we stacked our new patio chairs underneath the covered part, so they wouldn't get all wet, as well as moved the table over to be covered. We don't get much rain, especially in summer, but figured it would be easier to just keep it dry as possible. I'm sure it will last longer overall, not getting wet all the time. I still need to get an umbrella for it.

Our neighbors were of course sad to hear about our dog, just as we were so sad when they lost their oldest dog awhile back. Thankfully, there has been no excessive barking and they are doing a great job to keep their sons dogs crated inside when they aren't home. Finally, we haven't had to be complainers.

Sunday, April 4, 2021


Thank you everyone for the kind words yesterday. While we knew he was certainly up there in age, he was doing well, so this came on very sudden and not much time to get used to the idea he's not going to be our constant companion anymore.

This is the last picture he was in. It was taken Friday evening about 7:30 after we got done putting our new patio dining set together. He was perfectly fine. When I went to bed at 9:30 he was asleep on the bed, breathing normal, but when dh came in at 1am it had all changed for him. 

It sure is quiet here. He was noisy! He had thick nails and hard to keep short so he clickety clacked across the floor and always had to follow me everywhere, pretty much. DH is taking it super hard. We were sitting at our new patio table yesterday afternoon, just trying to decompress and enjoy our new seating and the view and warm weather. But, of course the gun shots started up. Yay...

We don't have a vet in our county. (gosh it sure seems like one would do a good business, just abut everyone I know has pets).. My mobile vet I had been using is no longer in business, so I had to make a choice to go into the emergency vet in the city or to a country vet in the next county. I decided on the country vet, with an extra 15 minutes to our drive. I didn't want to deal with the city, the crowded feeling, etc. The vet in the county to the north of us is small and it's about an hour drive in a pretty scenic route. They were very nice and we chose to have him cremated and get the ashes back.  I was also surprised at the cost. Not that I would have really cared what he charged, but it was only $180. $35 for the visit and $145 for the euthanasia and cremation. DH said he just didn't have the heart to bury him on our property.

Give your pets lots of hugs. They aren't here with us long enough, are they?

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sad day

A very sad day here at our house. We had to put our oldest dog down this morning. It was quite unexpected. Though he's 13 1/2 years old, (I corrected this, I typed it as 12 1/2) he was doing fine yesterday. He sleeps on our bed and always is in dh's spot when dh comes to bed about 1am. DH always has to wake him up and tell him to move over. But last night he was breathing heavy and couldn't move and acted like he had no idea where he was/what was going on. We stayed with him all night and I called the vet first thing this morning. He's not really sure what happened (stroke maybe?), but he didn't feel at his age he was going to get better, nor if we took him home to just wait it out, he wouldn't be able to get up and go to the bathroom. He wasn't eating. So we made the hard decision and watched him pass quickly and peacefully.

Friday, April 2, 2021

No April Fools

While we laugh and joke, often at each other's expense, we aren't much to actually pull off an April Fool's joke or prank. But, once, we pulled a prank on my son when he was about 15. It wasn't April 1, but a prank nonetheless. My dh planned it all out quite well and video taped it. He even called on an old friend he hadn't seen in years to help. Son had never met this friend of dh's, so didn't know who he was. It pulled off great and friend did a great job and turns out it was the best thing, as that got him and dh back in touch on a regular basis for these past 15 years. He's a great friend. He would even just take an afternoon off work just to go watch dd play a tennis match when she was in high school. 

It was kind of an interesting day yesterday. Around 11am, the gun shooter up on the hill on the other side of the river started up. Usually he will just do it for a couple hours. Yesterday it was until 5pm. In the meantime, we were discussing the squatter in the camper. No one seems to know for sure how long they can camp in a spot. Mr. Neighbor thought it was 7 days, our other neighbor thought it was 14. The info I found online said 16. So, I called our local Forest Service office to find out and explained to the lady who answered the phone what is going on. She asked is that the one near such and such creek? I said yes and she said someone else already reported it. She said it's 16 days limit every 30 days....unless..he is a logger working for the logging going on nearby and then he is permitted to camp there. I said well, it's the same guy who moved around all over last summer and you'd think if he was permitted as a logging employee, he would have stayed in one spot. So, then I said ok, how do we find this out, whether he's allowed to stay 16 days or a logger with a permit? And if he's not a logger, who tracks the 16 days? He's been there since at least last Saturday. She said they have to make contact with him and the 16 days starts then. She was vague about exactly when contact would be made, but just said "it's slim pickins with people available today". 

I got off the phone, wondering if Mr. Neighbor was the one who also reported it, so I called him and yes it was. He talked to someone else at the FS, but didn't really seem to get much answer on any of it, so he was interested to hear the info I got. He said he also stopped by the sheriff's office yesterday and asked them if they can stop there and see what is going on? The deputy told him he'd have to check to see what he is allowed to do. Mr. Neighbor said he knows its the same camper as last summer, as last summer he was doing the census taking and he stopped at the camper and there were several cars at it. He knocked, heard lots of noise and shuffling inside, but no answer. He stopped by a 2nd time, no cars and no one answered that time either. Yesterday he stopped (no cars/trucks there) and knocked. Heard shuffling around inside, but no answer. He took a picture of the campsite and the campers license plate. He said he also tried to get the ear of the head sheriff (new guy), but he's just brushing Mr. off.

Mr. then said he knows the lady I talked to at FS and has her email, so he emailed her and cc'd me, that he was following up on "our" reports and here's some pictures and we'd like to be advised if he's on his 16 days or a permitted logger. And like DH said - that logging site is miles and miles back up the mountain. Yes, we can see workers would be permitted to camp up there near the site. This isn't near it. DH is always up late, until like 1am or 1:30 and sitting at his computer in his den with that window facing out towards the main road. Our main road gets little traffic as it is during the day, but once it gets dark it's pretty non existent.  Since Sunday night, almost every night is cars driving by. Usually very slow, one time stopped in the entrance to our road. So, either casing out the area or most likely trying to find this camper (it's pitch dark out there, no street lights). Most likely dealing drugs.

I'm outside where dh is scooping dog poop, telling him all this and boom, boom. It is loud outside! I mean if we can hear it in our house, it's definitely loud outside. I especially can hear it when I'm in my office. Not quite as much downstairs, especially if other house sounds are going on - washer/dryer, dishwasher, or tv. Mr. Neighbor, if home during the day, is usually in his basement office and can't really hear it, unless he's in his kitchen or outside.

The guy just didn't stop yesterday. Late afternoon I even opened my office window for some fresh air (it was almost 70 degrees out, yay!) and then the shots are really heard, with the window open. DH decided to call the sheriff's office to ask for a deputy contact about 2 issues (the camper 1/2 to 3/4 mile from us and the gun shooter). As he's giving the gun shooter info/location to the dispatch lady she says oh, ya. He's my neighbor. Then dh determined she is the lady that dh went to her house once with the woodworker guy to help him deliver a log bed he made, so dh told her he was that guy. He said "so, are you as annoyed as we are by his shooting?" She is obviously at work all day, but said we are just trying to live with it......(they are also very new to the area). In emailing during this with Mr. Neighbor he asked it I could keep a log of the shots, since he's not usually home during the day to keep track, so I started doing that. When I started the log at 3:40pm there were 11 shots between then and 5pm. These are coming from a very high powered rifle.

So, the deputy who called dh is one dh has talked to before and he's a good one. He told dh there is still a "nuisance law" that this shooting could fall under. He was on his way to a call he had to deal with but he will look into this and follow up with dh. So, we are feeling some hope. He gave dh the number of that state code law, which does say someone can't be a nuisance to their neighborhood or neighbors, including shooting.

Our younger (now 8 1/2 yr old) dog was laying by my feet last night. He got up to move and was limping on his back leg. Would hardly put weight down. Once he got to walking he seemed better, so we thought maybe his leg had fallen asleep, but it continued to bother him every time he got up. I was just hoping it's maybe a strained muscle as dh has been trying to throw the ball for him for exercise. This morning he seems much better, thankfully, but something to keep an eye on and I told dh to give him a break from exercise for a day or two.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Well dang!

So....breaking news last night....

let me back up to almost 3 weeks ago, when dh confronted that pilot guy about flying so low along the river, right next to our house. Ok, remember, he lives in the same neighborhood as the nut job who's been dumping magazine rounds. The guy also "threatened" to get a speed boat and start using the river. (this idea really pissed off our young neighbor down at the end of our street). So, the guy was trying to make nice with dh (in between all his bragging about himself) and kept saying to dh "you should come up for a ride in the airplane sometime". DH was like no way (he doesn't like flying much anyway). Then he said do you like motorcycles/dirt bikes? Nope...Then he's telling dh that you should come over next weekend, it's my birthday and I'm going to do a flip with my dirt bike. Dh is like huh? why? LOL. So, he shows dh a picture of a big air mattress type thing he bought to cushion his landing, apparently. He shows dh a little video of where he tried to practice just jumping over it (not flipping) but he came up short. DH said why would you want to do that? "oh man, it's on my bucket list. I just like thrills". I remember dh came home and told me this part of the story and I was like why?? why would a guy like 60 years old want to do a flip on a motorcycle? DH even joked and said text my friend, we used to live across the street from. (she is a volunteer for the ambulance service). Tell her they will probably get a call about some guy hurt flipping his motorcycle. (I didn't text her that of course, LOL)

Later that same afternoon we hear rounds of gunshots coming down from that neighborhood again. That is the last we have heard them.

Last night dh gets a text from our UPS guy. (he had told our UPS guy about this pilot flying right next to our house). He said he just delivered to that pilots house and guess what? He died about 10 days ago trying to do a flip with a motorcycle!

OMG!!!!! What a total idiot. Well, guess we won't have to deal with him low flying anymore.

Then we both got to thinking....we have not heard the gunfire coming from down there since it possible HE (or one of his adult sons) was really the one doing the shooting?? Maybe the other neighbors dh and Mr. Neighbor talked to just assumed it was the "constitution nut job" because he carries guns when he's walking around? DH was looking at the pilot's son's Facebook page. Also, UPS guy said the pilot guy has a roommate living with him and said his first name. (Pilot guy said he was divorced), so dh looked on his friends list and found an older guy with that name - picture of him holding ar-15 gun. 

Maybe - we are really hoping it was him that was doing the shooting. Seems more fitting with his personality, really, then the "constitution nut job", who has a family with 3 school aged kids. Why would he be out shooting after dark, when his family would be asleep in his house? Maybe - only time will tell I guess, but Mr. Neighbor is like maybe two birds just got killed with one stone.