Sunday, August 31, 2014

Finding the savings

I keep plugging along working at getting every penny of savings I can out of purchases.  Even if it's only .78 cents!  DH has one more building project to complete and gave me a list of what he needs. He is going to build a small porch cover over the french doors at the back of our house. We always have to cover in plastic late Fall through early Spring because it tends to leak a bit with hard rain and it helps keep the heat in the house. But, he is hoping the cover will keep the rain out and we can still enjoy our view of our backyard and new arbor.

One thing on his list was some little tool called a T-Bevel. He was nice enough to send me links straight to almost everything at Home Depot on his list. I had installed this nifty new plug-in on my browser that pops up on the top of my browser and tells me if something is cheaper at another store. This T-Bevel wasn't available in store, so was going to have to be an online purchase. The plug-in told me Staples had it too and also shipped free to store. I choose Staples instead since it's less than 2 miles from my house and also said it would be in within 2 business days. I also went through Swagbucks to make the purchase and earned 4 swagbucks per $ spent and found an online coupon code for Staples for another 10% off and then charged it to my debit rewards card for another 1% back. The tool was only $8, but hey, might as well save as much as I can on it.

The rest of the items and lumber on his list are all available at the store. I had all the prices of what he needs at it's just at $200, plus tax. I went to and purchased 2 discounted e-gift cards, at 11.8% savings, that I could print out to take to the store. Total saved $25.95 plus another 1% ($1.95) using my PayPal debit rewards.

He ordered all the bolts he needed via ebay again and saved some there vs. buying them at Home Depot.

I also purchased Walmart e-gift cards at 3.3% discount and used on my grocery shopping trip. I only found one coupon for my stuff, so just $1 in coupon savings this week. I've submitted my receipt to Walmart Savings Catcher and am waiting to hear back on that, but so far, out of the 4 receipts I have submitted that have been processed I am up to $20.58 in Walmart credit. I like that! It's just too easy not to take advantage of.

Then I needed to buy the dogs flea treatment, which always seems cheaper online at Amazon than at the pet store. But thanks to that handy new price comparison plug-in I actually found it cheaper at Petco online, using a coupon code. This time the best "portal" to earn extra points through was actually my regular debit card that is hooked up via Chase's Ultimate Rewards program. I earned 4pts/$ back, which is the same as 4% of my purchases total. I can then transfer that as cash back directly to my checking/savings as soon as it's available. I had hoped I could find an e-gift card to also use at Petco online for this purchase, but no luck finding anything. They were all "in-store only" type gift cards.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

(Un)comfortably Numb

I was back at the dentist this morning to do the deep cleaning on my left side and to have the permanent crown set on my bottom right tooth. Another 2 hours of sitting in a dentist chair. Ugh! But, it's all done and I don't have to go back for 3 months -where they will evaluate and see how often I need cleaning, due to the gum issues.

The numbness is wearing off and I can feel the aching. About time for some more ibuprofen, thankfully. Hopefully, come January when my dental benefits reset, I'll be able to address what I really wanted to address with my teeth this year - getting the front tooth and the one next to it fixed and back to a normal tooth color. I hit this front tooth when I was like 7 years old. Never had any problems, but when I got in my early 30's the tooth started darkening a bit. I had a veneer put on it, which they told me would only last like 10 years. And now the tooth next to it is darkening too. Guess I need root canals on both and then crowns. One of these days I'll get my good smile back! I hate pictures the last few years because of the 2 teeth that show up darker.  I had really hoped we'd get bonus's at work this year, so I could pay for it easily with that, but doesn't look like that's going to happen this year. I'm already out of pocket a lot for the root canal in February, and now the deep cleaning and crown. Sigh.....

Looking forward to the 3 days off work (well, 3 1/2 days, my company closes at noon on Friday) this weekend. No special plans, just looking forward to a long weekend. Then I'm taking off a week off the third week of September - to spend with DD before she goes off to college and the last day to finish helping her move in.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Done and Done!

Late Sunday morning DH decided we'd get the arbors stained/sealed. I hadn't realized he was going to help me with this project. I figured it would just be me and DD working at it. But, he did the spraying and I went over it with a 2nd coat and touch ups with a brush. The sprayer was so-so. It was a cheap one (figured we could just throw out when done, if necessary) and I think the issues with it was more user error than anything, because by the second arbor he did much better with it.

It was still an all day project that was quite a bit of work! I'm glad he was able to spray the majority of it all. DD got home from work after he had sprayed the second (larger) arbor, so then she helped me put a second coat on it.

Happy to be done and I think they look beautiful!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday shopping

It was a shopping kind of morning. I took off by myself (gotta get used to that!) and first stopped at Rite Aid. I just wanted to see what they had on clearance for garden stuff. Didn't see anything I really wanted, but they also had all their "Fall" decor stuff 50% off.  I've never had any Fall decor before, so I bought this cute kitchen rug for $6.50

Then I saw these pretty colored kitchen towels.  $2.50 for all 3! and they aren't super thin and cheap, either.

Next stop was to Michael's to return the little frames I bought last weekend.  They just weren't quite what I wanted once I got them home and put my tiny little 2.5" x 3.5" watercolor prints of hummingbirds in them. They really needed matting around to make them look a little bigger.  So, I got these instead

I didn't really want black frames and I still might end up spray painting them a different color, but all in all I think they turned out really cute for the bathroom wall.

Then I went to Lowe's to pick up some indoor/outdoor carpet for our little front step at the front door. I have to re-carpet it every few years or so as it gets worn out. Now that our house is tan/browns I wanted brown carpet.  Do you think I can find any? Still looking......

Remember me talking about the John Deere lawn tractor that we have had borrowed from a friend the past 7 years? And last Fall he started finally getting his place ready to put a lawn in. So, we ended up buying a different used one....and friends lawn tractor has been sitting in our garage ever since. Friend's lawn in now in, but he decided he wants to sell the tractor and just get a nice push mower. Well, DH is a good seller of stuff (other's peoples, LOL). Several years ago we borrowed this same friends little old camper trailer for a weekend. He always used it for hunting. When we got it home I cleaned it all up and friend decided he wanted to sell it. DH sold it for him and got him $500 more than friend was going to ask if he had tried to sell it himself! DH listed the lawn tractor on Craigslist this week for $1400. It's about ready to pull out of our driveway, Sold, as I type.  DH said friend only paid $1200 for it 10 years ago LOL.  Friend will be very happy and we'll finally have a nice chunk of space back in our overcrowded (but very organized) shop.

DH has put a hold on staining the arbors. Pooh! But I'm sure it will get done in the next 2-3 weeks. Did I ever post a pic of our second arbor he built?  I don't see that I did.  Here is the other arbor at our front walkway

A good Saturday, so far :-)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday: Good and Otherwise

I have taught DD well :-)  She has even surpassed me in finding a good deals on textbooks. While wonderful Grandma is paying her tuition, DD will be paying for her own books. She got her list of textbooks and with all these "bundling" of textbooks, online access codes, work book,etc, it makes it hard to find this exact ISBN for sale anywhere but the expensive bookstore. But she persisted and at least found one of the bundled books online used. Bookstore wanted $130........she snagged it up for $13!  Four more weeks until she leaves for college life.

I just love her roommate and her mom! We had so much fun with them when they came for the weekend last April, then DD went and spent 4 days with them a few weeks ago and had a wonderful time. When they fly in for move-in day, roommate's mom has a hotel for a couple of nights. I was going to get a hotel for one night (after move-in, because I'll probably be too tired to want to spend 2 hours driving home after getting up early, driving up there 2 hours, going through  hours of move-in, etc) and roommate's mom offered to share her room with me that night.  Very sweet of her.

I am planning to try out my new sprayer and stain the arbors this weekend. I had already purchased the stain and sprayer a couple of weeks ago and then it rained for a couple of days and then it go too hot to want to be standing outside for hours. This weekend should be cooler and no rain in sight for at least a week.

Over the past year or two we have been dealing with steadily declining water pressure. It's been getting so bad that it's hit or miss whether we have an adequate pressure to even take a decent shower or use our dishwasher and washing machine. Forget about try to take a nice bath - by the time the tub can get filled up the water in it is luke warm because it took so long. The other morning, our neighbor who leaves for work at 6am, was trying to take a shower at 5:30 am and there wasn't even enough pressure to make a spray in his shower head.  That finally was the last straw for this very patient man. So, both of us called and complained to our exasperating 82 year old water well owner. We talked to her about this last summer.......where she tried to blame no rain for low water pressure...then she finally called her well repair company who told her at minimum she needed to replace the pump. It's reached the end of it's useful life and is also the reason her electric bills to run the pump  have tripled the past couple of years. She told me she needed a few months to come up with the money. So I called her again last December to find out when and was told she needed 6 more months to come up with the money. Called her this week, now another 9 months gone by, and "ohh....I just don't have the money. You'll have to just put up with it for another 6 months". Well, I'm done dealing with her. We at least need adequate water pressure to live a normal life. I reported her to the county yesterday, so we'll see what happens. Our good neighbor has offered twice now to take over the well from her, he will get it all repaired and maintained, manage the community well finances like it should be. But, no she thinks the well is worth $20,000 to sell.  Well, it's falling apart and most of it's components have reached or are reaching the end of their useful life (well has been in about 35 years now). According to the well company it would take about $30,000 to bring it all up to date and current code.

This is how stupid this well owner is:  she thought that the monthly electricity bill she gets from the power company, to run the electric well pump, was reporting GALLONS of usage each month on the bills! She says to me - "well my electric bill has tripled, so people must be using a lot more water than before. Back in 2013 it says 623 gallons, and now it says almost 1800 gallons".  I'm like "are you looking at your electricity bills? That is not GALLONS of water being used! That is the wattage of electricity being used to run the pump"  OMG she is such an idiot. There isn't even a meter on the well that would tell her how many gallons are being pumped. I told her that once she replaces the pump, that it working overtime because it is dying, her electric bills will go back down to normal and she'll start recouping some of that excess money she's spending every month.  Well, that and if she actually collected water fees from all 9 users, rather than just 3 of us, she would have reserves built up in order to pay for the repairs and maintenance. But that concept has always just eluded her.  Hopefully the county will take some action in some way.

I had this whole paragraph written how all my internet and vpn issses were resolved, but so far this morning I have been booted off vpn every few minutes, so that is still an issue. But, at least all our home issues are fixed - printer works and we can access the security camera system now. For now, IT guy has given me a temporary "work around" way to remote into my work desktop.  It will get resolved soon, I'm sure.

I am ready for this afternoon, be done working for the day and get on with the weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Partial success

Well, I have achieved partial success in getting the new Comcast modem/router installed. My IT guy said to do it and he'll figure out the VPN issue. So, I opened the box to see all the parts, modem, cords, etc.  Then I looked at my current set up and everything that is plugged into my current modem and router. Geesh!  plug in for the wireless printer, plug in for the phone, plug in for the cable, plug in for the security system and plug in that was apparently from when DS hardwired DH's desktop direct to the router, instead of being wi-fi (why I have no idea).

I took pics of how and what was plugged in before I unplugged it all (just in case I had to go back to using the old set up).  Then I took a look at the back of the new modem/router to see where everything should plug in. I disconnected from the old, plugged into the new and all the lights came on :-).  Then I figured out how to find the new network and get logged into that so I could then get online with Comcast to activate the new modem/router. That took about 15 minutes and success. TV, phone and internet worked.  Of course VPN into work did not. Got all our other devices working - laptops, ipad minis and phones.

Got on the phone with our awesomesauce IT guy. He had a new VPN program to try and within minutes it was working! Happy Day. 

Printer and access into our security camera system still is not working. IT guy wasn't sure why it wasn't detecting my wireless printer and he needed to get to another project, so I told him I'd have DS remote in to my computer and see if he could figure it and our camera system out............still waiting to hear back from DS, so that's been the only frustrating part of this whole thing. Hopefully he can get back to me soon and figure this out easily.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Savings all over the place

I seem to have been finding savings here and there through different avenues. This month I started keeping track of how much I have saved with these various methods. So far it's added up to $106.05!

Here's the details:
Walmart Savings Catcher (2 receipts so far)   $14.32
Discounted Giftcards  $45.09
1% cashback earned from July purchases on PayPal debit card     $20.61
Coupons used   $16.03
$10 reward from Plink   $10.00 (forgot I even had this account! it's a slow earner for me, so I cashed it in for a $10 Walmart e-giftcard)

Plus I have earned points in Swagbucks (768) and MyPoints (115), but I have not cashed them in. I will most likely wait until it's closer to Christmas gift shopping time and build up as much as I can. I haven't cashed in the Walmart Savings either. I'll let that build up too, for Christmas gifts.

All of these savings avenues have been really easy to incorporate into my daily/weekly life.  I log into on Friday mornings and purchase my Walmart (and any other shopping I know I might be doing in the coming week, which so far has been lots of Home Depot) discounted gift cards. I love this company because the giftcards are printable e-cards that I don't have to wait for in the mail. My 3 stores I typically buy discounted cards for are Walmart (3.5%), Home Depot (usually around 11%) and Petco (20%).  I'm sure I will buy even more during Christmas shopping season. I get my coupons together that go with my weekly grocery shopping list. I go grocery shopping either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  Get home and enter my receipt # in Walmart Savings Catcher (take a whole 30 seconds or so).

The 1% cashback from my PayPal debit card is pretty automatic. I just use it and pay whatever bills I can with it and it automatically gets credited to my account. I have been getting back $20-$25 per month.

I spend about 15 minutes a day earning Swagbucks. For whatever reason I seem to qualify for surveys quite often. I try to pick the ones that are less than 15 minutes. On weekend mornings, when I know I'll have more time, I'll try for the longer/higher paying surveys. Even if I don't quailify, you can earn up to 5 swagbucks a day just for trying each survey.

MyPoints I just log into my yahoo email that I have set up for that and open the emails that have offers and earn the 5pts for each email. Occasionally, if I buy something online I will go through MyPoints and earn extra points. Takes just a couple of minutes per day.

I'm sure there are lots of other ways to earn points. I would love to hear ways you have found to add to your savings!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I'm on the phone with Comcast customer service because our internet wasn't working. The tech guy says "you have an old outdated modem, you should get a new one.  Do you have a separate router?"  I say yes I do. He says there is now an all-in-one modem available that is both a router and modem. Just stop by a Comcast store and trade your old one in.

Luckily I happened to mention this to our IT guy at work and he said no, don't get it. A couple of other work at home employees have already tried it and it won't work with VPN. He tried and tried and it just won't work.  Well, glad I mentioned it and saved me the headache of it not working, returning it, etc.

But, I also took the tech guy to mean that the all-in-one was an option, I could still get an upgraded modem only if I wanted.  So, today at lunch I head on over to the new Comcast store nearby. Wait in line about 10 minutes and explain what I want and what I DON'T want (an all-in-one modem).  The guy goes to the back and comes back and says their delivery guy is in back right then unloading all the equipment. Could I come back in 20-30 minutes and they'll have it ready? So, DD and I run over to Target and the post office and then back to Comcast. Wait in line again and end up with a different guy. I explain again what I want and DON'T want. He goes into the back and comes back with 2 is the all-in-one. NO, I can't use that one, and the other is just like the one I have. NO, why would I want the same one I already have that is outdated? So, then he tells me they aren't getting more in until tomorrow, but that isn't a guarantee I'd get one, if I come back, and so I needed to just call Comcast and order one. We walk out shaking our heads.

Gee - thanks for the hour of my time wasted!  Thankfully, I had not gone through the trouble to unhook our old modem. I wanted to make sure I'd get a new one before I did that.

I call Comcast when I get back home. The original tech guy (or someone) must have flagged my account because the first thing the recording says is "We see you are eligible for an upgraded modem. Press 1 for assistance".  So, I do....and of course get someone in India. I explain again what I want and DON'T want. He says "ok, I have it ordered and it will be shipped to you in a few days. Just ship back the old one". I say I want to clarify that this NOT the all in one modem? "Um...yes it is".  AGAIN, I can't use that one, it won't work with my employer's VPN.  Is there a modem upgrade available that is JUST a modem ONLY?

Finally, he says yes, and changed the order.  I said is it the same modem I already have or an upgrade? He says it's an upgrade. We'll see........I'm not holding my breath!!

It's already mid week

It's been a busy week. I got home Monday from work and DH's childhood friend and his wife had already arrived. We visited for about an hour and then went out to dinner (DD included) for Mexican food. I picked up the tab and while I had budgeted $100 it only came to $72 with tip.  They shared a meal and no one ordered alcoholic drinks, so it was a very reasonable bill.  We visited quite awhile at the restaurant and didn't get back home until almost 8:30.  I had met DH's friend about 8 years ago, but he wasn't married at the time. When I arrived home, said hello and got introduced to his wife and sat down at the table to visit with everyone, she didn't seem too thrilled to be there. Not sure if she's just distant, shy, maybe tired from traveling or what, but by the end of dinner, she had loosened up quite a bit.

Woke up yesterday to an email from my boss that her mom passed away (she just lost her dad recently) so she is out of the office for another week.  I ended up leaving work a 1/2 hour later than normal yesterday, as 15 minutes before I was to leave a "crisis" needed to get taken care of and while it was nothing I couldn't handle, it was just time consuming. Let me tell you, that extra half hour made a huge difference in the traffic going home. While it usually takes me 65-70 minutes to get home in the afternoon, it took me almost an hour and a half.  But we did get fed a yummy Panera Bread lunch at work.

The weekend was nothing exciting. Got a couple of small home maintenance items out of the way. Replaced the lockset and deadbolt on the back laundry room door. The deadbolt wasn't working anymore. Then we replaced the porch light by the front door.  Wow, exciting, huh?!  More of my money spent at Home Depot.  I have been there so much this summer they should give me my own parking spot!

I spent Saturday evening watching a couple of TV shows. I have been waiting FOREVER for the Outlander series books by Diana Gabaldon to come alive on a screen.  These are my absolute favorite books of all time. I'm so glad we get the Starz channel. It was an awesome first episode and did not disappoint. But, I don't think 8 episodes will be nearly enough!  Is anyone else a fan of these books? I watched the whole 3 seasons of Hell on Wheels on Netflix so I could start watching this new season with DH on Saturday nights......and what does he do? Sits out on his computer listening to a race instead!  Men........I ended up watching it by myself and he watched it when they replayed it at 11pm.

Today I think I'll take a break at lunch and run over to the Comcast store and see what they have for an updated modem. Last time I called in a problem the guy said my modem was pretty old and should be updated. He mentioned an all in one modem/router (ours are currently separate) and I mentioned it to my IT guy at work and he said don't get it, it won't work with our VPN set up, a couple others had gotten it and will not work.  So, I am going to see if they have a newer modem that is just the modem. Apparently with this older modem I have we are not getting the speed we are actually paying for!  There is a new Comcast store about 5 minutes from our house, so it shouldn't take me too long. I am not unhooking our current set up until I know we can get a new modem.

I've been trying to get more Swagbucks every day and it's working. Even though I rarely get points anymore for searching, I am getting to take surveys quite often.  Today I have earned 139 swagbucks so far.  Before, I would earn maybe 10 points a day by doing the daily poll and earning a search. I can't seem to get much of anything on searches anymore. I have the toolbar and sometimes even my first attempt searching of the day gets me an "error" message from Swagbucks that I am searching too fast. I can only seem to get one or two searches in a day and then it blocks me. Kind of stupid and annoying! I am searching for something I want to access and so then I have to open google and retype my search in again. GRRR!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart has started a new program for price matching. I caught it on a commercial on TV last night. If you do your grocery shopping at Walmart y'all have GOT to try this! It couldn't be more simple.  Walmart will do all the price matching with local stores advertised prices on the items you purchase. If it is priced lower, in a competitors ad that is valid at the date of your purchase, you will be credited the difference in the form of a Walmart Rewards e-gift card.

I went and dug my receipt from last Saturday's grocery shopping trip out of my desk wastebasket.  I had spent $113. Signed in my Walmart account (I already had one from ordering things online). Entered the # off of my receipt and within several hours I had my total savings.  I was expecting maybe a couple of dollars. I checked my account right before I went to bed, to see if  it had been updated (even though it said you might have to wait 2-3 days, but I'm impatient like that!) and the total was $8.24!!! I was so happy and excited I couldn't fall asleep right away :-)

$8 bucks for having to do nothing but enter a receipt number. No more having to look at other stores ads and trying to get the cashiers to price match. You can enter up to 7 receipts a week and earn back up to $600 a year.  There is also an app to use with your smart phone.  What an awesome program.  Kudos to Walmart!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday surprise and ramblings

DH surprised me this morning. He says: You know all that extra wood we bought, that I told you was for the back porch cover? Well, it's really for another arbor! I wanted to surprise you and put one in the front of the house at the start of the sidewalk to our house.  BUT, then I got nervous you wouldn't want one there, so I decided I'd better tell you first!

I said that I had actually just been thinking one would look great there (but hadn't said anything, because well...I figured I used up my requests on that arbor!). I was just at my hairdresser's house on Friday and she has one at the beginning of her walkway and  it looks so neat.  The back porch cover project will still happen, but I think he enjoyed building the arbor and was so happy with his work, that he wanted to build another one :-)  So far the anchor posts are in (what a job pounding those into soil with so many rocks in it) and he's getting the bolt holes drilled for the 4 corner posts.  This won't be near as "fancy" of an arbor.  Just 4 posts, so pretty basic. I'm just happy he's enjoying this and getting use out of his new tools.

DD got back yesterday afternoon from her 2 days orientation at the university. She got signed up for her classes and is really excited.  Psychology, Intro to Finance and Macro Economics. Two of the classes are Tues and Thurs for 2 hours each She starts at 8am and will be done with classes at noon and one class is Mon Wed Fri but doesn't start until 1pm. She was happy to realize that if she came home for a weekend every now and then, she could be home by late Friday afternoon and not have to head back until later Monday morning, so that will make for a nice long weekend time at home.

My mom is having some ongoing health issues that her doctor just did some blood work and a chest xray for. Whenever she gets a little active - like working out in her yard or vacuuming, she sweats like crazy.  I thought when I was with her at her last dr. visit that he had thought it was due to her anti-depressant med she is on. She tried to go off of it last December (because she didn't like all the sweating) but going off the medicine messed her up and she was very "off kilter" with her emotions (so much that she had to cancel our family Christmas party that she was to host), so she went back on it.  Her blood work was fine, but she hasn't heard back on her chest xray yet.  She also said for the past 6 months or more she has started snoring.  I have a feeling this all might be related to all the weight she has gained the past couple/few years?  I know when my DH puts on some weight he starts snoring all the time and when he looses the 10-15 pounds he stops snoring. I am terrible at guessing peoples weight...I just know that for most all her adult life she weighed in the 130-135 range and the past 4-5 years she has really put on the weight. When I went to her last dr appt I was there when they weighed her and she was 175, which is a lot for a small 5'4" petite boned woman.

DH has an old grade school/jr high school friend coming to town for business and it sounds like we will be taking him and his wife out to dinner either on Sunday or Monday. He's not sure which day yet.  Fortunately, my groceries have been coming in quite a bit under budget (DD's been gone quite a bit and I'm back to shopping at cheaper Walmart) so I don't need to juggle any money from any other areas of the budget to cover the dining out. 

I ordered on ebay the cutest tiny little 2.5" x 3.5" watercolor prints of hummingbirds and they came yesterday. I'm going to mat and frame them so they are either in 4x6 or 5x7 frames and hang them in my master bath on the wall next to the door.  I had originally found the artist on etsy, and wanted 3 different prints, but she didn't have that many of hummingbirds in her etsy store. Then I found her on ebay and she had quite a bit more prints to offer of hummingbirds. I ordered 3 and she sent 4! Totally adorable and I will take a picture of them once I get them matted and hung up. I wish I could afford the real watercolor paintings, but those just weren't in my budget.

Let's see......what else?......oh, I have become a Pinterest addict now that I have my ipad mini. I just sit with it in the evenings while I am watching TV and scroll though all the stuff.  Gardens and home decor are my favorites, but I have found some recipes I have pinned.  I also spent a week and a half watching every episode of Hell on Wheels on Netflix. DH was all excited that the new season was starting last Saturday, so I decided to watch it all, so we could start watching it together on Saturday nights. Good show! ........and Mr. Bohannon isn't hard on the eyes, either :-)  I didn't get done watching all the seasons before the new one was on Saturday, but I finished up Monday night and then we watched the first episode of the new season on demand.  Most of the shows he watches I can't stand (I mean how many years can you watch crab pots being thrown over and pulled back in?? or dumb ass street drag racers challenging each other??)  and vice versa. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Done getting my panties in a bunch!

Is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of paying $8 for a pair of panties?! I was due for some new ones and have been putting it off the past couple of months because it always irks me how much they cost. I get why bras are expensive, but panties? There is barely any material and not much design work needed to construct them. The other day I was flipping through the Walmart flyer that came in the mail. An 8 pack of Fruit of the Loom panties for $6.38.  I decided to give them a try. I mean how bad can they be? It is a brand name company, so I figured they had some quality in them. Even if they only last 1/2 as long as my $8 panties, I will still have only spent 1/4 of the expensive panties. So, I bought a pack and am giving them a chance........and I can't tell the difference of what I am wearing right now anyway! If I had dressed blindfolded and was asked which panties I have on right now I'd have no idea, LOL

$58 saved!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend wrap up

It's been a spendy weekend.  I've tried to eek out some savings every where I could. I've cooked dinners at home the last 3 nights....well sorta "cooked". It's been too hot to want to spend too much time in the kitchen. DH and I were on our own Fri and Sat for dinner, so I picked some things up at the store that were easy. Friday was clam chowder soup (from the deli) in breadbowls, Saturday was french dip sandwiches, using sliced roast beef from the deli and tonight was hamburgers and hot dogs BBQ'd on the grill.

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping and used some coupons for the first time in quite awhile and saved about $6.  Then I filled my car up with gas. I still had about a 1/3 of a tank left, but we were planning to put about 140 miles of driving on it Saturday: a quick trip to a friends house about 35 miles away and a 70 mile round trip the other direction to pick up DD at the airport last night, so I got it filled up and had .20 cents gas rewards, so I saved $2 on that.

After we made our first trip in the car and got back home we then took DH's truck to Home Depot for the rest of the wood and lattice for the arbor and went ahead and got the wood for the covered part he wants to put over the back french doors. I had purchased a discounted gift card on Friday, but not knowing we were going to end up getting the wood for the other project, I only bought one for $150. But, it was at a 20% discount, so I am happy with $30 saved! Plus I used my debit rewards card to purchase the gift card and will earn another 1% cash back.  Better than just walking in the store and paying the full price, eh?!

Today DD and I went to Petco for the one dog's high dollar food. $60 with tax and I had also purchased a discounted gift card for there, saving 12%, or about $7. We also got our other dogs nails trimmed and while waiting for that I noticed the big huge bag of Beggin' Strips was $5.49. The cheapest I usually see it is Walmart at almost $9, so $3.50 saved there.

The arbor is coming along.  We got all the lattice up, which was actually quite a chore, since it's all trimmed out all around it with trim pieces of board. Quite time consuming. It was very hot out today and that makes me tired to be out in it for long periods of time. I am beat! But very happy with how it is coming along :-)

This past week I've been in a Netflix binge of watching all the seasons of Hell on Wheels. DH has always watched it, but I never have, and the new season was starting Saturday night. I tried to get the whole 3 seasons in this past week but still have about 3 episodes left of Season 3. Maybe tonight I can finish the rest and then watch the episode of the new season on demand this week.  Then I'll be all ready to watch it with DH on Saturday nights.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend ready

Is it Friday already? This week flew by.  I'm glad it's payday today, though I had a bit of a hiccup for a few minutes on whether I was going to get paid today for my side job, or have to wait until midweek for a check to arrive. Since I do the books, I have checks for the company. I used to pay all their bills from here, but the past several months, the part-time receptionist (who is one of the owner's wife) has been paying most of their bills via online. But, I send the owner a copy of my invoice at the first of each month, just so he can see it, he emails me back a "good to go" and I print myself a check and deposit it.  So today, when he emails me my "good to go" email he cc'd the office manager, who emails back and says to send her the invoice, so they can pay me. I was like "umm...has something changed? I've always just printed the check myself". For about 10 minutes, while I was waiting to hear back from her, I was annoyed, because I had plans for some of that money - tomorrow! LOL. We want to work on our cedar arbor some more and was waiting for that money to buy the rest of the materials.  She emailed back and said "no problem, she wasn't aware that's how it worked to pay me".

So, here is the arbor we started two weekends ago!

it's going to look something like this one, just a bit smaller:
DH is not sure yet if he's going to make a swing or just put a bench in.  We're thinking bench.  When we are done I'm going to stain/seal it so it has that pretty cedar color, like in the example. I'm going to plant some seeds for climbing sweet peas next spring and try my luck at that.  If not, it will probably end up like the one in the example - pots with some tall flowers. I am definitely going to put the hanging baskets on each end.  So pretty!

So, that's what our weekend plans are - a trip to Home Depot  and me being Toolman's assistant.  Saturday night a trip to the airport to pick up DD.....who has been having a blast. Yesterday she got to zipline and loved it.  DS had a mid-week race and was the winner, so that was a good phone call to get! He's not getting to race near what he had hoped/planned this season (typical race/sponsor bullcrap he's dealing with) but has managed 2 wins and a 2nd place finish in about 7 races. Half of his races scheduled have rained out, so it's been another frustrating season.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope to update at weekend's close with a more completed arbor :-)