Sunday, July 10, 2016

I hate losing things

Damn. I have lost my debit card (the one I use through PayPal). I went to get gas yesterday. I know I was distracted and thinking of other things (and the dogs were in the back of the car) as I reached into my purse (my wallet is built into the side of purse) to grab this debit card and I recall for a split second trying to decide if I should grab my store card to scan (3 cents discount) or just enter my ph# manually. I decided not to pull out the store card. I thought I pulled out my debit card and picked up my phone out of the center console, pretty much at the same time. As I was getting out of my car I slipped my phone in my back pocket and as I rounded the corner of my car I realized I didn't have the card in my hand and reached back, thinking I slipped it in my back pocket with the phone. No card. No card on the ground. No card dropped somewhere in my car. No card still in my purse. CRAP!

I went ahead and used my regular bank debit card to pay, but as I was pumping I started going through my purse. The inside compartment  was filled with my checkbook and a bunch of receipts. No card. I went through my whole purse. By then I was doubting if I had even taken the card out of it's slot in the first place, since I was thinking of 100 other things at the same time. I always put my card in the wallet part, in one of the slots. The last time I used it was the day before, while grocery shopping. I have no recollection of taking it out of my wallet at home, anytime after that, to pay a bill, nor did I order anything online.  I keep thinking if I wait it out just a bit longer, I'll remember using it again before that or something will trigger where I might have lost it.

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  I even looked on the ground again, underneath my car, before I left the gas station. I keep checking online
 to see if it got found and used (it has not) and I know as soon as I cancel the darn thing, I will find it. But, I have looked everywhere. My car is clean inside - no other crap to dig around. My house is spotless. I would see it, if it had fallen out. At home I always put my purse underneath my desk and it's not laying on the floor there. The only thing that was messy, was the inside of my purse, with all the store receipts, but I have gone through my purse 3 times now, and it's really not that big of purse.

GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I am so mad at myself.  I hate having to change all the bills I have set up to pay with this card.

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  1. My things like that slip between the seat and console or slip down the side of the seat as I slide out. So, looking on both sides of the seat a dozen times, finally with a flashlight in order to find things. Often, I enlist the help of someone else.