Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday off work

Ok, 2 blogs is definitely more time consuming, haha. I got the one post done this morning, but then it was time to leave for the vet appointment, so I didn't get this one done.

I told dh like 4 times the appointment was at 10:45. It usually doesn't take more than 45 minutes to get there. For some reason he kept thinking 10:30. At 9:30 he says are you ready to leave. I'm like NO! I'm not going to sit in the car for a half hour waiting for our appt. time! I said the very earliest I want to leave is 9:45. Geez! Then he tries to tell me, well I don't know how the roads are! I called BS on him -he always knows how the roads are - every single day, even though we go out like once a week, LOL.

Of course we got their 10 minutes early. They came out and got the dog right at 10:45 and had his stitches out in just a few minutes and brought him back out. 

Then dh decided to go through the car wash. We did the "works" with the coating and undercoating this time. The car really needed a good washing and since the roads were bare and dry it was a good day to do it. Then we filled up with gas and went to the grocery store. I didn't get a ton of stuff, but we left the dog in the car and dh came in. He went down the water and soda aisle and grabbed those things, while I grabbed the cheeses, so that helped get us in and out of there faster, splitting up, some. I haven't had Rice Krispies cereal in forever and that sounded good. NONE, empty on the cereal shelf for that. Their water selection was pretty sad as well as I had to get a different kind of lunch meat than I usually get. Even the shredded cheese was low stock and I ended up having to get an expensive brand. 

It was almost lunch by then so we did Wendy's drive through and headed home. Going to this vet, instead of that one out in the country, saves a total of 40 minutes driving, as well as we can also get other errands done, that we cannot do in that other little town the vet is in. It's just handier all around.

After we got home I made a cake. I guess you can say it's my birthday cake :). Then I took a nap for about an hour. I haven't frosted it yet, but will do that after I'm done with this post.

DD reminded me that the new season 2 of Resident Alien just started, so I'm going to watch that tonight. Hopefully it's as good and funny as season 1.

Since we had a good lunch that filled us up, I think maybe we'll just do sandwiches tonight for dinner. Dh decided to take a nap right when I would normally get dinner started, so he's obviously still not too hungry yet.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Oh my stars!

I continued (as well as dh) to have a bit of a stomach ache most of yesterday, but so far so good today, but I haven't had breakfast yet, just my cup of coffee.

Most nights when I go to bed kitty will follow me in. Pounce and play at my feet for a few minutes then settle in next to my knees and sleep until dh comes to bed (then it's play time again) but for some reason last night he just would not settle. After a half hour, I'd had enough of that and wanted to go to sleep, so I took him up to my office and shut the door. My office is above our master bedroom and boy, he always sounds like he is tearing the room apart up there, playing, but I open the door in the morning and all looks normal. You should see me slowly opening the door...afraid of what I might find broken, haha.

Today's dilemma - when I call my mom to I mention to her that it's my birthday?? I know she won't remember now, but I feel like if I tell her, she's going to feel bad for forgetting, but if I don't tell her, one day in a few months (she did this last year, haha) she will say did I remember you birthday? did I get you a gift? and then I just fudged and told her oh ya, you did. It's not much of a big deal to me, really. I know I have read on that support page I follow people will sometimes comment how bad they feel because their parent forgot their birthday. It's not her fault. It's the disease now. I know if she didn't have dementia, the person she was before would totally have remembered and celebrated with me. 

One of my work guys is in charge of sending out a group email when it's someone's birthday, wishing them a happy birthday with a cute or funny pic or meme. But, one of the managers (not my boss) she's always first to wish me happy birthday. She starts work at the butt crack of dawn every day and her happy birthday was in our chat program when I got up this morning. I don't even think my boss will remember until she sees the email from the "birthday guy", LOL.

I don't know stars/planets in the sky but boy, there sure was a huge bright star in the southeastern sky this morning. My phone sucks at pictures, especially in the dark, but it was neat to see.

ok, I guess I spoke too soon about my stomach. Good grief - like dh keeps saying "what did you do to us?" LOL. I just went ahead and ate breakfast. If I don't eat, then I get a headache and I guess I'd rather have a stomach ache than a headache.

Today at noon I have the call with mom's investment guy for the quarterly (well, this one will be annual) recap. Usually these calls are only about 10 minutes or so. I'll be glad to get it over with. 1) I hate talking on the phone, and 2) still ticked off at investment guys butting in on her beneficiaries.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tummy troubles and what not

I ended up not feeling very well yesterday. Stomach issues and a few trips to the bathroom. I mentioned it to dh and he said he was having the same thing. What did we eat last night? I said you had an omelet and I had cereal, so it's not that. I also read somewhere that it's like a 36 hour trip through your stomach, so maybe the pizza? He laughed and said "no, not the pizza!" His favorite, haha. I said, or it's all the peanut butter cookies and chocolates we ate in 2 days. DH forgot he had bought a bag of chocolates to go with the flowers for our anniversary and then saw the bag out in the shop, wherever he hides presents, LOL. So far so good today, but I haven't had breakfast yet.

It's payroll processing day. Enough said about that. I am trying, yet again, to get a simple question how one aspect of our payroll set up works. Every time I've asked, it's been in the context of additional questions and she never answers this one question. I have a feeling the setting is part of our issue. Finally this morning I emailed her with this question and this question only. We'll see. I think it's just that she's new and doesn't know the answer, so that's why she keeps ignoring the question. Other than this she had been a much much better payroll "advisor" then we had before.

DD recommended watching The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime. I think I might give that a try tonight. DH is usually in his den, off the living room area, watching channels of videos on YouTube. The cat is usually either sleeping on the couch or in my lap for the evening. The other evening I realized I hadn't seen him in at least an hour. I first went to the pantry, because sometimes he sneaks in there when we open the door and then we shut it, not realizing he's in there. I looked in our bedroom and under the bed. I went upstairs and looked around and no kitty. I went down into dh's den and said I can't find the cat. He shrugged his shoulders, LOL. I turned around and there was kitty, sleeping on a blanket dh had sitting on top of a bin in the corner of his den.  

Did I mention my one chicken, that hadn't gotten all her feathers back, finally did a few weeks ago? I was so relieved. I think I did mention this. They all look flat and fluffy now, LOL. I'm sure she's much warmer now.

Ok, well I got a half an answer from the payroll person. Pressed again for a full answer and finally go tit. I'm not sure what was so hard to answer this, LOL. Ok, let's see how the rest of it goes........

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

It snowed

Well, the weather was totally wrong yesterday. We ended up getting like 3 inches of snow, so by late afternoon dh did have to go out and shovel and plow, LOL.  He (as usual) went ahead and plowed down the rest of the street to other neighbors place. That neighbor drove by, coming home from work, while dh was out there plowing (what HE is supposed to plow) and couldn't even be bothered to take 15 seconds to roll down his window and say thank you or a text to say thanks.

Funny, I tried to call mom twice yesterday, but ya know, she's a busy gal and wasn't in her apartment either time, LOL. I don't have her landline set up for voicemail. So, this morning she just gave me a call and said she was thinking she might have missed calls? I said yep, I tried twice yesterday LOL. She said all is good, just keeping busy and thought she would give me a call before she heads downstairs to see what activities she's going to be doing today. Some days she just sounds so "normal". Still no mention of the cell phone....

I texted my half sis yesterday, to let her know I'd be happy to do her US tax return again and to email her 2021 info whenever. She said she is just getting over covid, since last Wednesday, but just about over it now and has just been working from home. Said for her it was mostly like a bad cold. Her BF also got it and not bad either and left for work (he works out of the area a lot) on Monday. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious for her.

I didn't sleep very well last night. Well, I did until dh came to bed - at 3am! He said he fell asleep in his chair watching videos. And when he comes to bed it wakes up the cat, who thinks it's time to play, so then I had to get up and put him upstairs in the crate. And couldn't fall back asleep. I was replaying in my mind all that crap with SB. Maybe starting that blog wasn't a good idea, ha! But, I'm past the background info posts now, so I'll be fine.

Mom's health insurance company sent out 2 more covid testing kits. Well, there are 2 to a box, so 4 in total. I still have the 2 boxes that were sent a month or so ago.

I have to do work tax stuff today. UGH. I really hate tax stuff. Today is due their monthly state business tax return, then by next Monday I have to do 2 city ones. Plus I need to get the 1099's done for both companies. I keep dragging my heals, because I hate doing them, LOL. I think people assume if you are an accountant, you like to do taxes. Nope. Never have. I hated that class, too. Thank goodness both companies use a CPA for the IRS taxes. I never had any desire to be a tax accountant. Too many changes to deal with all the time. In regular financial accounting, it's always the same. Black and white. Nothing much changes at all in how you account for it all.


Monday, January 24, 2022

Remembering for Mom

Ok! I finally decided to start that other blog about dealing with my mom's memory issues. Some of you commented to let them know if I do, as they might like to read that one, too.

I can't even believe I got the Blog name and address I first tried for!

Remembering for Mom -

If you visit it, let me know over there what you think. I've only got one post up, with some background history, so far.  We'll see how it goes.

Monday and weekend wrap up

I took some peanut butter cookies with me to the neighbors, and took a bunch of books she no longer wanted to keep. I think I got almost 20. A few I have already read in years past, but they were good ones and worth a read again someday and one's, if I had purchased when I read, I probably would have kept. She had like 3 or 4 boxes of books she is trying to get rid of. I had taken a soft sided bag with handles with me and filled it up and lugged it back home, LOL. Hopefully sometime this year, we get our bookshelves built. If it's not appearing that dh is getting on this project, I will probably at least just buy a bookcase for my office then. I have no bookcases at all! Weird for someone who loves to read! Years ago I used to buy books, but our house was small, filled with 2 kids and all their stuff and toys and books were just making more clutter, so I stopped buying and either borrowed from mom (back when she used to read a lot) or the library. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to read any of these - the print is just too small for me the past several years. Another reason I started using my ipad mini, so I could adjust the font to my liking and ease of reading. I find trying now to read an actual book is hard and I end up not reading for very long periods as it's such a strain on my eyes. But, I do love the look of books in bookcases :)

My mom tried to get on her computer again yesterday afternoon. Not connected to her wi-fi again. I have no idea. My last visit there I checked the box in network settings to "stay connected" and I turned her computer on and off 3 times and it stayed connected. I can only guess that because she has no clue anymore what to click on when she turns her computer on (she's supposed to click on the Firefox icon on her screen to access her email) and she is clicking down on the settings icons on the lower right of her task tray and if you click on the network settings, it shows a bunch of different networks, for all the apartments there. And of course she would have no clue what she is clicking on at all, she would just be clicking to see if something looks familiar. 

I finally got her to close out that screen and click on Firefox (so I could determine if she had a wi-fi connection) and it took me 2 minutes to get her to find the tab for her AOL mail, which when she clicked on it, said server not found. I'm just going to have to have her turn her computer on for me next visit and show me what she is trying to do each time she turns it on. 

She hasn't mentioned her cell phone again now in almost a week........I'm really hoping she forgets all about it! I still wonder where it is, LOL. Tucked away, hidden somewhere good, I'm sure.

This is going to be a 4 day work week for me. I am taking Friday off. I just realized my boss never approved my request and it's still showing as pending, so I just pinged her to remind her. We have to take the dog in to get his stitches out and since it's Friday and since I still have so many days to use up, might as well. I earn almost 2 1/2 days off per month, plus I still have like 240 hours unused. Ok, she got my message and approved it, haha.

We have no snow in the forecast, so now shoveling or plowing for dh looks to be for awhile at least. He's gonna need a new project to keep him occupied. Hope he finds something, haha. He's still piddling around in his shop. Finding things here and there to get rid of. One is an old cheap small upright vacuum cleaner. I had gotten it years ago to use in our motor home. Something that didn't take up much space, but it was pretty cheap and didn't work that well. For some reason he has kept it all these years and he tried to give it to dd years ago and of course she didn't want it. It's really just a piece of junk, still in the box it came in for storage. Finally yesterday he threw it in the garbage. Baby steps, I guess.

Well, it's almost 11 am. I think I'll try to give my mom a call now. She doesn't have exercise on Mondays, so should be in her apartment before she has lunch time.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Email, dogs, cats and books

Apparently I did fix the issue with my mom's computer disconnecting from her wi-fi every time she turns it off. She called me last evening, because she was on her computer and not understanding what she was seeing. I have no idea what she was on. It appears she is clicking down on the little icons on the bottom right.  I got her to just close that window. Then I said you need to click on Firefox. That is how you get to your email. She did and saw the AOL tab. I said ok, that's what you click on to see your email. Then she says "oh ok, I see that. I can just do that in the morning". Ok....LOL. I can see now she has really forgotten completely how to use it. Then she kept trying to read off all this stuff she was seeing "Macy's..." or a headline to some article. I'm like those are just ads and articles they want you to click on and look at. You can ignore those. If she does remember this morning to get on and look at her emails, we'll be back at square one with explaining how to do it. The only emails in her inbox are a weekly newsletter from her investment guys office. And I just the other day deleted weeks of them from her inbox because it's been months since she opened her email and she won't read them anyway.

If you like dogs and need a good laugh every few days, check out Tatum! He is so cute and funny. On Instagram his account is On Facebook it's Tatum Talks. What I love about a lot of their videos is the voice is happening while he's filming the dog, not gone back later and voiced over. 

My neighbor (recovering from surgery) texted me last night that she is cleaning out some books from her bookshelves and if I want any stop by today. I will do that. Someday I want those bookcases upstairs and will need books to fill them! I know she has a lot. She has a den just off her entryway that is filled with books. She is the one, when we first moved over here, invited me to join the bookclub she was in (that ended up disbanding) and I know she always bought the books we read. I just make some peanut butter cookies yesterday, so will take over a small  plate with me.

The pb cookies were pretty good! just from a Betty Crocker packaged mix. Add water, oil and an egg. Plus, it didn't make a ton, so I didn't have to spend hours cooking sheets of cookies.

DH got another small project in the shop done, that he's been meaning to do since it was built. Inside his "eletrical/water" closet the box/controls for the water well pump are bolted to a board on the wall. The board was just plain piece of plywood. He removed it all so we could stain the board and look a little more finished. It was supposed to be done right during building but we were in such a hurry to get moved into the shop, because we had to be out of our house, that dh just had them leave as is.

So, all day yesterday kitty seemed like a good little gentleman. Calm and slept a lot. I'm thinking ok, he's past this craziness. Nope! Evening time he got crazy and kept jumping up on the chair, swatting me in the face and grabbing my arm and trying to bite me. I'd yell no and put him down and he's turn right around and do it again. Finally, in a text, dd suggested I get that spray bottle out. Kitty just saw it sitting next to my chair and jumps up and all sweet and lovey as can be, LOL.

Well, I actually slept in until 8 this morning. Now better get in the shower and at least present myself a little more presentable since I'm going over to the neighbors later. Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny blue sky day and got up to 40. So far today seems very overcast and gray.