Saturday, September 25, 2021


Well, the 2 lots next to us are getting sold. One couple is buying both lots, so that is great. One more neighbor instead of 2. And we just talked to them for like 2 hours. SUPER nice couple. They are the older couple we saw out here a few weeks ago looking. They've lived in town for the past 10 years, but part time as they also have a home in Eastern Washington that they go back and forth between the 2. Sounds like they talked the guy down in price for the lots since they are buying both lots and are getting both for like $315,000. It'll probably take a couple years to get it all done, but it sounds like they will build a nice home and a shop and like to have nice landscaping, too. He's retiring in a few months, so that is why they want to build, as they will be living over here full time. And they want something bigger than what they live in now, in town. I think him and dh will get along great, he comes from a construction background, too. Also, as most people we meet here, they share the same conservative values. She seemed like a sweetheart and likes to quilt, so I told her she'll have to teach me how, as I've always wanted to learn. I can just see it now, dh will be over there every day helping the guy with their house build, LOL. But, I still can't imagine being in my 70's (she said her daughter is 50) and wanting to build a big house.

So, I didn't make it into town to get a few groceries. I was heading out to the shop to tell dh I was going to do that and saw him over at the fence talking with them, so I walked over to say hi and 2 hours later, it's now time to make some dinner. I'll just go tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, this is all turning out good, with nice new neighbors some day down the road.


Yesterday, while sitting at my desk and the kitty playing around me I hear this commotion going on under my desk. What is the world? Oh, just this!

Apparently there is a hole under my desk into the cabinet. LOL. I think he's putting some weight on. His spine and hips don't feel so bony now.

DH isn't feeling very well this morning, but not one of the things on the list to "watch for" after the endoscopy, so I doubt it's related (or if it is, not an issue) and I wouldn't think he'd have a problem (fever, nausea, vomiting) 2 days after. Seems like if there was some complication it would have shown up fairly quickly. Could be the burger he ate Thursday on our way home. I read it takes about 36 hours for food to pass all the way through...

Nice to wake up this morning and it's only Saturday and still have 2 days left of the weekend, after already having 2 days off.

I think today I am going to stain the whiskey barrel planters we have. They are kind of just a natural unstained color and we were saying yesterday they'd look better darker, to match the 2 we put at the front entrance and I think they'd stand out more against the rockery. We have extra stain and I think some leftover in a darker color. Shouldn't be too hard to grab a rag and wipe some stain on the barrels.

DH had an old friend call last night. I don't think he knew of dh's medical problems (he's not on Facebook), he just called to say hi and have their semi annual 4 hour chat LOL.

I didn't get a call back from the GI dr office to answer my question if they set up the appointment with the surgeon or we do it through his primary dr. I re-read the paperwork we took home and now do see where there is a sentence in the first section that says an appointment will be made with surgeon. I have a feeling their office was closed Friday or they probably only work a half day.

I need to run into town today and get a few groceries. I'll probably go into the city again next Thursday or Friday (days off) and pick up a big grocery order.  I'm hearing TP is getting rationed again, but thankfully I've been stocking up this whole past year and we have plenty. Water must be getting bought up, as the last couple of times they've substituted me different brands. I like the Dasani water, but I'm not paying that price.

We took a hike down the game trail on our river bank yesterday. Peaceful and quiet.

Our dog is not a swimmer, but he did wade in up to his belly. Finally, nice temps out and no smoke in the air.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday tasks

Nothing much to update today. Kitty has been up since 6:30 and non-stop playing and mischief. He won't take a nap, but I need one now. Dh is feeling ok today. Not super energetic and his voice is a little hoarse, but he's heading out to get the lawn mowed today. This might be a good time for me to put kitty in his crate and go take a nap, haha!

I'm glad I decided to take today off work. I have a call into the GI doctors office. I missed the part (if it was even clarified) that said if it was his office that would be setting up the referral for a consult with a surgeon or if we are supposed to have his primary care dr do that. The discharge paperwork they sent home didn't say. It's kind of strange. The paperwork even has color pictures from the scope done and the results and "recommendations", but nothing in the paperwork says about needing the gallbladder out. 

We're feeling a bit nervous about currently having only one working vehicle. Before dh got sick and went into the hospital he tried calling this transmission place he wants to have put in the new transmission in his truck, but they never called back. He called there twice and left messages. My car is now 11 years old and over 130,000 miles. While it runs fine (knock on wood), you never know at this point. If I broke down, he couldn't even come and get me, or if we had to put my car in the shop, we have no other vehicle to use. So, we are contemplating this situation. We are the folks, that unless we plan ahead and make sure all our bases our covered, crap always goes wrong. So, I just know that most likely, while his truck is down, my car will decide to break down. It's just the way our life has always worked out.

I just received a medical bill in the mail from some imaging company for the ct scans and xrays dh had while in the hospital. I'm not sure exactly what service they performed, as the hospital billing already has these scans listed and charged. Maybe to read them? It's for 3 CT scans and 2 xrays for a total of $765. It says insurance was billed but shows no adjustment or payment by insurance, and when I log into the insurance it doesn't show any claims from this company or this amount. I tried to call them, but they are closed at noon on Fridays, so I'll have to wait. It appears they billed insurance, didn't receive anything back from insurance, so just billed me in full. So many details to stay on top of with all this. Everything else I've been billed for, so far, I can see the claim on the insurance log in and the patient balance is matching what they are billing me. This claim doesn't even exist on insurance list of claims, not even as an "In process" claim. Ok, I looked up this company and it is apparently for a radiologist to read the scans. I'm not paying until I see that insurance has processed a claim, so I'll call them Monday morning.

Ok, I'm going to take a nap.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

It's the gallbladder for the win

The endoscopy is done. They did put dh completely under for it, so now the charge makes sense...I guess, haha. Still so expensive for less than an hour. The end result is the dr thinks it is his gallbadder (and the sludge) causing the pancreatitis and he is recommending a consult with a surgeon as he feels it's best to have removed. So, that will be next on the agenda.

There was about an hour of checking in and prep time and I got to stay back there for that. Then they took him back for the procedure and I went back out to the waiting room. I waited about an hour and they came and got me to take me back as he was getting woke up. He was coughing a lot at first. And totally loopy!!! I'm like OMG, stop talking! haha! The nurse kept offering him water or juice and he kept saying "can I have Mountain Dew?" LOL. He kept asking "who woke me up?". That lasted a good 15 minutes or so and then he started getting normal and the dr came in and explained it all. Then he got dressed and walked out of there. Hungry, LOL. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home and he got lunch to eat on the way home. 

He's doing fine, though says his throat is a little sore, which is to be expected. Hopefully once the gallbladder is gone he'll start to feel much better.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Cat, call, and appointments

It's been awhile since I've had a kitten. Most of our cats (all rescues) were at least 6 months old when we got them. Playful and busy, aren't they?! LOL. More so today, as he seems to have 100% settled in here.

Last night we let him free roam the house. He was pretty intimidated at first, but then spent most of the  evening with me on the couch. At one point I put him back in his crate up in my office, which he apparently didn't like one little bit. I went back up a little later to find he had tipped over water and food and made a mess.

Today, I am just leaving his cage door open so he can go in and out (which he does often to eat and drink) and now that dh is up and about, I'm leaving my office door open. He did follow me partially downstairs while I was doing stuff in the kitchen and just stayed on the stairs observing. I need cat toys, but for now he's decided the 2 bottles of eye drops that were on my desk make good toys on the floor. Either that or he is on my desk trying to catch my cursor as I move it around on my screen. Like I said, busy little guy.

DD has tried several different cat litter systems over the past few years and settled on one she likes, so I think I will try it. She uses the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze litter system. It uses pellets instead of sand type litter and she just orders the refills on Amazon subscribe and save, every couple of months.

I got caught up with another month completed at work. Boss is happy and now I'm working on July stuff. Almost there! I really can't get caught up much more than 2 months out, as we don't get all our reports and info from some of our manufacturer's until 4-6 weeks after a month ends, then it takes me a couple weeks to get it all entered and reconciled. So, if I can get caught up with July by the end of this month I will consider myself caught up. That might be hard to do, though, as I have 2 days off this week and 2 days off next week, so I'm probably not going to get July done, but hopefully will by the first week of October.

DH has his endoscopy tomorrow morning. From reading the instructions that were mailed it kind of sounds like he is not put under anesthesia, just given something to make him drowsy and relaxed and then the "tube can be swallowed with surprising ease". Ok...if they say so, LOL. But, the estimate of (almost $6000!) costs I got from his "mychart" with the hospital includes $1440 for general anethesia, so I guess I will find out for sure if they put him under or not and make sure I don't pay for that if, they don't.

I have a call into the urology office nurse to call me back to explain to me why he's basically having a duplicate appointment of the appointment he just had Friday! Dr. told him he wanted him back in 3 months for a biopsy. So, if for some reason they need a second PSA blood test done, ok, but if it's just going to show same and he still needs a biopsy, then just tell him that over the phone and schedule the biopsy. He doesn't need another appointment to just tell him the same thing he was told on Friday! Just schedule the dang biopsy.

Update: Right after I posted this the urology nurse calls me back. OMG. I don't know why things have to be so confusing. I knew I should have gone back with dh. DH came out the car and said "ok. My PSA is 7.3. At my age that means I have a 1 in 4 chance of it being cancer, so I should have a biopsy to see if it is. I told the dr. I wanted to get through this pancreatitis and endoscopy stuff first and he said no problem, I can have it done in 3 months and someone will call me down the road to schedule it".

Nurse tells me the chart notes say that dr recommended the biopsy but patient declined at this time due to his other issues going on and would like to have his PSA retested in 6 weeks. I asked her if it was likely his PSA would change in 6 weeks, and she said well, it might go up and then dr would again recommend the biopsy. I said, but it's not like it's going to go down and no biopsy needed? well, not likely. Ok, then, there is no reason to retest it in 6 weeks, just to be told he still needs the biopsy. I said I would talk to my dh to make sure he will have the biopsy, but I'm pretty sure that's what he will do, so she said to just call back and let the front desk know. Good grief.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Well, this is certainly a friendly "people" kitty. He loves me already, LOL. I'm keeping him in my office for now, and shut my door and opened the cage. After a little petting, he came out on his own and wouldn't leave me alone. Likes to get up on my shoulder and rub his head against my head. I finally had to put him back in the cage, so I could respond to a work email. Stupid work. LOL.

He was a little miffed at me for putting him back in, but now is calm and stopped meowing.

While I've been wanting a cat for quite awhile, I didn't really want a kitten, LOL. Only because we live so far from a vet, that to take it in for all it's series of kitten shots is going to be a pain in the butt. I would have adopted a cat or at least an older kitten with all it's shots. Oh well, apparently this little one chose us, so that's what we will deal with. Now that he has food available he should start filling out and growing.

Last evening we all, even the dog, sat up in my office on the floor and let kitty get to know us. The dog was more afraid it it then the kitty was of the dog, LOL. 

DH got his covid test results on his mychart already and negative so good to go for his endoscopy on Thursday. Dumb that this hospital can have the results in less than 24 hours but the hospital here in town couldn't guarantee it even in 3 days. But, if we hadn't had to go into the city hospital and hadn't pulled up to our driveway right when we did, we'd most likely have never seen this poor kitten out there all alone, so it was meant to be. I doubt it would last much longer out there by itself. It's so young I doubt it even knows how to hunt for anything.

My mom's senior living place just started a new thing where family can log in and see what activities their person is partaking in and what the activity schedule is. That will be handy. I can even notify them through that if she's going to be away, visiting me for a couple days.

Monday, September 20, 2021

So this happened

We were pulling up to our driveway after going to get dh covid tested and just on the other side of the gate was a little kitten! OMG. Then it ran down into the culvert pipe. Meow meow. But wouldn't come to us. I had a new unopened bag of cat food in the house (from when that stray adult cat was hanging around our back door that week or so, months ago) so I put some in food in a bowl and tried to tempt it that way. It ran out the other end of the culvert, zipped across the lawn and into the other culvert, LOL. Oh boy. But, there was no way I wasn't going to try to rescue this little thing.

DH took awhile, but found our animal trap (one of those Haveaheart traps that don't injure the animal). We blocked one end of the culvert and put the trap at the other end with the food in it and went back into the house. Within 10 or 15 minutes kitty went inside.  I then had dh get out our old dog wired crate to set up. Originally for our dogs, when they were young and crated. Then we used for a while with our 2 barn cats until they got acclimated. DH set it up in my office and we put the kitten in there. It was scared but didn't seem mean. It got right to business, eating. A little while later I knelt down next to the cage and kitty started purring. Well, shoot, can't be too mean. I opened up and started petting it and warmed right up to me so I took it out and we loved on each other some. It's a little purr monster. 

Then I figured I'd better get some cat litter and a litter box soon. I didn't even know if our little grocery store in town would have a litter box! Maybe the little hardware store would. But, thankfully they had some litter boxes on the top shelf of the cat food area. I got some kitten chow, the litter box, liners and liners for the box. 

Ok, so is it a boy or a girl? I'm pretty sure it's a boy. Not that I've ever even looked with any of our previous cats. LOL. We'd just either get them already knowing what they were or the vet told me. haha. 

Most likely someone dumped it off. It doesn't belong to our neighbors and then the next nearest neighbors are a mile away. And it's been on it's own for at least a little while, seeing how skinny and bony it is. Who knows how long it's been out there in the culvert trying to stay alive.There isn't anything on the lost pets Facebook page of anyone missing a kitten. How did the universe know I've been wanting a cat? LOL. And it's orange. Our previous cat was orange, too. DD said are you keeping it? Heck ya I am!