Saturday, June 22, 2024

More papers

During my lunch break yesterday I made some more headway on the old papers. There was a smallish stack that I had grabbed out of my mom's filing cabinet (before it went to donation), to keep and go through later. I've managed to throw away most of it now. Most of it was very old tax returns (like 15-20 years ago) and old copies of her retirement account statements. There was an envelope with a few extra copies of my dad's death certificate, so I've kept that (not sure why, LOL). I have her more recent tax returns, as I have been doing them for years. I'm also keeping the extra copies of her death certificate I have and her will/estate paperwork, at least for now. Now that I've gone through everything I'm surprised there was nothing at all in paperwork she may have saved for my grandma, who she took care of everything for. Not even a copy of her death certificate. She passed in 2013.

DH prescription got shipped out yesterday, so he should have it by the end of next week, before he runs out. It's showing about $10 more than the lady on the phone told me it would. So, what I thought would be $5 savings is now $5 more. Oh well.

I'd say I have cut down on 2/3rds to 3/4th of the sugar and snacks I was consuming. One day (on a typical day of eating) I actually added up the calories of all I ate that day. Around 1100 and that seems to be a  pretty typical day now, or at least for 4-5 days a week. There other days aren't too much more. And I've gained a pound. That's pretty annoying. Losing a pound or two would sure give me some additional motivation to keep this up, right?! What, am I just adding calories breathing now? Geez, LOL.

The delivery of the car lift saga continues. The delivery driver called yesterday to say he was going to deliver Saturday. Dh said he was told it would be here today (Friday). Then in asking the driver where he was at that point and he also said he had a stop to make in Idaho dh was pretty skeptical he'd get here Saturday. And the forklift is going back on Monday - we're not paying another $750 to rent it another week, when they shipped this lift from the mfg on 6/11! Then dh talked on the phone quite a while with the sales guy (who basically acted like there's not much he can do) with no resolution either. It apparently took dh putting a bad review on their Facebook page to finally get someone higher up to get involved. Within minutes he had a DM, then a phone call from the Director of Sales. The lift is supposed to be delivered today. The guy installing it says he can still come tomorrow, then the forklift can go back Monday. The Dir. of Sales then emailed dh his cell# and told him to let him know if the lift gets delivered Saturday or not. If not he said he will give dh a full refund on the lift. 

It's just 8am, so I guess we'll see if it gets delivered..........or not.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Clean up

I managed to do a little computer "clean up" and got my hard drive space back up to almost 54GB available. At least it's not showing as RED anymore. My downloads folder was also pretty huge and after going through that and doing more deleting, I got the available space up to 55.4GB. My download folder is mostly all pictures, because I will send pictures to myself from my phone, to Messenger and then download to my computer to either send in a message, email, or use to post a picture here on my blog. I haven't deleted most of the downloaded picture files yet. I should. Obviously they are already on my phone and don't need to be both places.

DH's new shop door is installed. The 2 guys who showed up were really good workers. DH also had them replace the seals around all the other doors, as well.

One of our next projects needs to be re sealing all the concrete (you can see it's gotten pretty sad and tired looking). DH tried to find someone to hire but no luck. When all our concrete was originally done he did the sealing himself, with a roller (big job), but he's done some research and it's recommended to use a sprayer. That would be much easier, so his plan is to buy a good sprayer and do it. But, waiting a bit until it's not so much pollen in the air, so it doesn't all get stuck in the sealant before it dries.

Then at the last hour or so of working yesterday I decided to do some more clean up. I have a box of papers (well more than one box) I started going through. I put in 3 piles: garbage, shred, and keep/look into more before tossing. I now have a large kitchen garbage bag stuffed, a small pile to shred and a medium pile (put back in the box) to organize better. I also went through a couple of shelves in my bathroom cabinet and threw out quite a few things.

Guess who didn't get a 24 hours notice of delivery on the lift yesterday? Shocker, I know! I can't believe the total ineptness of this transport company. Not the mention they just don't give a damn. We rented the forklift for a week. It's supposed to go back on Monday. At this point, if they don't deliver between now and first thing Monday morning, dh is thinking about letting the forklift go back and when they call to want to deliver he's going to say, sure - rent me a forklift and I'll take the delivery or just don't deliver it and tell the dealer he wants his money back.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Doors and more

Our electricity shut down was for about 3 1/2 hours. DH was out mowing the lawn for most of it. I took a nap for half of it, LOL. The rest of the time we sat on the patio in the nice sunshine. I could tell from my phone when the power came back on because it switched from LTE back to wifi. I said to dh the power is back on and he's like how do you know? I just said because I'm psychic. haha.

Our big shop door is finally getting replaced today. That is sure an expense that hurt :/.  The door guy emailed me yesterday morning that the door is in and he wanted to come next week. I said anytime, just let us know. Then he called dh yesterday afternoon and wanted to see if he could come today.

I can't remember if I mentioned that on Monday I called Social Security again, on my mom's final payment. The lady said it's still showing in process, but that it's a long time to still be in process considering they've had the form I filled out since April 4th. I said yes, the first guy I talked to said it should be processed in 45 days from that date. She said she put in a request for a status update, so maybe that will help get it moving. I was telling my boss and she said she never could get the $255 death benefits out of them, for her husband that passed away almost a year ago. She finally gave up. Good grief! People die DAILY in this country who's widow or dependent is owed the $255. She's proven she was married to him. What a totally ridiculous system. Now I'm thinking I'll likely never see my mom's last payment (unless I just keep pushing for it), or it will be years before I do. 

Also, my uncle did finally get his inherited IRA transferred to his bank, so I don't have to hear about that anymore ;). Which reminds me, I'll have to give him a call this weekend, as then it will be about 2 weeks since we talked/texted and I try to check in with him (or he will with me, as well) at least once a month.

Getting dh's prescription transferred to mail order is getting annoying. After they got the order from his doctor (the 2nd try) it said "in process" last week. I just checked online to make sure it's been shipped. Nope. It says "on hold until 6/21". When they do mail it typically takes a week to get here. He will be out of meds by the end of next week. Just ship the damn med out, for goodness sake. I have my meds on mail delivery and when it's time for the refill they have always processed it and mailed it so I get it in plenty of time before I run out.

I noticed my computer's hard drive storage is about maxed out. I'm still trying to figure out what is causing it. I have deleted a few programs and files I don't use, but it barely helped. I know it shows Teams as 1GB, but my hard drive is 237GB. I'm sure the new Quickbooks Pro I added takes up some space, but I'm not seeing how much. I'll have to do some more checking on this. I really don't want to have to deal with getting an new computer right now. I've had enough headaches to deal with.  I just looked it up on google and it says QB Pro only takes up 2.5GB. I don't even have that many programs on my computer and even if 10 of them are as large as QB, that's only using 25GB out of 237.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Half day

I have about 90 minutes before our power is supposed to go down for 4 hours. My phone and ipad are charged up. I guess I also see a nap happening this afternoon LOL. I also left the dishwasher to be emptied to wait and do it while I have 4 hours of not being able to work.

DH sat all day yesterday with no update on the delivery of his lift. By that point it had been 2 1/2 business days of nothing resolved. His email back to the sales buy didn't even warrant a reply or call back from the sales guy. At 4:30pm he called the mfg, where is shipped from and said here's the deal. I want an answer as to when this will be delivered. I don't want to hear anymore that the truck broke down - that was 2 1/2 days ago. I want to know where it is and when it will be here, or I want a refund (this is NOT a cheap lift). The guy said he'll call him right back and he did. He said the lift is still at the transporters facility (where they took it after they picked it up from mfg) in So. CA, and will be on it's way Wednesday. He will get a call on Thursday for his 24 hour delivery notice and it will be delivered Friday. Considering the transport company's history, we are not holding our breath that there's any truth in this. They've known since last Friday afternoon this was not on it's way and it was still sitting there. I'm sure if dh hadn't called yet again, yesterday afternoon, it would still be sitting there.

I still want to know how this driver got dh's info, said he had it (as of 2:30 Friday afternoon) and was going to be in Montana by Saturday. Then supposedly broke down an hour later and the lift was taken back to Ontario CA (from wherever he supposedly broke down) and then on Monday morning, when dh calls this same driver back, he says he's in MT, but without dh's lift....??  Huh?

DH was chuckling a bit when he was relaying some of his conversation from the other day with the son and daughter in law of the couple buying the lot next to us. Being property on the river we have certain building rules we had to follow: we had to build back at least 25 feet from the edge of the bank and we could not excavate anything in that area. The guy says to dh, so what do they actually consider the bank? down at the river's edge? We are on high bank, meaning there's a very steep slope from the top edge of our property down to the edge of the river, but part of our 2 acres is this steep slope. We legally own down to the "high water mark" (a bit vague, LOL, but about 2/3rds to 3/4th of the way down the hill is the high water mark). Dh says no, the 25' you have to build back from is at the top of the hill. The guy says well you must have excavated out some of it to build your house? It looks like less than 25'. Dh says no, it's built back more than 25 feet, we did no excavation there. 

This is where dh was kind of chuckling - our back yard, between the house and the edge of the bank, is full of big trees - trees that have to be at least 100 years old, LOL. I don't think we excavated and then managed to get trees the size of these grown in 6 years ;) I mean - here's me looking UP at the trees outside my upstairs window

It's a nice day, the rain appears to be done with.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Circle of lies

It's amazing how people and business's just lie nowadays. And even when they are caught, they just stick with the lies.  This time it's regarding the car lift that dh is waiting for delivery. 

He ordered the lift through an authorized dealer of the lift mfg. The mfg is out of Southern CA and that's where the lift ships from. Last Tuesday he was told the lift was picked up and given the name of the transport company, their ph# and a tracking#. He was told to wait until the next day to call them to get an estimated delivery date. He needs this date as we have to rent a forlklift and have it here, in order to get the lift off the trailer and into our shop. He called last Wednesday and they told him some vague window of "sometime in the next 2 weeks". DH called back on Friday morning and said he has to have a delivery date, so he can order the forklift. He was then told it will be here next Wednesday.

An hour or so later a driver for this transport company calls. Barely speaks English. He wants to deliver it the next day, Saturday (which means he has to be getting closer to Montana, right?). DH says to him, I was just told an hour or two ago, by your company, it wouldn't be here until Wednesday. I have to have a forklift and I can't get that until next week now. Then the guy says "how about Sunday?" The driver says something about having to deliver an excavator to somewhere in MT on Sunday. DH says, no....I can't get a forklift here by then. He said I can call and see if they can get it here Monday. He called the forklift rental place and they said they could, but it would be later morning, but no later than noon. DH calls the driver back and tells him this. 

An hour or two later the transport company calls back and says cancel your forklift for Monday, the driver broke down. We don't know when we're going to get this to you. DH says I can't cancel it, the rental place is closed for the day now. I'll have it delivered Monday and it will be here now that the driver will be a day or two late....(dh knew that this driver just didn't suddenly break down and even so, get it fixed and back on the road, like what? down a day at most?).

Yesterday morning, 10am, the forklift gets delivered. DH calls the driver, tells him who he is/what town we live in and then asks the driver where are you at? He says he's in the city near us (so about 45 min away). DH says ok, well you're less than an hour away and the driver asks for directions. Dh gives him the directions and then the driver says "I don't have your lift on my trailer". Dh is like what?! The driver says ya, it got canceled when I broke down, so it's never got picked up in Southern CA. 

Wait a minute.......on Friday he wanted to deliver on Saturday and and now he's saying he didn't even have it loaded/picked up yet and was going to be in Montana the next day, all the way from So. Cal? BS!

DH calls the transport company and they say ya, the driver broke down, so the lift never got picked up. 

I told dh this is total lies and there is no way that 1) dh was given a tracking# if it wasn't picked up and 2) there is no way a driver for a transport company would have been given the delivery info of where it's going to and their name and ph#, if he hadn't picked it up yet and 3) if he didn't have the lift on his load, why would he have even called dh to try to deliver it the very next day?

Dh then called the dealer he bought the lift from. I told him make THEM deal with this. In my industry our customers don't deal with the transport issues from stuff they ordered from us - they make us deal with all the crap. They scream at us about it. Of course his sales guy wasn't in yesterday, so he talked to another one, who says he'll look into it and calls dh back and says "ya, well I guess the driver broke down and the lift is still at our distribution place". DH says they are lying. He says we'll look into and get back to you (no call yet).

A couple hours later he decided to call the actual manuf. of this lift, they are the one's that shipped it out, they should know if it got picked up or not. The lady tells him, yes it got picked up on the 11th, shipping with such and such transport and here's the tracking. DH then says well I guess I need to talk to a manager then and she asks why, so he explains the whole thing. That now the transport company is saying they haven't picked it up yet. She then says "and now you're paying for a forklift rental each day..." Yep. No one has called dh back yet, which is crap. 

So, who knows when this lift will get delivered. Or here's an idea! If the transport company/driver needed to deliver on a certain date, how about you coordinate this beforehand? Meanwhile the forlift rental is over $100 a day. DH rented it for a week, as the guy who will be doing the installing of the lift plans to come do it on Saturday (IF the lift gets here this week) and renting it for a week was almost half the cost of daily rental rates.

Monday, June 17, 2024

A week

I made it through the week trying to much reduce sugar and bread. My goals are twofold. I don't want as much sugar in my system as I was putting in before, and I'd like to lose a few pounds. I guess I helped the first goal. The second goal? I gained a pound. How does that work?! LOL. I ate fruits and salads most of the week in place of the sugar and breads. 

My takeaways:  It's hard to cut down, but I did reduce sugar quite a bit compared to what I was taking in. Apple slices with a little bit of peanut butter on them is the bomb. I've eaten that for lunch the last 3 days. I am going to be out of apples before my next shopping trip :(  I'm learning to be more aware of what I'm eating in a day and if I do want a treat, I try to make it on a day when I'm really having not much at all in anything else. Or like I did one day, I gave up having the bun with my chicken burger. I bake the chicken in olive oil with salt and pepper, so I don't mind having it by itself, at all.

I did make dh a banana cream pie, but it was not sugar free. It wasn't even banana cream pudding, LOL. I swear that's what I had bought (a couple of shopping trips before) but when I went in the pantry it was vanilla pudding (with sugar). Oh well. With the banana's mixed in, it was still a good pie and my small piece had the sugar free whip cream on it at least. (I've left off the whip cream on top and just add that when I cut a slice). I made dh a cheeseburger for dinner last night and I just had a bowl of the Fiber One cereal, so I didn't feel too bad about the little slice of pie.

We were outside a bit after dinner yesterday, as dh was rearranging things to get ready for the shop lift delivery and install. He moved his pickup out of the garage and moved some things from the shop, where the lift is going, temporarily into the garage. Hopefully they will call soon wanting to deliver (ie, the delivery truck is "repaired" {insert big eye roll}). The install guy is supposed to come next Saturday. Anyway, just before we got started someone pulled in a white pickup down to lot 5 (the furthest of DAN's 2 lots) and it looked like 3 or 4 people were walking around. By the time they left we were back inside the garage, but we saw them pull out and basically come to a stop in front of our gate for a few seconds and then drive by suuuper slow the rest of the way. They kind of did the same thing in front of Mr & Mrs place. I don't know why, but it always kind of creeps me out when people do that, LOL.

When dh talked to that young couple, who's parents are buying the lot next to us, he did give them our phone number in case he or is parents had any questions. Without dh even saying anything about DAN, they said "this seller appears to be an odd guy...." Yep.

Can anyone explain this? So, I have this steam mop I bought awhile back. It only uses distilled water to clean. Every time I use, dh says the smell is awful. "What is that solution you are using? It smells awful!" I'm like it's just water! He has always driven me nuts with things he can smell, so now I don't want to use this steam mop anymore, so I don't have to listen to him throw a fit and turn on fans. It must just be something from the mop itself that emits an odor when the steam is coming through it, I guess.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Neighbor news

We now have info on who bought the lots next to us. It turns out DAN ended up selling each lot separately. DH went outside last evening to put out some peanuts for his raven and never came back inside, LOL. I was watching something on my ipad and just assumed he had gone out to his shop to fiddle around. Turns out he was out there, standing at the fence talking to people. When he went out he saw a car in front of the lot next to us, but didn't see anyone, then as he was going up to our side lawn he saw a young woman and said hi, did you just buy this? She said no, her mother in law did. Then her husband walked up and dh being dh, he talked a lot and got lots of info from them :)

The guys parents live part time in Illinois and part time in Texas and now they want to live part time in Montana and part time in Texas and tasked the son (who lives about an hour away from us) with finding them some property on a river or lake. They inquired with the realtor about just this lot and was told "it's one lot, 4 acres". They said well the ad says it's 2 separate lots, so we wanted to see if the seller was interested in selling one lot. The message from DAN was, if he's selling the lots separate then the price is $250k and their lucky he doesn't make it start with a 3" (told you he was a Douchebag Asshole Neighbor). So, they passed and continued their search. Then a couple weeks later the realtor called and asked if they were still interested, as apparently someone else now wanted to just buy lot 5. At this point they said they also got the impression that DAN was needing the money (which we also gathered since he lowered the price of his house for sale 2x in less than a month).

So, this couple purchasing it must be around our age, as their son and his wife were about my dd's age. DH brought up the covenants and he said his parents live in an HOA now with no problems and they have totally read the covenants. They will also just be summer residents. He also said his dad is very meticulous.

So, we at least have some hope now that we will end up with some decent neighbors. We are still hearing that it's like a year wait to get a well dug, so my guess is there won't be any building started this summer (they are supposed to close on the property next month). Next year could be a busy year in our neighborhood as the couple that has owned lot 6 for 4 years, plans to start building next year. We don't know who purchased the other lot, yet.