Sunday, November 17, 2019

More mom stuff

Mom said she was feeling better yesterday morning, but I could tell she's tired. She said BF's daughter got there in the morning and was going to be able to spend all day, so she was glad of that. I asked her (as I always do) if she took her morning pills. She says oh ya. Then I brought up refilling the pill box again for the next week. Then of course realized she hadn't taken her Sat am pills! Argh!! She has one pill she takes right when she gets up (before eating). Then the others later morning. I think maybe she is thinking I'm asking about that first pill, so I'm going to have to start to be more specific.

I told her I'd give her a call later and we could do the pill box, so I called her back at 1:30 her time and she seemed pretty good. She said she had gone down and eaten lunch. Then she cleaned up her table and desk. While trying to get her pill box filled up over the phone was still painful, it only took 35 minutes this time, rather than 55, LOL. She has like 4 different vitamins. I'm thinking of looking into a multivitamin that has these in it, so she just has one pill to take and put in her pill box, instead of 4!

Woke up this morning to a text, sent at midnight last night. From SB's wife. It was sent to me, DD, and SB. Said Pls let us know of any concerns about your mom and how we can help. and she signed it her and SB. Weird. But, maybe just their way of saying they now know I'm in charge and they are available to help, if needed. I just replied back. Thank you, We appreciate it.

When I talk to my mom and help with stuff, like talking her through filling pill box she is very appreciative and thanks me. I always try to be very sweet and patient, no matter what. She said yesterday that she's so glad I am ______(and then she forgot the word). I assumed she was probably going to say patient, but I didn't want to put words in her mouth, so I just let her try to figure out what she wanted to say. She still couldn't think of it, but said "well, BF gets so frustrated with me on things like this", so then I said "Patient". She said yes. I said I don' t mind at all taking the time to help her with whatever I can.

DD and I are looking online at what assisted living is available up near her. There are a couple close by that offer the different levels of care. I'll have them send me a brochure or info to look at. Just so we have a bit of homework done, in case we do decide to move her. But, I really think, once BF is gone and she can get into a normal routine she will be ok there. She said while at lunch she talked to some of the ladies about some upcoming activities and said "I need to start having some fun". LOL

Saturday, November 16, 2019

No rest for the wicked

DD ended up getting to spend about 4 1/2 hours with my mom yesterday, so that was good. After they got back to her apartment and put her groceries away, we then figured out her Verizon bill (speaker phone).  Then DD said grandma decided to balance her checkbook (she had also just deposited some checks she had, while they were at the bank). DD said she just did the math in her head, like it was nothing.

Then mom decided she'd like to hang some of her pictures on the walls. We had bought her some hardware for hanging pictures when I was there, but didn't end up hanging anything. DD said while they were hanging pictures BF called, wondering where she was/what she was doing. When they got done and it was getting close time for dd to head home they went down to BF's apartment, so DD could say hello before she left. (he's basically bedridden). His daughter was there. They went into say hello to him and he tells DD that he called SB this morning because she's not doing very well. DD said she just kinda stood there stunned for a second. She said what she wanted to say was "well, then why didn't you call my mom?!". But, she just said "oh. I just spent 4 or 5 hours with her and I think she's doing great." She said even my mom kind of had a surprised look on her face. Then his daughter said "well, she wasn't feeling well this morning". My mom said well yes, I wasn't feeling very good when I first woke up, but I'm doing fine now.


She has not slept in her own bed for at least 2 weeks now. Basically, she's paying $3600 a month for a place to store her stuff!

And now instead of moving him to the place he's going to be staying/cared for on Monday, now it's been changed to Tuesday.  Tuesday cannot come fast enough for me.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Feeling relieved

The new Durable Power of Attorney and the Revocation notice are all signed and notarized now. Whew. I feel so much better to now at least have that off my mind. DD texted me as soon as they got done at the bank :).  And since the bank is inside the grocery store, she had my mom also pick up whatever groceries she needs.

I felt such a relief once that POA was taken care of. I could just feel my tension rising the closer it got to the appointment time. I know DD was too. She said she could just imagine taking Grandma into the bank and grandma acting all confused and they'd be like "heck no, we're not notarizing this" LOL. (she's not that bad, LOL).

Then we proceeded to figure out this Verizon charge. It's all ok. I'm not quite sure how happened, but it looks like the $68 bill for the 2 months (because she missed Sept) got paid/charged to her card. Then the next months bill must have not reflected that payment, because it was for the $68 prior balance plus this month, making total of $105. Which then got now she has a $68 credit on her account, LOL. It'll all get worked out, and a least now I have the log in.

DD got there earlier than she thought she would so they had time to go downstairs to the dining room and have lunch, so mom got a good meal in her. They got her stocked up on a few groceries, so she should be good on that until DD is there again in a couple weeks. I talked to them on speakerphone after we got the Verizon thing figured out. I think mom got a paper statement that had the $105, so she had written out a check on her desk. So they destroyed that and mom joked "too bad you weren't here, too, we'd all go out for a nice steak dinner since I have $105 extra dollars" LOL.

DD looked at her pill organizer box....put away in her kitchen cupboard and sees she did forget to take her yesterday morning could maybe explain why she's not felt good yesterday and this morning. I even asked her yesterday morning if she took them.......sigh.........other than that she forgot one night of her cholesterol medication, on Monday.

DD has spent a couple hours with her and said actually she seems to be doing pretty well. She balanced her checkbook while DD was there.....DD said she's still a math wizard, did the math for her checking register in her head, LOL.

DD said she's going to give uncle (her great uncle) a call on her way home this afternoon and let him know the DPOA is all taken care of. Works for me. One less call I have to make today, and she enjoys talking to him.

Well, now maybe I can finally relax and get a good nights sleep! It's been a long almost 2 weeks worrying about this.

Getting through this day

Today is the day to get mom's new Durable Power of Attorney signed and notarized. DD is on her way to her place now, but will probably take her 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get there. Traffic is showing 90 minutes. I will be so GLAD when this is finished.

Yesterday and again this morning my mom is not feeling that great. UGH. She assures me she's taking her meds but the last 2-3 mornings I have called she has mentioned just eating a banana and or toast for breakfast, so it appears she is also not going down to the dining room for breakfast, as she has been every morning prior. When I talked to her later yesterday afternoon, she said she was feeling ok, then.  This is what she was going through quite often before she moved to this place. Lots of mornings where she didn't feel well for a few hours.

Just really wondering what changed this week, from last week, where she seemed to be doing really good. It's hard to get out of her just how much time she has to spend taking care of her BF. She's always kind of vague, but from what little I can gather, last week one BF's kids were there all day and she only had to do evenings/spend the night. I've gotten the impression that this week they have been coming less and less and she's been there more and more. Maybe it's just as simple as she is getting worn out! I hope that is all it is.  When DD called her last evening to remind her that she is coming today, she said grandma made comment that she hopes BF's daughter doesn't need her there during that time.

Even this morning, she's having trouble remembering that DD is coming at 12:30 today. She had written herself a note, but apparently got confused by her own note. I really think a lot of her confusion is she really just needs something like that digital display I'm going to get her that says what day of the week it is (as well as it will remind her it's time for meds). 

BUT, in good news, she did tell me that BF's kids finally found a place to take him for care and he is supposed to be going there starting Monday. Thank goodness. I know she will miss him dearly, but I really want to see how she does/feels once she can now get into her own routine and just taking care of herself, finally. I am so hoping once she finally gets to sleep in her own bed every night, she will start to feel better. I know she hasn't slept in her own apartment for at least 2 weeks straight. Basically she's been paying $3600 a month to store her stuff!

My uncle and I have been sending short emails off and on. He asked me yesterday if the POA was transferred yet, and I told him it was happening today, with DD's help. He replied back that he is so glad and that my being in charge makes him feel so much more comfortable.  That was really nice to hear and I told him so.

Wish us luck this all goes smoothly today and that my mom starts to feel better again, soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

another mystery

I've been trying to take a look at least once a week or so at my mom's bank account online (checking, savings, and credit card). It looks like I'm going to have to look into a charge that just showed up, for Verizon. Ugh.

The last couple of mornings I called her she didn't seem as perky as she had been for the past week or so. This morning she said she wasn't really feeling that well. She says she is remembering to take her meds. I will verify that when DD gets to her place tomorrow.....

So, I don't want to bother her today with asking if she has any idea what this Verizon "bill pay" charge of $105 is for. I'm sure she won't know, anyway.  Her regular monthly Verizon bill is charged to this credit card monthly and also says same description "bill pay", but it's always for around $31/mo and on around the 21st of each month. On the 25th of October she had a charge about double her monthly bill. There was no charge for Sept.....and my guess is that is when she had her card cancelled and a new one sent and she probably missed updating Verizon with the new card#, so Sept and Oct got ran thru her card on 10/25. At least that's what I assumed happened. I went back through all her monthly cc statements and before that each month had a $31 charge, no missed months, other then Sept.

What this new charge of $105, today, is for I have no idea. Nothing I saw when going through all her stuff while I was there, showed a log in for Verizon. I would guess she probably never even set one up. She doesn't even text (she still has an old flip phone). I don't want to bug her today, so I tried to see if she had a verizon account online just by entering her ph#. She apparently does, but to get into it, of course it wanted to text her or email her......the email was partially hidden, started and ended with the first and last letter/number of her email address, BUT it was and not email. What in the world?! I then tried to see what I could find out on this yahoo email address. To reset the password (I wasn't going to do it, just wanted to see what came up) it shows it would need to either send email to the yahoo address or a text to a mostly hidden ph#....starts with a 3 (for the area code) and ends with 12. No number I can guess what it would be for/who's it is. It's not my SB cell ph#.

Oh brother. So, while DD is there tomorrow (as long as she's feeling ok) I'm going to see if she can get a text message from Verizon, so I can try to log into her Verizon account and see what this charge is for. If not, I'll wait until another day and get on a 3 way call w/Verizon and have her give them permission to talk to me about her account. It's bugging me and I want to figure it out. I'm hoping I can get to the bottom of it tomorrow with DD's help, while she's there at her place.

Is it Friday yet?

We had some sort of phishing/email breach at work yesterday, so we all had to change our passwords. What a pain. In good news, it appears we are getting the second half of our semi annual bonus next month. Whew! In bad news, with our new payroll company/system I have to actually enter all the bonus's, LOL. With our old company my boss would send a spreadsheet list and they'd do it all.

My mom has seemed a little bit tired these past 2 days calls, compared to all last week. She's still having to help quite a bit with her BF, so maybe that is wearing on her. She's telling me she's taking her meds, so I hope so. DD will be there tomorrow and can take a look at her pill organizer and make sure.  My uncle emailed me asking if she should still be driving. I told him that I plan to look at that at my visit next month, but that as far as I know she hasn't even been driving anywhere, anyway. And she mentioned yesterday there is a "shopping trip" coming up, where they go on a bus with other residents, and she was thinking of going on that.

Still no check for the topsoil. The guy had texted DH over the weekend that it got returned to them due to using our old address, but you'd think they could've put in back in the mail by now. We live in same town, should be here in a day. Glad I don't need the money, but still frustrating.....and then as I'm typing this I get a usps informed delivery email that it is in today's mail. LOL. I had literally  just logged in and it showed "no mail today".

My DD got her home appraisal back and they are able to remove the PMI from her mortgage payment. She's very excited to have an additional $200~ per month.

Not much else going on around here. DH hasn't been doing much at all the past couple of days. Good that he's resting, bad that he gets bored and feels like he's not accomplishing anything. We've been having decent weather, near50 during day. Kinda wet and foggy.

I called my mom's bank and set up an appointment for her to get the docs notarized, with DD taking her over there (it's right near her apartment). I'll be so glad when this is done and I'm not worrying about that part of her life, anymore.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Easing into the week

DH got a call from his good friend's wife. The hospital did more tests. There is no tumor and just some "minor" surgery needed to fix him up, so that is a huge relief. His surgery will be today.  He's been friends with this guy since he was 18 years old. DH has actually warned "newer" good friends he makes that it's bad luck to be friends with him........but this buddy is just about his oldest/longest friend, so like DH tells him "you're stuck with me". This buddy is like a big old biker dude, but he literally has the softest heart.

DH got some house/shop maintenance done yesterday. Flushed out the 3 hot water heaters (2 are tankless and one is regular). Saturday, while I was cleaning house he had done a bit of outside window washing, so that helped too. He also put some weed killer down on our gravel driveway.

DD's business trip for this week got cancelled. She was literally getting in her truck to drive to the airport early yesterday morning and got a text from her co-worker that the flight into Denver was cancelled due to a storm, so co-worker (in charge of the group that travels to this place) cancelled the whole trip.  DD is still going to take half a day Friday off and go take care of my mom's DPOA notarization. She will also see her again Thanksgiving weekend, and then we'll both be there again 2 weeks after that. Hopefully, that helps with my mom, a bit, to have these visits more often. I want to start putting some of my MTurks monthly earnings towards saving for flying over there more often to see her. (and start watching for the flight sales and plan around those cheap prices). I eased myself back into the MTurks today and was able to do $12 for the day. This morning I am at $5 already.

With all going on with my mom the past week or so, I forgot to share my new breadbox! DH had woodworker friend make it for me. I think he just pretty much had scrap wood laying around and used that. I love it. Our neighbor loved it, now she wants one, so DH contacted woodworker friend about making one for her.

DD got me started watching a new show on Netflix called Atypical. I'm only on the third episode, but liking it so far.

Our $500 payment for our topsoil we sold should be here any day. The guy texted DH over the weekend wanting our address to mail it to. I guess he had our old PO box # and it got returned to him. We had used him for a small job when we were first clearing our property a few years ago and living in town, so I guess that's how he still had our PO Box#.

That's all I've got for today, so far.