Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Let the fun begin

The IRS auditor (and our CPA) should be at the office now. I'm guessing he'll get a quick tour and then they will start their meeting and I'll get a call soon to join in on that. Plus it's payroll day. I started right on that a couple of hours ago, to try and get most of that out of the way and as I usually end up having to call our payroll advisor to figure out something every payroll, this time was no different. She takes forever to answer emails so I decided to just call. Of course, she wasn't available and the recording asked if I wanted to go into her voicemail. Yes. Only I get like a busy signal. Tried like 3 times. So email it is.

We have had the same CPA since before me and boss started working here (15 years). He used to kind of drive me nuts (though I rarely had any contact with him, it was always my boss) but the more we talk to him the more I am either getting used to his quirks or realizing he's a smart guy. He also said he's had this auditor once or twice before and he's experienced and fairly laid back, so that is good. CPA would have preferred to have the whole audit done from his office, but auditor apparently didn't want to drive that extra distance. But, it kind of sounds like auditor just spends part/most of the day at our office, then takes all the files (on thumb drive) back to his office and spends his time going through it there.

And to top off all the fun my computer sounds like it's going to die. A lot of the time it is loud and whirring, but usually it calms down after a bit. This morning it doesn't want to. I had talked to my boss about getting a new computer and she talked about having IT send me a Surface Pro with a docking station is on the to do list, but she's been busy. I'm going to have to get her to bump it up on the priority list.

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday Funday (NOT!)

What a crazy work day it's been. It's after 1pm and I'm just now getting a bite of lunch and still haven't been able to jump in the shower. Usually I get on my computer about 7:20 am (officially start at 7:30) drink my coffee, get started with work. Then around 8:30 (or whenever seems like a good break point) I run downstairs and jump in the shower and get dressed with a quick 15 minute break, grab some breakfast and take back upstairs to my office.

We (well I) am trying to extract a year (2017) of backup file off of our accounting system. We are being IRS audited (starting tomorrow) so Friday  afternoon I was going to pull this backup file. It's a bit of a process, but I started it at the end of the work day and was just going to let it run, as I figured it would maybe take a couple of hours to condense and extract the data for the file. We don't want to give the IRS auditor our complete back up - that has like 20 years of accounting data on it! He only needs 2017 and that's all he should have access to.

Only Friday afternoon/evening I kept checking back and it was such a slow process. Then around 8:30pm I went to my office to check again and it apparently had frozen during the process and I had an "abort" message on my screen, so I had to abort which closed down the accounting program. I had to reinstall my backup copy to get it working again. By then it was 9pm and I wasn't messing with it anymore that night. Saturday morning I emailed my boss about it, because I figured she'd check her emails. She said to just wait and we'll get our IT on Monday morning.

First thing this morning we contact our IT company for help - for 2 reasons. My boss couldn't restore the company file on log in and also to have them help with this backup file needed for the auditor. We have several IT guys that work on our company, but one "head" guy. It was one of the underlings helping. He was able to get my boss restored but he told me to call our accounting software help desk and see if there was a better/different way to get this data, rather than how I was doing it. A tech guy called me back from the accounting software and he seemed super knowledgeable and helpful. I was doing it the way it was supposed to be done, but not sure why it didn't work so we got on a conference call with our head IT guy and we all literally spent almost 3 hours on the phone while basically those 2 guys worked together (screen sharing) to try to run this process. Again, it seemed to freeze up. UGH. So, I'm finally off the call and our head IT guy is trying to run it from his office on a different/faster server, so we'll see what happens. I guess worse case scenario, we just have to do a normal back up file (that takes minutes to create) and give the auditor everything (ugh, again).

At one point I had to pee, so just put my phone on mute, LOL. After I hung up I ran downstairs and got some lunch. Came back to my office and ate that, then I ran back down, took the quickest shower ever and luckily didn't have any call come in. I feel like I've put in an 8 hour day already.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday stuff

Saturday was a pretty boring/not do much day. I slept in about an extra half hour. It keeps raining, so most of the snow we had covering the ground is almost gone. Seems so strange to see our lawn. usually we don't see that until the end of March around here. One weather app on my phone shows some snow today, another one I have shows rain. The rainy app usually is right and I hope so for today, as I need to make a run into town for a  few groceries today. We are completely out of milk and will be out of bread after lunch today.

For dinner last night I made a tuna casserole, but after getting it started realized I am out of  green onions (I buy them prechopped and freeze). The casserole sure didn't have as good of taste without those green onions, pretty blah.

I'm very close to my goal for MTurks this first month of the year. I'm at about $200 with 5 more days to earn. Hopefully I'll get to my $250 goal. Weekends are hard. I only earned $2.30 yesterday but this morning was much better and I'm at $4.61 while just sitting here drinking my coffee and browsing the web.

I'm not sure what all I'm doing today. If I don't have any brownie mix, I think I'll pick some up when I go to the store. I'm craving some chocolate. Or I'll see if I have the ingredients to make from scratch. Pretty sure I have some cocoa in the pantry. I need to brush our long haired dog. The king of shedding dogs. I don't know if I posted about his ear infection the past week or so, but I ordered some hyrdrortizone type ear drops for dogs and that cleared it up within a few days, so I'm very happy about that. Saved a trip to the city, to the vet, a big vet bill and expensive vet meds. I did get our other dog's nails trimmed yesterday. They are so thick and hard. I hate doing them, but has to be done. For some reason that other dogs nails never need trimming. It's the strangest thing.

I should vacuum, but my leg is hurting still. Friday night our dog (like 85#) that sleeps on the bed jumped up on my side and right onto my leg. Usually he will go over to the empty side (because dh is still up) and jump up.

I'll probably finish up a book I'm reading and just got 2 emails this morning that two books I've been on waiting list with library are ready to borrow. One is the latest Lee Child/Jack Reacher book, so I'm happy about that.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Uber cheapskates

Do you have friends who just seem to be "takers" of everything and everyone? We have this one couple we know who are like this. I guess I'm just not one to take "charity" type of help, when I can afford it! This couple (in their 40's, no kids) we know is constantly trying to get people to do stuff for them or trying to get stuff for free, that should be going to people that need it/can't afford it. Blows my mind.

First off, she as a GREAT job and makes really good money. They just sold their house earlier last year, made a very good profit, moved out of state and bought a much cheaper place because it's such a lower cost of living area. Plus her hubby gets disability pay. They are constantly posting on Facebook looking to get someone to do this or that for them (for free), or needing to borrow this or that, or looking for it for free or super cheap. Ok, all well and good. They don't like to spend their money. But, when they are taking services that other people donated too, in order to help those who can't afford it, I'm not impressed.

They have 2 dogs and a stray founds it's way to their property. They tried to find his owners but no one claimed him, so they decided to keep him. And they just had him neutered. Just found out because she shared the post from their community spay/neuter group. This group - that takes donations, so they can help people, who don't have the money, spay/neuter their pets - paid for this dogs neuter. C'mon....this couple could certainly afford to have this dog neutered, since they decided to keep him! That's going a little too far in the "cheapskateness" in my opinion. And then in the next post her hubby will post a picture of his latest addition to his hobby/collection.

I've got other examples of them doing stuff like this, but this one is the latest and it ranks up there with my GoFundMe pet peeve (I'm not talking about GoFundMe for serious needs)

I like to help people, but not when someone can help themselves first and just use and take advantage of others kindness.

Friday, January 24, 2020

That was a close one

Yikes, I almost had to fly over to my office on Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest. We are being audited by IRS and Tuesday morning is the first meeting with the auditor. When we talked to our CPA earlier he said usually he can do these audits from his office, but this auditor wants to come to our office (it sounds really only because it's closer to the auditor's office than our CPA is!). He also recommended I NOT be there and my boss be minimally available during the time the auditor is there. That way, if he starts asking a bunch of questions or for more documents, they can tell him, I work remote and have him give a list and we'll get that to him. CPA says that's what he always tells auditors that come and work out of his office - he'll have to get that, he'll have to check on that. By the time the day is done, the 15 requests end up getting whittled down to like 5, haha.

But, he also wants the initial meeting, at our office, to go in the fashion that the auditor feels comfortable and confident in how we explain our company and accounting process. He said if he feels like we know what we are doing, then it usually goes smoother. We had decided I'd be in on the initial Tuesday morning meeting via phone conference. Then late this afternoon my boss gets a bee in her bonnet that maybe I should be there in person. UGH!! I am so behind on work (because of this new payroll company hassle) that I really don't have time to take a day off to travel.
Then I remembered Tuesday is payroll processing day. I for sure don't have time to travel or try to do it from a temp desk over there. Whew. I'm staying put.

I have a daily goal of $8 for MTurks. Today I had only done $4.24. Boo. I went downstairs to get dinner started and in the oven. While waiting for the oven to preheat I looked at my emails. One saying I got a $1.80 MTurk bonus. Nice. Then another email saying there was a 10 min follow survey Hit I could do for $3, must be done by midnight. I needed to go back up to my office anyway to finish up some work, so I did that quickly. Now I'm at $9 for today.

Banking and saving

I did hear back from my side job lady about my email regarding getting their savings into something higher paying. I guess one of their concerns is having balances over the $250,000 FDIC insured limit in one account. So, that is mainly why they have all the money split up into 3 different banks. I emailed my regular boss, to ask her what she thought of it, since she has the company money all in one bank, way over the FDIC insured limit, and I wanted her thoughts since she originally came from a banking background.

She's pretty conservative with money, but said she's willing to take the chance on it. She said it's her understanding that the FDIC was put in place way back in the depression era, in order to encourage people to start putting their money back in banks and to her knowledge it's never had to be used by the government. Her feeling is if the economy ever gets to the point that FDIC insurance is needed, we're probably all screwed anyway, LOL. So, she's willing put all the company savings in one bank/account and earn the highest interest possible. I doubt my side job will do that, but at a minimum they should move these savings accounts into higher paying Money Market type accounts and could definitely be earning more than they are currently. And I'm guessing companies/people with many more millions than we have don't split it all up into hundreds of bank accounts to not go over $250k per account, LOL. I am glad of the way my boss handles the money - much simpler to have one bank, that's for sure, not to mention we are earning a good rate on it.

I also still need to find out what that deal is on my mom's "money market" that SB set up with her investment firm account, where it appears she's earning literally pennies on the funds from her house sale and it's costing her $175/year fee to have the account. If I'm correct, then obviously we will want to move it at least just into her regular savings, but I'm kind of thinking just wait 2-3 months until she gets moved over here by me and do it then. She will have to open a bank account here, as there isn't a BofA in our area. Ugh. I was hoping there was a BofA here, but nope. We are so backwards, LOL. I used Chase and she used BofA, neither of which are in this state. Aside from local banks, the only "big" banks in the city seem to be Wells Fargo, US Bank, and First Interstate. 

Speaking of Chase, I still have a checking account with them and just have my MTurks earnings and blog earnings (which is like every 4 months, haha) deposit into it. But, I just received a letter that they have been waiving the service fees on it (for like 3 years now!) and will stop next month. It's a $12 a month fee. Either I need to direct deposit a total of $500 a month into it, to waive the fee or just close it out, because I'm obviously not paying $12 a month. The reason I never had fees all the years I had it was because I had a mortgage with them and my paycheck direct deposited. I haven't yet decided what to do. I kind of like that that extra income is separate from my regular money, yet I'm not sure I want to divert $500 a month from my paycheck to it, just to have to spend time taking it out again. Maybe I can just set up a recurring payment out of it, so it's automatic.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Just this or that

DH is finally getting a little bit started on the shelving for the pantry. About time. Currently I have a small old bookcase in there with foodstuffs on it, and other stuff just on the floor. I'm getting tired of this, to say the least, but I've kept my mouth shut. Life is better when I just let him do stuff on his timeline. We emptied it out and he did some measuring and markings for where to put shelves. That's it. That's all he got done, haha. I guess he's still trying to figure on exactly how to do it all. I think he's also been asking woodworker friend for a few tips/ideas.

DH has been off and on, since about summer, in little bits of communication with his older brother, older by like 7 or 8 years, so he's 63. Mostly it's brother trying to contact him (after nothing from him for 20 years). DH would love a relationship with a "brother" but sadly, neither of his brothers are going to cut it in that regard. People don't usually change much and for sure this brother hasn't. He's still a loser (pot smoking alcoholic, was a TERRIBLE parent to his 3 kids). He lives about an hour from us. Keeps wanting DH to meet in the city for lunch, but DH really doesn't want to. DH just keeps telling him to come here and visit and he makes some excuse about not driving, though if he can drive a half hour to the city, obviously he (or his wife) can drive, LOL. DH really doesn't even like having to go to the city - too many people for him and our trips are usually just quick in and out of there. DH hadn't heard from him in awhile. He will text DH off and on and then Dh got some vague text yesterday "I feel like the ugly stepchild." Rather than text back, DH just called him. I guess brother said something like you've probably come to town 20 times since we last talked. DH just explained to him we usually just come in and pick up pre-ordered groceries and leave, about every 2-3 weeks. I think it's mostly that DH just really doesn't have much desire to spend time with him. He said he's easy to talk to on the phone and they did talk quite awhile yesterday, but I think DH just really doesn't want to waste too much time on brother. He already tried that with his younger brother and it was a big waste of time. I think Dh kind of knows how this will go too - spend a bit of time together, realize they both are the same person as before and lose contact again, LOL. Once they get past the "catching up" there's not going to be much left to have in common. Not worth the effort.

My mom did go to the grocery store on the shuttle bus trip and said it was good to get out.  She doesn't remember how she paid though, but it must have been cash because her online banking shows no charge on her credit card or a check written. When I was there last she had a whole bunch of one's in her wallet (from a yard sale who knows how long ago she had at her old house, last spring, I think) so maybe she used those up. Or I know she had received a couple of refund checks from canceling services from her old house/insurance, etc and I'm thinking she had just cashed those rather than depositing. I had just looked at her bank (as I do every day to make sure it looks ok) and hadn't noticed a charge for groceries, so I was wondering if she ended up going. Then I remembered this grocery store they went to is strange...they don't take credit cards, just cash, checks, and debit cards and you have to bag your own groceries. She always uses her credit card, so I'm guessing she probably tried to use it and then had to pay with cash.

My new bath towels I ordered from Kohl's arrived already. I chose a camel brown color (my others are a taupe color) so we can keep DH's towels and mine separate, haha, since he likes to use older, more worn out towels. He's washing them up for me now. I think the color goes well with the wood and wood tile in our bathroom.

I did get an email back from my side job owner (well, she is the wife of one of the owners and she is their money controller for the business) about getting their business savings into something making much more interest. She agrees she needs to do that and just hasn't looked into it. The guy they had for their "personal banker" got moved to another branch last year and for some reason she was told he couldn't be their banker anymore, so that is partially why they ended up opening 2 other bank accounts (and still keeping this one for a little use). She asked who my company uses and what rate. I told her and that it is 1.8% interest. I also explained to her that we have always banked at smaller/local type banks and have never had a branch that is close/convenient to the office, so we've always just mailed in deposits for many years and then the past 4-5 years have been using mobile deposits, with a bank supplied scanner. LOVE it. No more filling out deposit slips and no worrying about mailing. For some reason this side job owner likes to do banking the old way - filling out deposit slips and actually making trips the bank. I don't know why - she has so much stuff on her plate, why not make life easier?