Thursday, August 25, 2016

RIP kitty

Sad night for us.  My daughter had to have our old cat put to sleep. He's almost 16 and has been going downhill recently. Monday and yesterday he wasn't eating or drinking. She took him into the emergency vet last night and they were going to keep him overnight with IV, but after she got back home they called her back and realized he was in late stage kidney failure. So, she went back and rather than making him just suffer longer, she had him euthanized.  He was a good cat and the past couple of months he really seemed to enjoy his "retirement home", as we called living with her at her apartment. He was really her cat, so I'm glad she got to spend the last couple of months with him, though there hasn't been a morning that's gone by since he moved in with her that I don't open the front door in the morning to let the dogs out and still expect to see him coming in the door.

He was pretty much a bad-ass cat in his prime years, that's for sure. Kind of an "outlaw". LOL. He was nice to us (well, he tolerated us) but mean to everything else. He even killed other cats, two that we know of! Though anytime someone posted a missing cat sign in the neighborhood we always wondered if our cat had something to do with it. He mellowed out in later years.

It's sad, but he had a good long life, I think. 


  1. Sorry for your loss.

  2. I'm sorry to read this.
    I know he was loved and will be missed.