Wednesday, September 18, 2019

It feels like Tuesday

I still follow a Facebook page from the sheriff's dept from our old neighborhood/county. They just posted about a scam on the elderly in the area. It happened at the grocery store my mom usually goes to! Eeegads!  Apparently, 2 men (one in his 60's and one in his 30's, who say they are from South Africa) asked an 88 year old man for a ride in the grocery store parking lot. Once in the car they showed him a big envelope with lots of cash that they say they recently received and would like to share with the victim in appreciation of the ride. They tell him they need to know he can be trusted with the money, so want him to go to his bank and withdraw a large sum, as an act of good faith and add it to the money in their envelope. Then they asked to be dropped off at another store, apparently leaving a "fake" envelope with no cash, and took the victim's cash.......They got him to withdraw $15,000!! The comments are sad. Most people are calling the 88 year old gentleman ignorant, etc. There are a couple of people who have tried to explain that some elderly start losing cognitive function and get confused.

It is just sooo so sad that some elderly's minds are so confused they would give a stranger/s a ride and go withdraw that kind of cash and hand it over.  Just makes me wonder what their minds can be thinking. They must just lose their sense of reason and mistrusting someone they don't know, whether it be via emails, phone calls or in person scams.

While, I tell myself, my mom would never give someone she doesn't know a ride....I'm sure this gentleman's family thought the same thing about him. I'm glad my mom will be moving. First off, the area she is living in and where all the stores are is not a good area. It never really was when they moved there 20 years ago. It used to be don't go there at night, day time was ok. Now, there's so much going on there during the day. Where she will be moving to is much better. She will still be able to drive and go do stuff herself, but at least it's a better area and she'll have the people knowing right away, if she didn't come back for some reason.

She had a couple appointments for people to view her home, yesterday afternoon, so hopefully one of them likes it.

DH has been going over to woodworker friends place and helping him make the closet barn doors. The guy is funny and DH enjoys his company. His ex wife lives next door to him (they have 20 acres and are still good friends, apparently) and she came over and thanked dh for coming over. Said it was really good for woodworker guy to have some friend company and she could tell it was doing him good. DH told her it's doing him good, too!

I was just able to sell one of our extra microwaves that no one wanted when I listed for sale awhile back. It's to one of the girls who bought something prior.  She posted looking for a used microwave, her's just died/$40 (I'm assuming she was willing to spend up to $40). I messaged her that we have 2 microwaves, either one for $15, so she is going to come and get one when she gets off work.


  1. It really is sad when people scam the elderly. Something similar happened to one of my late neighbors.

  2. What kind of low life takes advantage of the elderly? Sad that they become such an easy target. I was relieved when my SIL took over my MIL's finances. Equally relieved that my father's finances are handled by my brother. It sure is a good thing that your mom is making this move. Does she need to wait for her home to sell before she moves? Either way, hopefully her home sells quickly.

    1. she doesn't need to wait, but she is. I think she kind of has it in her mind it might not sell... LOL. It will sell, it's only been a week.

  3. It's pretty easy to say this elderly gent should have known better but who knows what state his mental faculties are in. What does bother me somewhat is that an alarm didn't go off at the bank about such a large withdrawal. Now that is negligence, in my opinion.