Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Glad Monday is done

It was definitely a "Monday" day yesterday. First my boss messed up payroll really well, haha. Last week she was canceling the PTO days of those who had put in for the week between Christmas and New Years. Well, on 2 people she accidentally cancelled the days they requested/took in 2022! The system was trying to credit the people (I was one of them) back the PTO days. Neither she nor I could figure out how to fix it, so I was on hold forever with our payroll company and finally they fixed it somehow. Then our accounting program wouldn't work, so we had to have our IT fix that. After all that I was ready to be done. 

DD requested the recipe I made for that breakfast sausage and egg casserole. Her dh wanted her to make it and then they could have a breakfast to take to work all week. They have to leave so early in the morning, they usually just take something with them to eat after they get there. I heated my leftovers up for dinner last night and I don't know if I was just really hungry or what, but it tasted even better reheated.

DH got the Christmas lights put up on the house and the shop. Also did a little gutter cleaning of removing some pine needles while he was up there on the ladder. Today he is going to do the fence and tomorrow the inflatables.  I had ordered him a book for Christmas. It's out of print, so it's a used copy. I'd been watching prices for close to a year and they were like $80 cheapest, but I found one for $55 that said "good" condition. I opened the package to look at it yesterday. It looks brand new. And boy was it packaged well. You'd think it was made of glass, LOL.

Now it's my lower back hurting this morning. The pain just seems to rotate around my back, lately. Maybe because I didn't sit at my desk all week long last week and then after sitting in my chair all day working yesterday, I'm feeling it.

Amos loves sleeping under the Christmas tree. He had a busy day outside, supervising dh with the lights

I need to do some more ancestry research. So, when dd was in Scotland and went to the town (village?) my grandfather was born in, they toured the old castle of the town. It was built in like 1400's. Not being used anymore, just castle remains that can be toured/viewed. Anyway, dd had sent a few pics while touring it and one had some history with the family name....huh...my great great grandmother was from that last name. I wonder if she has history back to those Lords in the castle? Would be interesting to find out, if I can, on ancestry.


  1. OMG Amos is sooo precious; every great supervisor needs a comfy place to rest after all is said and done ;). I feel your pain on your back - mine has been bothering me and my new office chair is not helping :'(

  2. Hello, I follow your blog but can’t always reply. Scotlands people is a good website where you might find records.
    Regards Sylvia