Monday, November 27, 2023

Christmas decor

We decided to just keep the Lowe's wreaths. From the distance they look ok. So....with the money saved from purchasing a Costco membership and the extra cost of the wreaths....I ordered another Christmas tree! LOL. This will be #4. It's a pencil tree that I ended up ordering from Kohls. I ordered this 7 1/2 ft tree that is frosted and has red berries. I don't plan to add any decor to it. I just want to put it in my entryway, near the stairs, in place of the regular fake tree I have there. On sale and w/coupon code it was $96. (Reg price $345 - yikes). Plus I earned $15 in Kohl's cash which I will put towards either a tree skirt for it, or towards the jeans I've been wanting (if they are still on sale)

I want one of those tree collars or boxes. For a collar or box, I guess I'll need to wait until I can measure the size of the base, as it's not in the description details. This is the tree that is there and it just doesn't fit "Christmas" haha.

I really don't want to work today. It really didn't feel like a whole week off, either. And today is payroll processing day, so I have to jump right in. Oh well. I'm not sure I mentioned it, but I was checking my work emails one day last week and there was an email that our office will be closed between Christmas and New Years, this year. I had already put in to take it off, but now I'll be able to save my PTO days for another time.

I suppose dh will get started with the outside Christmas lights and decor today. He's working up his ambition to go up and down the ladder umpteen times.

End of hunting season yesterday and I look out our back window yesterday afternoon and see 6 nice looking deer come over the river bank and head through Mr and Mrs backyard. Good job, deer! 


  1. Your #4 tree looks great - and what a steal of a price! I was hoping your assistant was fired while you were gone... I don't wish anyone ill, but he truly has the worst performance ever.

    1. I gotta admit, I was hoping the same. He did work his 2 hrs per day Mon-Wed but I haven't had time to check yet to see what he actually got done.

    2. I hope he at least did work, smh.

    3. I had time to check, and he did work

    4. LOL lucky him. I hope he shapes up after getting caught red handed AGAIN.

  2. I like the new tree for the original price, it must be a humdinger of a tree. I worked at a place with no PTO and the office was closed during the time between Christmas and New Year. We were informed that would be our vacation. Everyone hated that. I hope your husband is careful. Maybe you could just leave the decorations up all year