Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Not off to a good start today

I just logged into my work desktop and now my files issue got made worse. Now every thing I had saved to my desktop for quick access is gone, as well as anything I had saved to my documents folder. Just wonderful.........GRRRR. Whatever this new file storing and sharing system is, it sucks. I'm going to be furious if all these files I use/need on a regular basis are lost.

Since I ended up posting so late yesterday, there isn't much to update first thing this morning. That pool table light I ordered (from an Etsy seller in Bulgaria) had tracking...sort of. Tracking that last shows the Bulgarian post office processed it on 11/23 and that's the last it would show. I did an online search with the tracking number and it found it in USPS as just yesterday received at the customs center in NY. I was wondering how long it takes through there, but checked again this morning and now it has moved onto the USPS distribution center in NY. So, it should be making it's way across the states pretty soon. I guess it's safe to order the pool table now, as that will likely take a few weeks to arrive/schedule installation.

DH has been talking on the phone quite a bit with his friend that will have to have his prostate removed next month. He did find out the cancer has not spread, so he was of course very relieved about that. A friend cannot call dh and have it be a short call. His one friend (a former employee who moved to CA years ago) calls about 2x a year and they will talk for like 7 hours into the middle of the night. He always calls on Christmas Eve to wish Merry Christmas. I happened to answer the phone and he wished us a Merry Christmas and I said do you want to chat with dh? "NOOO NOOO NOOO! We'll never get off the phone and I have family over too!LOL". We got a good laugh over that. Then the evening before last dh's other friend (the one with prostate cancer) called him up around 9pm (10p our time) and when dh answered friend said "30 Minutes! That's all we can talk. I gotta get up and go to work in the morning". haha. It ended up being at least a couple of hours or more.  DH did manage to call our old "good neighbor" up on  Christmas eve, as he always does, and only talked for about a half hour. 

Today was the last day to use one of my Kohl's cash. The jeans I wanted still were not on sale again, but I found out I had a 30% off code if I put it on my Kohl's card, so with the $25 Kohls cash and the 30% off I got 3 pair of jeans for $14.38 each. I should be set for jeans now for a few years. Plus I earned another dang $10 Kohl's cash, LOL, and 2% cash back with Rakuten. 

I think dh is going to go take his old rifle to drop off with that guy that restores guns. He lives right in town and since the guy said it takes him awhile, he might as well get it left there and in the queue to be worked on. 

Another warm day today and tomorrow and then temps are back down to normal 20's and 30's. I guess I managed to find enough to chat about this morning! Now waiting for our IT guy to get back to me.


  1. I have been reading but not commenting these days. I was gonna tell you that I think your boss is not doing a favor by keeping that assistant. He will never understand the importance of business ethics. He needs a lesson earlier in life than later. So you ordered a lamp from Bulgaria? Will you have it rewired or did they do it for you? You also may use a voltage converter instead of rewiring it. Over here in this part of the world, we use 220-240 Volt 50 Hz electricity mostly. As far as I know Bulgaria is the same. Hope yr mom is doing much better.

    1. The etsy listing for this lamp says it's wired for all countries and it has lots of great reviews, that most appear to be from the U.S. Keeping fingers crossed.

  2. Is this issue with the computer built into the program? Or, is it a fluke?
    I have several friends who talk for hours. I usually pee in my pants while begging them to just let me go. I talked with a depressed alcoholic friend who said he had been holding a gun in his mouth. Whatever he was doing, "bluffing or not" he managed to keep me on the phone for nine hours. Finally, I dragged a blanket from the sofa and a pillow. I wrapped in the blanket and lay on the kitchen floor, the room with the wall phone. I was dying and afraid he would. He finally got drunk enough to pass out talking to me. It is funny that his friends warn him about talking.

    1. It's an issue with the new program being used on our company server to store, access and share files.