Thursday, December 7, 2023

No title Thursday

I was able to find my mom's new social security amount for 2024. She gets a whopping $62 more a month. But she will also be spending $97 a month less for her health insurance plan. I'm sure come her one year anniversary in m/c (February), they will up her rent, by at least that $159 more a month she'll have. I need to mail in the monetary gift check for the holiday employee gift fund, so now I need to decide how much....I have no idea LOL. Last year she had her main caregiver and her assistant and I think I gave the main lady $100 and the other lady $50, but this is a little different, since there is a lot of staff where she lives and obviously I can't do that much for each person (nor would I even know how many they have, of course). I will probably just send $150, same total as last year. No clue how much all the staff ends up getting in total.  It sounds like they take all the donations and then split it up between each employee, throughout the whole facility. There's a lot of residents there for the independent and assisted living parts and I'm sure a lot of them contribute to the gratuity fund.

The IT guy thought he had fixed my issue, but we needed to finish letting all the files sync, but it might take an hour or so. We got off the phone. About 15 minutes after I was done working, he called me back to say he'd been watching the sync process from the back end and it was still not working right. So, worked on my computer a little more and then thought he fixed it, but I had to just leave the process to run and I will see this morning if it worked or not. I guess many people are having issues with this new program, not just me, but my issue isn't their issue. Otherwise one fix would fix everyone, and it's not.

I thought I had my to-do list all crossed off yesterday. That lasted about a half hour, and then I had time to think on it and added 5 more to-do's. LOL. I'm hoping to get 3 of these done today.

So, I just logged into work and still having problems with accessing all the files. Then I get an email about a past due freight invoice from one of our mfg's. - dated back in 2019! Fortunately I save all emails and found the emails where I have tried to resolve this with them (last time back in 2022) when in a 2020 email they told us we didn't owe it and their accounting dept was removing it from our account. Especially because it's like $5,000!

I am ready to order the pool table. I was on the mfg website (they don't sell directly) but was wondering if there might be a dealer in our area so I requested info and they replied back that there aren't any dealers in our area, it would have to be ordered from an online company and they recommended one of the ones they deal wtih. This was the company I was planning to order from (best pricing), so I was glad that was their recommendation.  This morning I called the company to order it from to clarify how delivery and installation works. The info on their website made it sound like it would get curbside delivered here and then an installer they hired would come and set it up. Well, we don't want curbside delivery of a big pool table! We'd want it delivered upstairs to the bonus room. She said, no, that the pool table would be delivered directly to the installer and they would bring it out and set it up. Ok. good! My guess is though, there is going to end up being an additional installation charge added on, because we are "rural". No one in business from the city wants to come out here for any services, without an extra surcharge. We are used to it by now. 

Dh got his old rifle dropped off for sprucing up yesterday and he washed the truck when he got back, since the weather was so warm. He also did a modification to our car. Something he ordered to take off the rear windshield wiper (it's a guy thing, I guess, haha) and now after seeing the picture dh sent to our group chat, dd wants sil to do that to her car.

Ok, off to place my pool table order. I hope it doesn't take too long to get here. I'm still can't get through to my mom, so I'm calling nurses desk to check on her and also ask if they can plug her phone in again.


  1. That sounds like a serious problem with your programs if you cannot work. I wonder if other mc people unplug phone or hide I ordered a bed, and the company said the guys who delivered it would not bring it into the house. We cannot do that ourselves. It is still sitting in the warehouse three years later, and no one answers the phone!

    1. I can still work, I just can't access all my files in a normal convenient way. None of them are in my folders. It's hard to explain, but we switched over to a web based file management system that is supposed to integrate with our file explorer, but it is not for mine. I have to go on a website to see them and saving files (which I do a lot) is a hassle now. I have to upload them to the folders I want them in. Plus a lot of my time this past week has been having to spend time on the phone with IT and while doing that I cannot do any work.