Monday, December 4, 2023

Easing into Monday

I had to log into work first thing this morning when I sat down at my desk, just to see if the assistant worked over the weekend (like he said he was) and if he actually did any work. He did not clock in to work, so at least he didn't try to say he worked again, when he didn't. 

Yesterday, while dh was out plowing a bit of snow, I got the vacuuming done. Then I took a nap to rest my back. The rest of the day I watched a couple of movies, one new, one old.

I see my passport in now in the approved status, so I should be getting it soon. 

December is always such a busy month, especially with all the gift ordering, that I start to forget what I've done and haven't. My to-do list in a steno notepad has been working really well to help remind me of everything I need to do. This morning I got my prescription refilled online and that crossed off my list.

The snowfall is done and the next few days are supposed to be in the mid to upper 40's and mid 50's tomorrow, so what we have should melt off. According to my weather info that somehow now shows up on my computer's task bar, when I open it says tomorrow will a record high of 54.  Hopefully now we can go pick up groceries, LOL. I've never seen my fridge so empty. My cart is ready to check out and I've checked it against my list twice. 

I was having a vivid dream when I woke up this morning. Dh and I had decided to move to a different small town (I'm not sure where) but we were there looking at a place to live and I was checking into jobs. The new house was super cheap and there were several job opportunities but they paid half of what I was making (or less). One of my current coworkers (though not in the dream) lived in this town and was telling me about a job. Then I thought, why am I worried about less pay? We made enough on the sale of our house to pay cash for a house in this town and have money left over. Then met up with dh (who was looking around the town) and said I don't know why I'm so worried about the less pay and remind me again why I just can't keep the remote job I already have at good pay? LOL. Then I woke up.

I just tried my mom again this morning and FINALLY got to talk to her, so they must have figured out what was going on with her phone, after I left the voicemail yesterday. She said she had her breakfast sitting in front of her, so they are still having her stay in her room. She sounded a bit congested, but otherwise seemed good. I just said "ok, well, I'll let you eat your breakfast and call you another time". I'll try her again this afternoon.


  1. Tommy gave me a steno pad that was half used. It worked really well for lists. Then, it ran out. Bummer

    1. I love steno pads. I always used them for notes while working at the office and then started using them at home. I do my budgets for each paycheck in them, too. I use up all the pages and then flip it and use the back. I finally ran out and bought a stack of them. They should probably last me forever now, LOL.

    2. Steno pads also always bring back memories of my mom, when I was little. She got a secretary job and was taking a shorthand class and used the steno pads. That secret language of shorthand always fascinated me.