Monday, August 7, 2023

The dr visit and easy day

My mom's dr appt was at 10am, not 11am. I got a recorded call reminding me of the appointment right after I posted about it yesterday. I arrived about 10 minutes early to find my mom just about to sit down for a group activity and told her she had a dr visit so we needed to go to her room. She tried to tell me she had to do this activity, LOL. As I'm walking her to her room, I am like what in the world is she wearing?!

3 shirts, one inside out and backwards, over her nightgown, with her tennis shoes on. Okie dokie. I got her dressed normal and then she went to use her bathroom. Then she said she was chilly, so I went to her closet to get one her her cardigans. None. Found one in her hamper, but I know she had 2 or 3 of them. Guess I need to buy her some more. Perfect timing as the doctor came in while she was in the bathroom, so I was able to tell her about mom's new thing of wanting to call her parents all the time now. She said that is normal, as I knew it was. I just wanted her to be aware that she's progressing a little more. Mom has progressed even a bit more than 6 months ago, I think. She brought up her mom several times and even though she said I was her daughter, I think a couple of times she thought I was her mom there. Pretty much every question the dr asked she did not know how to answer and would then ask me to answer it. One of the questions the dr asked is if mom thinks she is older or younger than the dr? (the doctor is pretty young) and mom hesitated and said, I'm older, I think?. Dr. said this is a good question she likes to ask as it gives her a sense of "when" the person thinks they are living in their brain. She asked her if she had any siblings and she didn't know and looked at me and asked "do I?" then she said brother's I think. I said yes, 2. Do you remember their names? She did not. Her umbilical hernia is fine/same as it was, so no new concern there. I just really like this dr a lot. She's also lost about 12 pounds, which is ok. She is overweight anyway, but dr said she had it in her orders for them to weigh her monthly and they had not done it, so she said she's reminding them again. When I checked in at the guestbook table I saw another resident had passed away (3rd one now) as there was a card on the table.

After I did a quick stop for some distilled water and then I filled up with gas before heading home. DH was outside chatting with Mr Neighbor when I pulled in. DH ran into someone on Saturday who was an old friend of Mr and asked dh to pass a message on, so dh did that. Mr did ask what dh knew of what DAN has been doing. Dh did tell him about the surveyor DAN hired knocking our door, wanting to measure where our well is. Dh told Mr - my first thought was why should I do anything to help DAN out? He's got a no trespassing sign pointed at my living room side window that we have to look at every day, but then sends someone onto our property? 

I just relaxed the rest of this afternoon. I was not really hungry much at all for dinner and neither was dh, so he had a sandwich and I had cereal. Easy. I texted a bit with my half sister. I guess it's a Canadian holiday today, so she had the day of work. We are going to do a Teams chat on Wednesday as she needs some accounting help with her bookkeeping job, that she hasn't been able to figure out, so is hoping I can help her.

It's supposed to rain some soon, so I am hoping it does and then I won't have to water flowers again. It sure has been thundering loud.


  1. So, they allow the residents to wear whatever they want? I like hearing how it goes, what questions the doctor asks. Is your mother aware someone has died? Or, I guess when a person is no longer there, that person is forgotten. ??? Did Mr. have any additional information on DAN? Is Mr. the guy not mowing as he usually did?

    1. Most of the times I have been there she has been dressed ok, though at times 2 shirts on. I'm guessing they try to let them do it themselves as much as possible and since they are all just inside the m/c place there's really no harm in how she was dressed. She is not aware someone died, that I know of. Mr didn't know anything going on with DAN and he has mowed, but he's not keeping it up like he did prior.