Saturday, August 19, 2023

I'm being a wimp

Our area did not get the high winds, but another area near us did and a huge huge hire started next to the little town. As the crow flies it's only like 20 miles north of us, but mountains in between, so to actually drive there you have to drive like 45 minutes. Last night the wind was blowing towards that direction, so we didn't get the smoke from it. It sounds like they evacuated the small town of less than 200. Starting tomorrow our temps are supposed to stay down in the 70's.

I have my grocery order entered online, I just haven't picked out a pickup time/date. I just do NOT feel like going this weekend. Minimum I'd have to go by mid/late next week. Milk is really the only thing I will run out of and there's probably enough left until at least Wednesday. Ugh. I am procrastinating. 

The guy who owns lot 6 did not return my call from the other day, darn it. Oh well, I did find the original MLS listing for it. They bought it in Sept 2020 and it was listed for $105k. Same exact lot as DAN's 4 and 5 he purchased in Sept 2021. But he paid over $156K per lot. The sales data they use is 2020 and 2021. Dh seems to remember they paid like $100k or even less. But certainly not more than $105k. It has been for sale for 2-3 years. Why isn't that used as one of the comps for valuing the lots in this subdivision? I wonder what Mr. Assessor's "opinion" is on the question of why this lot sold for so much less? (yet they are now valuing us all the same at $149,500 per lot.). I'm sure now he'll have a totally new spin on his explanation. And since the beginning I have been asking why both our neighbors  went up so much less than our house and have gotten zero answer. Conveniently, he keeps ignoring that question, which tells me a lot. Well, if he won't answer it, and won't adjust our value to the same % theirs increased, with no good reason, then I guess the county tax appeal board (the next step) will have to explain it to me.

Cake, I think I just need to make a cake, haha. That makes things better.

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  1. Cake will make it okay. I have moments like that. just give me a cookie and I can make it.