Friday, August 18, 2023

Fast Friday

I really can't seem to get a grip lately on how fast Friday's seem to come. It's not like I'm any busier than before. I don't get it. Dh says it's because I'm getting old, LOL. It's just the past month I've felt like this. But, yes, I am getting old. Before it would happen some weeks, like a super busy week, or I had a day off during the week. But now it feels like every few days it's Friday again.

Weather is cooler and cloudier today by about 20 degrees, but they are still predicting the winds this evening. It's been a little breezy today, but nothing bad yet. Still smells very smokey outside. Keeping the cat inside today due to smoke and to make sure he's not still out there when the winds start up. I have both my phone and ipad fully charged. We have the bathtub filled with water in case the power goes out and we'll have some water to flush the toilet with. Dh decided to get the lawn mowed this afternoon, since it's a bit cooler out now.

Our retired friend with the black lab puppy stopped by this morning. She is getting big! He brought over a ziploc bag of cherry tomatoes from his garden. 

I need to get in and visit my mom again and more groceries, so I'm thinking Sunday, I guess. For some reason I just do not feel like going anywhere, but I can't wait another week, as I'll be out of stuff to eat. DH wore his computer keyboard out and luckily I had an extra on hand. I think it was from my mom's computer. I'm surprised he doesn't wear out keyboards more often, as much as he types, LOL. 

Welp, that's all I've got for right now. I am getting caught up at work, week by week. Today I finished up everything for May's financial reports and now on to June. Almost caught up. I should be able to get June done in a week or so and then July by early Sept and basically caught up.  

Oops. I thought I posted this hours ago, LOL, but it's still open on my computer. Better late than never, I suppose.


  1. I am glad the fire is not coming closer. I used a keyboard for ten years and it never wore out, and I typed lots in school. I still have it in case I ever need it. Exactly what about it wears out?
    In September, I will be 77, and you have no idea how time flies.

    1. The space bar wore out, LOL. He did try to clean/fix it first but no luck.

  2. I'm with you on the "time flying by" bit. Heck we're over half way through 2023 already and I just ordered my 2024 diary off Amazon yesterday!

    1. I'm trying to slow it down, but I'm not figuring it out, haha.