Thursday, August 24, 2023

Papers be gone and other interesting finds

Yesterday I did a little bit more decluttering of old papers in my office. Going forward I'm thinking of trying to just scan any papers I want/need to save and then throwing out the paper. I have a nifty scanner and my computer backs up to the cloud regularly. No reason to even have most of the paperwork I do have in my desk and storage bins. I just need to figure out a good way to organize the folders on my computer so I can find what I'm looking for if/when needed.

I might even try to scan some old folders in my filing cabinet. Most of it is all old tax returns! I do have the returns saved, too, on my computer, for many past years, but not the supporting paperwork. I think I may try scanning one years folder and see if it's easy to do. Then shred the folder. Plus, some of it is more than 7 years old and I should just be able to shred anyway, as it's past audit timeframe.

I just pulled a large group of folders out - so far it's tax returns and FAFSA college stuff from 9-10 years ago. No need/reason to keep any more. I got on a roll with the big stack and now have a big pile to just go in the garbage and another smaller pile to get shredded, as the stuff has ss#'s on it. I've now shredded half of it.

And I came across something interesting, that I didn't remember being done. It was a copy of DPOA for my mom, from 2013, where she listed me as DPOA and my step brother as secondary, if I was unable. I don't remember this (this is when our son went off the rails and we were consumed by that), but it was obviously at the same time (about a year after my step dad passed) she had me go with her to her bank to add me to her accounts, added me to her retirement/investment account and gave me a copy of her new will (where she had me at 100%). She must have given me the DPOA copy at the same time. Huh. So, when someone gets revoked as DPOA you are required to send them a certified letter, yet it 2018, when step brother and her BF got her to change everything, and gave him DPOA, I was not notified. When we changed it from him to me, back in 2019, we sent him a notarized and certified letter revoking it. Just another thing that convinces me they did this behind my back.

My mom was very organized with her papers, so she would have had this DPOA with her will and paperwork when her BF and my step brother got involved, not to mention her attorney, who changed her will, would have had copies of what she had previously done in 2013. I think it was the same attorney, but I'd have to go through what I have to see. It's also likely that attorney did do up a revocation letter to remove me, but that step brother did not send it.


  1. Keep the original DPOA. That makes me sad they tricked her. I can understand the motivation of the step-brother, but why would her bf care or help with this?

    1. I did file it away with her other papers I keep, along with the original will she made after my step dad passed. I don't know what BF's motivation was, but my only guess is he thought I moved 400 miles away and wasn't going to help my mom? Or SB used him to get her to change everything.

  2. It does sound a bit fishy doesn't it but I'm so glad your mom was organized with her paperwork. It's the least you can do for your kids!

    1. My half sis (we share a dad) went to clean our our dad's little house after he died. Wanna know the only papers he was organized with? All his divorce records! LOL. She called me and said it's all her in a file cabinet, organized by date. All 5 of them. Gosh we laughed so hard.

  3. I have a friend who is taking care of her elderly mother. Friend is in her 70's and her mother is in her 90's. A year or so ago, friends sister had the will changed and my friend had quite the mess to deal with getting it changed back to the way her mother actually wanted it. I don't know what the sister said or did to have convinced the mother to make the change. My guess is she didn't know what she was signing.

    I've only been reading your blog for maybe a year. I'm not sure when I hopped over from another one to read yours, but I am a daily reader now. One day this week I had some downtime (hubby was out of town) and I went back to read some of your older posts. I saw one about you needing to paint DS's room. It occurred to me that I had never read a thing about a son. It's odd that you've mentioned him today, just as I was wondering.

    1. oh boy, I've been blogging a long time..I'll try to condense it. Son (at age 21) who had never been a bit of a problem as a kid, got lazy, didn't want to get a job and be an adult. Went up to Canada to race for one month, turned into almost a year (with ALL our race equip, truck and trailer, that most of it we never got back) and basically never came back home to us. Got involved with drugs for several years. He wants nothing to do with us. And speaking of painting dd's room - I HATE painting, LOL. She, on the other hand is still always painting rooms in her own house now, haha :)

    2. I'm so sorry. Maybe there will be a renewed relationship someday.

      I read a little bit about your preparations for your move away from the druggie street. Glad you got away from that.

    3. Thank you. Moving from there was the best thing we ever did. I had hope with my son for many many years, but 2 years ago he crossed a line, that even me, who is very easy going and forgiving, decided that was just too much. I've actually, in the last year or so, been able to come to peace with not having a relationship.

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