Monday, August 21, 2023

Sweet rain

Ahhh, woke up to wonderful rain this morning. It's supposed to rain all day with a high of only 66. Right now it's just a light steady rain, but the forecast says there may be areas/times today with heavy rainfall of 1-3 inches per hour. Hopefully this is a huge help to the fire north of us. 

Have any of you ordered anything from Temu before? good? bad? I came across this cute sign I want to get a friend for her Christmas gift this year. I found the same thing on other sites, like Amazon for double the price, so thought I might give ordering from this site a try. 

I made the cake after lunch yesterday. Yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting. Yum, with a little ice cream on the side. I had 2 cake mixes in my pantry and on past date a few months. Eh...big deal, LOL. It was all fine. We're still alive this morning :)

I'm not getting very far this morning, getting this post up. Now it's 11am and I try to come back to it and slogging along, it appears.

I'm just so happy it's still raining lightly. We sure need it.

I just tried to call my mom and she's not in her room. I'll try to remember to try again after lunch.

I thought I was going to have to participate in a couple of meetings this morning, but my boss messaged me saying I didn't have to join, so that is good. When I got the invites last week, I didn't think I really needed to be involved, but since my boss was out last week, she wasn't available to confirm with.

My cat just came into my office meowing and hopping sideways towards me. About halfway to me he jumps and swats in the air and then he runs and jumps up on my desk and swats me. I don't know what he's mad about, LOL, but he's taking it out on me. I think he wanted to go outside and then saw the wet and change his mind.


  1. I've known a few people who have had their cards compromised after ordering from temu. I've never personally used it so I can't comment otherwise.

    1. I asked my dd if she has ordered and she said no, but she also heard of cards getting compromised. I certainly don't need that. If I decide to give it a try I'm going to use this card I have that has a $0 balance and I never use anymore and if it does get compromised I'll just cancel it completely

    2. That's smart! Or get a prepaid card loaded with a small amount of money (whatever you need) and use it for that site only. Then you don't have to worry about it if it gets compromised.

    3. I ordered once, just to try it and used somebodies 30% (I think) discount that was offered, for the purpose of trying it out. I used my husband's PayPal account because I was concerned about the security. Some people order tons of stuff from Temu. People show their Temu haul on YouTube. I honestly don't get why. They have so much stuff that nobody really needs and a lot of plastic, not to mention, lots of plastic packaging. It can be a dangerous trap to get caught up in. Not for you, because you are frugal and careful how you spend your money, but for those who like to shop, it can be troublesome. Theoretically, people can order large volumes of "stuff" from Temu and become a 3rd party seller on Amazon. Like I said, "Danger, danger, Will Robinson!!" Ranee (MN)

  2. I used temu. I don't think my card was compromised. That was last winter. I bought small train cases for holding sewing, makeup, meds, stufff like that. They were tiny, child sized! Not what I can use. If you notice, nothing on the site has measurements.

    The only problem with cake mixes, well two problems. Everything with flour has weevil eggs. So, the weevils might hatch if the mixes are old. However, I put every cake mix into a freezer bag and into the freezer for a few days. Then, I reuse that freezer bag.
    The leavening can die and your cake will be flatter. But, a little added leavening like baking soda will cure that.
    I don't pay attention to dates. Well, I might if it were years past.
    I had a black cat that ran toward me sideways. It was scary in the middle of the You need to make it quit raining.

    1. We NEED the rain terribly. Too many fires and smokey air. The all day rain was very helpful. I've seen some measurements on Temu stuff and read to just make sure to read the measurements and don't go off what the pictures look like. The sign I want to get my friend shows measurements.