Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Zoned out

The lady from the HVAC called back around 2:45 yesterday and said the service guy was done with his calls he had and would head out to our place now. He got here around 3:30. It's something to do with the zones control. He thought he had it fixed by replacing some wire out at our heat pump, but then as he was standing there for awhile chatting with dh I noticed the zones stopped working again. So, back down in the crawl space to the furnace he went. He's not sure exactly what it is, but will have to start replacing parts to see, so he'll have to come back. Probably not until Wed or Thursday now, he said the lady will call me to let me know when, as she handles their scheduling. We do have heat, thankfully, it just heats all the house the one temperature now, we can't control our 3 zones separately (first world problems). We usually keep the bonus room doors closed and like 62 in there, since we aren't using it yet. There rest of the upstairs is a zone and then all of downstairs/main floor is a zone. I think this is all still under warranty. Components are 5 years, the compressor 10 years. It says our air exchanger system is 20 years.

While the hvac guy was here it started snowing. By early evening we had another 4 inches. The hvac guy didn't leave until 6:30, so I made a quick dinner from leftovers heated in the microwave. Later I went out to the shop for about a half hour and stained those boards for the closet with the new stain we got. It's nothing like our interior trim, but it will be fine for inside a closet.

On tap this afternoon is my second round of appointments. Mom's doctor appointment at 2pm and then I have my mammogram scheduled for 3:30. Then pick up a load of groceries. I'm working until we leave for the city at around 12:45. Since we won't be leaving the city until after 4 I'm sure we'll just stop at Wendy's and get some dinner from their drive thru. Last time dh tried a bite of my grilled chicken sandwich and said he should get that next time, instead of a burger. My bet is he'll still get a burger, LOL.

Our scale is out in the shop bathroom. I haven't weighed myself in probably a few months. Last time I did is also the time I was just starting to cut down on sugar in my diet and I was sure not happy with the scale. Even though I feel like I've really cut down on sugar every day, I haven't really felt (clothes wise) like I've lost anything, but haven't felt like I gained either. Well, when I was out in the shop Sunday staining boards, I used the bathroom and decided to weigh myself. This was with a sweater and a coat and shoes, LOL. I have lost about 6 pounds, so I was pleased with that. At least gives me some motivation to keep working on it.

Dh had told the hvac guy if it works out that he wants to come this afternoon (while we are gone) that is fine. Dh leaves the garage side door unlocked and he can get into the house that way. We would totally trust him. He's worked for the hvac owner a long time and a really good guy.

In additional good news, my side job boss sent me an email and said she wants to pay me my regular amount thru March now and then start the hourly amount in April. Nice!I get to budget one more month of my normal pay, I wasn't expecting.


  1. If you weighed in all those clothes, you probably have lost more like ten pounds. I have to get mine out of the closet to see my weight since it has been several months since I have dragged it out.
    I am glad you are not without heat since I know it is still cold where you live.
    Good news on the pay front!

  2. Oh I am so happy you get one more month of regular pay!!