Monday, March 20, 2023

Work in progress

DH got quite a bit done on my closet yesterday and a little bit on his. We have matching closets, except my side ended up with the ductwork after we added our air exchanger system. They aren't huge walk in closets, especially after you start adding in the actual closet shelves. It's hard to get a good picture because taking a pic inside is too close to see much and outside you mostly see the doorway, LOL.

Here is the before, when he first started making a frame around the ductwork

Here is what he's gotten done so far. Lots of cutting and measuring pieces, that's for sure.

Next he needs to cut the plywood he got to make a shelf to go across the top, on all 3 sides and also another shelf there a bit lower on the left where that beam goes across. We may add more shelves later, but that is what we are starting with now. I'm happy with it, so far. We certainly aren't DIY'er experts at all, so while not a fancy (and too expensive!) custom made closet system, it will do.

While we are in the city today (for my extra mammogram imaging) we are going to go to Lowe's and get the closet rods and more screws he needs. I'm also going to see what they have for wood hangers. The rods will be on both sides and the back. Basically we need to put in the shelves, rods and trim pieces to cover up the shelf edges and it will be done. His side will look similar but instead of the enclosed corners, his will be shelves. A good place to put all his sweatshirts.

90% of the time I receive a new friend request on Facebook it's someone I don't know, nor do we have any friends in common. I just got one from some lady in Minnesota. Ok, I've known a couple people with her first name in my past history (an old coworker and a 2nd cousin), but she doesn't look familiar, fit the age, etc. I thought maybe she's a member of one of the groups I follow. So, I just replied back that I got her friend request, but I don't recognize her name, are we acquainted? She looks around my age, maybe a little younger. Basically I wanted to know why she was sending me a friend request. She just replied back "No". Ok, LOL. People are odd.

I'm just ready to get today done and hoping for a good/benign result, so I can put that out of my mind. At least we know where we are going haha. I've been there for an ultra sound before and dh had to go there for at least a couple of images when he was having his pancreas and gall bladder checked out.


  1. Nice work!
    When you design it yourself, you get what you want.
    🙏 your mamo/sono are clear.

  2. All the best today for a clean healthy benign check up. Thinking of you.

  3. Yellow Shoes

    Mammograms aren’t that pleasant at the best of times so I hope the outcome is good and you can put your mind to rest.
    The closets look great, homemade to suit you both. x

  4. The shelves are custom made, so what's not to like? I respond to no requests on fb. I had one woman follow my blog, and say she wanted to follow me on fb and insisted I visit her fb, which I did. She complained I only said hi and did not answer her friend request. Since I have no picture, and make no posts, I can only think someone I know put her up to following me so that person would have access to my posts. She does not follow me anymore and has never posted again, so I know she was not really wanting to be my friend.

    1. I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know. Occasionally I will accept one from a friend of a friend, say if we interacted commenting on friends post or something.

  5. Your husband really does lovely work doesn't he (even if you are better at staining wood)!!!!! And how weird that that lady friend requested you. I had a friend of my sister (who I didn't know) friend request me and I had clicked on accept without thinking! Weird huh. And good luck with your tests. I see you have to go back next week. Better to get it over and done with!

    1. I don't mind accepting a friend request if we at least have someone in common, but even then I often take them off after awhile. If they aren't going to interact with any of my posts then I just feel like they are snooping. I even do that with people I'm friends with that I do know, haha.