Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Stuff getting done

I forgot to add yesterday that the hvac guy did come on Monday and got our issue fixed, finally. We now have zones again and can keep our closed bonus room down at 64, my office upstairs at 68 and the main floor downstairs we usually put at 69 all day. Since I am up first and upstairs in my office, it's nice to be able to get some heat on up here, and leave the heat downstairs low until dh gets up.

I think I'm going to like my new primary care doctor. Shes seems on the ball. Monday she sent me a message with the test result of my pap (normal) and then added a comment that she saw I had the ultrasound and will be doing the needle biopsy and she will watch for the results and to contact her if I have any questions. Then within an hour or two of getting my needle biopsy results yesterday she sent me another message saying she's sure the radiologist already went over it with me, but just wanted to confirm that the result was reassuring and no breast mass. 

Almost done with the closets. I did the last coat of poly on the shelves after work yesterday. DH should be able to put them in later today, I would think. Then he has to measure out and cut the trim, which will need the stain and poly treatment, of course, but at least those pieces should be really quick and easy, even though they will take several days to stain and poly as well, to dry. Going forward, the only staining I will have to do is on his loft lumber and that is easier, less work. We aren't putting any poly on any of that. 

I have a headache at work I'm dealing with this morning. Our accounting software has a bill pay feature. I had one of the bills paid come back with a notification the check was returned to the bill pay company as undeliverable. I verified the vendors address as correct, but the bill pay pulls the funds out of our bank account when they send the check, not when the check is actually cashed. So here I have this payment that has been taken out of our checking, but the vendor never got it to cash. It's just a big mess and I was just on chat with the bill pay support help as I realized in bill pay the address they used is old....I'm like so are you telling me I update a vendor address in my accounting program, it doesn't get used as the address to send the next payment to? Well, it's supposed to.....but it didn't! I'm not in the mood. It really shouldn't be this difficult. And then while I'm in chat screen with the support, it won't let me do anything else in the program, so I can try to look up the check date to give the support person. GRRR! Sometimes I wish for the old days when I'd print out all the checks and set them on my boss's desk to sign, LOL.





  1. So glad your biopsy was good! So scary to go through though and nothing eases the mind until results are in! Now to enjoy the rest of your week! Congratulations !

    1. Thank you so much! It is a good relief to not have to worry about it and I'm really glad I went and got it done, rather than option B, of waiting 6 months and having another ultrasound to see if it had changed any.