Friday, March 3, 2023

Let's eat cake

Mom is apparently realizing more she has a phone LOL. She called me at 11:15 yesterday and seemed happy, but I could tell she wasn't quite all there memory wise. She asked me if I was married. Then she called back a few minutes later and said she forgot to ask me - I can check on her bank account right? She just wanted to make sure everything was ok and I said yes, I check on it all the time and it's all good and balanced. She said thank you, she appreciates that I take care of it. Then she tried me a couple of times between 3:30 and 4 but I was in a work meeting and I figure unless it's a call from the nurses desk where she lives, it's not an emergency. 

I mentioned the other day, back when I first set up her phone, I decided to turn the label over, so she didn't see uncles name there next to a button. I just put my name on that side. I didn't want her calling him until she's more settled. Well I guess she was just pressing buttons yesterday, haha, and because he's still programmed in there with a button, she did call him. This was around the time she called me twice (or actually it was 3 tries) between 3:30 and 4. He texted me that evening that she called him and that she told him she was at the casino gambling! She used to do that a lot. I replied well at least she thinks she's somewhere she used to enjoy being at ;)

Then she just now called me at 8:45am. Said she's not feeling well. I said ok, did you let the nurse know and she said yes, I think they were going to call you (no one has yet) then she said she did eat something and was going to sit in her chair. The good part is she never remembers for very long if she doesn't feel good. And of course if it was something serious, the nurse would call me. If she was still living at her previous place, I'd be sitting here worried/wondering how sick she was and what to do. Now I can let them handle it. She did ask if I was coming to see her and I just said yes, I'll be coming and she said ok. I didn't say it's not until next Tuesday, when she has her dr. appt ;)

And she just called again, now 9:45. She wanted to know if/when I was coming? I just said well I'm working today, but was going to see how you are doing first...she said "oh I'm fine now" (and she sounded fine) so she said I didn't need to come today and I just said again, I'll be in in a few days.

If she calls again in the next few hours, I'll probably just let it go to voicemail this time. As always, I start my blog post before I start work in the morning, but never seem to get it finished up and keep coming back to it, when I get a few minutes.

I couldn't get onto my Firestick at all last night, so I couldn't even try to delete the app and reinstall it. I'm going to keep an eye out for a sale. Amazon seems to have them every so often and for now I'll just watch it from my ipad. I don't want to pay full price for one, when I know they put them on sale every so often. 

At least it's Friday, right? DD is the one who is actually sick with a bug. She started to feel crummy the afternoon before her flight home from the work trip. She got home late Wednesday evening and she just worked from home yesterday. Just has a bit of a temperature and really tired, but no other symptoms. Today she just decided to use a sick day and is going to get rested up and try to sleep it off.

My plans this weekend include making a cake. I need cake and ice cream, LOL.


  1. Anne Brew

    We’re still in the mindset here in the UK that symptoms like fever and cold would have us test ourselves for Covid. I’ve got a sister-in-law down with it at the moment. Very few people mask but it’s still here.

  2. What I want to know is if your mom won any money at the casino! I sure hope so!