Monday, March 13, 2023

Work week

Dh is making progress. The small corner loft is ready for me to paint the floor part. We just use up some leftover white paint from the shop to seal the floor. I'll probably end up working on that during lunch or after work - or both. I still have one more coat of clear to go on 3 beams for the closets. It got warm out yesterday. Sunny and 45 degrees. Once I get the floor part painted and it's dried, dh can then move some stuff up there. He still has the underneath to finish, but he will probably wait until he gets the back wall loft done and do them at the same time. He will finish it off with tongue and groove boards (yay, more staining.....) and also needs to figure out what he wants to do for some lighting. 

Of course it was hard to go to bed at my normal time last night, so I stayed up later and then of course hard to wake up my normal time this morning. I wish they'd just stop the daylight savings time and leave it the same all year. 

I just got an email from the business manager at mom's m/c place and she did get my email with the banking info attachment, from my other email I tried, so she will be processing that today. I need to remember to stop using that one email if I'm attaching. Grrr. That's so ridiculous that it won't work. It's Comcast for goodness sake, you'd think it would work no issues. I can receive attachments, no problem, just can't send/reply with any. At least it's resolved now.

This week coming up I have my doctor appointment, with a new doctor, for my annual check up. I didn't go see my mom this past weekend, as I saw her during the week last week and I'll stop in again this week, when I go in for my appointment. Then I'll be back in on Monday the 20th, for my ultrasound, so I'll see her again that day. At least that gives me my weekends free for a couple more weekends.

DH just got back from the lumber store. Turns out the original stuff that we had for those access panels to the attic area in the garage are "birch" plywood, which is cabinet grade type plywood. Funny thing is it's cheaper than the other plywood, LOL. I'll get this plywood stained and dh will cover the ducting up in the corner of my closet. That's really going to change it in there. I don't think he's going to do anymore work today. He's pretty worn out and I'm tired, too. I went out quick this morning and did another coat of clear on the beams and realized how sore my wrist and arm is now from all the staining.

I tried to call my mom about 10:15 morning, but no answer, but just now she had one of the staff guys call me from her phone in her room, as she was apparently having trouble knowing how to call me. I wouldn't say she's confused - just not remembering much at all. But at least she's not telling me she wants to leave or go home. Somehow we managed to have an 8 minute conversation about nothing ;) I guess when she asks me what I'm going I probably shouldn't say I'm working as I spent most of the 8 minutes repeating myself that it's totally fine if she calls me when I'm working. I work from home and can take a break and answer my phone just about any time.

My work email and messaging has seemed quiet this morning and then I realized my boss has today off, LOL. Often those are good days to get more done ;)


  1. She cannot remember how to call you, but she remembers a person working should not be bothered with a call? Isn't it strange how memory works? Concepts seemed to be retained while concrete actions are forgotten.
    Did he trade the plywood?

    1. Isn't it odd that she can remember that concept but she can't see that my name is listed on the front of the phone to call me. Yes, he returned the wrong plywood for a credit and got the correct plywood, so it came out a little cheaper, which was nice, too.

  2. Glad your mom still has the whereabouts to ask for help when she needs it. Busy week for you. Makes perfect sense to combine your appointments with a visit with your mom. DH is making great progress on the loft.