Thursday, March 23, 2023

Whatever day it is

I woke up (or I rather I should say the cat woke me up) around 6am and did not know what day it was. My first instinct was it's Thursday, but then I thought that can't be right. It can't be Thursday already. I don't think I worked 3 days this week....but yep, it's Thursday. 

I haven't had any luck getting a hold of my mom the past several days. She's just never in her room to answer the phone. And I just tried again and now it goes straight to the recording saying she doesn't have voicemail set up, so that means the phone is off the hook. I have a feeling we are winding down to removing the phone from her room if neither I nor uncle can ever get a hold of her and she's rarely remembering to call me to say hello (or complain, ha!).

We're still wondering what will happen to the property next door. We finally saw the guy drive in and just turn around the other day. That is the first we've seen him here since last fall. Not to say he hasn't come through, but that's the first time we've seen him. Since we are usually home and since Mr and Mrs dogs bark up a storm as soon as someone turns onto our street, it's typical one of us would look out to see if someone is coming down our street (most often delivery). Their house out of state still has not sold and the last (and only time) they reduced the price on it was last July. It's been for sale for almost a year and a half now. Now would also be the time to get started building/site prep work, if you are going to build this year. One of the first things they need to do is have a well dug and they have still not done that (why they didn't do it last summer, I have no idea). And get the building site cleared. We started our building mid March of the year we started, basically as soon as we could get started moving the dirt. I see from old pics I have that our foundations got poured on April 20th of that year....and it still took until May of the NEXT year for it to all be finished. A couple people we have talked to mentioned maybe they will just sell the property to get something where they can build that metal building. That would be best....and I keep hoping to see a for sale sign go up...but at the same time, the longer they just delay and hold on to it, the longer nothing is done there, haha. If they sell it, then it's likely someone else will start building sooner than later.

I think the couple that owns the lot on the other side of them will be moving over here this summer, working towards their plan to build. If I recall, when they were here and came over to sign the letter we sent to the other guy about his 10,000 sf steel building and covenants, they said she was working through the end of this next school year and then they were going to move over to the little cabin they built last summer on her dad's nearby 20 acres and they will live in that while they build on their property. But, if I understood correctly they don't plan on starting to build until 2024.

Another sign that spring is coming is I heard some birds chirping outside this morning.


  1. From the things you have said about the guy, he doesn't seem to do things the way they should be done or the way that most people do things. He seems to be a loose cannon, someone who will not tell him how to do things. I wonder if he has a mental problem or just dementia or plain ornery.

    1. He appears to be just plain ornery and definitely doesn't like someone else telling him what he can and can't do.