Friday, March 31, 2023

Firestick Friday

It sounds like my boss offered the accounting assistant job to the young college student and he has accepted. She just sent me a screenshot of his spring quarter class schedule, so I assume that means we will be working around that, LOL. All her email said is "something else to visit about" and I just replied back, "so we have a new employee? :)" I'm going to have to figure out the best way to train someone remotely, LOL. Lots of screen sharing I guess while we are on Teams.  

My mom called twice yesterday. My phone rang in the afternoon with a number I didn't recognize, but from the city mom's in, so I answered it. It was her and they had dialed for her using one of their office phones, I guess. We just chatted for a minute or two. She seemed good. Then she called me from her phone at 6pm. I was out in the shop brushing trim with poly so I missed the call and she left a voicemail and I called her back about 10 minutes later. She had no memory of us talking a few hours earlier. I do like that the staff will take the time to call me for her from their phone to let her chat and say hello. She also sounded happy and good at 6pm, too. No complaints.

I'm thankful it's Friday and pay day. I'm caught up with all my current shows I'm watching, so back to watching episodes of Doc Martin. My new Firsestick is supposed to come today, so I can get that new one hooked up and see how it goes. 

I'm still keeping track on a spreadsheet of my misc monthly expenses. Food (and personal care and cleaning supplies) this month was $536. Feb was $641 and Jan was $454. I budget $600/mo so far I'm averaging $544 a month. Overall, we spent less in March than Jan and Feb (not counting the closet and loft project). Eating out in March was only $56, whereas in Jan and Feb it was around $150. I spent $39 on the cat this month for treats, litter, and flea treatment. April is the time to start applying that again and ticks are returning. Each month we have been consistent for with gas for the vehicles at around $150-$160 month. Again, we had quite a few more trips to the city with my 3 medical appointments during March. Plus we had several trips (20 miles round trip) into town to the lumber and hardware stores.

DH needs some new socks. I get them from Amazon. I have ordered them like 3 times in the past and seems to be about every 15 months or so. Inflation...from $9.99 to 12.99 to 14.99 price now. 

For the closets the only thing I think I have left to do is add one more coat of poly to the trim and I will do that after I'm done working today. It shouldn't take me more than a half hour. My new wood hampers for each closet arrived yesterday and dh got those put together. They look nice and I think they will go good with the closets. 

ok, my new Firestick just arrived - wish me luck!


  1. Your mother's mc is very understanding and kind. I know that makes you feel better. I cannot wait to see your hampers.

  2. We use a Roku stick for tv had it for years and love it.