Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Saving time

I started using a couple of short cuts in emails for work. I realized I always type "thank you" at the end of my email, above my signature line. So, I just added the thank you to my signature line, LOL. And very recently I've noticed a new feature in emails where there are some suggested short replies. If one works, you can just click on it and it will open a reply email already to the person you are replying to and with the short message and then just send. I have so many, for instance, that I reply back with some variation of "your invoice is attached" and now that is one of the suggested replies. So, between that and the thank you added automatically, I have already saved time on about 10 emails this morning. I'm also going to add some shortcuts to the invoicing in our accounting program. We have this fairly new invoicing we are doing with several repeated descriptions used and I'm tired of either typing them out or cutting and pasting them.

DH is working on the closets some more. It's amazing how many pieces have to be cut, but he's getting there. Of course he never feels like his work is very good or professional. A year or so ago we priced out custom closets. For both it would have been like $10,000. I told him yesterday I don't need $10k closets to hang t-shirts in, LOL. I don't even have $10k in clothes or shoes, haha. We are thinking of buying a dresser to go into each of our closets. They are rustic, solid wood, and would make the closets look more built in, plus give us lots more storage space. My side doesn't have as much room for a long dresser as dh's side, but the collection I like has ones that will fit in each closet and then still match each other. There is also a 10% first order, which helps. Not ordering today or probably even soon, but maybe next month or two.

I got an email yesterday that our hidden bookcase door has shipped. Because of the size it's shipped with an LTL freight company and it said more tracking info won't be available for a couple of days. Everything big we've ordered in the past gets delivered to a freight delivery company in the city and then they deliver it. Once they have it, it can take weeks to get delivered here, which is so annoying. But, at least we know it's on it's way.

Again, my uncle texted me asking what did you say was the best time to call your mom? It appears he tried at 5:50pm (which is 4:50pm his time) and she wasn't back from dinner yet. I said try between 12:45 and 1:30pm...our time zone, it's an hour later here than where you are. I'm starting to wonder if he's getting forgetful. Not to mention I've told him several times he's not going to have much of a good conversation with her in the evenings, due to her sundowning. I tried around 1:50pm yesterday and no luck getting a hold of her. I was going to try around 10:30am but got busy with work and by the time I could try it was her lunch time. I just missed my 10:30 ish time slot to try again and just tried at 11am and no answer. Again, it seems she spends very little time in her room, which I suppose is a good thing.

I'm ready for May to get here. DD is coming for Mother's Day weekend and then Memorial weekend our friends from Texas are coming. It will be here before we know it, I'm sure.


  1. I was answering something that suddenly had responses from which I could choose. It was surprising. I have been wondering if your uncle had memory problems since he continued to call at a time when your mother was not there. And, you had told him numerous times that your mother might not be awake and could be confused.

  2. When we lived in Pittsburgh I found work that I could do from home (my son was a newborn) typing up court transcripts. I would set up each attorney's name with a shortcut so I didn't forever have to keep typing out the names. Which was fine until I typed up an entire court case where the court reporter had mis-spelled the attorney's name!!! I was made to type it again even though I had the document in front of me where the reporter had made the mistake. Still, having saved it on computer it was a quick process - except for having to feed multiple carbon copies (still necessary then) through the printer! I don't miss those days at all!

  3. I love the gmail prompts, as well as scheduled emails. Sometimes if I have to send off something I dread, I schedule it for when I am not in, LOL.