Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Good news

All is well. The needle aspiration was what we hoped and just a fluid filled cyst, which now thanks to the needle, the cyst is also gone. Whew! So glad to have that off my mind, even though I wasn't overly worried, based on what the doctor who did the ultrasound said. The whole thing took a half hour and 29 minutes of that was preparing for it, LOL. The doctor did inject me with lidocaine, then put the needle in and the cyst was just filled with fluid which came right out in seconds and that was that. All done.

Then we stopped at Lowes to pick up some more building things we needed, plus we were out of trash can liners. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up some of the salmon we like. They only had 2 boxes left, so that was a bummer, I had wanted to get 4. Next stop was my mom's old place, to drop off that emergency call device. Then down the street to stop in and see my mom.

Finally last evening around 6:20 my phone rang and it was her # calling. Phone was back to working again. We had a nice chat. I then texted uncle that her phone is back on and she's in her room, so now would be a good time to call her (which I see from her call log he did). I got there about 9:15 this morning and when I turned the corner (the place is like an L shape) she had just come out of her room and was walking my way. She did recognize me and was really happy to see me. She was doing really well. I think being off the medicine she was mistakenly on has helped. And her dr stopping her anxiety med (she was on a low dose) doesn't seem to have affected her negatively, either. She was very happy and and said she likes this place. While she did recognize me and thought I was married, she couldn't remember for sure and couldn't remember if I had any kids. She did say "wait until I tell everyone what a great surprise visit I had this morning", which was sweet.

When I got inside the m/c unit there were quite a few of the residents still sitting in the dining room at the tables. It is common for some of them to reach out a hand as you are walking by. One gentleman did this time, so I took his hand and said hello and said "my hands are cold!" and he said "boy they sure are!" LOL. It was like 32 degrees and windy outside.

I'm back home now and going to start back to work here here in a few minutes.  Since I didn't know how long the appointment this morning was going to take I didn't anticipate being back to work for probably another hour. I did message my dd and my boss right after the procedure to let them know it was all ok. 

Thanks to everyone who wished me well with my procedure today, I appreciate it.


  1. I am glad that the cyst is removed and everything is fine. It is extremely cold here too. Wanted to go out and bring my car in the gated parking lot but, decided against it just because it was too cold and raining like crazy.

  2. So glad for that great result. Oh I’m just thinking back how stressful it must of been those first couple of days when your mom moved to the MC and wanted to leave and didn’t like it and how it must feel so much better knowing she seems so acclimated and you don’t have to worry about her meds and cares etc. anymore or at least not nearly as much! I’m so glad for you and her! Jre

  3. I am so glad to hear that result. And even better that you visisted your mama and she was in a good mood. I know that puts you at ease, seeing her happy.

  4. YES!!
    What a relief ;)

  5. Yellow Shoes

    That’s really lovely news - I did notice it was your appointment today and hoped for the best outcome.
    And what a nice welcome from your mother - she sounds properly settled into the m/c unit - which must be a great relief for you and the family.

  6. I agree with Cheryl. It's nice to get good news and also to see mom doing well!