Saturday, March 4, 2023


OMG! I get the mail yesterday and there is a statement from the pharmacy that the m/c place uses to fill mom's prescriptions now. I'm looking over the list of meds and prices and they have Donepezil/Aricept listed on there as filling! Her doctor prescribed that last June and she was on it for only about10 days and SOOO off the charts confused that I messaged her doctor and she said to take her off of it. At one point, months later, when I was reviewing her chart online, I marked that med as discontinued, as it was still on there. And then, when I had her into the dr not too long ago I reminded them AGAIN that no, she isn't taking that med, when the nurse reviewed her list of meds with me. Why they couldn't mark it as no longer taking/being prescribed I don't know. Just careless and negligence. What if that had been some med she had had a bad allergic reaction to or something more serious?

But, they sent this med with the list of meds to fill at the pharmacy so mom's been taking it since I moved here there! And here I've been thinking it's just the big change/move that's got extra confused. No, it's that stupid medication. Probably why she's sundowning so bad again. I called the nurses/med desk at memory care to let them know I don't want her taking it, that the orders for it was a mistake. She said they will stop it and also would be good if I could get the doctors office to fax over a discontinue order. I called the dr office and they are supposed to fax that over to both the m/c and the pharmacy. In all the paperwork I had to fill out to move mom there, I had to list all her meds and dosages. That med was not listed, of course, so you'd think they would have compared it and at least asked why this med was filled, when it wasn't on my list I said she was taking.

GRRR! It will be very interesting to see how she does after getting off that med now. Hopefully this extra sundowning and confusion she's been having will reduce back to her normal. Geesh!!!


  1. Oh gosh, that is very serious! But it would explain why she's doing to badly right now, perhaps! Well done for spotting it!

  2. This is not good! How can your mother thrive with these setbacks and annoying medical mistakes? I am glad you are there to watch out for her.

  3. I have had three meds prescribed for me that I have told the doctor that I cannot tolerate. At least I can catch these mistakes for myself.

  4. Ridiculous!!!
    I'm glad you caught this. smh

  5. Oh wow. Good thing you caught that! I sure hope discontinuing the med helps her.