Sunday, March 12, 2023

Busy Saturday

Yesterday morning we went into town to the lumber store to pick up what dh ordered. A bunch of beams and also a couple pieces of plywood. He was also wanting a certain drill bit, but they didn't have that size, but suggested to hardware store, so we went there and they did have it. After we got home and dh took a closer look at the plywood, he's thinking he either ordered the wrong kind of they gave him the wrong kind. He wanted the more expensive plywood that is finished on both sides. This has one side, kind of smooth and finished, but even then, nothing like the piece he had gotten a year or so ago. Well, he didn't get it. He had hired this local guy to put in attic accesses into our garage ceiling and he picked up the plywood from the lumber store and told dh it was a nicer, more expensive kind, but would look a lot nicer because it is so smooth and finished. This is what dh wanted but what he got yesterday doesn't look anything like the small scrap piece he has leftover to compare it to.

I stained 2 more of the big beams he just got (for the shop loft). I have to do 2 coats, so while waiting for the first coat to dry (by then it was 2pm) I went in and took a nap. Mostly just to rest my back muscles, which had tightened up. Earlier I had emptied out my closet, which probably helped to overdo my back a bit. He worked on putting some 2 x 4's together to enclose the ducting in my closet. When we added that air exchanger system last year, the only place the hvac guy had to put this duct work was, unfortunately, in my closet. When dh is done, both corners, with the ducting, will be covered with wood. He's going to check back with the lumber store on Monday to see if he got the wrong plywood or what. But, he's kind of bummed because now he can't move forward until he gets the right plywood he wants to use. Putting in the bedroom closets shelves and hanging rods is really going to make the closets seem smaller, LOL. They weren't huge to begin with, but there are 2 of them, so plenty of room for each of us to store our clothes and things, but it will seem much different in them, once we are done.

Last night I watched a couple more episodes of Doc Martin, which I am enjoying. I like the dog, LOL. 

This morning I did just find some wood coat hangers with black hooks, with Target. I ordered 2 30 packs (though will most likely need more) to start with. They are $30 for a 24 pack and I still had $30 left on a Target gift card, so one was no cost to me. Sitting on the floor of my closet had been a box of old hangers, of all kinds. Plastic, wire, and a few padded. I handed to box to dh and said this can go in the garbage, unless you want to hold out a few wire ones (seems like those end up being needed for other things every so often). Good lord, you should have seen his face! "These are good hangers" No they aren't!! Throw the damn box away! I should have known to just throw them out myself. I'll bet you money the box is now in his shop somewhere.

Now when I turn on my tv's firestick it won't connect to wifi at all. Yesterday I tried unplugging it from the wall behind the tv. I was then going to turn it on to try, but dh then called out for some help in the garage and after I got done with that I totally forgot, haha. I ended up watching Doc Martin on my ipad, as by evening I didn't even want to try messing with the tv and figured it wasn't going to work anyway. I'm sure I'll just need to buy a new firestick. 

It will now be lighter out longer this evening, which will be nice. I didn't really lose an hours sleep, since I just wake up at the same time every morning anyway. I'll feel it tomorrow morning when I have to be up at 7 and it will feel like 6. Then it seems to take me a good week or two to adjust completely.

I also cut a good 2 1/2 inches off my hair after I got out of the shower yesterday morning. It was getting way too long. I still need to get some layers put back in, as I cut most of that off, but I usually do that a different day, and when I have more time to spend on it, which I did not yesterday. 

For the past several days the muscles in my thighs are so sore. The only thing I can think I've been doing this past week is just standing on concrete and staining boards. What that has to do with my thigh muscles, I have no idea, LOL I'm sure today will be more staining. Not my favorite thing to do, but I'll take staining over painting any day. I hate painting.


  1. Anne Brew
    I’m pretty sure your aches will be related to your posture while staining. It’ll be a different way of standing to normal, slightly leaning over from the waist and your legs will have taken the strain. Any way you could sit while doing it?

    1. There's really no way to sit. These are long beams and boards on saw horses and I have to move up and down them staining.

  2. My shoulders can hurt from standing or walking more than I should on concrete. Even sitting with my feet on the ground makes my feet and joints hurt, always has.
    Hopefully, he will get the plywood straightened out. There is a great differerence in what he got and wanted.
    If your closet had no hanging rods or shelves, how did you store clothing?

    1. When we lived in the shop for 9 months I got used to all my shirts and jeans just folded in my big dresser. I mostly just wear tshirts so they are fine just stacked and folded in the drawer. A few nicer things we have hanging on the rods upstairs in the guest bedroom closets. After these years of just folding my thsirt after drying I much pefer that to having to put each one on a hanger, LOL. Now I'll have to get used to hangers again ;)