Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Banking and more banking

A few months ago I took advantage of earning $325 in a cash back reward by opening a checking account. It was to take 90 days and I just checked the account this morning and the $325 has been added. Nice! I had to deposit $525 and also do one paycheck electronic transfer of at least $1000 and then leave a $500 balance in there to avoid the monthly fee. Now I can pull the money out and close it. I'm going to look for another rewards account, be it checking or a credit card. Most of the checking/bank account ones are for pretty high deposit amounts, so I can't do those, but this one for $325 was nice and easy.

Speaking of banks, with work I'm having to update several vendor payment accounts as they had been using Silicon Valley Bank. I opened my email yesterday morning to find several emails that these companies have had to change banks. A couple of them I have sent via ACH before, so I need to update their new banking info on my end.

And still speaking of banks. I mailed a copy of my POA to my mom's credit union last Friday. I'm guessing they will get it today. I'll try giving them a call tomorrow to see if they got it and can get that account closed out and the money transferred to her regular bank she uses. 

And one last bank thing. I've spent since Friday reconciling bank accounts for work, haha. I'm doing January right now and down to $551 off. GRRR! We have so many transactions each month, it usually takes me a couple hours or more to figure it all out. This is when I have to waste paper and print the statement out, so I can use a pen or highlighter to mark off each transaction. I always try to just have the statement open on one screen and the register open on the other to reconcile and once in a blue moon I get lucky and reconcile quick, but not usually.

I guess I'm going to have to set my alarm for awhile until my body adjust to the new time. Usually I'm awake between 6:30 and 7 and up by 6:50 or 7. This morning I woke up at 7:27. 

We didn't hear back from the hvac guy yesterday, so we don't know yet when they plan on getting back out here. The guy needed to confer with the owner on how best to fix it and the owner is supposed to be back this week. Hopefully they will be getting out here again soon.


  1. Reconciling business accounts would probably do my head in! The only account that I have to spend time on any more is my main, French account and that's enough! I feel for you because it can be so frustrating!

    1. It really does do my head in. It's a 7 page statement each month, but in the end I always balance it ;)