Friday, March 17, 2023

One more appointment done

I had my annual check up with the new doctor. I liked her, she seemed nice and I got it all done, even the blood draw. Apparently now they are saying it's not so necessary to have to fast before it, so that was good. I didn't have to make a different trip to get that done. By later afternoon I already had those results in mychart and all was fine. My BP was good at 121/70. This office has a lab there, so that is convenient, too. I also said I needed a refill on my prescription to the mail order pharmacy and when I got home there was an email from the pharmacy that they are processing the order.

DH had driven me in and we then went to Harbor Freight to pick up some latex gloves as I have used what he had left with all my staining. We were trying to kill a little time before stopping in to see my mom, as I didn't want to get there while she was in the middle of eating lunch. We then stopped at Wendy's and got some grilled chicken sandwiches to go and ate in the parking lot at mom's place and I went in about 12:50. Everyone was done with lunch, but a few were still sitting around the dining tables. It's so quiet in there when there isn't an activity. I guess it's because the residents really do not talk with each other much, at this point. I will see some sitting at a table together but they never really seem to be talking much.

Mom seemed good. Her room was all tidy this time, but most of her clothes in her closet were not there, nor in her hamper, so I'm really just hoping it was out being washed, LOL! She was glad to see me. The only negative type comment she made, when I first got there was something about "they" don't want me joining in. I'm not sure who "they" are, but I think she's referring to the other residents, most likely because most of them really don't say much. She's still a bit focused on how much this place is costing her but then will say but I don't think they've raised it in awhile, have they? I just told her the amount she used to pay at her old place and nope, they haven't raised it at all. Two minutes later she'd say the same thing. I stayed about a half hour. I got the POLST form taped to her door and a copy dropped off at the nurses station on my way out.

Uncle had just texted me about 20 minutes before I got to her place. After I got there I texted him that I was with her and would he like me to call him so he can chat with her a minute, but he never replied back before I left, so as I was leaving I just texted him I was leaving, but she was in her room for now, if he wanted to try calling her.

We did not need any groceries, since we just stocked up last week, so we headed home and I got back to working around 2:10. I'll also be back in the city on Monday for my extra mammogram/ultrasound, so will probably pick up more groceries then. I'll most likely stop in for another visit to see mom afterwards.

For dinner I made pancakes. Good fluffy, from scratch pancakes (the only way to make them, haha). I love the buttery/vanilla flavor of these pancakes. Dh doesn't even really like pancakes much, but he loves these pancakes, to have once in awhile.

Ever since I woke up this morning I'm feeling like there is something I'm supposed to do, something I am forgetting to do. No idea what. I did get another email from the company making our hidden bookcase door, that it is now in staining part of production and that takes 4-7 days, and then it will move to packaging/shipping. I'm sure the shipping will take forever as items like this they tend to use this freight company out of the city to get to it's final destination and they only come out this way like once a week and then we are last on their route, so if they are late, we get cancelled and have to wait another week. I hate that big freight items have to come through them, but it is what it is.


  1. Maybe your mother likes to talk and the people sitting and not talking don't talk back or respond the way she thinks they should. It seems like she is gregarious. The door will obviously be heavy. Does the delivery person have anyone to help get it in the house? Or, is that up to you to carry it from the road?

    1. I think it is that she wants to sit and chat with the others. She was used to her old place, where 90% of them were all normal cognition/memory so while of course, she was just repeating herself and not remember what they said, at least she felt part of a conversation, I think. DH has a hand truck, so he will use that to get the shipment into the house.