Sunday, March 5, 2023

Weekend to-do's

Two things got accomplished yesterday. I made the cake later morning. It looked to be a sunny day and dh said "oh I was thinking of going to the lumber store, but you're making cake now so I guess not". I said it will be done in about 30 min...."but then the lumber store will be closed by the time we get there". They used to close at noon on Saturdays (small town) but I reminded him since the new owner took over they stay open until 4pm on Saturdays. So, we went in and he got some of the lumber and I picked out a can of wood stain that is close as we could get to what we used before. What we used before was leftovers from the house build and apparently that stain color is no longer being made. He figured that the big beams he needs would have to be ordered and yes, they will order them on Monday and probably have them here Wednesday. The guy also said he could deliver them for free if dh didn't want to come in to get them. Thankfully lumber prices are much more back to normal now, another reason dh was waiting. The $400 we spent in lumber yesterday was 3x (or more) that a year or two ago. A sheet of OSB had gotten up to $120. Now it's $20.

I guess be careful what I wish for because guess what I get to do with my day today? Stain boards LOL. He also got boards so he can at least put some shelves up in our master closets and then we can get some rods hung up. He got some nice sanded plywood and then he will add trim to the front to make it look more finished. This is how he had done the guest bedroom closets and our coat closet in the entryway.

And then I'll talk him into making me some shelves on my side of the closet LOL. 

For the first time in a good 4 or 5 days,  I did not get a call (or I should say callS) from my mom yesterday. I'm hoping/assuming they did not give her that medication on Friday evening and maybe she was less confused yesterday. I will trying to give her a call today and see how she's doing.

Has anyone read the "Kay Scarpetta" series of books by Patricia Cornwell? I started reading them years and years ago and have always enjoyed them, expect for the last few have not been as good and then read one a few weeks ago (2nd to last in the series) and it was awful. But, her latest one became available for me to borrow the ebook so I gave it a go and it's really good. Much more like she has always written and I've been hard to put it down. I don't know how many she's written in the series, a lot, so had just chalked it up to she's run out of writing material about the character by now.

I came across a video on how to clear out your firestick from apps staying open in the background. Apparently when you open an app it never really closes and uses up processing speed. I had 21 apps open and "forced closed" them all and nope, didn't help a dang bit. Tried to watch a show I had recorded and had to try to restart 3 times and finally gave up and went back to my book.

We now have 13 turkeys stopping by to visit. Those toms sure are rude to the hens. They tolerate them with them, but barely. Two of them were putting on a display yesterday morning. Excuse the window glare. I was taking this from my office window upstairs.

Happy Sunday. I guess I need to dig out my "painting" clothes.


  1. I've just taken my painting clothes off, so enjoy! And yes I read the Kay Scarpetta books and had exactly the same reaction as you. They started off great and then just got downright silly (her dead boyfriend coming back from the dead - what is this? Dallas?). You'll have to let me know if the latest is any good. And those turkey are adorable. All I get in my back yard are the neighbours' dogs coming for a cr*p!

  2. Anne Brew

    Thank goodness you discovered that incorrect medication.

    We don’t have wild turkeys in the UK anywhere so they are a glorious sight.