Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Tuesday this and that

As per usual just the one trick or treater, Batman, around 4:15pm. His little, almost 2 year old sis, was at her daycare and they were on their way to get her and then trick or treat through that neighborhood. We sent a little ziploc bag with some of the candy for her, who was apparently Batgirl, and neighbor said she'd text a picture later.

I'd say my leg/calf is doing somewhat better, so giving it rest to heal and heat seems to be helping. I had something I needed to take to the mailbox first thing yesterday morning, but really didn't want to walk that far and put on strain and what I was mailing also had a phone# I could just call to update the info, so instead of just sending it back in their prepaid envelope, I called and updated the information. I had updated my moms mailing address with social security/medicare to be my address, but apparently her medicare advantage plan got word and took it as she now lived at the new address, which is in a different county and that plan isn't available in my county, so I called and let them know her residence is still the same as always, just her mailing address changed. I usually like walking down to the mailbox to get some extra steps in for exercise, but I know that I need to get this calf muscle healed up is more of a priority.

My desk and the office space around me is looking like a tornado hit it. I need to get tidied up. I think it's causing me stress and I've been feeling hard to concentrate on work. Today's task: clean up!

I have a savings account online that I put in $75 per paycheck for propane costs. We pay in full for our early summer fill up and then I prepay in Sept for our winter fill up, so 2 big bills. I have a PayPal account with a debit card (that earns 1% cash back, but I rarely use it, dh uses his for gas, is about it) and a credit card that earns 2% cash back, which I use most regularly. Plus I use Paypal whenever I need to pay dd for something she might buy that I can't find here, or for our share of Amazon Prime, etc.  and just transfer her $ that way. Anyhow, getting to my point, Paypal recently started a savings account option that earns 2.75%. I'm sure not getting that in my other account I'm putting the $75 bi monthly into, so I started the paypal savings account, so at least I could earn a little something on the money in there. Better than nothing. I may also start sweeping any other extra money in my checking to there, while the interest rate is good. I should probably look into putting my mom's extra she has in her checking/savings (like almost zero interest rate) into one of these high interest savings account, while the money is just sitting there.


  1. That is a good idea to pet your leg for a bit. It has been sore long enough. Thanks for the PayPal information. I will do the same thing since my savings gets 0%. You got one more child than we did.

    1. it has been sore long enough and was sore/tight again when I got up this morning. I think I might be prolonging/aggravating it when I sleep. I tend to sleep on my right side and my left leg is laying across the calf of my right leg.