Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Just this and that

Dh ordered our winter tires and wheels like a month or more ago. The guy had said it would probably be 2-3 weeks before they would be shipped. Still nothing and nothing charged to the credit card # he gave the guy. Dh called to check on the order today and unfortunately the tires dh wanted/needed are still on backorder and the guy said maybe early December, but not promising. Dh asked about another good tire brand and he said those one's were out until at least January. Then the guys said, if I may make a suggestion, there is a really good brand of winter tire that is made in the Netherlands. He said he was there for testing of the tires and they outperformed the 2 well known brands here in the states. Plus they are cheaper, because they aren't a well known brand name. He told dh he would not be unhappy with these tires, so dh said go ahead. He has them in stock and will get them mounted up on the new wheels and we should have them next week. I've had the money for these tires set aside from the money from the sale of our old quad/plow. Plus charging the wheels and tires on our credit card will be $40 cash back earned to credit the card back.

I had taken a loan for half the cost of the Mule/snow plow we purchased last summer. Starting last paycheck I started putting an extra $1000 (per paycheck, so twice a month) towards the loan. I should have it paid in full by the end of February. Much better than the 66 months term, LOL. Then I'm going to start hitting our car payment hard.

On my "to to list" today is to try to call that memory care home, again, to see about getting mom on the waiting list. I'm also going to call a credit union, she still has money in. She has a small savings balance and a $25,000 CD. The CD is at 1.85% interest and doesn't mature until next April. I was going to wait until then to get this all closed out and the money transferred to her bank over here. But, I have been looking into moving her extra money into a higher paying online money market account, that is currently paying 3.83% with a $5000 min balance. I want to find out 1) what they need from me to get her accounts closed, since I'm DPOA, and 2) what the penalty is if I close out this CD a few months early. I may find that what she could be earning in interest in the Money Market outweighs the early withdrawal penalty.

A little history with this credit union. It was initially just a small employee credit union where my parents worked when I was growing up. After my mom married my step dad, she took a job with the credit union (instead of the main company) and worked there for probably 10 years, until my dad got a transfer/promotion to another area of the state and when they moved, she stopped working altogether. Eventually this CU grew and is now a "cooperative" credit union that anyone can join and they have several branches in their area. When my mom worked there, there was only the cu office in the main company building and 3 ladies worked there, LOL. 

My email worked fine again this morning. Whew. Not going to lie - I was keeping my fingers crossed, when I logged into work this morning, that is would still work. Another thing I noticed yesterday, and not sure if it's related or not, but I did not lose my work connection one time. Typically this happens several times a day. My work desktop will freeze up and disconnect me. It always lets me sign right back in, but it does usually happen at least a couple times a day. I know it's not something on my end causing it, because it never happens when I'm logged into my other job. 

What a difference between K and the other caregiver that works for her. When K comes in to wake her up in the mornings, she stays a few minutes, (showers on Sat and Tues) and puts her yesterday's clothes in the hamper and gets her out clean clothes to wear. The other caregiver, C, just pops in and says "breakfast is in 20 minutes" and leaves. So, of course, mom has on today the same clothes she wore yesterday. I'm glad K is there 4 days a week and C is only 3. I'm not going to worry much about her wearing the same thing a couple days a week - before the caregivers, she was wearing the same thing several days in a row. I think if mom brings up owning/selling her apartment again I'm just going to try to go along with it "oh, ya, oh, ok type of replies". If she says "do you think I should sell it?" I'll just try to say something like "I'll look into that" because the next day she won't remember. If she persists on the selling I'll have to say something like, if you sell then you have to move and that's just too much work for all of us right now, and see if that gets her off the idea.


  1. I am trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. Congrats to your dear daughter for her degree. I need my winter tires put on my car too but, I need to go to Ankara for that. Our tire guy is there and he keeps my tires since, I do not have space for it. I am glad K is taking such good care of your mom. She must be a compassionate person.

    1. I hadn't thought about what people do with their winter tires, when they don't have room to store them. That's great your tire can can do that. K is very compassionate and you can tell she really loves her work.