Friday, November 4, 2022

IT all day

What a crap work day I had yesterday. I really got almost nothing done. I got a hold of our IT company when they opened up at 7am and the guy worked on it for about an hour.....or five....I don't even know how long it all ended up being. My "profile" was broken, so he had to re-create and reinstall my profile for apparently my whole computer. Once that finally got gone he wanted me to make sure I could open the accounting program, which it would not open. So, then he had to work on that awhile. My gut is telling me that when one of the other IT guys did our accounting software upgrade a couple weeks ago, he did not 100% complete the process. Once that was done and we hang up, I start trying to work and then realize my web browser isn't there with all my saved settings and bookmarks and log ins. A call back to him, and he was able to get that put back on. 

Then I finally decide to tackle the issue I discovered the day before, only now that my accounting software upgraded nade the issue even worse! Now the app is completely gone and when I tried to reinstall it, I get error messages. I call the company we use, that has this app to sync with accounting software, and after being on hold 20 min to talk to someone for help, they tell me to call the accounting software company. So I call the accounting software company and, you guessed it, they told me to call the other company! So, then I had to get our IT involved as I'm at a loss and no clue how to make it work. A different IT guy helped me on this one and all's the expense app company did was create a ticket for one of their specialized depts to work on it within 24 hours.

I dealt with this from 7am to 5pm yesterday. I was wiped out for the evening. DD and I did play a couple of online cribbage games with each other, now that she has free time again, so that was fun. And then guess what? I get up this morning (early) and get logged into work and my email won't work again!..........the only good thing is today is at least Friday!


  1. The worst work days are days filled with frustration! Not accomplishing anything is exhausting.

  2. Oh gheez!
    I hope today goes smoother, but it is Friday :):)

    1. it really didn't go smoother, but at least for a few hours I was able to get some work done before I had to deal with the second issue.