Sunday, November 6, 2022

End of an era

We had a bit of wind yesterday day morning for awhile. Nothing terrible, the power did not go out. But, dh went to look through the telescope at the bald eagles nest and it was gone! At first he thought maybe the telescope got bumped by the cat (it's right up near the window he walks on the ledge) but we can also see the nest with our naked eye and no nest. Dh walked outside with his binoculars to see if he could be a better look at the tree the nest had been in and it has broke off. We are so sad!! That has always been one of the favorite things for us.

Sad, sad, sad. That nest had been there a very long time according to our other neighbors. But, I suppose since they tend to build nests in old snag's that it's likely they old trees can fall easier. It was a huge nest, that's for sure.

We got a little bit of snow yesterday

Open photo

In the past week or so, with dd's manager going on leave, dd ended up getting a new manager (not the temporary/remote one replacing her manager, so she was glad of that). They also assigned her another supplier to deal with, but it's small, so she was ok with that. And today she is flying to LA to one of her other suppliers, for a 2 day meeting and plant tour, tomorrow and Tuesday and flies back home Tuesday afternoon.

I managed to sleep in the extra hour this morning. I'm hoping the new clocks I got mom awhile back, that are supposed to change with daylight savings time automatically, worked. I'll ask her what time her clock says when I call her later today. When I went to call her yesterday I checked the camera to see if she was there and saw K bringing in her clean laundry, so I waited to call after she was gone. I called about 5 minutes after she left and mom actually was able to remember she was just there and told me "the lady" was just here with my laundry and she put it away for me, so that was really nice. Typically our conversations now do not include mom telling me anything of what is/has gone on. It's just filler stuff she says "how are you? it's going good here" stuff like that. So it was nice to have that little bit she just remembered put into the conversation.

Ok, on tap for today is to look online and purchase another Christmas outdoor inflatable.....Bumble the Abominable Snowman! We have named dh's snow plow "Bumble" and he loves the Christmas inflatables we already have, so he'll love this one. I found it online and looks to be Amazon is cheapest, but I'm going to do a more thorough search just to make sure. And I want to find a big white fur Christmas tree skirt. I guess the snow we got has inspired me to get on the ball!


  1. Even from afar, I feel sad the eagle nest is gone. I know you bought the telescope to see it. Little things like a nest mean a lot to me, and I don't even see an eagle nest. Too bad. Maybe, another nest will appear.
    Did you ever get the simplified remote for your mother? If she moves to another place, will they have all electrical outlets secured so the people living there cannot unplug them? It seems like a good idea.
    I am going to look up Bumble the Snowman.

    1. I did get the remote but the visit before it arrived I had taped over the buttons she shouldn't push and that seemed to work for a bit, but I see now it's not again, so next visit I will be swapping out the remotes for her to try. (she keeps unplugging the cable from the back/side of the tv)

    2. Bumble is the name of the Abominable snowman in the old Rudolph Christmas cartoon

  2. Aww that photo of the snow is just beautiful! We have snow in the mountains behind my house but nothing here as yet, despite mandatory snow tyres since 1 November! And I get what you're talking about with "filler chats" with mom. We had that with my mom towards the end. I didn't have to deal with it so much obviously because of living away, but it must have been exhausting for my sister!

    1. It's really pretty here with the snow. We're still waiting for our snow tires! I think I could almost write word for word what my daily phone conversations with my mom are :(