Sunday, November 27, 2022

More decorating

I could barely move by last night, my back hurt so bad. All day of decorating does that, even though I tried to pace myself and take breaks. Some of the breaks I even used the heating pad. But, thankfully just giving my back at least a few hours rest by laying down (sleep!) and I wake up fine and ready to go again. Today I get to tackle the monster tree. 

I got quite a bit done yesterday. The 2 smaller trees and stairs garland fluffed out and the 2 trees decorated. Pretty much everything else put out upstairs and down. I washed the Christmas duvet for one of the guest beds so I still need to get that put on. My entrance bear is ready for the season :)

Dh worked outside all afternoon and got the lights up on the house and shop and put up the 6 wreaths. At least he didn't freeze too bad as it was 43 degrees. It's barely going to get above freezing today and is supposed to be snowing all morning but we got nothin' so far. We were also supposed to have lots of wind last night and got nothing with that either. Today he will put the lights on the fence and if he still has time left today there is all the inflatables and manger scene to do.

It's a lot of work, but at least we'll get to enjoy it for about 6 weeks.


  1. I love the bear in his hat and scarf. Did he have that on last year? I don't remember it. I have this cream called diclofenac, same thing as Voltaren, that I need to put on my back right now from the little bit I did today. I am quite sure your place is lovely by now. Do you have anything new this year? It seems I remember you saying you did for this year. Did you have kitty last Christmas?

    1. I had the hat and scarf on last year, but not right until just before Christmas.I had dd find me one at a store near her (she has lots more shopping options and I just wanted something very inexpensive) and she brought it with her. We did have kitty last year, we'd had him a few months by then. I've gotten 4 new things this year: some wood like trees and reindeer, the tree skirt and the "Bumble" inflatable abominable snowman for dh to put outside.

    2. I forgot - I also got the new Christmas bed quilt for my bed

  2. Oh I just LOVE your entrance bear! You're giving me ideas now!