Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Billing error and a little breather

I received a bill in the mail for lab services, for the full amount of $95. The statement note says my insurance denied payment saying I wasn't eligible or could not be identified. Annoying. I was trying to call in this morning to see what they have for my insurance because my insurance online doesn't show they received/processed/denied the claim. While I was on hold their recording said I could do things with their online portal, like update insurance info, so I hung up and found online where I could enter my insurance info. And a spot to type in a note, so I typed a note to rebill for the claim. Hopefully that will now get taken care of.

The temp is warming up and supposed to be dry and 40 on Thanksgiving day, so I should have an easy drive in to pick up my mom. When I take her back on Friday I'm going to pick up a grocery order - or at least that's the plan. As long as I remember to put the order in, LOL. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with work this week. Between my boss being on vacation and taking on some of her emails and then all this extra explaining I'm having to do for the side job..plus I have to do payroll Wednesday. 

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head in wonder. I'm posting an invoice to pay for work - it's an old vendor we haven't used in a very long time, so I always check to make sure their mailing address is up to date. Different address - only on their invoice now they only list the first line of the address, no city, state, zip code. How do they expect someone to mail them payment with no complete address? 

So far so good this morning - no more emails on the side job stuff (knock on wood!). Depending on what time UPS shows up, dh will be putting the new snow tires either this afternoon or tomorrow. Apparently to jack up this car you have to use some special pads on the jack stand and those are arriving today. I don't think it will take him too long to change the tires. The new tires are already mounted on new wheels, so should just be quick change.

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  1. Getting a bill with information saying contrary to what I know really frustrates me!