Sunday, November 20, 2022

Simple Sunday

It's been a relaxing Sunday. I got the "brownie/peanut butter cookie" brownies made. Pretty good tasting, but them seem kind of crumbly. Dh took his drone out again and got brave to go with it over the river. One of his views was looking straight down at the river - who knew it was so clear you can see the bottom?! He got some neat videos and pictures - while almost freezing his fingers off, LOL.

Kitty wants to go outside during, and we let him, but he's smart enough to come back in about 5 minutes. It's just too cold.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week. I did get my frozen turkey into the fridge. Gee, it only took me this many years to finally get smart with it! First couple of years with the turkey I just set it on the fridge shelf to thaw...well it still leaks out the bag (how's that?). Then I'm like "ok, I'm going to be smarter" and set it on like a baking sheet with a low side around it. Sure, that works to catch the drips. Until you try to pull at 13...or 18 pound turkey out of the fridge and of course the juice all spills out over the sides onto the shelves. What a mess (and I've done this more than once, sad to say!). This year I took a tall sided baking pan and put it in that. I should be good to go now, haha.

My mom hasn't mentioned Thanksgiving yet this year. I think I'm just not going to bring it up unless she asks about it. Plan is to just show up later Thursday morning and get her (and throw a few things in her travel bag) and bring her here. That way I won't have 10 phone calls Thursday morning while I'm trying to get the turkey in the oven and things ready before I leave to go pick her up. 

Last year I just had mom sign some checks and put in Christmas cards for dd, sil, dh and me. This year I'm doing gift cards. Seems less impersonal and dd agreed. OMG. I just spent 10 minutes trying to order a physical gift card for SIL and it still won't go through. So much for getting one thing checked off my list. I guess I'll try getting Dh's gift card to Cabela's next. Well, at least that one just worked quickly. I still haven't decided what gift card to do for dd and myself yet. She said any home improvement stores for when they start building their house. Speaking of which they have pretty much narrowed down the floor plan they want. Ok, fifth try with Sportsmans Warehouse worked.


  1. It is certainly good you got the turkey thawing figured out! It certainly makes life easier. Maybe you could have your husband take it out from now on.
    I imagine the videos over the river are amazing. Can you post one with the clear river?
    Was kitty in the snow? What did he do the first time he saw snow? Or walked in it?
    That is smart and easier to just show up to get her. And, you can be sure the right things are packed instead of shorts.
    With the pandemic's start, I started sending egift cards to my grandchildren. The teens were thrilled. I told Tommy I wanted Belk gift card. Last year he got a Nordstrom card for me and now it is lost! I will spend Belk's much sooner since I know the store. I would have always said checks and gift cards were impersonal. Now, not so much.

    1. I don't mind gift cards at all - it just seems weird (to me haha!) getting a check for Christmas, so I decided to do the gift cards from mom. Speaking of Belk, I love my new Christmas quilt bedspread! I'll get a picture of it posted.

  2. Anne Brew
    We don’t have Thanksgiving but we do have Black Monday! I understand this to be the Monday after Thanksgiving. The shops use any excuse to get us to spend our money! x

    1. I see some stores are starting to close again on Thanksgiving day which is good. Black Friday is nuts here and I usually avoid it at all costs. Then I think the next Monday they now call Cyber Monday, LOL. I agree - any excuse to get us to spend!