Saturday, November 26, 2022

Let the decorating begin

Mom was pretty ok when she got up around 8am yesterday morning. A little confused at first where she was (but she knew me) and what she should/needed to do. I didn't ask her what she wanted for breakfast, from my choices, I just made her a cup of coffee, scrambled eggs and toast and gave it to her. I know if I would have asked her if she wants this or that she wouldn't know what to chose. Same with what she wanted to drink with dinner the night before. I said I have this this and this, which would you like? We got her back to her place around 11am and she seemed happy to be back "home", though from a couple of comments it appears she thought she was gone quite a while. 

Then dh and I went over to Lowe's and bought 6 live wreaths for part of our outside decorating. Then we went and picked up our grocery order and grabbed lunch at Wendy's drive thru to eat on the way home. The usual, LOL. After 2 drives in to the city, dh washed the car when we got home. I opened up the "Christmas closet" upstairs and got out the things I could carry. All the bins I had to wait for dh. So, while waiting I took a much needed little nap. I didn't sleep very good the night before, worrying if mom would get up, be confused, etc.

DH got the 3 trees out of the other closet and 2 brought downstairs. We set up the smaller dining room tree, but that's as far as I got with trees. I just did a bit here and there. Got pillow covers on, worked on the upstairs loft some. Put the stuff on the little piano and the window ledge next to it. Got out my new deer and trees and moved them to 4 different areas of the fireplace trying to figure out where I like them best. I'm sure I'll move them again today, LOL. 

This morning I've gotten the Christmas village set up. Next is start fluffing the 3 trees - that will probably take me most of the day for those, especially the huge 12 ft tree. Last year I had dd here to help, ha! I miss her :) I'm really going to be glad I took Monday off, too, I'm sure. I'm going to need the 3 whole part of yesterday.

I texted K this morning, letting her know where I put the new deodorant and powder in mom's bathroom. She said mom seemed in good spirits this morning. I said that's good to hear and told her about her sundowning and not knowing who I was Thanksgiving evening. She said ya, it's so hard. She told K she had Thanksgiving with her parents. I said it's so hard now to know what's best to do for the holidays - bring her here or just leave her there and visit. She said she thinks being with us on the holiday is good for her, just talk a lot of memories and continually remind her where she is and who we are. That sounds like good advice and will probably be easier at Christmas, now knowing more what to expect. Plus we'll keep lots of lights on in the house as it gets dark and see if that helps. Hopefully have this one more year with her here.

I think dh is starting the outside today.


  1. I wish had 1 or 2 of those old sleds. Yours doesn't look so old. They are so classic.
    Your mom did well to stay the night.
    It's impossible to try & guess her reactions.
    I haven't started decorating yet but very soon.:)

    1. I have 2 of the sleds. I think they are about 30-40 years old. A guy down the road about a mile advertised them on Craigslist a few years ago. He said he had bought them at the hardware store in town when his kids were little. One of them still has the old store price tag sticker on it

  2. I'm glad mom had a good night and was feeling better in the morning. I know it's up and down but thankfully there was also an "up"!

    1. yes, for sure having the good sleep night was an up. Last time she stayed when she went to bed she got really agitated about hiding her purse, finding her purse,up and down, adjusting the clock. At least there was none of that this time