Monday, November 7, 2022

One mystery solved

Well, there is finally an update to this ongoing off and on issue with someone shooting from the neighborhood about 1/2 mile down river. It's not just a few gunshots here and there. It's several full magazine dumps, often late at night. We have never known for sure who was doing it.

I think it was Thursday or Friday night, just before 10pm, that about 3 magazines got dumped - so close to 100 rounds in about 2 or 3 minutes. Dh and Mr guessing it's coming from something like an AR15 The next day Mr. Neighbor told dh that the next time it happens, during the day, he's driving over to that neighborhood and knocking on every damn door until he figures out who is doing the shooting. So, early Saturday afternoon the rounds start getting dumped again. Well, Mr did it. He jumped right in his truck and drove over there. Noticed the house the guy from out of state visits (they don't live there, but do have an older friend of his dad, who originally owned the house and died, lives there as a caretaker) had a bunch of cars parked there and several guys outside, so he went there first. Sure enough, that is the one's doing it. Skeet shooting with an AR15!! Or just (supposedly) dumping rounds into a tree on the property that is their backstop. Holy cow! The other houses in that neighborhood are not that far apart! Like just a few acres apart each. Mr was just friendly and basically just asked them why they are also doing this in the middle of the night? People all live close by around here.....he was hopeful maybe he got the point across to them and we haven't heard anything since.  And none of the neighbors down there ever complain? especially when it's like 10pm (weekdays) or midnight (weekends)? or they claim not to hear it? Us, in our neighborhood have just been flabbergasted by this.

Some time ago, when they were shooting a lot, both dh and Mr had called it to report it to the sheriff. Dh had gotten a call back from one of the deputies (but didn't catch his name) who said "well...we're going to err on the side of liberty, so there's nothing that can be done". While dh wasn't happy with this answer, he did feel the deputy was cordial and respectful. This happened during a time (well, it's still going on) when our sheriff's dept was getting a lot of negative feedback from people. DH called and talked to the head sheriff (remember our sheriff's dept is like 7 people total) and just wanted him to know that while he didn't agree or like the answer the deputy gave him, he did want him to know it was done courteously and professionally. The sheriff said something about "who came out to talk to you about it?" DH said no one came out, he called me. The sheriff was then upset because he said it is our policy that every call gets an in person visit, he was supposed to come out to your house. So head sheriff wasn't too happy to hear that. Dh told him he thinks its the guys, who live out of state, coming to that one house, who are doing it. Sheriff said that's not happening and if it starts up again, let him know. Well, we've actually had pretty much quiet since then, until the last few days. 

Dh put in a call for the head sheriff and he called back yesterday. He said this will be brought up in their meeting Monday morning and it's going to get dealt with, so that is hopeful. Dh also thanked Mr Neighbor a couple of times, for going over there and getting the bottom of who it is and I also sent Mr. a message thanking him. At least now that we all know who is doing it, maybe it can get resolved.

It's been snowing this morning, sticking some. Not enough yet for dh to get out his monster snow plow, haha!

And still having my email issue at work. They need to get this figured out!


  1. Damn. This liberal loves things that go boom when you pull a trigger, but what you described is why I want common sense gun laws. Who the heck 1) skeet shoots with an AR 15and2) shoots ANYTHING after dark? Erring on the side of liberty? How about erring on the side of safety and fellow residents' right to peace and quiet? These nuts give us all a bad name.

    1. That's exactly what dh said! Just because we have the rights to own guns, doesn't mean we should just be able to shoot them whenever and wherever we want. And that's what I said.."skeet shooting with an AR15?! who does that?!" Idiots...but the guys dad was an idiot too - same guy who would fly his plan down low on the river level with our house and then killed himself trying to do a backflip with his dirtbike. I don't think brains and common sense run deep in their DNA.

    2. Isn't this idea of "erring on the side of liberty" also called anarchy? I do not want guns removed from people. These guns shot into the air will kill someone sooner or later. Bullets that go up also come down! Maybe a mile away.

      The pattern of shooting does not sound like the skeet shooting pattern. I think they are using a harmless activity to cover up what they are really doing.

      I chaff at the speed limit on one road here, but I don't feel I have the liberty to drive faster. And, I hate seat belts but suffer through wearing one instead of demanding liberty. Some people! I am not a sovereign citizen!

      You should have seen Tommy's face when I read the part about skeet shooting. He said the ATF would be interested. He also said I should look up the precautions take at gun ranges where AR15s and such are allowed. I did not.

      I wonder if the people are too frightened to cross their neighbors.

      I agree with Meg B.

    3. Dh said a bullet from an AR15 can travel a very long distance. These guys are complete idiots. I have no idea why the other neighbors won't complain. The sound is annoying enough (especially at night) let alone the safety factor. Plus the people doing it don't even live here - this is a house they inherited from their grandpa and dad and just come and stay for weekends, etc. Thank god they don't live here full time.

  2. Ridiculous!! No one should have to hear this noise when you're just trying to enjoy life in your home. How would these folks like if you played loud music at all times of day, and enjoyed your freedom and liberty? smh.

    1. It doesn't appear that (then or now) the sheriff was too impressed with the deputy saying "err on the side of liberty" but he thinks he knows who called dh and said that. (he no longer works for the dept). If there aren't laws in this state about how close you can shoot to other people's residences, there dang well should be!

    2. taking liberty way too far there, I agree. is there anything about responsible ownership? this is anything but!