Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday eve update

Late this afternoon dh messaged me he broke his phone charger. I said ok, when I bring you another one, what else do you want/need, as he was mentioning wanting some fresh clothes. He asked if he could take a shower, finally, and the nurse said yes, so I gathered up a change of clothes, clean pj pants, and his toiletries bag. He's like the nurse said to get here asap! I'm like why? LOL. I guess because it was getting close to shift change and she wanted to get this done and done before dinner. I dropped the stuff off at the door and dh had asked me to wait the 20 min or so and he's put his dirty stuff in the plastic bag I included and have the nurse give it back to me. 

It was 101 degrees outside per my car! Good lord, this never ending heat is ridiculous. I had taken our dog with me for the ride. When I left him to go to the city earlier to today to see Mom and pick up groceries I shut the door as I went into the garage. He was in the laundry room and just started letting out the saddest song you ever heard. It broke my heart! But he did stop before I left. I wasn't going to leave him home again. So, while waiting for dh to shower, I drove back over to the gas station and filled up my tank and then went back to wait. A/C running full blast. He finally texted me that he was done and the nurse would bring the bag out to the door. When she did, she said "do you want to come in and see him?" I can? Yes! But I can't stay too long...I didn't know I could come in and I have the dog sitting in the car with the car and a/c running. Dh didn't know I was coming in to see him either, so it was a nice surprise. I think she just snuck me in as they knew it had been so long now, since last Tuesday.

He looks very pale and worn completely out, but he's still doing ok. Got a bit of a "lunch" of jello, lemon ice drink, and chicken broth. When I left he got to eat a Popsicle. I'm sure getting a shower and a shave and some clean clothes felt really good.

Of course he's stressing about the lawn getting mowed. I mentioned dd said she could come over for a stay and she could give it a shot and between her and I we could get it done. He said he would totally trust her and be able to explain to her how to do it. He said he really didn't want to ask anyone else because his mowers would probably just end up messed up. We have at least a few more days it can go w/o mowing (we went 12 days while gone) and then Tues and Wed it's supposed to blessedly rain, so can't be done then, but sounds like she might come next Friday and stay a week. She can work from here. Hopefully he'll be home by then and spend some time with him, too.


  1. This is all good news for you. Too bad the dog was so sad. I know you two were glad to see each other. It sounds like he is recovering well.

  2. Awwww, bless that nurse. That was really nice of her to let you see him. I'm sure seeing you lifted his spirits. :)

  3. A shower, a change of clothes and an opportunity to see you! I am sure, all those lifted his mood up. Let's hope he will be sent home this week and get to rest in his own bed. On another note, you are so far up North and you have hit very hot weather in August, and it is getting cooler here. Highest today will be 84F.

  4. Lots of better news here which is very good to hear.x

  5. I hope we are rounding the corner now for DH. Would be lovely if DD can spend some time with him. Hopefully he is home by this weekend at the latest!